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Renovating the kindergarten is a big project. Although I really wanted to give the cubs a comfortable living environment right away, after a few hours of physical work, Xu Qiu felt tired and paralyzed.

Xu Qiu took a rest, took the kitten back to the hut where the childcare staff lived, opened the window, spread out the notebook on the clean table, and then took a pen to write a few words on the white paper. Beautiful and beautiful characters: Kindergarten renovation plan.

The kindergarten looks dilapidated, but there are not too many areas that need to be repaired, it's just too messy.

The key part is the gate and the fence.

All the tools that can be used in the kindergarten are: a wok for cooking, a stove, and a blunt kitchen knife.

The smoke machine is broken and there is no way to use it. I don't know if there are five metal washbasins made of iron.

In addition, there are five knee-high buckets, some rusty, but barely able to use wrenches.

The nursery's room has a flashlight, paper and pen, and ten sets of tattered tables and chairs fixed on the ground in the classroom.

There were no tools for sweeping the floor, and Xu Qiu made a broom by tying a bunch of wool with a branch.

Near the "student dormitory", there is a pile of broken copper and iron that looks like a small hill, which looks like a robot made by the Federation.

The energy that can be used is absorbed by 008.

You must find a way to lock the door, and block the broken place with a stone. If there is no suitable stone, use those broken robots to make up.

She didn't see other barren star creatures during the two days she lived here, but that didn't mean that there was no danger on this unfamiliar planet.

In an emergency, the system's energy shield can protect her safety, and there is no way to protect all the cubs.

In addition, she had to clean the door with rust and then replace the faded plaque.

The name of Huangxing Kindergarten is not good, and it is not energetic.

The current Jiari Kindergarten is even worse, just call it Sunflower Kindergarten

I hope that these cubs can grow up smoothly, like sunflowers, always facing the sun and full of vigor.

Xu Qiu added a few words after the plan.

1. Repair the gate, new name, Sunflower Kindergarten.

2. Wash the dormitories of the cubs and clean up all the dirt.

3. Develop a school plan


To be determined and will be added later.

The high-tech part is managed by the system. What Xu Qiu can do at present, maintenance is nothing more than the most basic beating, sewing and repairing, and it does not require too much technical content.

The focus of the task is to form a team, with at least 5 cubs participating.

When she was feeding, she discovered that these cubs may have been abused by the previous nursery, and had a vague hostility towards her.

Xu Qiu pityed these cubs very much, and could understand their repulsive mentality. She had time and patience to wait, so that the cubs could gradually change their attitude.

I know how to eat when I'm hungry, but it won't be much if I don't work.

It was mainly for these fluffy cubs, it was really hard for her to come down cruelly and force them to work.


Let the children do some basic cleaning.

She swept out a few dirty rags under the nurserys bed yesterday, which can be used to make rags after washing them.

It will be fine to share them with them at that time.

But at that time, it may also be due to the cubs' non-cooperation, such as messing with fur and feathers everywhere.

In this case, the system may not calculate the task progress.

At least the work of the cub has to play a positive role in the repair.

If it doesn't work...

Xu Qiu glanced at a certain kitten lying on the table. In the state of lethargy, the kitten's pink meat pad was unscrupulously exposed.

A mysterious smile appeared on the girl's face: she thought of what she could do to ensure that the cubs could participate in it.

By the time Bai Sa woke up from his sleep, it was already the dusk of the barren star.

In the year since he was imprisoned in Huangxing, he has been in a state of tension, and it has been a long time since he slept so soundly.

In the sweet dream, he dreamed of his vague mother, a tender embrace, as if he was still in his mother's belly.

The orange glow came in from the window and dyed Bai Sa's snow-white fur into a beautiful kumquat color.

The sunset glow is bright, but not dazzling.

Bai Sa lay on the soft clouds, sat up, and stared at the incomparably beautiful sunlight.

If possible, he really wants to stay in this warm and comfortable dream without waking up.

The cat sits on the woolen nest, watching the sunset quietly on the wooden table next to the bed. The sunset outside the window is beautiful, but the picture formed by it and the sunset is a beautiful scenery in the eyes of the people behind it.

Xu Qiu's hands are itchy, but it is a pity that she does not have a mobile phone for taking pictures.

"Has the system been photographed?"

[The current screen has been captured for you and set as a system boot screen saver.

The system created a barren star construction game page for Xu Qiu, the background is the endless wasteland outside the barren star.

Stones, loess and rising ashes look desolate and desolate.

Now the background of the page is switched to a prosperous beauty kitty sitting in front of the window watching the sunset, which adds several times the passion for Xu Qiu to open the "game".

"You only drank some milk in the morning. Now you are hungry. Try this. It's cabbage and tomatoes. Everyone has eaten it."

With limited materials, Xu Qiu originally wanted to make a bowl for each cub, but she didn't have the tools to take advantage of it.

She chopped up fresh cabbage and tomatoes and sent them to each cub.

They didn't say, Xu Qiu didn't know whether the cubs liked raw or cooked food.

In addition to raw, small portions of stir-fried cabbage and tomato soup are also prepared. The portion is small. After all, the food is precious.

To cultivate the virtues of diligence and thrift in the cubs.

Bai Sa also left an exact copy here.

Her portion was fried separately, with a little more oil and salt.

Both the salt and cooking oil for cooking were purchased in the system store for gold coins, and a small jar was also given. 100g of table salt cost 1 her 100 gold coins, and a small pot of vegetable oil cost her 500 gold coins.

While cooking, Xu Qiu carefully poked a few holes in the glass bottle, and couldn't give up a little oil.

The sinks of the cubs have been cleaned by her one by one. While she was working, the cubs retreated three feet vigilantly.

But according to the pictures monitored by the system, they actually liked the clean water tank. Because of the goat's milk and mashed potatoes, this time after she left, the cubs ate themselves.

Of course, the actions of eating are very unsightly.

Xu Qiu decided to wait for some time for the cubs to let go of their guards for the aliens on the Lenovo spaceship, except for their appearance and human actions. She would start to teach the cubs' etiquette.

As for diet, the cubs can eat whatever Xu Qiu has.

The cubs were too hungry. Xu Qiu planned to feed less at the beginning. When the stock later became large and their stomachs could adapt, they would increase the amount of food and raise these pitifully thin cubs. Be fatter.

Chubby plush is cute!

Seeing Xu Qiu's face, Bai Sa realized that this was not what he thought was a dream. Under his **** was the wool obtained by the nursery, and this was the nursery's hut.

The collar that existed like a nightmare was still hanging around his neck.

Strange, could it be that this thing is broken.

Bai Sa showed his claws towards Xu Qiu, this action awakened the "broken" collar, and a familiar tingling sensation came from his neck.

Bai Sa ignored her and jumped off the table vigorously.

Because of the fullness, Bai Sa recovered some of his previous speed.

The white figure instantly disappeared in front of Xu Qiu's eyes, like a falling star.

The system monitors the data of the cubs all the time.

[Just now his speed reached 100km/h]

In this world, the fastest cats are forest cats. In the case of capturing prey, they are extremely explosive and can reach a high speed of 60km/hour.

And Bai Sa is a real cub in the Bai clan.

Probably, the cats in the interstellar have undergone special mutations, and these children cannot be judged completely based on conventional data.

Before going to bed, Xu Qiugu finally played up her props.

After eating, the system detected that the cubs were much more lively than before.

Lily said: "Goat's milk is delicious"

The little mermaid who doesnt like milk has a gentle and gentle voice: I think tomato soup is delicious

"Tomato soup is still pretty!"

"The mashed potatoes are delicious!"

"Cabbage is more delicious!"

After a short day of getting along, the cubs discovered that Xu Qiu had done nothing bad, but instead delivered delicious food that they had never eaten before.

But after ending the debate about which food is more delicious, Hualan, the oldest, said that this is called sugar-coated cannonball.

She just wanted to cheat their trust and cheat out their secrets.

Several cubs murmured and discussed in private.

Whether they did bad things or not, they are not that stupid.

The feeling of being hungry can be uncomfortable. Let's talk about the food first. As long as they are more vigilant and united, they won't suffer.

"Shhh, she's here!"

The closed door was opened, and Yun Jiu, who was standing guard on a high place, issued a warning for the first time.

The cubs shut up immediately.

As a result, it was not Xu Qiu who came here, but Bai Sa.

"Bai Sa is back!"

"It turns out that Bai Sa is not dead!"

"Bai Sa, did the kindergarten give you a small stove?"

"Bai Sa, otherwise you don't want to start with that kindergarten, we said we will cheat her to eat together."

What is this called in the world of adults, and what is called sustainable development.


After Bai Sa returned to his residence, he lay down in his den, ignoring these noisy cubs. He wanted to get used to the hard ground instead of being corroded by the soft cloud-like den of that hard heart. .

"She is coming!"

This time Xu Qiu really came here.

The clothes on her body were stained with a large amount of color, against the sunlight, she held several boards in her hand, and there was a pot of bright red, strange liquid like blood.

When Bai Sa came back, it was wilting, and there were red marks on the position of his paws, which looked a lot like the thin things in the washbasin. Could it be the blood released from its body.

Yun Jiu **** his wings: [All alert!

After feeding them, the new nurse finally revealed her true face. At night, she was going to kill the cubs!

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