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As soon as Li Qingyan stepped into the courtyard, she was wondering why there was no one to guard the gate.

He heard the sound of trotting footsteps behind him, and then his arm was clamped heavily by a big palm, and an old but extremely open voice said.

"Catch you!"

Li Qingyan turned around and met the man's eye that tore off the cloth strip. The gully at the corner of his eye recorded the traces of the years. The piercing eagle eyes that once made the enemy fearful on the battlefield, now only left a group of innocence.

When the old man first saw Li Qingyan, his eyes were still a little confused, but he was quickly replaced by joy and clapped his hands happily.

"I grabbed Yan Yan."

"Yan Yan is here, but I can't leave."

"Then change your face this time and be a'catch fast'."

Li Qingyan was just about to open her mouth. The old man seemed to think of something again. With a sound of "Ah", he took out a small navy blue cloth bag from his arms. The cloth bag was very untidy, and there were some small green debris outside, the old man. Put the cloth strip and the small cloth bag together into Li Qingyan's hand, and then continued.

"Yan Yan, this is your favorite mung bean cake. I will keep it for you. You can play it after you eat it. This is more powerful."

After speaking, he turned to Li Qingyan in a posture of a horse-striding step, but it was done by the old man's chubby body, dangling, not stable at all, how funny he looked.

Then before Li Qingyan could reply, the old man quickly turned around, his chubby body ran fast, like a plump little swallow, and in a short while he didn't know where he was going.

Li Qingyan looked at the cloth strips and small cloth bags with remaining warmth in her hands, and her eyes moved slightly.

From the words of the old man, it is not difficult to see that the old man's sanity is not sober, just like a child.

This is the original grandfather, the old man of the Changping Hou Mansion.

In the early years, Li Laohou and Li Qingyan's father were assigned by the current sage to go to Guanwai to quell the chaos. In a battle, Li Laohou accidentally hit the enemys poisoned arrow. The brain, but the sane is not clear.

Later, Li Qingyan's father was also in an ambush, not good at it.

For the Changping Marquis at that time, it was a double blow.

It was precisely because of Li Laohou's dementia and Li Qingyan's father's bad behavior that the Changping Hou Mansion completely faded out of the vision of today's sage.

But such a delirious old man was someone who could recognize Li Qingyan in the entire Hou Mansion.

You know, if it wasn't for Li Qingyan's parents to know the truth.

For a while, they could not tell the difference between Li Qingyan and Li Qingyan.

But Master Lao Hou could recognize it at a glance, which made the original body, who had previously wanted to hide her identity, terrified, for fear that others would have believed Master Lao Hou's "crazy words" and doubted her.

Therefore, this also caused the original body to be very afraid of the old Hou. This fear made her avoid the old Hou. In the past few years, even the feelings have been born a lot.

But Li Qingyan, who had passed through, was not afraid at all, instead, he was very happy because Lord Hou could recognize the real original body.

How much care must be taken and placed on the apex of the heart to be able to recognize the original body in the case of insanity?

I recalled that when I was young, I always came with my brother to play with Lord Hou. Although Lord Hou was not very awake at that time, he always preferred and protected the original body more. Compared with his grandson, Lord Hou She seems to prefer the granddaughter of Li Qingyan.

Moreover, the original body at that time liked to eat mung bean cake. Old Houye looked at it once, and when he went back to the original body to look for him, this small cloth bag appeared in his arms, every time.

Unexpectedly, even though Mr. Li was unconscious, his hobby for the original body could still be remembered to the present.

The loving meaning of this boxing is to deeply affect Li Qingyan, who inherited the memory of the original body.

In modern times, Li Qingyan, whose parents divorced and lived with her mother, has never felt the affection and care of male elders. Therefore, Li Qingyan cherishes this feeling more than her original body. The first time she came into contact with the pure and childlike When Mr. Li Laohou, he decided to treat Mr. Li Laohou as his own grandfather. If he can, Li Qingyan hopes to do his filial piety to the old man for the original body in the future for a while. This returns the sincerity of Lao Hou Ye.

This was also the first time she showed her true feelings in this book. She really couldn't treat her sincerely, as a character in the book.

Li Qingyan gently opened the small cloth bag at this time. The soft mung bean cake inside had been crushed into crumbs, but Li Qingyan not only did not dislike it, but also smeared the crumbs with his fingers and put it in his lips.

The cool and sweet taste suddenly bloomed between her lips and teeth, causing Li Qingyan to smile unconsciously.

The face that looked like an immortal, first showed the posture of the allure.

Li Qingyan found her grandfather behind the rockery.

A chubby round buttocks sticking out of the cracks between several rockery, should anyone find it, Li Qingyan thought.

After Li Qingyan told her grandfather that she was going to prepare for the entrance examination for the Imperial College, and that she might not be able to visit him often recently, Li Laohou was caught unhappily because of being "hidden", and his mouth rose significantly. At several heights, even his beard was blown into the sky by his snort.

"Which brat is'reading', who dared to grab a face from the old man? When did you bring that brat to read to me, Yan Yan, to see if I don't beat him up!"

Li Qingyan couldn't laugh or cry, explained.

"Grandfather, reading is not a'person', but a thing grandson wants to do."

"Can't you just do it? Can Yan Yan play well with me?"

Li Qingyan didn't say anything. Although participating in the entrance examination of the Imperial College was an excuse to deal with the old lady, if Li Qingyan failed the exam, would it be too insulting to be the "No. 1 Talented Scholar in Shengjing".

The original body worked hard for so long and studied hard for so long, Li Qingyan didn't want to smash this "signboard" in her hand.

Moreover, Li Qingyan actually has a golden finger.

She herself can't write a bit of classical Chinese, but what is strange is that her thoughts, as long as she writes, will automatically turn into a beautiful article suitable for this era.

The meaning is the same, but it is an expression of "ancient Chinese".

And even the fonts are exactly the same as the original, which also saves Li Qingyan the steps of relearning calligraphy and making essays.

However, after passing the exam, I will go to the Imperial College.

Although she is a modern person who doesn't care about studying with so many men, she remembers that Jin Xiangjun was also a woman who disguised herself as a man and entered the Imperial College in order to better learn how to govern the country in this dynasty.

Therefore, entering the Imperial College will definitely run into Jin Xiangjun.

This option subconsciously clicked a "fork" in Li Qingyan's heart.

And since you participated in the exam, you can't insult the original name, so just don't participate.

She had the same plan at the beginning. In order to "take the Imperial College Examination", she had to study hard so that she could stop her grandmother from putting people in her room. When the real Imperial College Examination day, she would find another reason to be sick and unable to participate. , It's over.

After that, she could still study harder by the frustration of "missing the Imperial College Examination," so that her grandmother would have no reason to cram people into her room.

With a certain idea, Li Qingyan's face couldn't help but relax, pretending to be more profound with her grandfather.

"Grandfather, it's just a period of time. After this period of time, I will come to play with you every day."

"Really?" Laohou Li's pouted mouth fell slightly, his eyes flashed with a hint of joy.

"Of course it's true. May I make mung bean cakes for grandfather then?"

"Good good, Lagoo!"

One old and one young, this will really be like two children, with a little finger hooked, smiling carefree to each other.

But neither of them found a black shadow passing by the big locust tree behind the yard.

"Master, this Changping Hou Shizi was called to the'South Yard' by General Ji, where he stayed for half an hour, and then returned to Changping Hou Mansion to have a meal with Mrs. Li. During the period, the old lady seemed Hou Shizi in Changping intended to accept a maid, but was rejected by Hou Shizi in Changping as "preparing for the Imperial College Examination". Later, Hou Shizi in Changping went to visit Lao Hou Li again, but the two revealed that Changping Hou Shizi didn't seem to want to take the Imperial College Examination, but instead used this as an excuse to refuse the housekeeping maid."

An ordinary man wearing black armor was kneeling on the floor made by Black Stone, reading the note in his hand without a trace of emotion.

After he finished reading, he stuffed the note into the bamboo tube aside, holding the head and tail of the bamboo tube with both hands, gently lowered his head, and lifted the bamboo tube high above his head in a very respectful manner.

On the bamboo tube, the date carved is exactly today.

And the content on the note is exactly what he said just now.

In front of the black armored man were dozens of steps. On top of that step, there was a beautiful "water curtain" separating him. Ying Ying Chuo Chuo could see a thin figure sitting inside.

It's just that no one in the room dared to look up.

At this time, the man listened to the words of the black-clad man, his body remained unchanged, holding a white chess in one hand, and landed on the chessboard at will, while holding a quaint lustrous sleeve furnace in the other.

It must be strange if it is seen by outsiders.

In the summer of July and August, how can anyone hold a "sleeve furnace" that is only used in winter.

The black-clad man saw that his master hadn't spoken, and hesitated to speak.

"Master, do you need to be subordinate to let the Changping Hou Shizi take the Imperial College Examination?"

As soon as the voice fell, there was another long silence.

In the air, there is only the sound of chess pieces falling.

After a while, a nice and deep voice came from behind the "water essence curtain".

"No, someone will do it."

In the words, the last black piece on the chessboard in front of the man was also eaten up by the white piece.

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