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This name, just thinking about it, made Jin Xiangjun's heart slightly hot.

After I came to the Nan'an County Palace, everything was good, but there was a little bad.

Can't see Li Qingyan.

Jin Xiangjun is not like a woman of this era, with a twisted temper. Since she likes Li Qingyan, she is not afraid that he will know it. If possible, she even wants to pursue him.

Such a dazzling character, but many girls are worried about it.

However, this era has too much control over women. Even Jin Xiangjun did not dare to act rashly before stepping on the ripe land. He had to invite Li Qingyan to come over and find another opportunity to meet.

But how much Jin Xiangjun likes Li Qingyan, he hates Li Qingshan who looks like him.

The person she dislikes, how can she be a little bit similar to the person she likes.

For Jin Xiangjun, Li Qingshan's actions seemed to desecrate Li Qingyan.

Jin Xiangjun didn't show up on his face, but he secretly made another note for Li Qingshan in his heart.

Although Jin Xiangjun didn't like Li Qingshan, Mrs. Bai looked at Li Qingshan with admiration.

Earlier, she heard that Jin Xiangjun was looking for a daughter of the second room in the Changping Hou Mansion to be a "liker." Although she felt that Jin Xiangjun was generous, she still thought that Li Qingshan's status was lower and her character was not good.

See you today, the little girl looked pretty good.

Intentionally or unintentionally, Mrs. Bai also glanced at the corner of Li Qingshan's skirt, and the flying birds flying on top of it were so vivid that they couldn't be ignored.

It is true that Li Qingshan, who dressed decently, played her very delicate and pretty to twelve points.

At this age, I like to see some energetic little girls.

Of course, if there is only fresh vigor, it is not enough to be appreciated by Mrs. Bai.

Coupled with Zhenjing's (?) temperament and the rules of making no mistakes throughout the whole process, the impression of Mrs. Bai inevitably improved a bit.

Although the look in his eyes is not enough, it is also a bonus item in the heart of Mrs. Bai.

Mrs. Bai has read countless people, and naturally she has seen many young girls who want to get praise from her and behave hard.

But Mrs. Bai thinks that once something like virtue becomes a tool for gaining a "famous reputation", it is no longer pure.

If she only wants to marry well, she cultivates her virtues and competes in front of her, Mrs. Bai doesn't think that she is a woman with both true morals.

Li Qingshan, who said that each flower will be in each eye, will not greet him and pat the horse, but accidentally caught the old lady Bai's eye.

Mrs. Bai curled her lips slightly, but this time she met two surprising little girls.

The other is Jin Xiangjun, who doesn't even bother to greet him.

Let her be a female emperor to give others a high hat, her self-esteem does not allow.

When the ceremony was just completed, the Nan'an County King went to the front courtyard to preside over the mens banquet, and Jin Xiangjuns grandmother, the eldest princess, the aunt of the current saint, presided over the backyard womens banquet together with Mrs. Bai.

As soon as the banquet opened, everyone was sitting in an orderly manner. Most of them were young and lush young girls, and some of them were famous ladies in the upper circle of Shengjing.

Jin Xiangjun is todays protagonist, and there are many little girls who frequently show her favor, not because of Jin Xiangjuns charm, but because of Jin Xiangjuns grandmother

The eldest princess.

The reason why Nan'an County Prince's Mansion has a detached position in the upper circle of Shengjing is because of one person.

The eldest princess, the aunt of the current saint, is also the person most respected by the current saint.

It is heard that the throne of the current saint has also received the strong support of the eldest princess and came out of a group of brothers. Therefore, the current saint is even more grateful for the eldest princess.

Because of the current sage's attitude, the Nan'an County Prince's Mansion is naturally mixed in the upper circle of Shengjing.

This is also the reason why Changping Hou Mansion struggled to establish a relationship with the Nan'an County Wang Mansion.

But there are more ways to please Jin Xiangjun, especially in this gathering, when Li Qingshan, who was not against Jin Xiangjun, was present.

"What do you mean?!" A slightly shrill voice was especially prominent among the whispers of a bunch of weak little girls.

The eyes of everyone present were focused on the past, including the grand princess and the old lady who were laughing and talking.

At the moment, Mrs. Bai's smile froze, but Jin Xiangjun's brows stretched slightly.

The owner of the voice, not surprisingly, is Li Qingshan.

At this time, she was flushing with cheeks, staring at a little girl in a green skirt next to her with an ugly expression, and subconsciously stroked the white jade bracelet picked by Li Qingyan on her right wrist with her left hand.

The little girl in Bisei skirt was questioned so suddenly, her face seemed a little frightened, with a slight grievance on her face, as if she didn't know why Li Qingshan yelled at her.

"Sister Li, I just remind you kindly, not malicious."

"Hmph, you know if there is any malicious intent."

"Sister Li, I'm not..." The little girl in the green skirt trembles her eyelashes, and she twists her handkerchief as if she is being bullied.

But before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Li Qingshan, and her voice became higher.

"It's not just such a face to show someone like this."

Li Qingshan has always been unable to hide her temper. She hates the little white lotus with the two faces behind the predecessors the most, just like the group of scheming aunts in her mother's backyard.

But Li Qingshan hates it, but the world will sympathize with the weak from the first subjective impression.

Although the facts are unknown, compared to the domineering Li Qingshan, the girl in the green skirt looks like the bullied person.

The surrounding aristocratic ladies subconsciously were a little farther away from Li Qingshan, but at this moment, a cold voice sounded.

"Boudoir girls should be cautious in their words and deeds. They have no respect and long-term, loud and noisy, how decent they are."

As soon as the voice fell, the audience fell silent.

Li Qingshan's figure was stagnant, the secret path was bad, and she was short of breath, but forgot these boring banquets, but there were many rules.

But the corner of the girl in the bicolor skirt opposite her turned upwards slightly.

At this meeting, most of the ladies present glanced at Li Qingshan intentionally or unintentionally, some with sneers and sympathy.

Because the speaker is Jin Xiangjun's grandmother, the princess.

She didn't even look at Li Qingshan, she was determined to be at fault in one sentence, not to mention why Li Qingshan became angry, at least the four words "bad virtue", she can't escape.

In particular, there are so many female relatives from the upper circle of Shengjing who are present today. According to the princess, Li Qingshan's subsequent marriage will be completely missed from the upper circle of Shengjing.

The eldest princess gently cast her gaze on Jin Xiangjun, who is the nearest to her, who is fifteen years old, but she is thinner than a girl of the same age. She still remembers that when her son brought Jin Xiangjun to her, he clearly should have been a child who had been carefully raised since childhood. , But was raised cowardly and cowardly.

All this is blamed on the second room of the Changping Hou Mansion and Li Qingshan!

Jin Xiangjun doesn't care about being kind, doesn't mean she doesn't feel sorry for being a grandmother.

She was so inquired about it. Jin Xiangjun was always oppressed by Li Qingshan in the Changping Hou Mansion.

Although it is common in all provinces that the concubine is oppressed by the concubine, but the object is replaced by her own granddaughter, the eldest princess can't let go.

Now, Li Qingshan has sent the handle to the wrong place, and the princess will not give her a chance to turn over.

Mrs. Bai also sighed secretly. Just now I thought Li Qingshan was a good girl. How could this happen again? Is she getting old and her eyes dim?

Mrs. Bai looked at the flying bird in the corner of Li Qingshan's skirt, with a trace of regret in her eyes.

Jin Xiangjun was overjoyed. He just saw Mrs. Bai's eyes on Li Qingshan. Jin Xiangjun was still a little uncomfortable. He always felt that he had lifted a rock and hit him in the foot.

But things haven't deviated from her expectations, Li Qingshan is really unbelievable, even after listening to so many teachings, she still can't suppress her domineering temper.

Look, dont you just plant it?

Jin Xiangjun has a clear mind, knowing that his grandmother is venting her anger, and while being moved, he can't help but feel a little happy.

Finally, it was not in vain today.

However, Jin Xiangjun has to pretend to be worried. After all, externally, she treats Li Qingshan as a relative and maintains the image of complaining with virtue.

Therefore, Jin Xiangjun showed a hint of anxiety on his face.

"Grandma, Sister Li is not such a person, can you listen to what Sister Li said? Maybe there is a misunderstanding?"

The soft and fragile appearance sets off Jin Xiangjun's image a lot more noble.

If Li Qingyan was at the scene, she would understand what a god-level acting is. Her scumbag acting is completely unattainable in front of Jin Xiangjun.

The Jin Xiangjun described in the book is a female emperor Long Aotian in her heart. She is born but looks like a delicate "little white lotus". It is easy to win the trust of others. Jin Xiangjun's men of all colors are even more affected by her contradictory soft and tough special temperament. Fascinated.

It is because of this special nature that so many men can't let go of Jin Xiangjun.

In addition to the contrasting temperament, Jin Xiangjun's intelligence was also appreciated by them.

For example now

A concubine who was bullied by her protagonist, after gaining glory, instead of suppressing her prostitute who had bullied her, she defended her everywhere. This character could not help but impress most of the family ladies in the room. Previously, I felt that Jin Xiangjun was on the stage. But in the end, after more than ten years of life as a concubine, her demeanor and virtue can't be called much noble, and many aristocratic ladies secretly don't look down on her.

Jin Xiangjun now takes this step, but she has won a lot of praise for her.

This is Jin Xiangjun's goal, to use Li Qingshan as a stepping stone to integrate himself into the upper circle of Shengjing.

Of course, the fake Jin Xiangjun made Li Qingshan even more unhappy, but for some reason, although she frowned, she didn't conflict with Jin Xiangjun at all.

Regarding Jin Xiangjun's words, the eldest princess only felt that her granddaughter was too kind, and she was interrupted by the old lady Bai who was on the sidelines when she was about to say that "whatever the reason, the behavior is indeed wrong".

"His Royal Highness, I was also looking at it, why not give this little girl a chance."

Mrs. Bai has a high status and respect, she wants to speak, it is not the princess's words, what about it, she also has to show the face of Mrs. Bai.

As for why Mrs. Bai opened this mouth, because she still felt that her judgment should be correct, and wanted to listen to Li Qingshan's explanation again.

The eldest princess thought for a while, her face still cold, and whispered a few words to the mother next to her. After a short while, the mother raised her voice a little bit and called.

"Girls from the Li family and girls from the Wen family, come forward and speak."

The girl from the Wen family was the little girl who wore a blue skirt before. Her full name, Wen Luoer, was a young lady from the Wu Anbo family.

Jin Xiangjun didn't think that Li Qingshan could stand up if given a chance to explain. How unreasonable she was, Jin Xiangjun knew very well that giving Li Qingshan a chance was just to make her make a fool of herself again.

Let the world see how much trivial matters Li Qingshan can anger others.

The abacus in Jin Xiangjun's heart started once again, but his face was staring at Li Qingshan and Wen Luoer who were present to salute with an increasingly worried expression.

Just wait a while, and you can play a triumphant song today.


After the two had finished speaking, especially after Li Qingshan had finished speaking, everyone's expressions showed a touch of complexity.

Wen Luoer's complexion was even paler.

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