Home After Dressing as a Male Cross-dresserChapter 2

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However, just after Li Qingyan finished the final stroke, a young servant in grey clothes came in fiercely from the outside, and there seemed to be a hint of red on the cuffs of the ceremony.

After crossing the door, the young man stabilized his mind, and said with a festive smile on his white face.

"Sir, I have your invitation."

The next moment, Xiao Si took out a red invitation card from his cuff and handed it to Li Qingyan.

Li Qingyan was not in a hurry to answer, but raised her brows and looked at the young servant in front of her.

Although the appearance is not outstanding, it is better than pure and festive. At first glance, he is the one who has an excellent personal relationship.

The young man's name is Qiuping. He is a passerby who can't find the name in the original book, but in the memory of "Li Qingyan", this person has some meaning, different from Xianglu.

Qiuping is the true confidant of "Li Qingyan".

Because he is like her, a woman disguised as a man.

Qiu Ping's real name is "Qiu Ping", she is the daughter of Mother Qiu, who has served Mrs. Chang Ping Hou for the longest time and is the most loyal to Mrs. Chang Ping Hou. At the same time, Mother Qiu also watched Li Qingyan grow up.

The secret of Li Qingyan's disguise as a man is hard to hide from those around her, so she must choose someone she trusts.

Mother Qius family and Mrs. Changpinghou have been carefully investigated. Moreover, she has been waiting for so many years. She still holds the deeds of the two, and even her husbands family is secretly controlled. If Mother Qiu and Mrs. Qiu Ping showed signs of a slight leak, and what awaited them was the "disaster of annihilation."

Among the pros and cons, Mother Qiu and Qiu Ping know better than anyone else.

In all these years, apart from their dedication to their duties, they did not give birth to any moths.

Even, in order to better take care of Li Qingyan, Mother Qiu also made her daughter pretend to be a small servant.

If it werent for memory, Li Qingyan really didnt realize that the white and clean boy in front of her was pretending to be a man, just like herself. Although she looked cool and beautiful, she didnt see the slightest femininity. On the contrary, because of her cold temperament, her temperament became colder and colder. Hard, even more difficult to approach, like a noble brother.

Li Qingyan, who has a lively and funny nature, not only does not let outsiders doubt it, it is also because of this that he endures and continues to maintain the original character of "Li Qingyan".

And when Li Qingyan just passed through, she didn't believe anyone, but after observing Qiuping for a while, she did not find anything wrong. On the contrary, the child was unexpectedly innocent, which was a little relieved.

At this time, she took the invitation card in Qiuping's hand and opened it.

Then his brows frowned slightly.

After a while, he said solemnly.

"But the second room also received it?"

Qiuping's eyes lit up, and he looked at his master in admiration.

"The **** of the world, the second room also received it, not only the second room master received it, but also the second room lady."

Li Qingyan's complexion remained unchanged, but he pursed his mouth subconsciously, but his heart was so tempting to jump into the Huangpu River to be calm and calm.

Hey her god!

Why are you going to have a face with the hostess after your birthday in a few days? !

Hey, the baby is scared.

That's right, what Li Qingyan received was an invitation from the Prince's Mansion of Nan'an County.

It is called a banquet to celebrate the birthday of his youngest daughter Jin Xiangjun. In fact, it is an announcement to the whole Shengjing that he attaches great importance to Jin Xiangjun, so that outsiders can't underestimate it.

As for why Li Qingyan is so upset.

The reason is that this invitation card she received was written in graceful fonts. At first glance, it was made by a woman. The candidate did not think about it, and the intention was obvious.

However, she still had to go.

Yu Qing, Jin Xiangjun is her former cousin.

Yu Li, Nanyang County Prince's Mansion is the tall branch that Changping Hou's Mansion had long wanted to climb.

Even if she didn't want to go, her parents would not agree.

Who made her the son of Hou Changping? Behind her is the attitude of the whole Changping Hou Mansion.

Li Qingyan suddenly remembered that there was a plot in the book, but it was taken over by a stroke, and it exists in the memory of the heroine in the book.

[Recalling the first birthday banquet after becoming the host of the county, Jin Xiangjun was in a trance again. She must get the man who looked like an immortal. "The Rebirth of the Female Emperor"

Comparing the few men owned by Jin Xiangjun, none of them are equal to the "Banxian", but Li Qingyan herself, very similar!

Therefore, at this birthday banquet, the original "Li Qingyan" must have done something to strengthen Jin Xiangjun's love for her.

But there was almost no description of this birthday banquet, so even if Li Qingyan wanted to avoid it, she was still a little helpless and could only take one step at a time.

However, with her current deeds, she can at most stabilize seeing the heroine without shaking.

That's the decisive empress in the original book!

This book is called "The Rebirth of the Female Emperor" for no reason.

Although the original book did not mention the place where "Jin Xiangjun became the emperor", in the later period Jin Xiangjun joined her group of men to seize the throne of the "Great Yan Dynasty" and elected the second emperor, one of her men, to become the new emperor, Jin Xiangjun. Be the queen.

Judging from Li Qingyan's understanding of the heroine, it is only the position of the queen that cannot satisfy Jin Xiangjun's ambitions. How can she be the empress in her previous life, even if this other person is her husband.

Therefore, it is a matter of time for the heroine to proclaim the emperor.

It's just that this book hasn't ended yet, so Li Qingyan didn't see it.

Li Qingyan had never seen a leader of a country before she wore the book, and she was going to see the future empress after passing through the book. The empress was also interesting to her. Li Qingyan only felt that the invitation card in her hand was so hot.

In the past few days, Li Qingyan was annoyed by the "Hongmen Banquet" not long afterwards. Unexpectedly, staying at home was even more troublesome.

At this time, she was being quarreled by Li Qingshan who was suddenly visiting.

"Brother Yantang, what does Li Qingjun mean when he posts to me? Is she blocking her, or disgusting me?"

"The entire Changping Hou Mansion knows how bad my relationship is with her."

"I don't believe it, she went back and didn't file a complaint!"

"I'm not afraid of telling me. I was originally a concubine. If you didn't look at her, my eyes were almost flying to the sky. I really thought that I was a golden phoenix, so disrespectful to my concubine, so I was thinking about teaching her... "

"Cousin Qingshan, speak carefully."

There was a sound of a book closing in the air, and Li Qingyan turned his gaze from the book to Li Qingshan.

Today, Li Qingshan wore a maroon red dress with a butterfly and a patterned skirt. The neatly combed dangling hair had a golden beaded and emerald hairpin on the left and right, and a ruby was inserted on the back. Hao's wrist was covered with gold and silver jewelry, and a string of malachite green jade necklace was hung around his neck.

This combination of gold, silver, red, and green has made Li Qingshan's beautiful face tacky, and Li Qingyan on the side can't bear to look directly.

It's like seeing a nouveau riche who has worn several catties of gold necklaces and continues to show off how good his taste is.

Although Li Qingyan finally wrote a bad review because Jin Xiangjun was too harsh on the second room of the Changping Hou Mansion, it does not mean that she sympathized with the people in the second room of the Changping Hou Mansion.

After all, they are really not good to Jin Xiangjun.

Of course, this is from the perspective of her readers, or from the perspective of Jin Xiangjun.

However, after passing through, coupled with the original memory of "Li Qingyan", she felt that Li Qingshan was a little bit pitiful.

The distinction between concubines and concubines in the Dayan dynasty is very obvious. In many people, concubines are maids in front of the concubines.

Although, in the Changping Hou Mansion, it was not serious enough, but judging from the fact that the second room has been spoiled by Li Qingshan over the years, the concubine is only a little bit better than the maidservant's status.

And Li Qingshan didn't target "Jin Xiangjun" much at the beginning, but in accordance with the usual thinking of this era, occasionally arrogantly at her, did not look at her.

But in the eyes of the reborn "Jin Xiangjun", these are actually Chi Guoguo's insults.

Later, as Li Qingshan said, Jin Xiangjun refused to accept her, his eyes were above the top, and a concubine's aura wanted to suppress her and a concubine. Of course, it caused Li Qingshan to target and rebound more and more, and the two of them became stronger and stronger. It was so big that afterwards even the entire Changping Hou Mansion's second room was taken in.

At the beginning, it was just a contradiction between the two little girls.

Li Qingyan did not say that she agreed with Li Qingshans approach, but she felt that she was conforming to this era, at best, she was a bit domineering. Encountered a female emperor and heroine who will repay you and can't afford to lose.

I can only admit that I am unlucky.

At this moment, Li Qingshan had just been uttered by Li Qingyan, and the corner of her mouth was obscured unconsciously.

"Cousin Yan, you said the same, and my parents said the same. Isn't she just a county head? As for..."

"Cousin Qingshan!"

In order to prevent Li Qingshan from saying anything more presumptuous, Li Qingyan's tone became a little harder, and her expression became more condensed.

"The county lord is also a relative of the emperor. If you continue to make such reckless comments, you may not be able to protect you from your second uncle and aunt."

Although Li Qingyan didn't know if there were any secret guards in this dynasty, who listened to the officials of the Gonghou Mansion, it was often on TV dramas. Just in case, she stopped Li Qingshan and continued talking.

If she is not afraid of death herself, she still has to show the attitude of the Changping Hou Shizi.

After all, Li Qingyan's life is tight.

In this world, Li Qingyan has no lofty ambitions, just hope to prevent being deepened by the heroine, and then live well!

Wasn't the cause of her death killed by a man of Jin Xiangjun?

As long as Jin Xiangjun doesn't like her, there will be no such worries.

However, if Jin Xiangjun wants to make the persistent Jin Xiangjun not like it or not be hated by her, there is a long way to go.

Right now, it's important to take care of the "Hongmen Banquet" a few days later.

Li Qingshan was said to be dumb, her face frowned, her eyebrows seemed to be horrified, but in the end she didn't say anything more, just suddenly brought up another topic.

"Then cousin Yan, what birthday gift do you think I give to Li... where is the county lord?"

Li Qingyan frowned again.

"I don't understand the preferences of my daughter's house, you can do whatever you want."

Just kidding, she didn't dare to pick a gift for Jin Xiangjun. If Li Qingshan missed her mouth and was misunderstood by Jin Xiangjun, she wanted to give her a gift, then she would not be far away from playing.

Li Qingshan didn't seem to expect any effective information from Li Qingyan, and she was not disappointed. She just sat quietly on the side for a while before preparing to get up and leave.

However, when Li Qingshan left, Li Qingyan looked at her tight red, green, gold and silver figure, trembled her eyelashes, and said something.

"Cousin Qingshan, you can wear a little more elegant on this trip."

Li Qingyan didn't want to appear with a bunch of "red and green peppers" at the same time.

Just thinking about it, there is a kind of silent bashfulness.

Li Qingshan's face was full of smiles when she left, and when she looked closely, her cheeks still had a hint of blush.

She knew that cousin Yan cared about her, so he wouldn't like Jin Xiangjun who was full of bad water.

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