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Liu Jins alternative method is to replace the previous earless bronze hip flask with a binaural bronze hip flask, which means that there is an additional hollow ring on the left and right sides of the mouth of the pot. There are three "holes" on the hip flask, especially the extra ears. The ring mouth is much smaller than the mouth of the kettle. In order to achieve all three, in addition to accuracy, skills, experience and a little bit of luck are needed.

Moreover, Liu Jin did not change one, but changed three "binaural pots", lined up, still about three meters away from the two.

Liu Jin glanced at Li Qingyan unsteadily.

"Let my son teach you today, what is a real pitching pot."

Of course, Liu Jin's provocative declaration was still Li Qingyan's faint smile.

This made Liu Jin feel depressed again, and even more stupefied with an illusion, as if in front of Li Qingyan, he was a child who could only "flag his teeth and dance his claws".

After thinking about it, Liu Jin simply didn't want to think about it. He raised his chin and looked at the person who was passing the arrow next to him.

The next person knew, and quickly and respectfully handed over the "White Feather Wooden Arrow" that he had already prepared.

But Liu Jin didn't take it. Instead, he leaped over the person in front of him and reached out to the "quiver" behind the person.

In a blink of an eye, the remaining nine "White Feather Wooden Arrows" all fell into Liu Jin's hands.

Of course, both hands were only enough to hold eight "White Feather Wooden Arrows", and Liu Jin took the extra one into his mouth.

Seeing Liu Jin's posture, everyone was shocked again.

What is he doing?

But because Liu Jin had an arrow in his mouth, it was inconvenient to speak, so he didn't explain much, so he saw the real chapter directly.

He raised his hand left and right with a wave, six "White Feather Wooden Arrows" flew directly from his fingertips, and when his hand was free, he quickly took off the "White Feather Wooden Arrows" held in his mouth. Caught between the fingers, the last three "White Feather Wooden Arrows" also flew out of his hand.

After a few breaths, nine "ding bells" sounded.

In the surprised eyes of everyone, Liu Jin's mouth finally raised a proud smile.

What about more strength?

Two-finger clip arrow throwing pot, he will also Liu Jin!

Not only that, but he can also make three consecutive shots and hit all nine holes!

This is called in the pot game

"Full pot!"

"Awesome! Awesome!"

The children of the aristocratic family who reacted around exclaimed. They finally started to face "Liu Jin" who had previously regarded him as a dude. He didn't seem to be as incapable as in the rumors.

Throw nine of them, and all the arrows are hit.

Because it is extremely rare, the full pot, regardless of the score, is the winner, unless there is a "both sides full pot", then another judgment will be made.

As for the full pot, thousands of "throwing pots" may be released once.

Even though Li Qingyan has achieved the "full pot", Liu Jin is "throwing nine pieces in one go", and at the same time, this is Liu Jinzong's "pot-throwing game" for more than ten years, in exchange for housekeeping skills.

He does not believe that Li Qingyan can do it.

He didn't believe it.

Liu Jin, who has the heart to show off his skills, must press Li Qingyan to death.

However, at this moment, Liu Jin, who was convinced that Li Qingyan would not be able to turn his body, suddenly loosened his mentality.

"I believe this will not be a tie."

The implication is that Li Qingyan can't achieve a full pot like his "throw nine sticks".

After listening to Li Qingyan in Liu Jin's words, his expression finally changed.

However, it was not as timid as Liu Jin thought, but rather surprised.

With a hint of surprised handsome eyebrows, Li Qingyan looked at Liu Jin in a blink of an eye, with an innocent expression on his face.

"Unexpectedly, you are pretty good."

Are you complimenting him? !

Liu Jin's arrogant dough almost didn't collapse.

Unconsciously, Liu Jin felt an itch in his heart.

He has lived for more than ten years, and this seems to be the first time someone sincerely praises him.

Although Liu Jin is a dude, it does not mean that he is not smart. He can tell at a glance whether the words of the people around him are true or false.

The "hupengou friends" he had made in the past are just looking at the background behind him, holding him no matter what he does.

And the sincere compliment he heard the first time came from Li Qingyan, his opponent's mouth.

Liu Jin's heart is not uncomplicated.

Liu Jin, who was arrogant and complacent before, looked at Li Qingyan who was observing the position of the hip flask, and somehow suddenly felt a sense of bullying in his heart.

But then he spurned his thoughts again.

No matter what, you can't sympathize with your opponent!

And... who is rare for Li Qing to praise him! ?

Liu Jin pursed his lips unconsciously.

After Li Qingyan finished observing the location of the hip flask, she turned her head back to Liu Jindao, who didn't know what she was thinking.

"This will definitely not be a tie."

The tone was flat and inexplicably self-confident, and the awkward emotions in Liu Jin's heart were shocked all at once.

Liu Jin couldn't help but feel itchy in his posterior molars. Look, you still sympathize with your opponent, you see Li Qingyan is so arrogant.

Liu Jin put on that arrogant posture again and circled his chest.

"Really? The boy will wait and see."

After listening to Li Qingyan, she ignored Liu Jin's yin and yang, and instead took the quiver from another servant.

Similarly, he grabbed nine "White Feather Wooden Arrows".

Seeing Li Qingyan's movements, everyone looked stagnant, including Liu Jin.

Does Li Qingyan want to learn from him?

Oh, I can't help myself.

There was a ridiculous look in Liu Jin's eyes.

In order to develop this "housekeeping skill", he has worked hard for more than ten years of "potting skills". Li Qingyan is busy with his studies on weekdays. How can he have so much free time to play pots? Skill.

In Liu Jin's view, Li Qingyan's current behavior is to underestimate the "pot-throwing technique".

If you underestimate it, you will surely stumble.

Liu Jin took care of his free time and became more calm.

Unexpectedly, Li Qingyan is more than a "little look".

Liu Jin's calmness only took a few breaths, and he was horrified by Li Qingyan's next movements.

It was... arrogant!

I saw Liu Jin clipped eight "White Feather Wooden Arrows" from Li Qingyan's middle school, and the last "White Feather Wooden Arrow". Li Qingyan was too dirty and didn't dangle it directly in her mouth. The ebony hairpins are side by side.

Since the "White Feather Wooden Arrow" used to throw the pot is not long, this white and black match is just right.

Moreover, Bai Yu's entry into hair made Li Qingyan now completely changed.

If the former Li Qingyan was so deserted that strangers shouldn't come close, it is the "flower of the mountain" that can be viewed from a distance and cannot be played with.

Now Li Qingyan, who is casually attached to the white feather wood arrow, is a bit more of a river and lake, and does not break away from his own "banxian" aura, becoming the "Xiaoyao Xianer" who has fallen into the mortal dust.

Compared with the previous, it seems to have more distinctive charm.

For a while, many teenagers and girls present did not look away.

Regardless of the result, these children of the aristocratic family have a trace of approval in their hearts.

This person is good-looking, no matter what he does.

But this is not the reason why Liu Jin said Li Qingyan was arrogant.

Li Qingyan's arrogance is that he actually...

Actually preparing to throw the pot reflexively!

The only difference between Li Qingyan and Liu Jin is that Li Qingyan turned around and turned his back to three hip flasks.

He confirmed the location before, and then he had an explanation.

The voices of the aristocratic children around him suddenly became noisy, and there was a lot of discussion about Li Qingyan's move.

Some ridiculed, some were unbelievable, some were worried, and some felt that Li Qingyan broke the jar.

Among them, Liu Jin felt that Li Qingyan was breaking the jar. Although there was something in his heart, Liu Jin was angry and didn't care.

He seriously regards Li Qingyan as his opponent!

Even, he took out the housekeeping skills that he had bothered for more than ten years.

Li Qingyan, how could he treat this competition so perfunctorily? !

He refused!

Liu Jin breathed a little harder, clenched his hands, and questioned Li Qing with a hint of fire.

"Li Qingyan, if you want to give up, just give up."

"Do you look down on the pitcher like this, or do you want to find a step for yourself?!"

Li Qingyan turned her back to the three hip flasks, which meant that she was facing Liu Jin. At this time, she tilted her head, somewhat puzzled by Liu Jin's sudden anger.

This pair of ignorant, pretending to be innocent is "adding fuel to the fire" for Liu Jin.

"Can you not afford to lose, so you can't just show off your real ability to compete?"

Liu Jin felt angry at these words, his tone inevitably became a little harder, and Li Qingyan's face sank as he heard it.

Li Qingyan's black pupil Ren'er confronted Liu Jin again, making Liu Jin who wanted to say something more, for some reason, the words were stuck in his throat.

Weird! Obviously Li Qingyan's attitude is not serious, what is his guilty conscience!

Li Qingyan stared at Liu Jin for a while, with a trace of seriousness on her expression before she said every word.

"I don't know where you came to the conclusion. Since I promised to play with you, I was serious, from beginning to end."

The words were not finished yet, but Li Qingyan paused and took a slight breath. The beautiful star eyes looked directly at Liu Jin, solemnly and solemnly, before continuing.

"Because you are a worthy opponent."

Suddenly, Liu Jin opened his eyes slightly and his brain went blank.

And just in the gap between him, Li Qingyan, with his back facing three hip flasks, slightly spread her ten fingers and waved backwards. Then, Li Qingyan quickly took off the white feather wooden arrow on her hair bun, and flew back in the same motion.

Nine white feather wooden arrows were fired together.

Nine "ding bells" sounded at the same time.

The voice between the heavens and the earth seemed to disappear at this moment, and everyone was completely shocked.

Only the cold voice remained in the ear.

"As I said, this will not be a tie."

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