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Xu Qiu's bad things, how can cats come back to memorize them.

Seeing the cubs cast condemning glances at Bai Sa, she cleared her throat: "I believe everyone has also seen it. The mark on this is left by classmate Bai Sa, but..."

She prolonged the tone in time and focused her attention on herself, and explained: "The board was originally left to dry at the door. When Bai Sa ran by, she left this beautiful plum blossom on it. After seeing this beautiful and domineering mark, I thought of this way to let everyone leave their own marks on the signboard."

Of course this is not the case. Bai Sa ran so fast and ran directly over when it reached the threshold. Of course, she pressed the cat while the kitten was asleep with such clear paw prints.

Not only on the slate, but also on her notebook, a small cat's claw, very cute.

Children need to be praised. Sure enough, after Xu Qiu emphasized beauty and domineering, Bai Sa's tail, which had been cocked up because of anger, fell obediently, and the tip of his tail with snow white fur wagged twice in a good mood. .

Seeing the cubs showing a suddenly realized expression, Xu Qiu went on to say: "You are the first batch of students in the first kindergarten in the universe. When you have time to come back in the future, these will be a very good commemoration."

The federation said that she can obtain citizenship as long as she stays here for one year.

But within one year, it is absolutely not enough to systematically take her through time and space and return to the energy of the past. It is possible that Xu Qiu will stay on this planet for a long time.

Raise a bunch of fluff and send them all away.

This time the cubs have unified their thoughts. If they can go out, who will come back to such a shabby place.

Seeing the expressions of disapproval from the cubs, Xu Qiu chose to change the subject: "Okay, it's going to go to bed soon. Everyone hurry up and leave their own traces in order, and clean the flowers later. The color of the juice, you can sleep when the wind dries."

This time the cubs did not disagree, but still no one came out.

Xu Qiu glanced at them suspiciously.

The sign that was originally standing outside the kindergarten to monitor the cubs suddenly made a cold voice: "The head of the kindergarten has detected an instruction, please confirm."

They were all mechanical sounds with no fluctuating tones, but Xu Qiu heard them familiarly. It seemed to be the sound of his own system.

008 guided her in Xu Qiu's mind.

[Add side task, side task 1: Become the principal of the first kindergarten in the universe and obtain the permission of the principal]

The sudden sound attracted the attention of all the cubs. They all stared at the nasty sign, and then saw Xu Qiu walking to the green-lit sign and inputting his fingerprints and palm prints, voice, and pupils. picture.

[Please place your index finger in the green area and enter your fingerprint]

[Please enter your fingerprint again]

[Please put your right hand on the green area]

About five minutes later, Xu Qiu saw that his information was officially entered into the kindergarten's intelligent system.

After obtaining the highest authority, Xu Qiu smoothly changed the name of the kindergarten.

The new side missions are only 1-4

The content is to become the principal, take over the authority, browse the authority of the principal, and change the name of the kindergarten.

The rewards dropped by the side missions are not huge, a small amount of gold coins, some plant seeds, and the final reward: a set of painting tools.

The painting tool produced by the system is a paint bucket the size of a milk powder can, and the lid is made of natural rubber.

The elastic rubber cover is equally divided into four equal parts, each of which has a different color, namely, red, yellow, blue and white.

The three primary colors correspond to the three raw materials, and the white box contains brushes of different sizes, both bristles and soft bristles.

Screw the grid of the outlet to the colored end to pour out the paint.

With this bucket of paint, Xu Qiu can give the cubs a drawing lesson.

The pigments produced by the system are plant extracts, pure natural and pollution-free, and will not cause any harm to the fragile skin of the cubs.

In order to complete the task as soon as possible, Xu Qiu quickly browsed the system permissions.

The kindergarten system is relatively simple, and the main content is divided into three sections.

Energy section: The main switches for water, electricity, and gas in the kindergarten are all in this system. Some energized equipment, such as the projection equipment in the classroom, and the big speakers on the campus, are all included in this section.

Personnel section: staff salaries, information, and detailed information about the cubs are stored in this part of the database in the form of tables

External section: Distress system, networking section.

The interstellar network is not much different from the 21st world, but the range of radiation is larger.

In Xu Qiu's era, the Internet only turned Blue Star into Blue Star Village, but Star Network communicated with several galaxies.

On the Star Network, Xu Qiu can make purchases, and can also ask the interstellar police for help and hire a doctor.

However, in this era, the price of doctors' visits is very high. If the cubs are sick, Xu Qiu can't afford the doctor's visits.

If there are no conditions, create the conditions yourself.

There are very detailed information on the Star Network, and she must hurry up and study by herself.

Xu Qiu was originally a shady account, and after entering the information, there was only a very small amount of assistance in his personal terminal.

After she bought the big waterproof and fire-proof box, as well as clothing, food and other daily necessities, the relief money became a pitiful single digit.

Xu Qiu adjusted the amount of the kindergarten, and only a pitiful few hundred stars.

The only good news is that the ownership of this worthless barren star belongs to this kindergarten.

If Xu Qiu mines any resources on the barren star, he can sell them in the name of a kindergarten to obtain the daily necessities the cubs need.

Xu Qiu breathed a sigh of relief.

Although there is nothing on the barren star, there is 008. Maybe she can sell some surplus crops by then.

She needs new clothes, and the living conditions of the cubs are too difficult.

After browsing the merchandise, Xu Qiu found that she could not afford it either.

Reluctantly turning off the shopping page, Xu Qiu went on to check other functions of the system.

In the personnel section, there is a function called the control section.

What is written above is: control the amount of electricity, control the range of access, this page is connected to the information of the cubs.

It stands to reason that the energy page has a very detailed control circuit section, why does the personnel data have duplicate functions?

Xu Qiu was a little strange, she tried to operate it.

First, the operation was in the energy sector, and the lights in the dormitory of the kindergarten were on.

However, 3 out of 10 lights were broken.

Then came the personnel information page, Xu Qiu clicked to control the battery.

The pages that control the battery all display: Off.

When Xu Qiu shifted to the first gear, there was a scream from the little fox immediately, and Lily hugged her tail and screamed bitterly.

She hurriedly asked: "What's the matter?"

The cubs who had finally improved their attitude glared at her: "You do what you pretend to be a good person!"

A terrible idea suddenly appeared in Xu Qiu's mind.

She quickly turned off the battery, and sure enough, Lily stopped calling.

She didn't dare to touch the battery again, looked at the control area, clicked on the detailed page, and found that the activity area was set in a small square.

Lily's range of activities corresponds to the small square No. 1 on the map.

The cubs have been staying in a small place, obviously there is no cover, but they have never come out.

Xu Qiu suddenly understood something between the flashes of lightning.

Lily has just received "punishment" and the experiment cannot be done with her.

She looked at the white Sa, who had come out before, indicating that the current might not have that much effect on it.

She adjusted the range of activities of the cubs to the maximum-covering the entire kindergarten.

Xu Qiu's voice is extremely serious: "Lily, I'm sorry, I adjusted the power switch without knowing it, I'm sorry!"

She bowed solemnly to Lily, staring at the cubs with clear but firm eyes without giving up, with a sincere voice: "I just adjusted the range of activities of all the cubs to the entire kindergarten. Before this, you cant leave your dormitory. I dont know if this control page is what I think, and I dont know if it is running'normally'. But I hope you can trust my sincerity. I am better than anyone. I hope everyone can grow up happily, healthy and healthy without any harm."

Xu Qiu looked at Bai Sa with anticipation: "Student Bai Sa, you are an excellent good boy and a great man. Are you willing to take a brave step outside the dormitory for everyone?"

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