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Jin Binhe heard the words, his pupils shrank.

He then checked his condition.

Under the powerful explosion of a grenade.

His own body really didn't hurt at all.

"This is also the ability of the Bomb Fruit?"

This time, he really felt shocked.

"Yes, from now on, ordinary explosions can't hurt you.

However, whether it is you who exert the explosive power.

Still withstand the power of the explosion.

All need you to continuously develop the power of the fruit.

The greater the power you can exert, the greater the explosive power you can withstand.

As for the upper limit of the bomb fruit...

Maybe you can produce the same power as a nuclear explosion. "

Qin Xiao talked about a goal that made Jin Bing's face changed wildly.

The power of nuclear explosion!

If he could exert this fruit to such a power.

Who else is his opponent in the whole world?

Nuclear explosion!

With this kind of power really, everyone will surrender under his feet.


I can destroy them directly.

He wouldn't even worry about the explosion of a nuclear bomb.

At that time, he will not be the king of the underground world.

But the king of the whole world!

The only king!

But then, his heart trembled.

Qin Xiao was able to produce this kind of fruit, and it was obvious that the other party had the same power as his own.

The messenger of the Eastern Devil is truly unfathomable.

Jin did not wait for the idea of resisting the Eastern demons.

At this time, he was gradually pressed in the bottom of my heart.

Before confirming the upper limit of Qin Xiao's strength, he was not prepared to take the initiative to resist.

"Qin, the demon messenger, I will seriously ask my people to accomplish your goal.

You will become a major shareholder of Stark Industries.

Perhaps, second only to Tony Stark. "

Jin did not directly express his thoughts.

This time, it was a serious statement to complete the transaction.

"Very good, as long as you understand, then, you can develop your fruiting ability."

After Qin Xiao finished speaking, he got up and walked outside the door.

In fact, he didn't know what kind of power the Bomb Fruit could exert.

After all, Mr.5 this guy directly discarded the fruit.

Except for a mouth to breathe air, it is a constant buckling of booger.

It's just a booger.

This fruit develops a little bit, even if his physical skills are a little bit stronger.

Can beat others to call Dad.

This fruit is the most suitable for each other among the few fruits that the system matches to Jin Bin.

Qin Xiao gave Jin a little hint.

That clever brain combined with gold is sure to be able to play with flowers.

At that time, Qin Xiao will be able to get more powerful feedback from Jin Bin.

When he walked to the gate, Qin Xiao looked back at Jin specially.

"Remember, don't deceive the devil too much, otherwise K will take back your abilities.".

Chapter 4

After Qin Xiao said the last sentence, he left Jin Bing's room directly.

Jin Binhe heard the words, his eyes changed.

"Don't deceive too much? It seems that the devil in the East is very peeping at Satan's territory, and can tolerate even general deception."

He understood the meaning of Qin Xiao's last sentence.

Qin Xiao, who had left Jinbin Villa, answered a phone call casually.

"Frank, is there something wrong with Tony?"

On the opposite side of the phone, it was Frank the Punisher.

After Frank rescued Tony, he did not leave the Stark Mansion immediately.

Moreover, even if he wanted to go, he couldn't go.

Because Colonel Rod, who was in contact with Tony as the military, launched an investigation on Frank.

After all, their military didn't know where Tony was caught.

Why would Frank know.

Fortunately, Frank was a retired soldier in the Marine Corps.

There have not been too many black spots.

Even because his wife and daughter were killed, Colonel Rod himself sympathized with each other.

So he didn't embarrass Frank.

It's just asking the other party to stay in the Stark Mansion temporarily.

Wait until they have completed their investigation before leaving.

In fact, Frank's task was to protect Tony for a short time.

So let him stay in the Stark Mansion, nothing better than this.

"Tony wants to see you, and Colonel Rod wants to see you too."

"I know, but I didn't expect them to be so anxious.

It just so happened, I have something to look for him, where are they now? "

"At the Stark Mansion."

"Very good, I will come right away."

After Qin Xiao finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Before long, Qin Xiao came to Stark's office.

At this moment, Tony was looking serious.


Frank greeted Qin Xiao as soon as he saw Qin Xiao.

"It's you?"

Tony looked at Qin Xiao, his face changed.

He has seen this oriental man in front of him!

"Yes, it's me.

I told you to be careful a few months ago.

It's just that the proud and genius Tony Stark doesn't seem to bother with my reminder.

Now, does it feel good to have a big hole in the chest? "

Qin Xiao saw Tony's face pale at this moment.

Not only was there no comfort, but a mockery.

After obtaining the system, Qin Xiao has been looking for someone who can match the devil fruit.

After looking for many ordinary people to no avail.

He focused his gaze on the main characters of Marvel.

Tony is exactly the one he found to match.

So he found a chance to meet Tony.

Flicked Tony again in a way that was almost a magic stick.

But how could Tony at that time believe Qin Xiao's words.

Qin Xiao didn't care at all.

What he wanted was to leave some impressions in Tony's heart.

Everything is foreshadowing the future.

"It doesn't feel good to have a hole in my chest. What's worse, I still can't believe it will really be him."

Tony looked at Qin Xiao with a frustrated expression.

"Believe it or not, don't you have a conclusion?

You should have found something unusual in your company, right? "

Qin Xiao casually went back.

"Yes, I found transactions that were not authorized by me in some of the company's documents.

Behind these transactions, in the end, they all pointed directly to Obadea.

He was a good friend of my father, and together he turned Stark Industries into the behemoth it is now.

Our deal with the military has turned Stark Industries into a weapon tycoon.

Why does he sell weapons to those people behind my back? "

In Tony's voice, there was a rare confusion.

"You can think about these things slowly. You came to me to talk about these things, right?"

Qin Xiao didn't want to comfort Tony who was confused.

Tony shook his head and threw the decadent thought out of his mind.

Then he looked serious.

"This time, you hired Frank to save me, and I am very grateful to you.

I want to ask Frank to be my exclusive bodyguard after your hiring of Frank is over.

As for you, if you need it, you can talk to me as much as you like. "

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