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No one thought that the truth of the matter was like this!

The dispute between Li Qingshan and Wen Luoer originated from Wen Luoers kindly reminding that Li Qingshans jewelry was too plain. After all, he was a liker of the county owner. He only brought a few white jade bracelets and hairpins. Isnt it too bad for the county? The master's face will also make others look down upon Changping Hou Mansion.

In front of everyone, Wen Luoer spoke only in the direction that was beneficial to her, constantly emphasizing the kindness of how she thought about Li Qingshan before uttering a reminder, and did not say at all how weird her tone towards Li Qingshan was, just like Li Qingshan behind her. The Changping Marquis Mansion, like the poor relatives in the Nan'an County Mansion, was so embarrassed by the grace, not to mention.

Wen Luoer was also secretly refreshed. She was indeed angering Li Qingshan in the name of reminding, but who would have thought that Li Qingshan was a firecracker temper, and the results were much better than she expected.

She took such a step, the county owner should be able to understand her kindness.

After thinking about it, Wen Luoer's soft eyebrows inevitably flashed with a trace of violent complacency to be able to befriend Jin Xiangjun.

And just listening to what Wen Luoer said was indeed Li Qingshans fault. Wen Luoer just kindly reminded that Li Qingshan was angry at her, and she was still making noise at a banquet where the princess was present. It was a courtesy. The underachievers.

Hearing this, Mrs. Bai couldn't help being a little disappointed. Did she really misunderstand the person?

However, Li Qingshan was holding her hand tight this time, her eyes flashed stubbornly, as if Wen Luoer's questioning was how disrespectful she was.

"Your Royal Highness, Mrs. Bai, Qing Shan doesn't think she is at fault."

The princess snorted coldly, noncommittal.

The old lady Bai looked at Li Qingshan but sighed softly.

"Come and listen."

Li Qingshan took a deep breath, calmed down her anxious emotions, and said solemnly.

"Hundreds of good filial piety is the first priority. Since ancient times, Qing Shan believes that the so-called virtues, rules and rituals are all based on filial piety."

As soon as the voice fell, everyone's eyes flashed with puzzlement. Why did Li Qingshan suddenly pull out "filial piety". It is true that throughout the ages, "filial piety" has been the most important item of virtue.

If a person has a reputation for being "unfilial", it is difficult for a woman to marry, and even a man can't even be an official.

But at this time, what do you mean by mentioning "filial piety"?

Mrs. Bai was equally puzzled.

"What does this have to do with this matter?"

Li Qingshan was very disciplined towards Mrs. Bai, her expression of dissatisfaction was put away, her hand gently stroked the white jade bracelet on her right wrist, a trace of respect flashed in her eyes.

"Because this pair of white jade jewelry was given by Qingshan's grandmother."

The princess had said a word earlier to silence the audience.

Now Li Qingshan's words have the same effect.

It's just that the former is because of shock, and the latter is because of shock.

Even Jin Xiangjun was very surprised. She looked at Li Qingshan in an unbelievable way. She even doubted whether there was an expert behind Li Qingshan who was pointing.

Otherwise, how could Li Qingshan's "stuffed brain" think of using the biggest hat of "filial piety" to subvert public opinion.

Yes, Li Qingshan said that the pair of "white jade jewelry" was a gift from the old lady of the Changping Hou Mansion, which has a different meaning.

In this way, the "white jade jewelry" worn by Li Qingshan is not only not too elegant, it does not give Jin Xiangjun face, but also makes others feel that the Changping Hou Mansion is small.

On the contrary, it was because of the importance of Jin Xiangjun that he put on the "white jade jewelry" given by his respected grandmother, which not only demonstrated his filial piety to his grandmother, but also showed that he valued Jin Xiangjun.

Dont forget, Li Qingshans identity this time is Jin Xiangjun and the "comrade" of the gift. Wearing the jewelry gifted by the elders to be Jin Xiangjuns complier not only shows her own character, but also shows her own character to be nice to the sir. Hopes and wishes.

I hope her filial piety is obvious, and I also wish her filial piety from future generations.

Suddenly, everyone looked at Li Qingshan's eyes with a big twist.

And how proud Wen Luoer was before, now his face is pale.

Before, she could also say that Li Qingshan didnt know good people, yelled at her wantonly, put herself in the position of the weak, and made others sympathize with her, but now no matter what she intended, her previous words were disrespect for "filial piety". Even Li Qingshan got angry because she wanted to maintain her filial piety and would not be criticized by others, but she was miserable.

No matter how tall and big the hat of "filial piety" is, she will not be able to turn over if she disrespects "filial piety".

Although it can be said that "the one who does not know is not guilty", it will also end up in the name of "acting recklessly and thinking poorly."

If she had such a reputation, she would have been abandoned by the Shengjing upper circle.

Moreover, this incident has caused the princess and old lady Bai to be in front of her. Wen Luoer can even imagine that after today, she may no longer be able to raise her head to be a man in Shengjing.

Prosperity and prosperity, and damage to everything, and possibly even the marriage of other sisters in Wu'an Bo Mansion.

Wen Luoer's figure trembled, knowing that she must quickly remedy it, otherwise, her reputation would be over.

Wen Luoer flanked her hand and wanted to grab Li Qingshan's clothes. Unexpectedly, Li Qingshan retreated quickly, and didn't want to give Wen Luoer a chance. Wen Luoer's hand fell into the air, embarrassingly tight in midair.

Wen Luoer's face was a little bit ridiculous, but her heart was anxious.

"Sister Li, it's Luo Er's fault. Luo Er didn't know that it was a gift from Sister Li's elders. She even made remarks about it. She hoped that Sister Li would forgive Luo Er this time. After that, Luo Er must act cautiously."

White rabbit-like eyes looked at Li Qingshan, how sincere they were.

If you want to replace this with a slightly unconscious man, he must be reluctant to make Wen Luoer uncomfortable, but Li Qingshan is the legendary Overlord Flower.

She glanced at Wen Luoer sideways and said coldly.

"But my pair of white jade jewelry was worn at the summer lotus banquet a few days ago. At that time, the ladies who were with me had mentioned it."

The Xiahe Banquet is a banquet held by the noble ladies of Shengjing's fifth rank and above every summer. Since the host is the most beloved daughter of the sage today, Princess Yongning, there are not many noble ladies who dare To refute the princess Yongning's face is not lost.

Wen Luoer was naturally there too, but Jin Xiangjun did not go to the Xiahe Banquet because he would have just been retrieved by the Nan'an County King.

Li Qingshan mentioned that the ladies who attended the "Xiahe Banquet" were all lost in memories.

Wen Luoer's eyes were stagnant, and she didn't expect Li Qingshan to say that.

At the Xiahe banquet, she remembered clearly that Li Qingshan was still in her usual dazzling dress of gold and silver. Where did she bring any white jade jewelry, mentioned...

Wen Luo'er fell into the thoughts of reminiscence, and suddenly stopped at the summer lotus banquet that day, a touch of white in the pile of exaggerated gold and silver bracelets on Li Qingshan's wrist.

Then, my mind was completely panicked.

It was also reflected by the other ladies of the official family who participated in the summer lotus banquet. After Li Qingshan mentioned this, they remembered that. On that day, Li Qingshan did say that she had recently received jewelry from her grandmother, but the white jade bracelet was mixed with it. Among the piles of gold and silver jewelry, they were inconspicuously tight, and they forgot. Some remembered which gold and silver jewelry they were given.

The reactions of the ladies of the official family and Wen Luoer immediately proved the authenticity of Li Qingshan's words.

In other words, Wen Luoer's disrespect for the reputation of "filial piety" cannot escape.

But Wen Luoer still didn't give up, feeling angry and flustered. That day, Li Qingshan wore so many jewelry, she didn't know which one it was.

However, when Wen Luoer wanted to say something more, the long princess's cold eyes moved from Li Qingshan to Wen Luoer, and she could no longer speak.

Mrs. Bai and the princess are both human beings, and they are transparent at one point. At this time, the princess's face is ugly and tight. She wanted to hold Li Qingshan's handle, but she didn't expect to give her a chance to become famous.

But the eldest princess didnt want her feathers to be damaged, so she got the name of easily listen to others and convict at will. Therefore, this matter needs someone to end the crime. It was Wen Luoer who deliberately misled it to let the elder princess. Lost the judgment, anyway, isn't it also called "Wen Luoer" that caused trouble?

The eldest princess twitched her lips and said lightly.

"That's the case. It seems that the Wen girl misunderstood."

In a word, all the responsibilities were placed on Wen Luoer, and the matter was also concluded. It was Wen Luoer's fault that caused the princess to misunderstand Li Qingshan.

Jin Xiangjun's mouth raised an upward arc, seeming to be happy for Li Qingshan's "sickness".

It's just that when his eyes swept over Wen Luo, who was lost in his childhood, he felt a little cold.

What an idiot.

Mrs. Bai had a completely different mood, how disappointed she was just now, and how happy she is now, she couldn't help beckoning with Li Qingshan.

"Girl from the Li family come and get closer. It's been a long time since I saw such a watery person, you have to look carefully."

Li Qingshan bit her lower lip, but still passed by, getting closer, and the old lady saw that Li Qingshan's eye circles were a little red.

Thinking of her stubborn and wronged look just now, it is even more rare to feel distressed.

The grievances that do not speak to others are the real grievances.

This distress made Li Qingshan's impression in her heart even deeper, and she couldn't help but exaggerate Li Qingshan's words.

And this boast does not really make Li Qingshan famous.

It is rumored that Miss Li Er of the Changping Hou's family, since she met the respected old lady Bai of the Guangde family at the Nan'an County Prince's Mansion, she liked her very much. She is a rare family lady with good morals in Shengjing.

Of course, this is something later.

Li Qingshan's eyes were red, and the old lady Bai only thought she was enduring grievances, but she never thought that Li Qingshan was a little anxious and worried.

She had made three chapters with cousin Yan before, but now it seems that she doesn't know if she has made a mistake, and cousin Yan will be unhappy.

It turned out that Li Qingyan did agree to choose clothes and jewelry for Li Qingshan, but it also explained the conditions. If Li Qingshan did not agree to her terms, then there would be no need to let her choose clothes and jewelry for her.

Because Li Qingyan suddenly heard something, something about Li Qingshan.

Although this birthday banquet was not mentioned much in the original book, Li Qingyan remembered that Jin Xiangjun used this birthday banquet to make Li Qingshan plant a big somersault, so as to make his reputation start Shengjing's upper circle.

And Li Qingshan became the poor stepping stone.

Li Qingyan can't remember the specific things, but it must be related to Li Qingshan's troublesome temperament. Since Li Qingyan wants to give Li Qingshan a "big red flower", naturally, a good person has done it.

She repeatedly urged Li Qingshan not to conflict with others during this trip.

When it comes to dressing up, try to choose dresses that don't allow people to pick the wrong place, and Li Qingyan is determined not to let Li Qingshan **** Jin Xiangjun's limelight without losing the face of Changping Hou Mansion.

Thinking that Li Qingshan was going to be a "comrade", she immediately caught sight of the "white jade jewelry" her grandmother gave to Li Qingshan. Both the meaning and the collocation are excellent.

Li Qingyan thought very well, but forgot whether a family of bell-ringing foodies like Shengjing Shangliu, who only had a set of white jade jewelry, looked too shabby.

This allowed Wen Luoer to seize the opportunity, but fortunately, Li Qingyan made a mistake and pulled up the "filial piety" big tiger skin, invisibly protecting Li Qingshan's exposed claw, but the little cat who could not be touched by a single person.

Of course, Li Qingyan's misunderstanding, after waiting for Li Qingshan to calm down, he felt that his cousin's magical calculations, since then, the admiration for Li Qingyan has been endless, like the flood of the Yellow River.

When Li Qingyan found out, she had followed a little tail behind her.

The backyard is treacherous, but the front yard is calm, at least for now.

Li Qingyan and Li Qingtang arrived neither too early nor too late. They wanted to find a corner position by themselves, but the servants of Nan'an County Prince's Mansion had very rules and regulations, and they were attracted to the exclusive position of the two.

The position of Piansheng happens to be one of the two positions closest to the main seat.

Li Qingyan wondered if Jin Xiangjun had already said something to the Nan'an County King.

For a while, Li Qingyan was sitting on pins and needles.

However, the Nan'an County King was not in the main seat at this meeting. I heard that he went to the backyard to host Jin Xiangjun's Ji Li, and he would not come until after the matter was over. This also made Li Qingyan's nervousness a little bit less.

Li Qingyan didn't have much interest in Jin Xiangjun's gifts, but when Li Qingyan was reading, he felt a little bit interesting.

This interesting point is Jin Xiangjun's words.

[The old lady of Zhengbin Bai said with a congratulatory speech: "The etiquette is ready, the moon is auspicious, and the word is announced. The word Kongjia is the word "kongjia", and the man is suitable for fashion.

Jin Xiangjun's expression remained unchanged, but a touch of firmness flashed in his heart, and he replied: "Although Yaoguang is not sensitive, he dare not stay the night."-"The Rebirth of the Female Emperor"]

Jin Xiangjuns word is


Yao Guang, the Star Breaking Army.

Breaking Army Star is the seventh star of the Big Dipper, which means breaking first and then standing.

Jin Xiangjun's hegemonic ambition is self-evident.

There is no record in the Great Yan Dynasty, but Yaoguang is the Star Breaking Army. There is such a record in her original female empire.

Therefore, Jin Xiangjun unscrupulously used the word "Yaoguang" as his own "character" in this era.

Li Qingyan still remembered that when Jin Xiangjun took down "Yaoguang" as her own character, she accompanied the princess of Nan'an County to the temple to worship the Buddha. When she looked down from the mountain, she made a decision.

Because at that time, her eyes looked like the prosperous capital under the mountain.

Or, she sees further.

See the great rivers and mountains of the Great Yan Dynasty.

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