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"Pour... Pour in!"

"It's falling!"

A younger brother from a family who came back to his senses pointed to the three side-by-side binaural pots, and even the voice of his words trembled.

On the three binaural throwing pots, there are also nine "White Feather Wooden Arrows", the same arrows are all in the center, but unlike Liu Jin, the "White Feather Wooden Arrows" thrown by Li Qingyan are all on the ground.

For normal throws, the tip of the arrow should hit the ground, as is the case with Liu Jin's full pot.

However, the "White Feather Wooden Arrow" thrown by Li Qingyan had the tail landing on the ground, indicating that the White Feather Wooden Arrow turned its head and tail during the throwing process.

This is an extremely rare technique of KitKat in the pot-throwing game. Many children of the family have only seen it in the "Tug-throwing Techniques", and have not seen it with their own eyes. It is only regarded as a legend. This skill is

Fall in.

A more powerful technique than "full pot".

The result is clear at a glance.

Liu Jin, who was standing opposite Li Qingyan, looked a little startled now, wondering if he was shocked by the "falling center" in front of him, or by what Li Qingyan said earlier.

After a long while, he looked at Li Qingyan who was surrounded by the family's children to congratulate him. His eyes were a little complicated and unspeakable, and Liu Jin heard his own voice.

"You are really good. Congratulations on winning."

Being humble and thanking, Li Qingyan, who was still faint on her face, immediately moved her eyes when she heard Liu Jin's words and replied politely.

"It's just luck."

Then Li Qingyan paused, as if thinking of something, her eyebrows were slightly curved, with a hint of smile, and she rushed to the silent Liu Jindao.

"You are really good."

What Li Qingyan is telling the truth, the skills she performed do not belong to Li Qingyan, but belong to the original body.

Li Qingyan knew about the fact that she could throw pots and was extremely powerful, but how did she learn it and why she didn't want to show it in front of others, but she didn't have a trace of memory, it was strangely tight.

The memory of the original body seems to be no problem at first glance, but the more Li Qingyan merges into this era, the more he discovers that the original body seems to have many secrets, which are hidden by her.

Like a treasure, no outsiders are allowed to watch, including Li Qingyan, who owns her body.

Therefore, Li Qingyan does not feel proud of the victory he won with something that does not belong to him.

And Liu Jin is indeed amazing in Li Qingyan's eyes. Anyway, at a level that she has never even touched an arrow in modern times, she can't beat him. Therefore, she praises him sincerely.

In fact, Li Qingyan doesnt have much sense of reality for the people here. Its not easy to treat them as characters in the book. Its also difficult to treat them as real characters. The ones she has most contact with in modern times are children of various personalities. So, no. Consciously she will treat them the same way she treats children.

It can also be called the "occupational disease" of gardeners.

For example, Liu Jin is a typical sting-headed child. To treat such a child, he must be praised and praised for nothing.

But Li Qingyan was negligent. They were not real children after all, and she was not Liu Jin's teacher, but Liu Jin's opponent.

Now, the praise from the victor, for Liu Jin at this time, only felt ridicule and ridicule, even if it was not intentional.

Liu Jin was dull and silent for a long time, his nails embedded in his palms unconsciously, before he raised his eyes to face Li Qingyan, his tone of voice was slightly stiff.

"But this is not the end."

"I heard that Li Shizi will go to take the Imperial College Examination in the near future. I, Liu Jin, took the "Guo Zijian Examination" as the second test and will compete with you again. I wonder if you dare to fight again?!"

"I..." Li Qingyan's expression froze, secretly saying bad.

What's the situation? What did Liu Jin talk about with her about the Imperial College Examination? !

That was just an excuse for her to avoid accepting "the maidservant"!

But... Li Qingyan couldn't say this, and she couldn't find a reason to refuse.

As the "Shengjing No. 1 Talent", Li Qingyan, how could he refuse the challenge of talent learning? Especially when her name of talent and scholarship was questioned and the storm was still not over.

If Li Qingyan didn't dare to challenge even a young talented student, then the title of "Shengjing No. 1 Talent" might really have to be replaced.

Li Qingyan used to accidentally smash a colleagues expensive bracelet, she would spend more than half a year paying for two identical bracelets to offset the guilt in her heart.

What's more, the name of this "Shengjing No. 1 Talent" is far greater than the value of the bracelet for the original body.

It is because Li Qingyan knows that the original body has worked hard for this "famous" for more than ten years, and after more than ten years of pressure and responsibilities, he has lived completely without self. After paying so much, if it is only because When she said a word, she was completely denied and lost her name.

Li Qingyan was afraid that the original body would turn into a ghost and strangle her to death.

Therefore, Li Qingyan could not refuse, and could not refuse.

Li Qingyan, who had pain in her heart and couldn't tell, had to calm down and nodded slightly.

From the beginning to the end, Jin Xiangjun was watching. Even though Li Qingyan has recovered his former calm and calmness, Jin Xiangjun still has not forgotten the neat posture of Li Qingyan who entered the hair with white feather and turned the pot back.

The faintly public Li Qingyan in that smile was something she had never seen before.

She gently touched her hand to her heart, where she could not restrain the beating.

The so-called misunderstanding for a lifetime, she thinks she has met.

Although Li Qingyan did not know that Jin Xiangjun was present, she was also afraid that Jin Xiangjun's eyeliner would be in the prefectural mansion. Therefore, she tried to compete with various talents before Liu Jin, and she did not want to take the head and was worried by Jin Xiangjun.

This time, Liu Jin couldn't help but stand up because she touched Li Qingyan's inverse scale.

However, Li Qingyan didn't expect that in order to avoid the title of "Banxian", she played Jin Xiangjun's most hated entertainment game, and also made a quack attitude, which did not stop Jin Xiangjun's heartbeat.

Li Qingyan, who has never been in love, does not know that there is a saying called

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.

And worried that the Nan'an County King would find that Jin Xiangjun, who was reluctant to leave, accidentally bumped into someone on the way back.

Jin Xiangjun rubbed his sore forehead. Although his eyes were a little unpleasant, he still remembered his status as a servant at this time, bowed his head and said in a low voice.

"The little one walked too quickly and ran into the distinguished guest. Please forgive the distinguished guest."

The person who was hit didn't say anything, Jin Xiangjun kept bowing his head and saluting. When her arm was a little sore, he said.

"Look up."

Although Jin Xiangjun was puzzled, in order not to be suspected, he obediently raised his head, but met a pair of extremely indifferent peach eyes.

Jin Xiangjun didn't even notice the surprise, but he was full of cold by the coldness in his eyes.

Jin Xiangjun's heart was stunned.

Who is this person? Why do you look at her like this? ! Did you discover her disguise? !

But... shouldn't it be this look? !

As if looking at... the enemy? !

Jin Xiangjun, who was alert, was suddenly prepared.

Hostility and defensiveness can draw sparks, but they can't draw any charm.

This person is Bai Jingshu.

He glanced at Jin Xiangjun, who was dressed as a man, and then remembered the way she looked at Li Qingyan just now. He didn't know why, it was not a feeling at all.

Moreover, I also don't understand why I am blocking Jin Xiangjun now.

Inexplicably, a trace of irritation arose in Bai Jingshu's heart, especially seeing Jin Xiangjun getting more and more irritable, only to feel that the little woman was very annoying.

Therefore, before Jin Xiangjun could figure it out, Bai Jingshu left indifferently.

Du Liu Jin Xiangjun looked blank.

In fact, if the two of them were more civilized, they would definitely understand how they felt just now.

I confirmed the look in my eyes, she/he is my rival in love.

And Li Qingyan, who would be troubled by the "Guozijian Examination", did not know that the protagonist and the protagonist of the book had already met in advance.

Just because I don't know which wing the butterfly has flapped, the result seems to be completely different.

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