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Liu Ci couldn't tell what was wrong with him, it was just a kind of emotion that was endless.

But He Yu seemed to be quite curious. On the way back, he kept saying: "The girl looked pretty just now, but Sijun is the most beautiful in this alley. Of course the most beautiful one is Brother Wensheng. ."

The brother Wensheng in He Yu's mouth is Liu Wensheng, the son of the old Liu's noodle restaurant in Dongxiangkou.

Liu Wensheng is already an adult, but after coming out of her mother's womb, she is in poor health. She always feels sick. It seems that there is a heart problem. In the third year of this year, the school is very close to home, and she goes home every day.

Liu's family also has a son, Liu Yuansheng, who is about the same age as He Yu and the others, but he hasn't dealt with him since he was young.

Liu Ci found that He Yute likes to look at faces, and good-looking things can always attract her attention immediately, such as beautiful actors on TV, such as who has beautiful hands or faces.

"The girl seems to be about the same age as us, but I don't know..."

She speaks eloquently, and Liu Ci didnt want to listen at all. He Yu didnt get a response after a stand-up comedy for so long. He lowered his head and shouted for a small wine bottle. Liu Ci ignored her and happened to be downstairs at their house, Liu Ci He went up, leaving He Yu standing upstairs and pulling the bicycle down with a dazed expression.

"Are you angry again? Why?"

When He Yu went back, he cooked rice, but still didn't understand what happened to Liu Ci. In the evening, her mother came back and chatted with He Yu in the roar of the cooker hood, "Have you seen the new move next door?"

He Yu leaned on the door frame while biting the apple and let out a lazy hum. She wore a pair of denim shorts, but her legs were long and straight with scars on them.

"Their store should be next door to Liu's house. It's a clothing store."

He Yu said, "There are really few clothes shops in that street."

Liu Cis family repairs electrical appliances. Uncle Lius shop is located in the most central alley of Yanxinglong Alley, including the old Lius noodle shop. That street has a lot of food, and there are several small shops selling clothes. Compared with selling shoes, it's a small number.

"Are you selling men's clothing or women's clothing?"

He Yu's mother was cooking vegetables. He Yu felt that her mother was able to fry the vegetables and the excavator's temperament was also very good. The fried meat with pepper made her cough, and finally went to the house to serve food.

"How do I know that there are no men's and women's stores," Hong Lanwen came in with vegetables, she also coughed, and said to He Yu again and again: "It choked me to death. Have you any drinks?"

Hong Lanwen works as a salesperson in a supermarket. Just forty people this year have already started to get blessed like balloons. His face looks very kind and kind. He Yu thinks that is the reason for the mole between her mother's eyebrows. .

"You don't drink milk beer, there is ice tea in the refrigerator."

He Yu pointed, she started to eat first. She has a soft spot for stir-fried pork with peppers, and so does her mother. Only her dad who is not at home can be so refreshed, because her dad doesn't eat spicy food.

"Where is the ice tea?" The refrigerator is very small and I bought it from Dad Liu Ci. "I haven't seen it?"

"In that mineral water bottle," He Yu bit the meat and squinted. "Why do you think the iced black tea? I made the iced black tea."

Hong Lanwen sighed, "Where did the black tea **** come from?"

He Yu lifted his chin, "It was given by the old man who pulled the erhu upstairs."

Upstairs is an old man who lives alone. His only hobby is to pull the erhu. He started to pull it at 5 in the morning. To my surprise, there are still people willing to learn from him. He Yu feels that erhu is too sad and not suitable for a happy person like her. , This was heard by Liu Ci, saying that she should learn Allegro, the cross talk was quite cheerful.

He Yu was too lazy to care about her.

Her family rented two rooms, and the kitchen was semi-public, because the renters were a pair of young couples. Those who worked on the construction site seldom came back and could hardly touch them. Both her mother and He Yu loved such a life so much. As soon as the small square table was opened, they ate in the sunset, the bicycles clinked back and forth at the end of get off work, and occasionally someone was driving a motorcycle passing by.

The one who bought the small glutinous rice cake was an outsider. The big loudspeaker amplified his funny accent, which caused many children to come out and look out.

He Yu suddenly remembered that the glutinous rice cakes she bought yesterday hadn't been eaten, took it out of the refrigerator, Hong Lanwen saw it, and said, "Do you know how to save some for mom?"

He Yu took a mouthful of rice, "I was going to give Liu Ci, but Liu Ci said it was too sweet to eat."

"With your mother or by the way?"

Hong Lanwens eyebrows were tattooed when she was young. She loves beauty, but she is also frugal and doesnt make it up anymore. She paints it by herself every day. Unfortunately, the craftsmanship is not very good and the eyebrows are too thick, but He Yu is too lazy to say. I also think her mother is so cute.

"Why did it happen? I'm good to you, isn't it?"

He Yu spoke with a loud mouth. Few people in Yanxinglong Alley could speak of her. Hong Lanwen sighed, "Why are you so good with Liu Ci? That girl didn't laugh when she saw me." "

"Don't you know that she is born with a sorrowful face?"

He Yu picked a piece of moldy tofu from the jar and mixed it with the rice. The rice grains became red. He always felt that he heard the sound of Liu Ci.

Her ears are not very good, but one ear is weak, and looks very normal.

"Liu Ci is here?"

Hong Lanwen looked at the little girl who came by.

Liu Ci called to Auntie Liu, and put a plate of watermelon in his hand on the table.

"Did you buy watermelon?"

"Dad bought it when he came back, saying it was 40 cents per catty today, which is cheap."

"That's really cheap."

Liu Ci wore a pair of black-framed glasses that looked very heavy, and her hair was cut very short. He Yu said that she was like a female student from the Republic of China. Wearing a long gown, her pedantic aura would spread in all directions.

He Yu turned her head, Liu Ci had already put down the watermelon, she was wearing a white-washed short sleeve, and the English letters on it had faded. He Yu blinked at her, and Liu Ci tugged at the corner of her mouth and made a mouth. type-


He Yu hurriedly changed the subject, "Have you eaten yet? Would you like to try the chili fried pork made by my mother?"

Liu Ci shook his head, "I have eaten, but the bowl hasn't been washed yet, I'll go back first."

She walked very fast, her hole shoes stepped on the ground and grumbled, like she was wearing a pair of talking sandals.

He Yu sighed, "Liu Ci is so bitter."

She was knocked on her forehead by her mother, "What is your business."

He Yu stretched out his hand and took a piece of watermelon. "Fortunately, you and Dad have not had another child. I might have to jump off the building if I have three younger siblings like Liu Ci."

He Yus generation is mostly only children, and some have siblings, but they are usually one. Liu Ci, a family of six, is really rare.

Who makes the last child a twin?

He Yu was actually reluctant to go to Liu Ci's house. It was too noisy, and there was a childish taste. She didn't know what it was. Anyway, she didn't like it, so she let Liu Ci come to her to be clean.

"That's because I don't want to have children!"

Hong Lanwen patted the table and looked so proud. He Yu hurriedly grabbed the chopsticks so that he could save it and wash a pair more later.

"Yes, yes, thank you mom for saving me trouble."

He Yu thinks this is good too. Anyway, she has never worried about her being unaccompanied. After all, she grew up in Yanxinglong Lane, and Liu Ci grew up with her. They have a primary school, a junior high school, and a high school soon. , Its best to get together in the university exams, the kind that will always be together in the future.

"Oh, really, I don't want to have a baby at all, so why do I have to have a son?"

The relationship between Hong Lanwen and He Yu is not like an ordinary mother and daughter. Hong Lanwen has no culture, but he has advanced thinking in raising He Yu. The stocking is completely different from the stocking of the Liu family. She knows that He Yu likes to paint, and she has to pay a small salary for He Yu to study, buy painting materials, and summer classes. He Yu's personality is also like her, frank and frank, and the mother and daughter are like friends together.

"Yeah, I can be a son too."

The watermelon is very sweet. He Yu doesnt know if Liu Ci has eaten it. As far as the Liu family is concerned, buying two watermelons is the limit. The small group of watermelons waiting to be fed below is the biggest. Liu Ci is the largest, only fifteen years old. Little, maybe I dont want to eat it for my younger brothers and sisters.

He Yu suddenly felt bored. The remaining three pieces were picked up and two pieces were given to her mother, and the remaining pieces were put aside.

"Son," Hong Lanwen became a little sad, looking at her stupid daughter, she felt that a man could not marry a wife.

"You are the son and mother who will have a headache for you to get married in the future."

He Yu sighed, "If I were a man, I would marry Liu Ci, knowing the roots and knowing the bottom, the right one is right."

Really right, literally.

Hong Lanwen didn't take He Yu's joke to his heart, and at this time she was still blindly agreeing, "Liu Ci, let it go, what's the situation in her family."

At this age, He Yu doesn't understand the twists and turns of marriage, "Whatever the situation, our home is not getting better."

Hong Lanwen glared at him.

He Yu touched his nose, "Forget it, I'm not a man anyway, and I can't marry Liu Ci. In the future, when she gets married, I must pack a big red envelope."

At this age, He Yu's concept of marriage only remained in the impression of attending wedding banquets with his parents several times. He only felt that it was silly to welcome guests at the door in a wedding dress. It was even stranger to change to Liu Ci.

Who can marry Liu Ci? That man must have a good psychological quality.

"Think about yourself. You are not allowed to fall in love in high school. Your grades are already pretty bad, even though you are studying fine arts..."

"Stop, enough, that's it."

He Yu hurriedly paused, "It doesn't matter if you really study well and fall in love. Don't worry, I will definitely not cause you trouble. I will definitely study hard, paint well, and be admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts."

Hong Lanwen screamed, and took a piece of the fattest piece of meat to her daughter, "Come on, mom, work hard to make money and save your tuition."

He Yu washed the dishes and went upstairs. As usual, he opened the curtains of Liu Ci with a bamboo pole. Liu Ci was not in the room. He Yu lay on the table and stared at Liu Yu, "Where is your sister?"

Liu Yu had just graduated from elementary school at this time. The child had a bulging face and his hair was longer than Liu Ci. He honestly said, "I have gone to bathe my younger siblings."

He Yu said, "Why don't you help your sister?"

The youngest twin of the Liu family is only four years old this year. It was the most annoying time when He Yu had seen Liu Ci feeding the two children, just like a typhoon.

"My sister said she can."

"Have your sister eat watermelon?"

He Yu asked.

Liu Yu thought for a while and shook his head, "My sister said she doesn't like eating."

He Yu thought that it was right to keep a piece of it. She reached out and passed the plate over and exhorted: "You must not steal it. I left it for your sister."

After speaking, she jumped in by herself, knowing that the Liu family would come back late at night, and Liu Ci might take them to Uncle Liu's shop after bathing the child.

Liu Yu has long been accustomed to He Yu's three-day visits. He Yu is a cool big sister in her heart, although she is as old as her own sister. But He Yu looks more fun, and occasionally brings a bunch of small marbles, either jumping grids or flipping ropes. She knows too many tricks, and children love her.

After Liu Ci showered his younger siblings and was too tired, he changed clothes to the children in his parents room. He wanted Liu Yu to take a look and changed his own clothes. As soon as he opened the door, he found He Yu sitting on her bed. Liu Yu was talking to her happily.

Liu Ci: "Why are you here."

He Yu smiled with a big white tooth, "I will send you to your dad later."

After she finished offering treasures, she seemed to have to bring the watermelon up, "Leave it for you, do you know how nice I am to you?"

Liu Ci pulled out a smiling face, "Would you like a little face?"

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