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"I see."

When Jin He finished speaking, he picked up the devil fruit on the table.

"You know, this stuff is ugly."

Qin Xiao kindly reminded him.

"I have eaten all kinds of unpalatable things."

Jin did not take it seriously.



Just after biting it down, Jin Bin's face changed wildly.

"This stuff is really ugly."

Although he said so in his mouth, he did not slow down the speed of devouring the devil fruit.


Jin also swallowed the whole devil fruit.

He took a long breath.

When the devil fruit was down, he felt a powerful force spreading in his body.


He raised his hand and slapped it on the table in front of him.


The place that was slapped was really like a grenade.

The entire table was blown to pieces.

"Is this the power of the devil?"

Jin looked at his hands and felt the power in his body.

Qin Xiao watched the disease swallow the fruit of the bomb.

"Ding, it is detected that the bomb fruit has been eaten by the matched person, and the host absorbs the opponent's fruit ability."

When Jin Hao finished devouring the devil fruit, Qin Xiao's ears rang the sound of the system.

He immediately focused his attention directly on the system.

Devil Fruit Trading System

[1. Eat your own, develop your own fruit capacity (there is an upper limit)]

2. Other people eat and absorb other people's abilities (unlimited number)

[Eated fruits and objects]

[1. Swamp Fruit: Punisher-Frank Custer]

2. Bomb Fruit: Jin Bin-Wilson Fisk

Ability Absorbed

1. Swamp Fruit, Punisher Weapon Proficiency

2. Bomb Fruit

[Increase in fruit capacity: 0%]

This system can redeem the Devil Fruit of Pirate World!

The system gave him two options.

The first, like a person in One Piece, eats the devil's fruit by himself.

In this way, he himself can directly possess the power of that devil fruit.

Even if the dark fruit is eaten at the beginning, it is still possible to achieve the double fruit ability.

The advantage of this is that Qin Xiao knows the development of the fruit.

Even know the awakening of the fruit.

He can develop the fruits he eats to a certain limit as quickly as possible.

The disadvantage of this is that it sets a weakness for oneself.

Eating devil fruit will be abandoned by the sea.

The second is to let others eat the corresponding fruit.

Through the system, he "absorbed" the power of the fruit eaten by the opponent.

In this way, he alone can have countless fruit powers.

Even when he "draws" the power of the Devil Fruit, he can "permanently possess" part of the opponent's abilities.

Just like now, the Punisher ate the marsh fruit a few months ago.

Qin Xiao not only possessed the power of Marsh Fruit.

Also directly mastered the weapon proficiency of the Punisher!

If in the future the punisher has more control over the fruits of the swamp.

Qin Xiao can draw more power from the Punisher through the Devil Fruit.

Wait until the Punisher develops the marsh fruit to a certain extent.

Qin Spring has the ability to talk about Huipu's sticky head.

The Punisher serves as an anti-hero named by Nick Fury as a "Tenth-level Agent".

He received complete Marine Corps training.

Although the second method is good, it has limitations.

The first point is that not many people can "match the devil fruit".

In the world of Marvel, it doesn't seem that anyone in the world of Pirates can eat the devil fruit.

The people here need to match the Devil Fruit to be effective.

The second point is that Qin Xiao can use the same fruit power as the eater.

Just like now, Jin did blow up a table with one punch.

Qin Xiao can use only this power.

However, the use of the fruit remains unaffected.

For example, Qin Xiao can combine bomb fruit and marsh fruit.

Although the power of the explosion is the same as that of gold.

But Qin Xiao was able to beat Jin out of Xiang.

After reading the system, Qin Xiao focused his attention on Jin Bin.

"The devil in your mouth, I prefer to call it a fruit capable person.

Next, I will let you know the true power of the Bomb Fruit. "

After Qin Xiao finished speaking, his fingers lightly touched the table beside him.


Chapter 3


An explosion roared.

Jin and his eyelids twitched.

He hit it with a punch, with the power of a bomb.

With just one finger, Qin Xiao still exerted that powerful explosive power.

"The power of the Bomb Fruit does not lie in your own boxing power.

As long as your body touches the place, you can exert that explosive power.

Your own physical fitness has stood at the limit of human beings.

There is no opportunity for improvement.

But the fruit of the bomb has unlimited possibilities.

The explosive power contained in your fist now is less than a grenade.

Think about it, when the explosive power contained in your fist reaches the power of C4.

Even reached the power of a missile.

So, under that power, how many people can be your opponent? "

Qin Xiao is like a real demon, constantly stimulating Jin Bin's ambitions.

"Can the power of the Bomb Fruit reach that level?"

Jin and heard Qin Xiao's description.

There was light in his eyes.

The world is dangerous.

So he had to use his smart brain to deal with his enemies.

However, his yearning for personal strength has not stopped.

That's why he fights with a group of top fighters in the world every day.

But those people could hardly hold on to him for a minute.

His personal strength has been unable to improve.

The current fruit of the bomb gave him the possibility of being powerful again.

Moreover, it seems that this powerful upper limit depends on himself.

"As I said, the power of the Bomb Fruit depends on your own development.

Moreover, not only your body, but even the air you exhale can give the explosive power.

For example, like this.


Qin Xiao took a breath, then sprayed toward Jin.


The invisible air exploded like a grenade directly beside Jin He.

His fleshy body suddenly tightened when the air exploded.

A flash, he jumped away directly.

The degree of flexibility seemed completely out of proportion to his body.

He looked at Qin Xiao with a serious expression on his face.

"You shouldn't attack me suddenly, it will give me bad thoughts."

Qin Xiao said to himself.

"No, I'm just telling you the use of Bomb Fruit.

Breathing air can also become a bomb after being exchanged in the lungs.

And, haven't you found it yet? You are immune to explosion damage. "

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