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Unexpectedly, what is faster than the "Hongmen Banquet" is an experience that Li Qingyan never expected to experience.

She would stare straightly and tightly at the young man in Chinese clothes who stepped over a low table with half-fronted clothes. His clean and handsome face was faintly red.

Next to the Huafu boy, there is a delicate young man wearing a loose white robe and his skin is as white as jade.

Although Li Qingyan's face was tense, she looked closely, her eyes scattered, she didn't know where she was aiming secretly.

Falling in the eyes of the young man in Huafu represented another meaning, and he raised his eyebrows.

"Ayan doesn't like this place?"

Suddenly asking a question, Li Qingyan revealed her true thoughts, and her little head shook slightly.

Now she can't even think about whether she likes it or not, and she is full of curiosity. Let alone ancient times, she has never even been to a "GAY bar" in modern times.

Yes, the place where Li Qingyan is now is the famous "Xianggu Pavilion" in history

"South Campus".

It is also the legendary "male brothel".

This time, I had the opportunity to visit the real "male brothel", which made Li Qingyan, a modern person, couldn't help but take a few more glances.

But she just shook her head, the next moment, she was shocked, her eyes drenched, and she nodded heavily.

I almost forgot, "Li Qingyan", the flower of Gaoling, did not bother to come here.

Of course, this is the opinion of outsiders.

In fact, because "Li Qingyan" is a girl, let an ancient woman go to the "Xianggu Pavilion", even if she pretends to be a man, it is difficult for her to escape the shackles of ritual doctrine. The traditional concept of women in her bones is not allowed. of.

However, Li Qingyan who passed by was not so scrupulous. Even if one of the future men of "Jin Xiangjun" was called to her, it did not stop her curiosity about "Xianggu Pavilion".

The careless young man in Chinese clothes in front of him is the youngest son of General Zhen Guo, Ji Fei, and one of the men who will follow "Jin Xiangjun" in the future.

At the same time, he is also a friend of "Li Qingyan", at least it seems that way now.

However, Li Qingyan felt puzzled.

If the two were friends, why would Ji Fei openly laugh at "Li Qingyan" in the latter part of the book and show no mercy to her?

What's the secret in it that she doesn't know?

It is a pity that this book is written from the perspective of "Jin Xiangjun". Therefore, the story of "Li Qingyan" is almost all about the heroine. As for the intersection with others, there are very few mentions.

Even her relationship with Ji Fei was learned from the memory of the original body.

Speaking of this, another thing is very strange.

Before, she only stayed in the "Changping Hou Mansion" and found no abnormalities in her own.

It wasn't until Ji Fei's young man came to her door that she found a strange place.

The memory of the original body, regarding Ji Fei, turned out to be only the concept of relationship, and all the things that happened between her and Ji Fei turned out to be no memory at all.

In other words, Li Qingyan only knows that Ji Fei is her friend, but how did she become friends? There is no memory of the intersection between the two in the past few years.

This is why Li Qingyan is willing to come to Ji Fei.

She wanted to see, what is going on?

Unexpectedly, Ji Fei, who was detained by the "South Court" because he had no money to settle the bill, was unscathed, not to mention that Ji Fei, who was still on the side of the beauties, was sensual and sensual. Delightful.

Li Qingyan knew at once that she was in a condom.

But I don't know why Ji Fei lied to her to come over.

At the same time, she was a little disappointed.

Even if she saw Ji Fei herself, she still couldn't remember what happened between her and Ji Fei.

But this disappointment fell in Ji Fei's eyes, and it made him misunderstood. He didn't realize that the corners of his mouth fell a little, and some self-deprecation came to his eyes.

"Ayan, can't you look down on me like this?"

Nowadays, the imperial court has issued a "ban on prostitution", and officials and princes and their children are not allowed to enter and leave the brothel. This has also caused the collapse of the traditional brothel, but it has also led to the rise of the "Xianggu Pavilion".

Although there are many people who are "the good of Longyang", there are also many people who are greedy for fun.

Obviously, Ji Fei, who will become Jin Xiangjun's man in the future, belongs to the latter kind.

Moreover, when Li Qingyan just arrived, the beautiful boy who was pouring wine next to Ji Fei happened to be playing the piano. Ji Fei's obsessive gaze at the time was not on the beautiful man, but on the piano in the hands of the beautiful boy.

Li Qingyan couldn't guess that Ji Fei should be the rhythm of extreme joy.

However, think about Ji Fei coming from a family of military generals, and the general of Zhenguo is extremely arbitrary. His hobby, I am afraid that he has endured the anger of the general of Zhenguo.

Li Qingyan was a kindergarten teacher in her previous life. Whenever a child was unhappy, she would subconsciously analyze the reason. Later, this evolved into her own habit.

If there is something wrong with the people around him, Li Qingyan will automatically open the small theater of analysis in his brain. This is also the reason why most people are willing to make friends with Li Qingyan. When they are depressed, Li Qingyan can always solve their troubles. The key is not The empty words of comfort are all on the point.

This also caused Li Qingyan to find that the other party was not going well.

However, even if Li Qingyan found out this time, she didn't have the intention to be Ji Fei's "psychological mentor".

She still doesn't know how she and Ji Fei's previous past was, and she still understands how much wrong she has said, so she only needs to make her stand clear.

Li Qingyan's eyebrows moved slightly, her tight expression softened slightly, and she replied.

"Afei misunderstood, I just came here for the first time and I am not comfortable with it."

Then Li Qingyan glanced at the beautiful boyhood beside Ji Fei again.

"Besides, I didn't expect that there should be such a beautiful music here, but it made me look at it with admiration."

Li Qingyan responded by learning how Ji Fei called her, and she also pointed out that she also likes the rhythm that Ji Fei likes. If you want to come, Ji Fei should not misunderstand her.

Sure enough, Ji Fei was stunned for a moment, as if Li Qingyan didn't expect Li Qingyan to answer that way.

After being surprised, Ji Fei's eyes quickly flashed a hint of interest, but Li Qingyan didn't see this hint of interest.

The next moment, Ji Fei slightly curled his lips.

"Since Ah Yan likes it, then listen to another song."

As soon as the voice fell, the beautiful young man beside Ji Fei was extremely interesting, put down the hip flask in his hand and walked towards the guqin beside him.

Immediately, the sound of the piano filled the room, like a ring.

Although Li Qingyans face is still condensed and tight, it is rare to see a trace of leisure when she takes a closer look. What she said is not considered false. She was a kindergarten teacher in her previous life and also played the piano. She also understood the rhythm. Naturally Will distinguish and appreciate.

Her fears these days are rarely smoothed out by the sound of the piano.

This beautiful young man from the South Campus is indeed a middle-class player, who deserves this praise.

But Ji Fei didn't seem to be reconciled to Li Qingyan's attention being occupied by the sound of the piano, and he didn't know much about it.

"Such Merlot, if you and I don't drink a cup, don't you let me down?"

After all, Ji Fei has gently pushed a glass of wine to Li Qingyan, and at the same time raised the wine glass in his hand to signal Li Qingyan to raise it.

Li Qingyan stagnated, staring slightly at Ji Fei, who was still careless on his face.

She hesitated about this glass of wine.

Because "Li Qingyan" does not drink.

But Ji Fei might be one of the suspects who killed her. If it is because of a glass of wine, the two will have a suspicion, which is not good.


Li Qingyan paused, put away the leisurely moment, his face slightly condensed, and the whole person seemed more and more inviolable.

"Afei knows me, he should know my habits."

Although Ji Fei's face may be lost by not drinking, it is even more strange that a person who never drinks suddenly drank alcohol.

Li Qingyan decided to keep the original path of "Li Qingyan".

Sure enough, Ji Fei frowned slightly, but soon laughed again, did not speak much, and drank two glasses of wine alone, making the already red look even more red.

When Li Qingyan came this time, she wanted to see why she couldn't see Tong Jifei's past.

But now I haven't got the answer, and the intelligence knows so little about it, Li Qingyan doesn't want to deal with Ji Fei any more.

Find an excuse and prepare to withdraw.

"Since Affi is fine, then I will not disturb Affi's peace."

As soon as the voice fell, Li Qingyan was ready to get up and go out.

But when she just got up, the hand hidden in the sleeve was suddenly held by a hot and powerful hand. The thin callus in her hand rubbed her delicate skin, making it itchy.

But Li Qingyan, who had her back to Ji Fei, hadn't felt the touch carefully yet, her face was already full of shock.

how so? !

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