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The next day He Yu didn't come to school. When the bell rang for the early self-study get out of class, Shao Qian still couldn't hold back. When Liu Ci passed by, he asked: "Where is He Yu?"

Liu Cis school uniform was a size one deliberately collared. It looked loose and loose. The pants were a bit long. The trousers were changed and changed again, but they didn't mop the floor. Her bangs are very long, covering her eyebrows, and a pair of thick black-rimmed glasses makes it a bit hard to look at her.

She hadn't talked to Shao Qian at all, and was suddenly asked that. After a long silence, she said, "She is sick."

Shao Qian said, "Isn't it good yesterday?"

"She... fell."

"Ride a bike?"

Shao Qian murmured, and after a long time, she was a little puzzled: "Didn't you two go back together? Didn't He Yu drive you? She fell and didn't you fall?"

She was an outspoken person, and got along well with He Yu's kind of mean mouth. Liu Ci was asked about it, and there was a rare embarrassment on her face. Lian Xiaoli came in from the outside and saw Liu Ci standing in front of Shao Qian as if he were in the punishment station. He also understood what the other party wanted to ask, and explained: "He Yu seems to be hurt."

"Injured? Why did you get hurt?"

"The bone is broken or what's the matter? Is it so serious?

Shao Qian asked.

The specific Lian Xiaoli was actually not clear. Shen Youqian talked to her when she came in the morning.

The road is not well-lit, and the street lights are stunned. I dont know which wire is wrong. It looks like a scene in a ghost movie. Shen Youqian hadnt recognized it before. He rode back on his bike and wore headphones. Rock music was deafening and listening. When it was moving, he glanced at it, and then at the earth-shattering slaughter that broke out.

"Isn't that He Yu?"

He Yuhao believes that it is because her school uniform and the ponytail hair rope are fluorescent, the blinding green, and she feels happily that it can be illuminated.

"That man, isn't it Liu and Liu Yuansheng... Hey, these turtles, turtles, sons and girls, are all beaten!"

At that time, Shen Youqian threw the bicycle aside and rushed up, but instead of pulling the frame, he was kicked several times.

Liu Ci saw that he was coming, wiped the rain off his face, and said to Shen Yougan: "Look at it, I'll call someone."

"Don't, don't call the police, Liu Ci!"

Shen You screamed and rushed to pull the frame.

He Yu punched Liu Yuansheng's face like crazy, and Shen You was also punched when he went up, feeling that he was about to vomit blood.

Liu Yuansheng is about the same size as Shen Yougan, but a little leaner, Shen Yougan is puffy. And He Yu's special strength is still there. He knew from a young age that He Yu could not be regarded as a woman. With great strength, he would fight like a mad dog and would bite people. Now he doesn't bite anymore.

Shen Yougan couldn't help much at all. He was pushed by someone and pulled out of the circle.

He Yu was half a head shorter than Liu Yuan. When he was beaten, he didn't say a word. When Liu Ci brought the adult over, and the two separated, He Yu cried out. A group of small people were soaked. Liu Yuansheng was beaten several times by his father. Everyone could tell that He Yu did not lose, but no matter how it was counted, He Yu was also a girl, so the old Liu family could only apologize.

He Yu's father held an umbrella whose ribs had collapsed, and he commented with a cigarette while He Yu was checked up and down by her mother

"Enough kind, if it's a handle, it would be even better."

He Yu ignored him. She was still staring at Liu Yuansheng. Just now, her mind was purely hot. Now that she calmed down, she still feels that this guy looks like a dog and must have bullied Liu Ci.

Willow Ci... Where's Willow Ci?

Liu Ci stood on the side, her whole body was wet, the original fluffy sister's head was wetted by the rain, her bangs were against her forehead, her hair on both sides was also against her cheeks, her eyes were removed, she was holding an umbrella and looking at this from a distance. side.

The rain was heavy, He Yu felt the heat on his hands, listening to her mother panicking whether to go to the hospital, listening to Liu Yuansheng being cursed by her mother, and then Liu Wensheng who came over to apologize, saying that Xiaoyu was sorry. , My brother is like that...

Shen Youqian went back first.

Everyone has become a rookie.

So did He Yu herself. The rain fell in from the collar of her school uniform and wet in from the outside. Her bangs were also wet. There were many people between her and Liu Ci.

She looked at Liu Ci, and Liu Ci also looked at her.

There was a muffled thunder on the head, as if a huge gap had been cut between her and Liu Ci.

When did this happen?

When he was in the hospital, He Yu was still thinking that the corners of her mouth were hurt, but she didn't care whether it hurts or not.

There seems to be a lot of things Liu Ci didn't tell her.

They are no longer good friends who say nothing.

He Yu suddenly felt so.

She was a little sad, and she had a high fever at night, which shocked Hong Lanwen again.

And the next day Liu Ci walked to school.

I met Shen Youqian and Lian Xiaoli at the school gate and said a few words.

Lian Xiaoli has been refreshing the public sentiments in Yanxinglong Alley. He did not expect He Yu to be so fierce. He usually looks at a boyish girl, and will not lose in a fight with a boy.

Shen Yougan was still talking about this when buying buns in the morning.

Everyone had a bad impression of Liu Yuansheng. In the ordinary adolescence of a group of people, Liu Yuan lived like the male protagonist in the novel, fighting and skipping classes, going to a bar and falling in love, etc., Shen You biting a bun with contempt. Envy that he didn't even know.

It is nothing more than a kind of freedom that a child of this age feels.

"Even at my aunt and girl's house! It's a man!"

Fatty Shen ate a steamed bun in two bites, and Lian Xiaoli thought about the fight he described yesterday, "But He Yu is also quite capable..."

Shen Yougan was silent for a while: "You're right, He Yu, he, he is not so **** like, like a girl, how can there be someone like her, such a sturdy man, who has bullied men and men dominate girls since he was a child... Ah no. Since I was a kid, I've been a bully..."

It's strange how it sounds. Lian Xiaoli changed the question: "What hatred and resentment did she have with Liu Yuan?"

The Liu family who arrived yesterday felt different temperaments. The Liu family looked honest and honest. The current host of Lao Lius noodle shop seemed to be honest, and the hostess was also very kind. And that eldest son, Liu Wensheng, was very bookish and a little sick. Sad.

On the contrary, this little son looked a bit unlike a good person.

But Liu Yuansheng does have the kind of idol drama bad boy that girls like.

"It is estimated that when I was a child, it was wrong and matched. Anyway, Liu Yuan used to scare insects and scare willow words before he was scared and cried with centipedes and centipedes."

Shen Yougan laughed when he finished speaking, and almost squirted the buns out.

"But it is Liu Ci that can make He Yu angry."

Shen Yougan grew up in the kindergarten here, and He Yu and Liu are inseparable. Although he will play together, he is always thinking about the difference between men and women, and will never be together all the time.

But there are some good things that can't be pretended, and He Yu is good to Liu Ci.

"Liu Ci... This girl, thief, and boring, sometimes quite good at playing, but He Yu is nothing but a dumb gun."

Shen You said this a bit sourly.

Lian Xiaoli heard an anecdote about his childhood and began to envy this kind of friendship that grew up in an alley.

When He Yu was away, Liu Ci didn't eat lunch for lunch. During class, Lian Xiaoli also found that Liu Ci was on a run, because she didn't answer the teacher's question for the first time.

Shao Qian cared about He Yu very much, and asked Liu Ci if He Yu really came back this afternoon. If I cant come today, Im going to see her.

Was rejected by Liu Ci.

She was always tough at first, but after a few conversations, she became a lot softer. Shao Qian felt that the voice of Liu's poems was weird and pleasant. Then she listened to her softly. The eyes behind the glasses are clear and clear. It is important to understand Why does He Yu always praise Liu's poems for being delicate?

The word show is actually quite demanding.

Like Jun, being handsome and handsome is not a flavor.

For example, He Yu is a bit handsome, looking at his face and looking at his movements.

"Then you can greet me, this idiot, you can fall on a bike, it's too bad."

Most of the girls in the class actually spoke softly. He Yu didn't always talk about such vulgar words, but because of the magnetic field problem, they all gathered together.

Become a treasure for boys to stay away from.


Liu Ci was still thinking about this in class. For the first time, she felt that class was so long, and it took a minute to think of He Yu several times.

She didn't notice He Yu when she was there, because she turned her head a few times, so one or two times she could find He Yu looking at her.

The seat was empty now, which made her uncomfortable.

No one waited for her to eat at noon.

In the afternoon, He Yu did not come. In the evening, Lian Xiaoli brought a piece of bread to Liu Ci, "I think you didn't have lunch."

Lian Xiaoli used his own efforts to improve the appearance of the first year of high school. It was not long after the school started that the school was famous, and there were other years who came to visit. She has a good temper and is soft-spoken. Many people know that she is not a local and are very curious. They occasionally come to chat with her. Regardless of the beautiful girls who have their own barriers, most of them have come back and failed to ask for someone. Get close.

Lian Xiaoli knows that Liu Ci is a little bit hostile to her, and she doesnt care too much. Liu Ci and He Yu are two people. She thinks He Yu is more pure and worthy of being a friend, but Liu Ci is He Yus friend. It should also take care of it.

Liu Ci thanked him, and went to her car with Lian Xiaoli in the evening.

Lian Xiaoli's mother is a neat woman, she looks a lot like Lian Xiaoli, and a bit elegant, but it's not the same as Shen Sijun's lazy charm, and a lot of atmosphere. On the way, I was still chatting with Liu Ci, asking a question, and Liu Ci answered.

"I heard that your grades are very good, alas, it's very difficult for Xiaoli to study..."

Today she was absent-minded, she was actually anxious to see He Yu.

Before eating at noon, Lian Xiaoli also asked: "Should I go to see it?"

Liu Ci: "No need."

Shen Yougan said, "Yes, Minger should have also come anyway, right? But it's better to break your hand than to break your foot."

He was kicked by Liu Ci and wailed for a long time.

"What is it, why did you attack me."

Fatty Shen was also wronged, Liu said: "You deserve it."

"Come on, if you and He Yu are virtuous, you can't hear anyone talking about each other."

Liu Ci didn't speak at the time, she was eating, holding the rice spoon in her hand, closing and letting go.

Everyone knows that she and He Yu are good, everyone knows that she and He Yu are important people to each other, but there is no such thing.


If one of us is not a girl, is it...

Some thoughts were suppressed by her and used to surge up at night, but they were all held restrained, knowing that certain things are just like this, bound by the world, and confined to the prison of good friends.

Others will not go deep, and even the parties will not think deeply.

He Yu put a plaster on his hand and sat at the desk to paint.

Her little yellow desk lamp was posted with duckling stickers, and there were rows from big to small, like quack laughing at her funny look at the moment.

Liu Ci pushed open the door of her room and saw He Yu in a daze.

Just looking at her face, He Yu looks much better than her, but she is very skinny and tigerish. She is said to be not a girl in three days, and she will not slap her up in a fancy way, but no one pays attention to this.

Liu Ci looked at He Yu's profile under the light, the light painted a layer of outline on her, and she seemed to be in a daze seriously.

Only when Liu Ci came to her did he react.

"How did you come!"

The voice is a little surprise.

Liu Ci put down his schoolbag, "Let me see if certain impulsive people are dead."

He Yu pulled her face down and said in surprise: "People are injured."

Liu Ci looked at her plastered hand, still a little bit painful, "Is it serious?"

He Yu held his heart, "It's very serious, I'm dying, I order you to sleep with me today."

Liu Ci: "No way."

He Yu: "Please, I can't turn over in the middle of the night, I'm always in pain."

She is actually very good at acting like a baby, and Liu Ci is the most difficult to resist. Many people say that He Yu protects Liu Ci, He Yu accommodates Liu Ci, and He Yu is very good to Liu Ci.

But most of them are willow poems and He Yu is helpless.

Her compromise had no chance of a comeback in front of He Yu.

She closed her eyes, opened them again, stretched out her hand to squeeze He Yu's face, and said yes.

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