Home As YesterdayChapter 2

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It is very hot at noon in summer, even if there are no big trees in Yanxinglong Lane, cicadas can still be heard.

Liu Ci made a set of English papers for the first year of high school in the morning. The ten clozes were only six correct. He was so sad that he couldn't eat at noon. After a few bites of the meal, he waited for his brother and sister to wash the bowl and lie down. On the table.

There is a broken air conditioner in the house, but it consumes electricity, and it is generally not turned on. The old-fashioned upright electric fan is like a tornado when the smallest gear is turned on.

She lives in the same room with her sister Liu Yu. Liu Yu's bed is a bit smaller. The little girl has fallen asleep on the straw mat.

The aqua-blue curtain was drew by the willows, and a ray of sunlight swept in in the middle, falling on the exam paper that she thought was a big mistake.

She was actually a little sleepy, but she was not reconciled, thinking about doing another set later.

There were no people in the alleys at noon, and occasionally people passed by on bicycles, the car bells made a crisp sound, and the twisters yelled through the alleys.

The biggest thing is the wind.

The wind blew away most of her will, and she was a little drowsy.

Just when she was about to fall asleep completely, the window frame was knocked twice.

Liu Ci opened his eyes, raised the curtains a half, and knocked a bamboo pole on the window frame. Someone popped his head on the opposite floor and let out a hi.

"Liu Ci, go out?"

Liu Ci glanced at Liu Yu who was sleeping on the bed behind him, and said in a low voice, "Where did you go on a hot day?"

But after speaking, she repeated it again, fearing that He Yu would not hear it.

He Yu's hair was messed up with a ponytail behind him. He was probably infected by Liu Ci's low voice. He also lowered his voice, and said sneakily: "Let's see which class we are in? Who is in the same class with us."

They are sixteen years old this year, they just graduated from the third grade, and they passed the city high school 20 minutes away from home together. Liu Cis grades are usually a bit higher than He Yus, but I dont know whats going on in the senior high school entrance examination. He scored on the same level as He Yu. Cheng Gaos key classes cant get into it. Normal classes, no matter how random, are not. I know if I can be in the same class with He Yu.

He Yu didn't know where the gossip said that he would post an announcement today, and wanted to check it out.

In the morning, Liu Ci was teaching his younger brothers and sisters to do homework. He didn't go. She didn't expect that she wouldn't go, and He Yu wouldn't go, so he waited until the afternoon.

"But it's so hot now."

Liu Ci got up, leaned on the window and said to He Yu.

He Yu's bamboo pole moved forward and tapped Liu Ci on the shoulder lightly, "Come here, I bought something delicious."

Yanxinglong Alley is called an alley. In fact, several of them are together. He Yu's house is on the 8th and Liu Ci's house is on the 14th. Just opposite, the alley was very narrow, and the house looked like a handshake. From the second floor, He Yu was as light as a swallow. He often jumped up and jumped in from the window of Liu Ci's room to copy Liu Ci's homework.

Liu Ci glanced at the road below and shook his head.

He Yu curled his lips, "Don't you dare, it's so easy."

Its very easy. Their home is on the second floor. The first floor is someone elses home. Every time I go up and down, I find it inconvenient. There are no public stairs. , There are always some random people coming over.

At this time, you can hear the sound of the mahjong machine. When Liu Ci thinks of the smell of second-hand smoke, he suddenly becomes a little annoyed. It may also be caused by the cloze, which gave her the courage, stepping on the table for the first time and heading to He Yu Jump over there.

In fact, at a distance of a little more than a forearm, He Yu looked at Liu Ci, who looked like death at home. Her front few strands of hair were not tied, cockroach whiskers were hanging down, and she laughed like a monkey. He was stared by Liu Ci. At a glance, he hurriedly said: "It must be all right."

The window on He Yu's side was quite big. At this moment, the window door was wide open. Liu Ci closed his eyes, jumped, and really jumped over. He Yu hugged his waist and put it in the room. The man closed the window and pulled the curtain. He Yu opened his eyes before recovering from the dazzling sunlight, and came to the cool room again.

He Yu's house turned on the air conditioner.

The room is a bit dim, and He Yu's curtains are off-white, with a few flowers embroidered on them, so light doesn't come in and turns into a hazy shadow.

"Here," He Yu's room was very small, with a bed, a desk, and a wardrobe, all gone.

Unlike Liu Ci's family who has a large population and wants to rent three rooms, her family has only two rooms, one for her and one for parents.

The can was opened, and with a chuckle, Liu Ci smelled a smell of beer. She glanced at the milk beer He Yu handed over, "You are crazy! You are still drinking..."

He Yu sighed, "You don't want to drink?"

Liu Ci found several bottles on the ground, "Where did you come from?"

"I went to draw a prize when I delivered food to my mom at noon, and I won the draw. Anyway, my dad should not go home this month, and my mom doesn't drink it. Of course I drank it myself."

He Yu fell on the bed and rolled twice, raising his leg and kicking Liu Ci, "Don't pretend, you obviously want to drink too."

Liu Ci ignored her and took a sip carefully.

Beer is an adults thing, and she didnt buy beer for her parents. She went to the canteen at the entrance of the East Alley and got a bottle of Snow Beer at 2.5 dollars. The beer bottle she drank before had to be taken back.

The taste of beer was a little bit crying. She drank milk beer for the first time, and the freshness surged up, taking a mouthful. When He Yu sat up, she had already drank half a can.

"No," He Yu scratched his head. "You can do it with a small bottle."

The nickname of Liu Ci was taken by He Yu. This person has a cheap mouth, and has been hated by people since he was a child.

The nickname of small wine bottle is better than small glasses. Liu Ci Primary School is short-sighted, and he always does his homework under the dim light. She is not very similar to her parents, nor to her brothers and sisters who play monkeys all day long, she looks like a little girl from a scholarly family.

But her family's ancestors were three generations of farmers, and when she came to her father's place, she became an agricultural worker, so she couldn't get along with the scholarly.

"You are only a small wine bottle!"

Liu Ci replied, but He Yu uttered an ah, and leaned over with a hippie smile, "What are you talking about, I can't hear"

She wore a vest, probably too hot, not even wearing underwear. Liu Ci felt limp when she rubbed it over. She was a little embarrassed, moved to the side, reached out and pulled He Yus ears. "Stop pretending."

He Yu yelled several times, the screams were very moist, "Where did I pretend, I couldn't hear it."

"I am a small wine bottle and you are a little deaf."

Liu Ci said so.

He Yu touched his ears, "I was originally a little deaf, and you were a small wine bottle."

He Yu couldn't hear the sound in his right ear. This is a secret, except for He Yu's parents and only Liu Ci knows.

"The little deaf man is going to beg with a wine bottle~"

He Yu hummed the tune and opened a bottle, and a puff of gas came out of the bottle. She hurried to drink, and finally held a can of a can and toasted Liu Ci with one hand, "Let's go to school later."

Liu Ci gave a hum.

The sun's light passed through the curtains, leaving only a faint light, the room was dim, and there was a smell of beer.

Liu Ci lay on He Yu's bed, looked at He Yu who was sitting at the desk, and asked: "Will you not sleep?"

He Yu held a pencil in one hand, and circled his hair with his left hand, without looking back, "I'm not sleepy, I can paint."

Liu Ci said, "Then call me when you leave."

"You are stupid, would I not call you?"

Then Liu Ci fell asleep until three o'clock, and she opened her eyes in a daze. He Yu was still sitting at the table, the curtain was tucked in a corner by her, just enough for her to paint.

He Yu is a head taller than Liu Ci. The two of them were born in Yanxinglong Alley and grew up here.

It was still the cicadas, the sound of bicycles, and the sound of mahjong.

Liu Cis glasses were placed on the bedside, her vision was blurred, she only felt that He Yus back was in a dream, so she lay down for a while, He Yu put down the pen, stretched her waist, and walked over to call her. .

"Woke up Liu Ci."

Liu Ci's face was printed on the mat. She put on her glasses and got off the bed. He Yu kicked her shoes again. She was a little angry, "You kick me back."

He Yu let out a long, lazy tone.

"Don't pretend you can't hear it."

He Yu turned around and kicked his shoes over, "Why are you so fierce?"

Liu Ci ignored her.

They went downstairs together, and He Yu put the key of the house in Liu Ci's trouser pocket. The reason was that her trouser pocket had a hole in it and she paid back five yuan last time.

"You can buy two torches, one for you and one for me."

Liu Ci sat in the back seat of He Yu's bicycle, wearing a hat on his head, "You won't keep it for me."

He Yu didn't hear it. She hummed and sang a little love song, but her voice couldn't hang up, as if she had died of her breath.

The twenty-minute journey of Chenggao is twenty minutes of riding a bicycle on the road in a regular manner, but He Yu has been walking around since he was a child, and the road has long been figured out. He passed a stone arch bridge from Yanxinglong Alley to Dongliushui Alley. , Make a turn and cross the east entrance of Sanshihu Alley, and you are here.

In fourteen minutes, Liu Ci counted it for her while looking at the watch.

He Yu wore a blue T-shirt. Her underwear was worn out because of too much riding. She wiped her sweat and asked Liu Ci to pull it up.

Liu Ci wore a black hat and half of his face was covered. He Yu reached out and took off the fan for himself, but he took Liu Ci and walked into the city high.

The quasi-senior graders have already started school, and by the end of August, the cicadas in the school cried harder.

The guard let them go, and Liu Ci followed He Yu, watching the other party find the place of the announcement with great precision, and asked suspiciously: "How did you know?"

He Yu lifted his chin, especially proud, "I dreamed of it in a dream."

Liu Ci thought to himself: I gave you to the cow.

There are several columns of classification information on the bulletin board. Liu Ci and He Yu looked for it together.

In the end, He Yuxian found it, "Class Seven! We are in the same class again for Little Glasses!"

Liu Ci glanced at it, "If it weren't because I deliberately..."

He Yu covered her mouth, "Okay, stop, that's it, thank you."

Without sincerity, Liu Ci didn't bother to care about her.

Her grades were actually quite good. In order not to enter the key class, she blanked out a lot of papers. Her parents didn't even know that she was the eldest daughter in the family.

All this doesn't matter.

She hates brand-new things, and He Yu is the one who never grows old from childhood.

"It feels like there are quite a lot of people in the class," He Yu said while riding the bike when he went back. "Seats should not be in this row. According to the size... Hey, we definitely can't sit together. If we divide by two or two, I am odd. What's the name next to me... Hey, what is the gift... Forgot, anyway..."

"Lian Xiaoli."

Liu Ci added.

"Why do you have such a good memory!"

"Because I am not you."

"You are too much."

When I returned to Yanxingcage Alley, there was a traffic jam. Because there were several tricycles parked, He Yu dragged the car hard to pull in, and curiously glanced at the newly moved family of three, next door to her.

Liu Ci wasn't interested at all, He Yu poked her and gave a feed.

Liu Ci turned his head and bumped into the girl who happened to run out of there.

Liu Ci was so thin and small that he almost fell and was helped by He Yu.

The other party was a girl in a floral skirt, with exceptionally energetic eyes, and hurriedly apologized.

"Sorry, I was a little rushed just now."

You can tell whether the skin looks beautiful or not at a glance. The other party is beautiful and looks at Liu Ci with his eyes.


These two words are said by He Yu.

The other party looked at He Yu, seeming to be more curious, and blinked his eyes for a while longer.

Liu Ci looked at He Yu and then at the girl, wondering why she was a little upset.

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