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"Well, you can drink whenever you want."

Xu Qiu is a gentle nursery, and he never forces the cubs to do things they don't want to do, especially this kind of cute, watery eyes and fluffy cubs.

There was not much goat's milk left in the basin. Xu Qiu weighed it and decided to keep it in Yuanjiu's nest.

The abilities of these cubs are very different from those of Blue Star's creatures, but they still retain certain racial habits.

For example, the slap-sized little green snake didn't catch a cold at all to mashed potatoes. After sniffing it, he didn't eat a bite.

The size of the grid space is the same, but the environmental accessories and sink size of each person's living are different, like a parrot, its sink is the size of an adult's fist.

Xu Qiu stood up, turned on the clean water switch above the sink as a childcare worker, took out a bundle of wool, and carefully cleaned the edge of Yuanjiu's sink with water, and waited until the dirty limescale turned the white wool into The black paint was so dark, the sink made of bluestone was shining in the sun, and she poured the rest of the goat's milk into it.

Make sure that there is no drop of goat milk in the basin, Xu Qiu collected the wet wool, then took some rice from the system warehouse, and a dozen precious vegetable seeds, and sprinkled them under Yunjiu. on the ground.

The little parrot was so frightened that he puffed up his wings and fluttered twice, then shifted his position.

She didn't force it, turned her head and walked away with the basin.

Yunjiu's hair is about to explode!

"Damn it! It's so damnable. Put this kind of thing in the basin, she wants to die of thirst!"

There are many institutions in kindergartens that only nursery staff have the authority to use, and they will be electrocuted if they touch them.

Switches like water tanks, except for those who dare to resist electric shocks like Bai Sa, they dare not adjust at all.

Waiting for Xu Qiu's back to disappear in another section of the door, Yuan Jiu waved his wings vigorously, his face puffed up with hunger and thinness.

But because the cannibals mouth was soft, the other cubs who had eaten and drank enough ignored him.

Flying in a hungry state is hard work, Yuan Jiu flew down, two claws firmly grasping the edge of the sink made of bluestone.

The pure white goat's milk quivered slightly under the awe-inspiring, and there were beautiful ripples.

It smells so good, I want to drink it a bit.

But Yun Jiu still endured it. He just boasted about going down to the sea in front of so many cubs.

If you eat the other party's food, don't you look very spineless.

He can hold it back! Yuan Jiu cheered himself up.

The scent continued to penetrate into his nose, and his stomach began to growl again.

As long as you bear it and hungry for a few hours, it won't scream at that time.

Before this time, everyone's stomachs accompany him to call together.

Cuckoo, playing the melody of the deal, but now he is the only one, Yun Jiu, who is still a baby bird, suddenly understood what loneliness is.

In order to distract himself, Yuan Jiu forced himself to look away.

The ugly vine is next to Yuanjiu.

In order to better camouflage yourself, the color of the vine is the same as that of the wood, as if it and the dead wood are one creature.

Hualan, as a plant, was originally the one that didn't need to eat, but watching other cubs eating and drinking, it couldn't help but try it too.

The first is mashed potatoes, the ingredients of plants are all the same.

It inserted its two thin vines into the mashed potatoes, and the mush was quickly absorbed by it and turned into a pile of no-nutrient powder.

Hualan very skillfully picked the light brown potato powder and buried them under the wooden stakes as nourishment for the fertile soil.

Hualan was originally a vine wrapped around wood. It pulled out a small vine from its body and plunged it into the ground, drinking groundwater. With a slap, the tip of the vine dipped in soil was placed on the goat's milk.

Grumbling, the goat's milk followed the straw-like roots into Hualan's body.

The taste of goat's milk is better than Hualan thought. It drank quickly. The milky-white goat's milk bulged the thin vines, showing a translucent color.

The goats milk was transported to Hualans bodys cells. After a while, Yuan Jiu watched as a milky white "hair ring" was added to the dark wood.


The vines entangled softly on the wood, making a sweet milk burp.

Drinking too much, it is now a drunken vine.

Now even Hualan drank what the childcare worker gave! The cub who didn't drink, he was the only one left!

Yuan Jius peas eyes reflected the waves of goats milk. He only drank this milk just to get together and not be bullied! It was definitely not that he gave up his backbone and succumbed to the kindergarten who represented the evil forces!

The extraordinarily spine bird lowered its noble head, and the pointed beak smudged with light pink in the lavender lightly pecked in the goat's milk, and then uncontrollably pecked again.

Peck peck peck! Yuan Jiu changed from a parrot to a hard-working woodpecker.

Oops, it smells so good!

After drinking the little bit of milk, Yuan Jiu jumped off the edge of the sink with his bulging belly.

On the dry land, those snow-white, shelled plant seeds gleamed in the sun.

Compared with goat's milk, seeds are Yuan Jiu's favorite thing as a parrot.

It ate one, and Yuan Jiu's eyes burst into radiance that was even brighter than the sun.

These seeds have special energy, a few can fill its stomach!

Bang Bang Bang, even though the belly was rounded by the goat's milk, the tender yellow parrot worked diligently to stuff the seeds into his mouth.

The cheeks were swollen by the seeds, and in case the nursery ran away, these would be its grain.

Anyway, no seeds can grow in this broken place. Only when they are eaten into Yuanjiu's stomach can these seeds live out their meaning as seeds.

The glory of life, the greatness of death!

Xu Qiu, who cleaned the kitchen with clean water, received a reminder from the system: [Main task 1 (10/10) , the reward has been automatically received by the host.

The cubs changed from hungry to healthy.

However, the depressive attributes of the two cubs have not been eliminated, the white Sa state has more sleep, and Hualand has a drunk milk state.

It seems that Hualan cannot be milked next time.

Accompanied by the ding-dong sound of task completion, a small **** lay at Xu Qiu's feet.

[Small **** for land reclamation: an artifact of land reclamation, practical effects, five stars]

[Host experience +10, of course, the role is level 2 (0/100) upgrade reward, a bag of fertilizer, which can accelerate crop growth, 10 gold coins]

[Main task two: Sit and eat sooner or later, please open up wasteland for farmland and plant Chinese cabbage, reward 20 character experience and 100 mature cabbage.

Regardless of the game, the early rewards are generous.

These things are originally the program design that comes with the system itself, but the game is reset, and Xu Qiu needs to go through it again as a novice trumpet.

Unlike the original world, Xu Qiu didn't have this small wasteland **** before.

Her strength hasn't increased, and her proficiency in farm work hasn't increased much, but she has eased dozens of times with a small hoe.

After about a few hours of system missions, Xu Qiu finally got stuck in the main and side missions after unlocking a lot of rewards.

Xu Qiu worked hard in the space for a long time, exhausted physically and mentally, and his energy reached the limit.

She didn't care about being dirty, wiped her sweat, drank a bottle of milk to quench her thirst, half paralyzed to rest on the woolen mat.

Her current system panel has become

Host: Xu Qiu

Gender: Female

Age: 22 years old

Character level: Level 3 (555/1000)

Gold coins: 1020

System warehouse:

Special tool bar

Fertilizer (2 bags of purple fertilizer, 5 bags of blue, 12 bags of green, 20 bags of white)

A small **** to open up wasteland

A watering can

There are no insects in the pasture of the space, so there is no production of pesticides or the like.

Seed column

Cabbage seeds: 1000

Sprouted potatoes: 88

Tomato seeds: 50

Rice seeds: 1000

Unknown flower seeds: 5

Forage seeds: 100

Crop column:

Tomato: 100

Potatoes: 440

Fresh Chinese cabbage: 100 pieces

Fresh pasture: 55 bales

By-products are

Wool: 5 bundles

Milk: 5 bottles

Some are upgrades and mission gifts given by the system, and her current level cannot be used yet.

Before the ranch opened, Xu Qiu didn't want to eat meat.

The gold coin looks broken at 1,000, but she can't buy anything valuable at all, not to mention that after she reaches the level in the later stage, she needs to prepare a large amount of gold coins if she wants to open the various functions of the system.

The increase in task level can enhance Xu Qiu's physical fitness, clear her fatigue, and increase her physical strength and life limit. Each level increases by five points.

After all, a good workforce requires a strong physique.

And every time you increase one level, you need experience to increase exponentially. Now Xu Qiu is only level 3, and when she reaches level five, the system will reopen the pasture.

Because of the addition of the setting of building a barren star, the existence of the cubs has also been systematically planned into the mission.

Only one main mission can be completed before the next one can be opened. Only when the character's level climbs to a certain position, Xu Qiu can buy more crops to increase experience and buy more tools in the system store.

Weapons are impossible. The mall only sells all kinds of seeds and crops, fertilizers for acceleration, and some construction supplies.

The main task is stuck in the 13th, because it is a kindergarten-related task.

[Main Task 13: Huangxing Kindergarten has been in disrepair for a long time. The children need a comfortable environment to live in. Please renovate the kindergarten! Unity is strength. This task is a team task and requires at least 5 members to complete it together]

Xu Qiu silently looked at the kitten with its belly bulging on the ground.

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