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Xu Qiu put the board and washbasin in place, turned his head and turned back, and moved the chair that was previously placed at the door.

Six pieces have been cleaned, and the newly engraved board leaned against the foot of the chair.

She sat on the chair, smiling and beckoning to the guarded cubs.

"Come here, everyone, line up one by one."

The night wind blew, and the cubs were motionless.

Who didn't know that in the past they would be shocked, and they would lose their combat effectiveness when they were shocked. They weren't that stupid.

After a stalemate for two minutes, Xu Qiu still had nothing in front of him.

I don't know when, as soon as she can talk to her kindergarten, the children will come over well.

Obviously when she was in school, Xu Qiu sighed after listening to the teacher's words.

She stood up, in full view, holding the six polished metal plates and the smallest washbasin filled with bright red liquid, she walked into room one belonging to Lily.

Bai Sa, who was resting with his eyes closed, also secretly opened his drooping eyelids and watched Xu Qiu's movements intently.

Lily backed away two steps.

Yuan Jiu, who had been nervous all the time, watched, and immediately let out a spitting sound: "This little fox is so useless!"

What do the two armies want in a battle? Aura!

As soon as Xu Qiu came over, she ran back, suddenly falling into the aura of their group of cubs.

Hearing Yuan Jiu's words, the little mermaid raised his face and glanced at him disapprovingly.

"I think she shouldn't be..."

It shouldn't be here to kill them. After half a sentence, he was afraid that Xu Qiu would hear it, so he didn't say it.

You Yu's residence is right next to Lily. He is very sensitive to human emotions, and Xu Qiu shows no malice.

Xu Qiu placed the sign, and the side with the words faced Lily.

"Lilly, look, what is this?"

The material of this metal is very familiar. Seeing that Xu Qiu hadn't come over, Lily stuck it on the wall and looked at it for a while.

She ate Xu Qiu's food, which would pluck up the courage and whispered: "Yes, is it the broken robot?"

When the little fox spoke, his ears trembled, which seemed to make people miss Rua very much.

The little fox has little courage and needs affirmation and encouragement. Xu Qiu nodded her head quite cooperatively: "Lily is really smart. These are the scraps piled up in the corner."

"Do you know what our kindergarten was originally called?"

As expected, Lily did not give any response this time.

Xu Qiu didn't feel embarrassed, and asked and answered: "It's called Huangxing Kindergarten."

She went on to say: "But the name is too simple. I don't think it is worthy of your cute cubs, so I plan to change the name to the kindergarten today."

Xu Qiu lined up the six boards on the ground and erected them one by one for the cubs to watch.

"That's it, Sunflower Kindergarten."

She talked to the cubs in a soft-spoken voice: "This kindergarten does not belong to me alone, but to me and everyone. The name of the kindergarten, I think it is better for everyone to think about it together. Do you have any ideas?"

What a boring thing to name a kindergarten.

The cubs felt that they couldn't see through the nursery in front of them.

The courageous little bat said, "What is a sunflower?"

Xu Qiu raised the first board.

In addition to the word "xiang" on the metal page, a small flower with a round head and a round brain is also engraved.

A round face plate, a square grid in the middle, and a thin line and two leaves underneath.

Although it is very simple, the residents of the 21st century can recognize its variety at a glance: "This is a sunflower, a flower that rotates toward the sun."

Xu Qiu said: "In my hometown, cubs like you are full of vigor and vigor in the sun at seven or eight o'clock. Sunflowers are flowers that follow the sun, and their colors are golden. The grid on this is sunflowers. The seeds, after they mature, the seeds can still be eaten."

After the sunflower seeds are fried, they are delicious.

Compared with other snacks that are not available in a few bites, one pound of sunflower seeds can be said to be a cheap snack with high endurance.

The key is that the flavors are also diverse, creamy, green tea, fruity, and caramel flavor that has become domineering since it was born.

Thinking of the snacks he could eat at will, Xu Qiu swallowed.

Okay, don't be greedy in front of children.

She seriously said: "Sunflower is a highly ornamental, high-value, vigorous and vigorous plant facing the sun forever. I hope you can be like it."

"Next we have half an hour, everyone can put forward the name they want, and then vote. The name with the most votes will be the new kindergarten name in the future. If everyone has no ideas and no other opinions. , The new name of the kindergarten is Sunflower Kindergarten."

Xu Qiu paused, and said in a very yearning tone: "In the future, you will all grow up and become great adults. You can proudly say that the Sunflower Kindergarten I went to when I was a child would be proud of me. "


Xu Qiu is not proud, what does it have to do with them.

Bai Sa thought to himself in his heart, not to mention whether they could go out or not, and who would prescribe the name of their kindergarten to outsiders.

If there is a chance to go out, he hopes this broken place will disappear forever.

Not all the cubs are white Sa, and it was discovered that Xu Qiu was not here to kill the cubs, so someone cooperated to give advice.

"I agree with this new name."

Hualan was the first to speak out. As a plant, it has a good impression of sunflowers after listening to the introduction.

Looking at the patterns painted by Xu Qiu, Hualan's small vines began to dangle.

It also has flowers, but the flower hasn't bloomed yet. If you change its name, you may be able to bloom a beautiful flower that is bigger than a face plate just like this sunflower.

The two Ding Ding Dong Dong brothers who like the dark expressed their objections: "We are against it. Why should we Xiang Ri? The sun is not good at all."

They are kinsmen who are not afraid of the sun, but for them, the sun is still very annoying.

The lunatic kinsmen are only going to the sun.

The two little bats looked at each other and said in unison: "The new name of the kindergarten should be called Dingdingdongdong."

Xu Qiu was not angry either. She took out a small book and took notes: "Now there are 2 tickets for Sunflower and 2 tickets for Dingdingdongdang Kindergarten. Anyone else has any ideas?"

There are many parrots, Yuan Jiu asked: "Why is Sunflower 2 votes?"

Xu Qiu smiled: "Because I also voted for Sunflower, I am also a member of the kindergarten, and of course I have the right to vote."

It is better to vote in the singular, otherwise 5:5, there will be a stalemate.

She also said: "If everyone doesn't comment, it will vote for the name Sunflower by default."

The little bat was not convinced: "Why, it's not fair!"

All the cubs thought Xu Qiu would say that because she is a nursery, everyone should listen to her.

But Xu Qius answer was: "I have made a sunflower brand seriously, tried to clean the brand, and prepared a new sign to take care of the kindergarten maintenance work. The kindergarten belongs to each of you. Yes, but those who have undertaken the work have more power."

It is necessary to cultivate the sense of ownership of these children. With her and 008 alone, it will be exhausted sooner or later.

Children dont have to do too much, but they cant just know how to enjoy and do nothing.

She glanced at Dingdingdongdong: "There are 11 of us. If more than half of them vote for Dingdingdongdong, then the kindergartens new name is Dingdingdongdong, but these people have to make new signs. . You can seek my help, but you must do your own labor."

It doesn't matter if the cubs have to work against her. The five cubs plus her just exceeded the number of five people required by the mission.

The cubs looked at each other a few times and bargained with Xu Qiu: "Then you have to go out, we have to discuss it."

Of course it is not possible to call Dingdingdongdongdong Kindergarten, but sunflowers are not what they want. I want to try Xu Qiu's bottom line to see if she speaks the word.

This is the first time that the cubs have expressed their opinions to the nurses, and Xu Qiu is very happy, which means that the cubs have more confidence in her.

Xu Qiu put down the things in his hand and withdrew from the kindness: "give you twenty minutes of discussion time, I will knock on the door when that happens."

Twenty minutes later, the cubs sent representatives, and this time the Pearl Lady who looked most like a human came out to speak.

Zhu Niang's voice sounded milky and milky: "Ten of us, the new name we think of is called the first kindergarten in the universe!"

"Well, the minority obeys the majority, I will bring another brand."

Xu Qiu turned his head, preparing to go to the robot garbage dump and pick out similar metal brands.

Seeing Xu Qiu left, the cubs showed unbelievable expressions: "Really agree? Did she lie to us?"

Will the nursery be so talkative?

Twenty minutes later, Xu Qiu brought two new metal plates over.

Xu Qiu dragged the seven boards over, and then shoveled the original words with the small **** given by the system.

She asked the cubs: "Do you know how to write?"

The plushs shook their heads one after another, feeling a little embarrassed for the first time.

No one can actually write, they are a group of uneducated cubs.

Xu Qiu took the tip of the **** and carved seven words on it, the first kindergarten in the universe.

"Here, this is the way to write the universal characters in the interstellar, the first kindergarten in the universe."

The cubs can't write, but they can still count.

Sunflower Kindergarten is 6 characters, and Universe No. 1 Kindergarten is 7 characters.

The most knowledgeable Zhu Niang among the cubs said: "The two in the middle are the first two characters."

Xu Qiu probably didn't lie to them.

Xu Qiu went on to the side and inscribed the small characters: Autumn.

She raised the board: "This is my name, Xu Qiu's Qiu."

"In this pot, there is the impatiens juice coloring the new name."

The reward given by the system for doing the task, she mashed it up and used it as paint.

"Since it belongs to everyone, please leave your own mark."

"But I can't write."

As a mermaid, Youyu is always cold all over, but at this time, he feels his face is hot.

He is really useless.

"You don't need to write."

Xu Qiu smiled and said, "Everyone just needs to leave their own marks next to your new name."

She took out the board that she had not moved before, put her palm into the balsam juice, and then patted a red palm print on the board.

"Here, it's like this."

On the side of the human palm print, there is a red, plum-like mark. The cubs are very familiar with each other and know who this paw print belongs to.

The eyes of the cubs looked at Bai Sa: There is a traitor among us!

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