Home After Dressing as a Male Cross-dresserChapter 5

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As soon as Li Qingyan got rid of the entanglement of the supervisor of the South Court, stepped out of the gate of the "South Court", he was quickly blocked by Qiuping, who had been waiting at the gate for a long time, and by the way, he handed a "power fence" to Li Qingyan to wear.

Li Qingyan was slightly stopped by the doubt, Qiuping was a little flustered, and he was hurriedly preparing to continue wearing Li Qingyan, and said anxiously.

"The world... Master, if you are recognized here, your reputation will be bad."

Li Qingyan heard that it was the reason, her hand movement did not change, she was in a state of detachment from the dust, and said with no expression on her face.

"A gentleman walks upright and sits upright, so why be afraid of rumors?"


Li Qingyan glanced at the black power fence, and then felt the heat of the scalp that was lightly stroked by the sun above her head.

He quickly gave a negative answer in his heart.

That thing is boring at first glance, and, black absorbs heat, okay.

She didn't want to be heated to death before she got home.

However, this move greeted Qiuping's admiring eyes again.

Her own master has a high level of consciousness, and she can't keep up with it.

After the master and the servant returned home, before their feet fell into the gate, they saw a thin girl in a pink-blue jacket and skirt walking a few steps to greet her.

The smiling eyes looked at Li Qingyan's ivory outer clothes and smiled even more.

"Sir, you are back."

"It's just a coincidence. You came back just as the old lady was talking about her last son."

The little girl speaks very skillfully. It should be that the old lady of the Hou Mansion wanted to see Li Qingyan and asked the little girl to wait at the gate. However, after seeing Li Qingyan, the little girl didnt mention the old lady's meaning. Li Qingyan's opportunity to show her filial piety.

Worthy of being the popular maid beside the old lady, she was a delicate person in early spring.

As for why Chuchun pleases Li Qingyan so much, in addition to Li Qingyan's own son status, Chuchun's eyesight is green and admiration, even Li Qingyan, who is not transparent, can see clearly.

But it's a pity...

It's better to pinch off this kind of deformed little spark earlier.

Li Qingyan thought this way, her tone even more chilly.

"Well, I'll go see my grandmother."

Chuchun listened to the sound of no mood swings above her head, and subconsciously bit her lower lip, but then heard her own voice with a smile.

"The slave servant leads the way for the son of the world."

After a few people had left, the servant guarding the gate sighed in relief.

"I said that Chuchun's eyes were floating up to the sky, and several brothers showed her courtesy, but she didn't like it. It turns out that people's spirits are really high."

"Don't talk about the beginning of spring. Look at the young maids in our house, who didn't put their eyes on the son of the world? Everyone is looking at the son of the world without even a bed warmer. They are all vying to be the number one. One person."

"But I looked at Shi Ziye who didn't have that thought at all. He didn't even care about Peugeot's early spring."

"But don't forget that Chuchun is the old lady's person. I heard the passing students say something that day... the elders..."

Given by the elders, I dare not give up.

Li Qingyan once again suppressed the idea of running away from home, looking at the steamed chicken with pear slices, the snow-topped flame mountain, and a taste of tofu...

Li Qingyan was a little bit unaware of food.

She thought that the old lady just missed her, but she had dug a big hole for her and waited for her.

Just now the old lady asked her openly and secretly, she felt that the "spring, summer, autumn and winter" around her, which one was better, the no-doubt hint, almost told Li Qingyan straightforwardly, and bring back whichever she liked.

But where can Li Qingyan take? !

Let's not talk about the role of these girls, these "spring, summer, autumn and winter", which one is not Linglong.

Li Qingyan pretended to be impeccable for a while.

However, fortunately, the old lady respected Li Qingyan's opinion very much, and did not directly pass it on to her, but the old lady had asked about it, so Li Qingyan had to find a reason to prevaricate.

Li Qingyan suddenly remembered the "Mr. Misty Rain" mentioned by Ji Fei, and he got an idea as soon as he changed his mind.

Li Qingyan raised his eyes and said to the old lady who was looking forward to the ruddy face and smiling kindly.

"Grandma, my grandson is going to prepare for the entrance examination for the Imperial College recently, so I don't think so much about it."

The children of normal official family members are usually sent to the Imperial College to study when they are fifteen years old. This year, Li Qingyan is already sixteen, but because of her hidden secrets, Chang Pinghou does not want her to eat and live with so many men. , So she has not been admitted to school, and with Li Qingyan's own talents, even if she is not studying at the Imperial College, she can still get fame.

However, Chang Pinghou is also entangled in whether or not to get fame and fame.

On the one hand, Li Qingyan is really talented. If they can perform well in the imperial examinations, they will also have a good face in front of the sage in Changping Houfu. If they do, they will make a few more credits and be promoted. It is not without hope.

This is the long-cherished wish of Changping Hou

Reinvigorate the Changping Hou Mansion.


Li Qingyan is a daughter.

Not to mention the crime of deceiving the emperor, how can Chang Pinghou himself endure ruining his daughter's life.

However, Li Qingyan didn't know these considerations at this time. Of course, she didn't even think about getting a fame, she just wanted to find an excuse to deal with the current problem.

However, most of the children of the official family, go the "official student" path, do not need to take the Imperial College examinations, they can directly enter the school.

But what Li Qingyan meant just now was obviously that he wanted to take the path of ordinary "gongsheng" and participate in the entrance examination of the Imperial College.

This made the overjoyed old lady murmur in her heart. The old lady gently fiddled with the red sandalwood beads on her wrist, hesitated on her face, and asked.

"But grandson cares about those rumors?"

The old lady was talking about those outside who laughed at her grandson for not being the "No. 1 talent in Shengjing." The old lady naturally knew what her grandson was. When she was a guest, she heard the gossips of the old ladies in other houses. , Lao Madam Li was so angry that she wrote down which houses the old ladies were on the silk, pressed them under the pillow, and looked at it every night, reminding herself that she must not let her grandchildren follow these houses. People get married.

Right now, Li Qingyan was going to go "gongsheng", the old lady only thought of this possibility.

My grandson wants to use his strength to crush the rumors.

But the old lady didn't want Li Qingyan's mood affected by the rumors. Just as she was about to relieve her, she saw Li Qingyan shook her head gently.

Then he gave the old lady a look that wanted to speak alone. Although the old ladys eyes were slightly muddy, she could still be "inspiring" with her grandson. After she stepped back, she heard Li Qingyan's panic cooling with a trace. Said a gentle voice.

"Grandma, Mr. Yan Yu is about to serve as the Imperial Prison of the Imperial Court of Liquor."

After coming out of her grandmother's house, Li Qingyan didn't rush back, but took Qiu Ping, who stretched her neck outside the second door, quickly looked through Qiu Ping, turned a crutch, and walked towards the avenue leading to the back of the main house.

It rained last night, and even after a day, the gravel road on the avenue was still very clean, with a hint of mud.

As Li Qingyan walked, she unconsciously set her gaze on the gravel road under her feet.

Or it can be said to be "pebbles painting" or "pebbles painting". In fact, it is not all made of stones. There are also carved bricks and polished tiles, which are put together with various colored pebbles to form the pavement, and look at it. It looks like a "koi", so Li Qingyan likes to walk this "koi-pebbly road" every time.

Here, she can't forward the koi prayers, so she can only take the "koi pebble road" to get lucky, hoping that her ending will be better.

Fortunately, my younger brother in modern times studied history, and always asked Li Qingyan to accompany him to rush to work together, so that Li Qingyan learned that although the "stone painting" was not rare, it was also expensive, and Li Qingyan remembered that There are many similar "stone paintings" like this in Pinghou Mansion.

The Snow-top Flaming Mountain prepared by the old ladys dinner table is also the modern cold tomato. Although it is an ordinary and inconspicuous dessert in modern times, it is a rare one in the Great Yan Dynasty, which has just introduced tomatoes. Gold treasures.

Even if it is a family of first-class princes, it is not necessary to eat it several times a year.

But every time Li Qingyan went to eat in the old lady's house, this dessert would definitely appear on the dinner table.

I don't know if it is the old lady who loves Li Qingyan or their wealth in the Changping Hou Mansion.

Li Qingyan looked at her ordinary moon white boots on toes, only she knew that the lining had hidden gold patterns.

Thinking of the boots on her feet, Li Qingyan felt that there should be both.

It's a pity that the original book describes the Changping Hou Mansion so little that it doesn't even have a chapter, so that even if Li Qingyan has the original memory, he doesn't know much about Changping Hou Mansion, but this low-key luxury has aroused Li Qingyan's curiosity.

Why does an ordinary third-class mansion have a wealth of wealth?

Not long after Li Qingyan and Qiuping walked, an elliptical arch appeared in front of him. Li Qingyan just prepared to let Qiuping wait outside and enter by himself as usual.

Seeing Qiu Ping hesitate to speak on his face.

"Sir, or else, the younger one will go in with you."

In the past, Shi Ziye didn't come very much, and she must be accompanied by her. Recently, I don't know what Shi Ziye thinks, and dare to face the person inside alone.

Li Qingyan's footsteps didn't stop, and it was rare to bring a bit of sincere joy in her eyes, but her voice floated to Qiuping's ears.

"It's okay, that's my grandfather."

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