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Li Qingtang opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but before he could speak, the carriage stopped, and Qiuping's voice waiting outside came.

"Shizi, Second Young Master, the Nanyang County Prince's Mansion is here, please get off the bus."

Li Qingyan's expression condensed, but quickly dissipated and recovered calmly. He raised his eyes to look at Li Qingtang, who was taking the time to drink the last sip of "Yangmei thirsty water".

"Second cousin, let's go."

In any case, always have to face it.

There must be a way for the car to reach the mountain. What kind of "flood beast" it is, you have to wait to see it before you know it.

Li Qingyan is not an evasive personality. Therefore, although she is still dominated by fear in her heart, she does not hesitate to step out of the carriage. She does not even flinch at all. On the contrary, she can be called elegant.

When he looks like "Li Qingyan", even eating meat with his bare hands will be good to see a hint of pleasant and chic feeling.

Of course, "Li Qingyan", who has always been respectful of etiquette, does not allow himself to appear in such a state of disgrace in front of outsiders.

Li Qingshan, who was with him, was sitting in another carriage behind Li Qingyan and them, and this would also fall to the ground with the help of the maid.

Li Qingshan, wearing an apricot screen, looked at Li Qingyan and her brother not far away as soon as she landed. Of course, in Li Qingshan's heart, Li Qingyan's status is much higher than that of her brother, and she happily wants to get by Li Qingyan's side.

But as soon as she moved, the close-fitting maid beside her seemed to feel something, and quickly grabbed Li Qingshan's sleeve to prevent her from leaving, and whispered anxiously to remind her.

"Miss, when going out, pay attention to taboos."

The male and female defenses of the Dayan Dynasty are also harsh. Even if they are "celebrities of the same surname", they need to keep a certain distance outside, and they should not be too close.

Li Qingshan was not used to being big or small at home, and didn't think of it for a while. This will listen to the maid's reminder that the small face under the curtain is obviously unhappy.

She also wants to show cousin Yan to see her dress up today.

No way, since he couldn't get close to Yan Tang, Li Qingshan had to straighten her back and deliberately move her cuffs up, revealing the white jade bracelet on her wrist, and then walked slowly towards the gate of the Nanyang County Prince's Mansion.

No one could see anything unusual about this behavior.

Li Qingyan glanced at the little girl's thoughts clearly.

Because the little girl was completely selected according to Li Qingyan's choice.

When things went back to the day before, the maid beside Li Qingshan suddenly sent a note to Li Qingyan.

The content of the note is all the matching clothes and jewelry of the daughter's family, and it seems that Li Qingyan is going to give her a palm.

In fact, Li Qingshan's behavior appears to outsiders to be extremely unruly.

Not to mention, even Li Qingshan's elder brother can't get involved in the private affairs of this daughter's family at will.

Furthermore, in an environment where men are superior to women, it is possible for a man, especially a scholar, to choose clothing and jewelry for a woman. If he is an immediate family member, if he is not, a little arrogant and angry on the spot are possible. I was not looked down upon, so I let myself do this kind of woman's work.

Li Qingshan and Li Qingyan are neither direct relatives, but Li Qingyan is also the "No.

Therefore, the little maid who received the task of spreading the message felt painful ten thousand times in her heart.

I was afraid that her master would be affectionate. If she was really driven out by the son of the world, her face would disappear. When the master was angry, she would be even more troubled.

But shivering and waiting for the rejected little maid, she didn't wait for the expected result.

Because instead of rejecting Li Qingyan, Li Qingyan chose her seriously instead.

This is related to Li Qingyan being a "kindergarten teacher" before coming through. After the last meeting, Li Qingyan has already classified the arrogant Li Qingshan as a "childish bear child".

It happened that Li Qingshan, the most disobedient "Kid King" in the Changping Hou Mansion, would have listened to her words and changed her cheesy attire. This gave Li Qingyan a few more strands of white hair that was tortured by the "Bear Child". Very satisfied.

This kind of "reverting evil and returning to righteous" child king, than a good student, is more favored by Li Qingyan, and it also makes her feel more fulfilled. It is impossible not to give a "big red flower".

Here, although Li Qingyan can't give Li Qingshan a "big red flower", she can still choose this little thing for her.

And Li Qingyan's confidence in taking this task depends on Li Qingshan's original tacky taste.

Li Qingyan felt that no matter how bad his taste was, he would be better than Li Qingshan.

Of course, for Li Qingyan, who has taken care of her mother's and younger brother's clothes matching throughout the year and is also a part-time fashion magazine writer, her words are humility.

And since it was for Jin Xiangjuns birthday, Li Qingshan must not take Jin Xiangjuns limelight too much, but he could not let outsiders look down on their Changping Hou Mansion. Therefore, Li Qingyan chose a light pink summer dress with aquarelle pattern for Li Qingshan, with a lotus color underneath. In the embroidered long skirt, the birds at the corners of the skirt dance as if they are alive as long as they move around, so beautiful.

Jewelry is based on jade, white jade bracelets, white jade hairpins, white jade earrings.

It is completely different from Li Qingshan, who always dresses up with gold and silver in the past. In this way, Li Qingshan not only fully reveals the sweetness and sweetness that this age should have, but also because she abandoned gold and silver, she chose white jade. , Greatly changed Li Qingshan's previous tackiness.

This surprised Jin Xiangjun who chose Li Qingshan as a "liker".

Jin Xiangjun is not a good friend, on the contrary, he is extremely vengeful. Li Qingshan has suffered so much from the Changpinghou Mansion, and it is of course impossible for Jin Xiangjun to let her go.

But Jin Xiangjun's number of paragraphs is much higher than that of Li Qingshan.

She knows that Li Qingshan is impulsive and rude, and she has wonderful tastes. She doesnt need any other means, but only asks her to act as a "comrade" in her "Ji Li", and invites her grandmother to be the "regular guest" of Guangde. The old lady in the house just needs to fight.

In addition to being a first-class lady-in-law, Mrs. Bai is also a first-class wife. She has an extremely respectable position in the upper circle of Shengjing.

If a young lady is praised by Mrs. Bai, the threshold for asking for a kiss will definitely be broken.

This is also the purpose of most aristocratic ladies in this trip, they all want to have a good face in front of the old lady, so as to make their marriage more smooth.

But on the contrary, if a lady is disliked by Mrs. Bai, then her reputation in Shengjing circles will be ruined.

Jin Xiangjun believes that he doesn't need to do anything at all, and that Li Qingshan alone can kill herself, and even makes the whole Shengjing circle feel that she is generous.

You know, the things that Li Qingshan was bad for Jin Xiangjun before, after Jin Xiangjun was recovered, were scattered all over the Shengjing circle by caring people.

Although the rumors have had a certain impact on Li Qingshan, it is far from enough in Jin Xiangjun's eyes. Since this era, the most important thing in a womans life is "marrying someone", so Li Qingshan is completely "marrying someone". On the way, I can't turn over again.

And first of all, her cheesy gold, silver, red and green suit that tastes weird can make Mrs. Bai "impressed."

Unexpectedly, Li Qingshan did not play cards according to common sense today.

Jin Xiangjun pondered carefully. It is estimated that Mrs. Li Er, taking into account today's occasion, forced Li Qingshan to change her attire. However, Mrs. Li, who also has the same strange taste, would have such a good vision?

Jin Xiangjun thought it was a bit strange, but in a hurry, he couldn't figure out what was strange.

However, Jin Xiangjun is not worried. Although the dress has changed, the core inside Li Qingshan has not changed. The old lady Bai is very ethical, and the character like Li Qingshan will sooner or later be disliked by the old lady.

After his thoughts passed, Jin Xiangjun's delicate and delicate face showed a slight smile, and then he knelt down on the "seat of the sage" facing the west.

No wonder Jin Xiangjun is in a good mood, because the next moment is when Li Qingshan will make a fool of himself.

At the ceremony, Li Qingshan, a "comrade", had to go forward to comb her hair after she was in place. After combing her hair, she must accurately place the comb on the south side of the mat.

How can an eldest lady like Li Qingshan comb her hair?

Moreover, Li Qingshan also disliked her extremely.

At that time, Li Qingshan, who would never hide his emotions at all, made her family to raise a point and did a little bit of restraint, but the disgust in her eyes could not be hidden from the old lady Bai who had read countless people.

Jin Xiangjun really made a good calculation in his heart.

Unexpectedly, this abacus did not start.

At this time, Jin Xiangjun was a little unwilling, but he still had to stand like a green pine, Li Qingshan with excellent manners said with a smile to show his gratitude to the admirer.

This made Jin Xiangjun really uncomfortable.

Because, until the end of the whole ceremony, after the completion of Li Qingshan's tasks as a "comrade", Jin Xiangjun was unable to pick out any mistakes. The etiquette and norms were just like ordinary ladies of the family, which made Jin Xiangjun wonder whether it was Li Qingshan too. Same as her?

I can't find the wrong place, but the point is the look in Li Qingshan's eyes.

In the past, Li Qingshan always looked at her with contempt and disgust, and she couldn't hide it, but now, the look in her eyes is flat and flat. Although there is no joy, there is no disgust.

As if she was not looking at a person, but at an object.

The essential

Jin Xiangjun's heart stunned subconsciously.

Li Qingshan's eyes are a bit like... he

Li Qingyan.

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