Home Aura Recovery: Extreme Ice EmperorChapter 5

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When Ye Dong returned home, it was obvious that his parents hadn't come back yet, so he first took out the rice and plugged it into the rice cooker.

Then he returned to his room.

His room is on the top floor of the unfinished building, and the attic is his room.

Except that the space is relatively small, everything else is pretty good.

Ye Dong lay on the bed and called out the system.

"System, what is the role of strengthening points?"

[Enhancement points can be used to strengthen the hosts four-dimensional attributes, I believe the host should have checked his personal panel]

"System, I am awakening an S-rank supernatural power at any rate, why do my attributes still seem to be very low? They are all 1."

[The data of the host itself is not loaded into the personal panel of the system, and the four-dimensional attributes in the personal panel exist independently!

It turned out to be so.

Since the attributes of the panel on the system exist independently, its own attributes will not be displayed.

In other words, this is an additional attribute of the system!

Commonly known as hidden attributes?

In the battle with the orcs just now, even though Ye Dong had a little mastered some combat methods as a superpower.

But he also faintly discovered his own shortcomings.

There is no need to question the destructive power of the Extreme Frost Apparition.

But the same use of this power will consume a lot of energy in the body.

Just use the energy of the Extreme Frost Apparition to fight.

It is estimated that it will not take long for his energy to be exhausted.

When the time comes to fall into a weak state, then he will be a living target.

This made Ye Dong understand a very fatal key issue!

He must also improve his abilities.

Use Extreme Frost Apparition as his bottom hand, and try to use it when encountering a strong opponent.

As the saying goes, slaughtering chickens is the same as killing chickens.

The strengthening points just made up for his physical defect.

So Ye Dong called out his attribute panel.

Host: Ye Dong

Level: First-tier, one-star and one-stage ability

Ability: S rank

Species: Arctic Ice Soul

Strength: 1

Qi and blood: 1

Speed: 1

Energy: 1

Strengthening points: 100

It seems that because the enhancement point has become 100, a small plus sign appears after the strength attribute.

While killing the orcs, his realm has also been improved, reaching one level and one star.

Ye Dong focused his attention on the little plus sign behind the power.

[Strength increase!

Strength: 2

Ye Dong felt the muscles all over his body contract for a while, and his strength did indeed increase a little bit.

Perhaps the improvement is too little, and there is no obvious feeling.

The strength has become 2, and the enhancement points have directly become 0!

"To strengthen 1 point of strength, you need 100 strengthening points?"

Ye Dong was shocked, how much blood, speed, and energy enhancement would he need after that?

After all, when his strengthening point was at 100, except for strength, there was no small plus sign behind the other three attributes.

There is a huge reason because his strengthening points are not enough!

Killing a Tier One Orc is only enough to increase his strength by 1 point?

The strengthening conditions are too harsh!

Ye Dong sighed helplessly.

However, convert it.

Killing the orc can also increase his realm.

Think so.

On the contrary, I feel some value.

If you want to quickly improve your cultivation level, you must rely on the power of the system!

Where can you find so many orcs to kill?

I wonder if there are any rewards for killing alien beasts?

There may be too!

Ye Dong took out his cell phone and searched for some nearby places where there are more strange beasts or orcs.

Because the mobile phone network is very slow.

This made Ye Dong very difficult to search.

It's always loading.

Fortunately, Huang Tian paid off, and the question he searched for was not too unpopular.

Soon he found the answer he wanted.

The old city of Jinghai City has been occupied by foreign animals for a long time. Originally, Jinghai City was not Jinghai City, but an ordinary small city.

After it developed, everyone moved to the old city.

Of course, some of the people who didn't want to move were left there.

But before long, due to the lack of defenses in the old city, it was invaded by a strange animal.

The old people who were reluctant to move all died there.

The old city gradually evolved into a nest of strange animals.

Although the members of the Wu'an team kept sending people to attack the alien beasts, it was a pity that the number of alien beasts was too large, and there were more losses and fewer wins.

Gradually, they stopped attacking, but sent people to guard there.

In order to reduce the number of strange animals, the Wu'an team released a reward list.

The reward amount is determined based on the rank of the alien beast.

This place is exactly the one that Ye Dong can go to and should be the most!

"Is it the old town? It seems to be far from here. I wonder if the subway can reach it?"

Ye Dong searched for the subway route again, and things went well beyond his expectation. He didn't expect that there was a subway that could go directly to the old town!

Moreover, there is a beacon base outside the old city, where there are many young supernaturalists forming teams here to go to the old city together, as well as experienced supernaturalists.

That would be easy!


He can't just go on like this.

He hasn't fully grasped the power of Extreme Frost Apparition, so he will ask Principal Lu for more advice tomorrow!


After Ye Dong's parents came back, they didn't ask him about going to the War College today.

Ye Dong was a little speechless, could it be that he had so little confidence in him? Do not ask? Do you think he won't pass the exam?

"What? You have been admitted? You deserve to be my son! Hahaha!" Ye Father patted Ye Dong's shoulder with a red face, pulling him to find Ye Mu who was cooking in the kitchen.

"Xiaoyun, our son is admitted to the War Academy! You cook first, I'll buy some braised beef, and I want to drink at night!"


Mother Ye gave Ye father angrily, "What does your son's admission to the War College have to do with your desire to drink and eat beef? You don't know the situation at home!"

"Why not this meal?" Father Ye looked a little unhappy.

Ye Mu smiled bitterly, "I asked you to buy less! Don't buy too much!"

"Haha! Then I'm going!" Ye's father burst into a smile suddenly.

After Ye father left, Ye mother looked at her son distressedly, "I really hope you didn't pass the exam."

Ye Dong's nose suddenly sore.

He understands what mom means.

Entrance to the War Academy means that you will join the army in the future.

It is possible to lose your life at any time!

Ye Dong sniffed and said, "Mom, don't worry, I will definitely train myself, even if I go to the battlefield in the future, those orcs won't be able to hurt me! After a while, wait for my realm to break through the second-tier one. After the star, I can go to Iron Castle to apply for a house, and then we won't have to live with fear every day!"

"Okay, wash your hands and eat, and return the iron castle. It's not something ordinary people can go in. It's good to have an idea!"

Obviously, my mother still doesn't believe him!

Ye Dong was speechless.

Forget it, they will know when the time comes!

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Chapter 730: teach Chapter 731: Elimination of blood Chapter 732: Demo Chapter 733: Poisoning Chapter 734: Huang Jiabing Chapter 735: evidence Chapter 736: Bai Jian En's Past Chapter 737: Not peaceful tonight Chapter 738: Huang Jia Bing Die Chapter 739: News Chapter 740: Ye Dong's thoughts Chapter 741: Be a coach Chapter 742: Kick hall Chapter 743: Bully Chapter 744: What is sacred Chapter 745: The true identity of the old principal Chapter 746: farce Chapter 747: One month later Chapter 748: Foot breathing Chapter 749: Liang Shaolong Chapter 750: Show off Chapter 751: Branch base Chapter 752: warn Chapter 753: Moon Shadow Assassination Chapter 754: showdown Chapter 755: Ye Dong's request Chapter 756: toss a coin Chapter 757: Notorious Chapter 758: Test strength Chapter 759: B572 Mountain Chapter 760: Three-person team Chapter 761: Resist the mountains Chapter 762: Three hundred years ago! Chapter 763: Ghost Chapter 764: Report Chapter 765: Summon snow Chapter 766: Looking for Li Wei Chapter 767: Li Wei Chapter 768: Go to Xue's house to see Chapter 769: Apprentice Li Wei Chapter 770: new task Chapter 771: Border Chapter 772: Dr. Qin Chapter 773: guess Chapter 774: Lion King Credo Chapter 775: Lion King Credo Chapter 776: time Chapter 777: repel Chapter 778: Back to the top Chapter 779: Preparation before the war Chapter 780: Explain Chapter 781: Spike! Chapter 782: Creation God is coming again Chapter 783: Terrible reincarnation Chapter 784: Be my believer Chapter 785: Traverse Chapter 786: Technology explosion Chapter 787: Small misunderstanding Chapter 788: understand situation Chapter 789: Witch Camp Chapter 790: Rebel army Chapter 791: Meet Chapter 792: Old friend Chapter 793: Memory palace Chapter 794: Future forecast Chapter 795: Bluestar Future Forecast Chapter 796: Are you crazy? Chapter 797: Take the initiative Chapter 798: Giant Chapter 799: Aqua Star Chapter 800: Great crisis! Chapter 801: Win over the rebels Chapter 802: Enemy with the universe Chapter 803: Excavation Chapter 804: N2417 space crack Chapter 805: The requirements of the Aquastar leader Chapter 806: 158 Chapter 807: Titan planet Chapter 808: Infinite element Chapter 809: All beginnings are hard Chapter 810: Supreme god Chapter 811: World God Realm Chapter 812: Insect warrior Chapter 813: Do you believe in god Chapter 814: World God Realm Chapter 815: Elimination rule restrictions Chapter 816: Breakthrough Chapter 817: Nightmare Gorefiend Chapter 818: All practice! Chapter 819: Nightmare Space Chapter 820: Hit the second gene lock Chapter 821: Quero Chapter 822: Indiscriminate slaughter Chapter 823: Enjoy delicious Chapter 824: Ye Dong goes out Chapter 825: Quero Star Troops Chapter 826: Planet Tyrell Chapter 827: Young cultivator Chapter 828: You are worthy to kill me too Chapter 829: The sky is broken Chapter 830: Guidelines? Chapter 831: Global immigration plan launched Chapter 832: Development is the top priority Chapter 833: Officially began to fight back! Chapter 834: Victory belongs to Blue Star! Chapter 835: Spirit world! Chapter 836: Register God's Name Chapter 837: Battlefield of Gods and Demons Chapter 838: Nine Heavens Above God Realm Chapter 839: Back to Blue Star Chapter 840: Say goodbye to old friends Chapter 841: Fairy Chang'e Chapter 842: Sun God VS Origin Ice Lord Chapter 843: The cold breath suppresses the heat! Chapter 844: Power of faith Chapter 845: Looking for the flesh Chapter 846: Third world Chapter 847: Underworld? hell? Chapter 848: Physical fall Chapter 849: Simple and rude Chapter 850: Ghost Face Ironclad Ship Chapter 851: incredible! Chapter 852: Yang Jian Chapter 853: Chaos Qinglian Chapter 854: unfair Chapter 855: God emperor rescue Chapter 856: Old gods and new gods Chapter 857: Back to the underworld Chapter 858: discuss Chapter 859: Join hands Chapter 860: Settlement Night King Chapter 861: unbelievable Chapter 862: Fighting Holy Buddha Chapter 863: Hijindori Chapter 864: The third gene lock opens Chapter 865: Goddess Chapter 866: Abolish the Jade Emperor Chapter 867: Rewrite Tian Tiao Chapter 868: Witchcraft Chapter 869: See god Chapter 870: Snow Chapter 871: War of the gods Chapter 872: Battle of the Gods (2) Chapter 873: The battle of the gods (end of full text)