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Soon it came to Jin Xiangjun's birthday banquet.

The third day of July, converted to 2018, is August 13.

Thinking that Jin Xiangjun's corresponding constellation is Leo, Li Qingyan can't help but feel very appropriate and consistent.

Isn't it just a domineering king with full leadership skills?

The more so, the more nervous Li Qingyan's heart became.

This anxiety became more apparent as the carriage got closer and closer to the Nan'an County Prince's Mansion.

Li Qingtang, who was obviously walking to the side, also seemed to be aware of it.

Li Qingtang is the son of the second house of the Changping Hou Mansion, Li Qingshan's brother, and Li Qingyan's cousin. Since Jin Xiangjun gave the second room post, he has also done a thorough etiquette. He not only invited Li Qingshan, but also Li Qingtang.

At this time, Li Qingtang, who was somewhat puffy, was holding a brown towel and wiping the sweat dripping from his forehead from time to time. He didn't know whether it was hot or nervous.

He is not like the outstanding cousin of the elder brother. He is so talented, but because of his timid personality and obese body, he is always ridiculed and ridiculed by others intentionally or unconsciously, so that Li Qingtang does not have the aura of a descendant of the family, but a little cringes. , Looked at Xiaojiazi tightly.

Thinking of meeting so many officials and arrogant family children, Li Qingtang couldn't help but feel a little weak.

On the contrary, he was the first cousin in the family house, and he was even more respectful than the first-class cousin. Especially after his cousin became the "No. 1 Scholar in Shengjing", Li Qingtang was bullied outside. It's a lot less.

These are all because he is the cousin of Li Qingyan, the "No. 1 Scholar in Shengjing".

Although his parents do not like his cousin, Li Qingtang really likes and admires him.

In his eyes, Li Qingyan is the omnipotent hero who can shelter him from the wind and rain, although the hero's behavior is not intentional.

But Li Qingtang was grateful, but because of his cousin's reputation outside, he lived a little better.

I really dont know, the third cousin, why the fourth cousin is diametrically opposed to the first cousin?

However, because of the appearance of people since childhood, Li Qingtang is very good at observing words and expressions. Even if Li Qingyan is still cold, he can feel Li Qingyan's nervousness in the sound of Li Qingyan's constant tapping on "Taiji".

Li Qingtang, who has always felt that Li Qingyan is so powerful, is a little surprised, his first cousin is actually nervous?

There are people in the Nan'an County Prince's Mansion who make his cousin nervous?

Li Qingtang suddenly felt a little weird.

Although curious, Li Qingtang, who was always clumsy, didn't know how to ask Li Qingyan, but it was rare that he had the opportunity to care about Li Qingyan, and he felt that he should do something.

Therefore, when Li Qingyan paid attention to Li Qingtang, he saw the sweat on his face, from the tip of his forehead to the whole face.

Li Qingyan, who didn't feel hot at all, frowned slightly, remembering the classmates who were dehydrated from heatstroke when she was in military training.

Fatty is afraid of heat.

Li Qingyan looked at Li Qingtang's body, and she felt right. She thoughtfully picked up the teapot on the "table" and poured a cup of Li Qingtang on the opposite side, and pushed the teacup toward Li Qingtang by the way.

What's in the teapot is not tea, but the heat-relieving product of this dynasty

"Bayberry is thirsty for water."

Because the "yangmei thirsty water" on the carriage was iced in the small kitchen and placed directly on the carriage, after Li Qingyan poured a cup, the temperature around the tea cup dropped a little, and a trace of coolness dipped from her fingers. Get the whole body of the nearest Li Qingtang.

Only then did he realize that he was taken care of by his cousin.

Li Qingtang was surprised and moved.

Although Li Qingyan is his eldest cousin, he has never been close to these cousins.

Outsiders say that Li Qingyan is the most difficult "flower of Gaoling" in Beijing.

In Li Qingtang's eyes, he felt the same, as if Li Qingyan should be so indifferent and arrogant.

Li Qingtang has an inferiority complex and has never taken the initiative to get close to Li Qingyan. Therefore, except for the holidays, Li Qingtang rarely has the opportunity to be in the same room as Li Qingyan.

Not to mention, will be taken care of by Li Qingyan.

Li Qingtang was simply flattered.

Although Li Qingyan just poured him a glass of water, according to modern terms, Li Qingtang has an idol plot towards Li Qingyan, which is like meeting a celebrity he likes in modern times and hearing fans are hungry and invites fans to eat.

My cousin is not as unkind as the outside world said, he is a good person who is cold on the outside and hot on the inside.

At that moment, Li Qingtang thought.

Therefore, he has to pay more attention to him.

So, the next moment, the courageous Li Qingtang summoned Li Qingyan.

"Second cousin."


"Here... to you."

Li Qingyan looked at the brown scarf on Li Qingtang's hands stained with his sweat, and couldn't stop the sudden rush of temples, but in the end she resisted and reminded Li Qingtang to retract.

"Second cousin, I am not hot."

Li Qingtang found out that Li Qingyan hadn't sweated at all. In the high temperature of summer, Li Qingyan seemed to have opened a cool barrier all over her body. Just looking at it can make people feel refreshed.

It's really enviable.

However, Li Qingtang suddenly said.

"It turns out that my cousin doesn't sweat when he's nervous."

Li Qingyan was taken aback.

"How do you know I'm nervous?"

To know that the skill of the original body is first-class, Li Qingyan is sure that she did not show any extra expressions just now, how did Li Qingtang discover it? !

Li Qingtang rarely talked to Li Qingyan, his face was a little embarrassed, and he felt that his sweat began to linger again. After taking a sip of the cold "Yangmei thirsty water", he explained how he discovered Li Qingyan's nervousness just now. come out.

Only then did Li Qingyan realize that although Li Qingtang seemed timid and inferior, he was a master at observing words and colors.

As a result, the brown scarf that was handed to her just now also had an explanation.

However, this comforting method is really emmmmmmm.

In Li Qingyan's heart, the defense against the brothers and sisters in the second room has dropped another limit.

Both of the children were raised a little naively.

But after Li Qingtangs reminder, Li Qingyan suddenly realized that her disguise was still not adequate. In addition to facial expressions, some movement habits had to be controlled.

When Li Qingtang saw Li Qingyan, he stopped talking, but he didn't seem to be any help, and he didn't know why the cousin Shizi was nervous, so he couldn't help but feel a little anxious. , The person who was about to meet, and then suddenly a flash of light in his mind.

Could it be that my cousin is nervous because that person is coming?

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