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Moreover, the biggest feature of natural fruits is elementalization.

This makes their survivability very powerful.

A few attacks can't take their lives.

If Alex had the fruit of smoke.

His survivability will be greatly increased.

Even if I met with Apocalypse this time.

If he had the power of the fruit of smoke.

There will be no bones left by the explosion.

And the effect of smoke fruit has been very extensive.

Even the ability to fly can be possessed.

Thinking about it this way, this fruit is very powerful.

The only problem is that the aggressiveness of this fruit is worrying.

With this smoke fruit, Luffy, who had been tortured in the early stage, cried for his father and his mother.

But in the later stage, it was really weak.

If you can't beat it this way, you can't beat it.

He was threatened by Ming Ge and almost killed.

As for the final animal fruit.

This time the match is actually a series of fruits.

In other words, all the fruits of the animal department can be used by Alex!

This is something that has never happened before.

It used to be a fruit is a fruit.

How could it be possible that this series of fruits can all be used?

This time, it was a precedent.

Qin Xiao began to think about animal fruit.

If you use the animal fruit and Alex's power to cooperate.

It seems...the relationship is not very big.

Such as becoming the fruit of a giant python.

In conjunction with Alex's explosive power.

What can increase is the destructive power.

If it is a flying animal fruit.

Then Alex will be able to transform into a bomber.

Attacks are continuously sent downward from the sky.

If it is a fruit like the ancient species Tyrannosaurus rex.

Then it is a huge monster with explosive power.

Ascension is always offensive from beginning to end.

"What do you see?"

Although Alex didn't know what Qin Xiao was thinking about.

But he still asked.

"It's okay, I was thinking that the devil fruit you actually matched is a bit special."

Qin Xiao answered casually.

"He also matches with Devil Fruit?".

Chapter 443:

"He also matches with Devil Fruit?"

Others don't know, but the old people here don't know what Qin Xiao's devil fruit represents.

Especially Dr. Banner!

He didn't want to be with Hulk, he just completed Huahuaguo as a clone of fruit.

Now, Hulk and Dr. Banner are doing their own things with each other.

No one in this world who possesses Devil Fruit is not special.

Even many people still have no way to own Devil Fruit.

But they couldn't think that this person who had been pulled from the past could match the Devil Fruit.

This is a special treatment that even Apocalypse does not have.

"What is a devil fruit?"

Tianqi looked puzzled.

At this time, Alex saw clearly that there was an apocalypse among the people here.

He looked at each other angrily.

"You almost let me kill everyone in x school!"

Even his body began to glow red.

For him, Apocalypse is the opponent he just met!

Nearly, he killed everyone!

If it weren't for the emergence of fast silver to save everyone.

He Alex is a sinner.

But shortly afterwards, he restrained again.

"No, it's you in another world, not in this world. ."

He felt that he had found the wrong person.

"No, he belongs to your world. I didn't think of you at first, so I first brought him into this world, and then I thought of you, so I went through it again."

Qin Xiao explained.

Both Alex and Apocalypse were a bit embarrassed.

"These things are not important. The important thing is that there are some things that are more suitable for you, which is the devil fruit they say."

Qin Xiao began to explain the Devil Fruit to Alex.

He didn't care much at the beginning.

Because listening to the name feels that it is not a good thing.

But immediately, he felt the problem.

This power seems to be the same as the power of their mutants!

"So, you said that I actually have the possibility of adding another power to the current mutant power?"

Alex finally concluded.

"It is not possible, but it is indeed possible to do such a thing.

Not only you, but many people here have other powers.

For example, Raven, the devilish girl, perform. "

In order to increase the persuasive power, Qin Xiao directly asked the Demon Girl to perform.

The magical woman walked to Alex's side with enchanting steps.

She seemed to stroke Alex casually.

Immediately afterwards, her hand penetrated directly into Alex's body.

A fence like steel directly bound Alex.

"." This is my devil fruit power, which can bind all the creatures I come into contact with."

The magic shaped girl explained.

Alex felt the sensation of his body being restrained, his face was shocked.

He knew that the magic girl in that world did not have this power.

But now, she has one more power.

He still doesn't know, in fact, the magical girl is now more than just the same.

Now that she is strengthened by Apocalypse, she can even do more things.

Transform into other mutants, and have the (Zhao Hao) power of other mutants.

"Alex, break free yourself, other people may be restricted, this thing is useless to you."

The witch did not give Alex the power to lift the fruit.

She knew that Alex could solve it by himself.

Alex also nodded.

Then his body flashed red.


The red light like a sharp blade directly destroyed the fence that bound him.

"Devil fruit? Can I also have one more power? What is my fruit?".

Mime private 444

"Devil fruit? Can I also have one more power? What is my fruit?"

Alex easily broke free from the shackles of the witch.

Even the scary red energy ring made everyone feel a strong crisis.


The opponent is too strong!

The scattered round tube energy even directly tore many places in this laboratory.

That is a powerful cutting force.

Even those who think they have strong defensive capabilities.

I felt the pressure of horror just now.

"Interestingly, this kind of power is indeed a bit powerful, and your attacks are actually diverse. Since you have such cutting power, why use the least efficient impact force?"

Hela was very curious about the power displayed by Alex at this time.

The opponent can actually reshape the way the energy impacts.

Before crossing, all they saw were shocking forces.

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