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"You're Li Qingyan? You look pretty good."

"Could it be that he was liked by his looks?"

"Since he likes it, I will like you too. From now on we will be friends."

"Ayan, my dad asked me to learn Chinese characters again. Did you write for me?"

"Don't write too well, my dad will find out."

An invisible figure tapped the speaker's head with a folding fan.

"Do your own things, don't always trouble Ayan."

"Ayan, who have you been bullied by this time? Disgusted?"

"Tell him his name, and I will avenge you."

The invisible figure smiled again.

"This time Afei finally said something human."

The mixed memories suddenly flooded into Li Qingyan's mind, about her and Ji Fei.

Li Qingyan didn't expect it to be such a way to unlock the memory of the original body


Children who were arrogant and arrogant when they first met in the memory, as time goes by, more and more casually conceal their true emotions.

The attitude towards Li Qingyan has gradually improved a lot.

But Li Qingyan's memory clearly tells her that even though her attitude has improved a lot, Ji Fei only gets along with her because of "his" face.


"who is he?

Li Qingyan closed her eyes and thought about it carefully, only to find that the memory in her mind seemed to be clouded with a mist, and she couldn't see clearly.

Ji Fei behind him didn't know what Li Qingyan had experienced in this short moment, but Li Qingyan in front of him seemed to stiffen.

However, he looked at the delicate little hand wrapped in his palm, and there was also a strange trace in his heart.

Ah Yan, how come his hands are more delicate than his own little sister's?

But this idea was just a flash, and it was quickly replaced by what Ji Fei had been thinking about for several days.

He pulled Li Qingyan away and turned around to face him, but Ji Fei, who had been practicing martial arts since childhood, was a little bit strong. superior.

Fortunately, it was collapsed, Li Qingyan's **** did not suffer too much, but there was still a hint of unhappiness between his eyebrows.

Ji Fei looked very delicate, and his actions were quite rude.

Ji Fei, who has always regarded Li Qingyan as a man, didn't pay attention to this little detail. Perhaps in his eyes, he felt this pain, and it was nothing to a big man.

But this also confirms Li Qingyan's idea from the side.

She would have already taken out her hand and escaped from Ji Fei's confinement.

The sleeves were carefully moved to the hip bone, and they were gently rubbed.

Good-looking eyes with a little bit of icy cold looked towards Ji Fei, who hadn't apologized at all or hadn't noticed anything wrong.

I can't help but feel a little complicated.

Ji Fei did not regard "Li Qingyan" as a friend.

It was only because of "he"'s face that "Li Qingyan" was allowed to appear around him.

Thinking of the self-defined relationship with Ji Fei in the memory of the original body is a "friend", now it seems that it is ironic.

Although I don't know if the original body really does not understand, or pretend not to understand, but considering the original body's identity, it is just a third-rank third-ranked prince son, and he will certainly not offend the second-ranked Zhenguo general's youngest son.

And now Li Qingyan is not too good to offend Ji Fei, but the reason is different.

Because Ji Fei was one of the suspects who killed her, what can he do if he commits a crime and speeds up his death?

Therefore, Li Qingyan had to smooth out the unhappiness in her heart, comfort herself, and try to treat Ji Fei as a group of stinky bear children from the kindergarten in the previous life.

She is an adult, but she can't be as knowledgeable as a bear child.

Thinking of this, Li Qingyan's eyes straightened, and Bing Han's brows showed a trace of love.

"Afei, is there anything else?"

Suddenly touching Li Qingyan's gaze, Ji Fei was excited for no reason. The eyes Li Qingyan had just looked at him looked a bit like his dead grandmother.

But Ji Fei didn't like procrastination, his expression finally became more serious, and he quickly asked the "itchiness" that had been around his heart for several days.

"Ayan, what's the matter with him?"



who is it?

Without knowing which passer-by Ji Fei said, Li Qingyan was in a daze.

Thanks to Li Qingyans carefulness, she noticed Ji Feis rare and serious appearance, which was very similar to the invisible figure in her impression. Li Qingyan roughly guessed that Ji Fei asked about the "invisible figure". That is the "him".

But even if he knew who it was, Li Qingyan still couldn't answer Ji Fei's question.

God knows, she doesn't even know who this person is.

How do you know what happened to her and him?

However, Li Qingyan could not make Ji Fei aware of this.

Therefore, she was only slightly gloomy on her face, and her eyes became colder.

A look of "obviously not wanting to say more".

Li Qingyan once again thanked the original "Flower of Gaoling" image.

I didn't want to say, I was silent and tense.

The reason why Li Qingyan dared to do this was because in the original memory, although Ji Fei was a bit arrogant, he was not a tough guy.

Sure enough, after Li Qingyan showed this look, the seriousness on Ji Fei's face immediately disappeared, returning to the previous carelessness, waving his hand.

"Well, I won't force you. You should solve your problems by yourself. Don't show it to outsiders for a while. Just treat you as if I was bullying you."

Originally, Li Qingyan was entangled whether to chat with Ji Fei a few more words and compose a set of information about that person.

But Li Qingyan thought for a while, and felt that she was really not the person who was good at idioms, and she had to maintain the mask of "Li Qingyan", and she would make more mistakes and ask herself more miserably.

Furthermore, after Li Qingyan showed that expression, Ji Fei seemed to feel that she was defeated and would not talk to her any more.

Li Qingyan was also acquainted and withdrew for a reason.

But when Li Qingyan left, Ji Fei suddenly mentioned something again.

"Ayan, soon after hearing that, Mr. Yanyu will take up the post of Guozijian Jijiu."

The words "Mr. Misty Rain" crossed his mind, and a trace of bashfulness immediately appeared on Li Qingyan's face, even though his temperament was cold, he did not stop the redness of the ears.

This is not the emotion of Li Qingyan, but the emotion of the original instinct, after hearing the words "Mr. Misty Rain".

Li Qingyan still knows this story.

Yuanshen is the number one talented man in Shengjing. Because he lives as a "brother", Yuanshen worked very hard and wanted to make his brother's name, as if doing so, would not humiliate his brother's identity, but also for the sake of Increase the reputation of Changping Houfu, so as to better integrate into the upper circle of Shengjing.

Mr. Yan Yu is a great Confucian scholar who is famous all over the world. Scholars all over the world look forward to his horse's head, and even the emperors respect him for three points.

In ancient times, the status of scholars reached its peak.

A few days ago, "Mr. Misty Rain," who hadn't been out of the mountain for many years, suddenly came out of the mountain, and he also said loosely that he would accept a "closed disciple".

This news, like a blockbuster, shocked the students of Guangzhou University. Everyone was gearing up and studying hard in retreat, aiming to win the only place.

The original body is no exception. If she can become a closed disciple of "Mr. Misty Rain," even if the Changping Hou Mansion is only a third-class prince, she will have a position not to be underestimated in the upper circle of Shengjing.

It is equivalent to if "Li Qingyan" got the number of closed disciples of "Mr. Misty Rain", their Hou Mansion was full, and they wouldn't be too much with 18 layers of gold.

However, it is a pity that all the people who have gone here are all coming home.

Including, the so-called "Shengjing No. 1 Talent", Li Qingyan.

The greater the reputation, the worse the fall.

Li Qingyan is no exception.

The news that "Shengjing's No. 1 Talented Scholar" Li Qingyan was going to apprentice had spread throughout Shengjing.

The original body is also extremely confident in talents and knowledge, and did not expect that she would be rejected by "Mr. Misty Rain", but in fact, she was really rejected by "Mr. Misty Rain".

Thinking of the reasons, Li Qingyan didn't know who should say which of them was right or wrong.

Therefore, the original body wanted to improve the reputation of the individual and the Houfu, instead, it became a big joke in the city of Shengjing. Some people even slandered Li Qingyan and even the title of "Shengjing No.

But fortunately in the misfortune, Mr. Misty Rain confiscated no one, so she didn't turn this joke into a more miserable joke.

Now Li Qingyan knows where "Mr. Misty Rain" is going to work in advance than others. She wants to prove herself again and has a way out. Li Qingyan remembers that soon it will be the entrance examination for the Imperial College.

Ji Fei said this as a favor to Li Qingyan, after all, he let him run for nothing.

The pros and cons of this, Li Qingyan's eyes passed, she wanted to understand.

Although, she didn't care about the rumors of the outside world like the original, and she didn't have such a big ambition to prove herself again.

However, since Ji Fei kindly reminded her, she also responded politely.

"Thanks Afei."

Li Qingyan was still stubbornly indifferent to the "non-cannibal fireworks", but when he thanked Ji Fei, his eyes softened a little, and he played the image of a wise brother Gao Leng into the woods.

At this time, Li Qingyan couldn't help but thank her for being influenced by so many costume TV series in her previous life.

As the saying goes.

Haven't eaten pork, have you never seen a pig run?

The words are not rough, Li Qingyan is still a little proud of her "pretending" acting skills.

But she didn't know it, after she left.

Ji Fei half-braked his head, while drinking wine, while looking in the direction of her departure, a gleam of light flashed in her misty eyes.

"Afei? Interesting."

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