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Liu Ci ate the watermelon in the end, and when he went out, He Yu went down and pulled the cart first.

Send Liu Yu and the little ones to Uncle Liu's shop, and He Yu will come back with Liu Ci.

Liu Yu hugged his sister, and Liu Ci held his younger brother downstairs. On the way, Liu Yu said to Liu Ci: "Sister, Sister Yu is so kind to you."

She is twelve years old this year and will go to the junior high school where He Yu and Liu Ci went to school in the second half of the year. The children of Liu's family have eyes like Uncle Liu, with single eyelids.

"What's going on?"

Liu Ci supported his glasses, and the kid in his arms thumped and was particularly annoying. She was afraid that Liu Yu would not be able to hold it, so she held it every time.

"She keeps the delicious food to her sister every time."

Liu Yu's words are not without basis. He Yu has a sweet mouth, and he can call his sister when he sees his aunt. If you buy Mimi Shrimp Crackers, you can buy one, get one free, and she will give Liu Ci to the one that is given. Whether it is dried fish or shredded squid, it is good. He Yu has it. Liu Ci will definitely be there. Liu Ci received , Will be assigned to Liu Yu.

Liu Yu was particularly envious, "Sister Yu is really nice."

Liu Ci: "No matter how good it is, it is not your sister."

This was heard by He Yu, and she leaned over with a smile, "Why not, can't you tell if you kiss me? Xiaoyu, you can also say that I am your sister in the future."

She approached with a mean expression, and was slapped away by Liu Ci.

He Yu covered his face and let out a sigh, reached out and took the little boy in Liu Ci's arms and put it in the basket, taking care of himself, "Xiaoyu, you just need to hold your sister to your sister."

The four-year-old boy could speak, shouting out his sister roundly and making He Yu amused.

The alley is very long and they walk very slowly. The sky is getting dark and the street lights on both sides are on. When they walked to the shop, it was a lot of lively. The first one was Lao Liu Noodle Shop. The boss said that there is a dark-skinned man, congratulations. Mr. Yu said that Wensheng is so good-looking, he must be like her mother.

This boss is Liu Wensheng's stepfather, and his dad passed away many years ago.

"He Yu! It's with Xiaoci again!"

The man's voice was loud, and the woman who was kneading the dough also smiled at He Yu, looking at the frankly, "Go to the store?"

He Yu: "No, Liu Ci's younger siblings are my younger siblings."

The adults laughed, and there were many regular customers in the noodle shop. The people in Yanxinglong Lane almost all had a familiar face, and they knew who and who were the children of whose family.

Liu Yu glanced at his sister, Liu Ci held his younger brother silently, but looked at He Yu who was still chattering with others.

"Brother Wensheng!"

He Yu asked.

The hostess of the noodle shop replied, "I have sent the noodles."

At this time, there was no later take-out software, and all orders for take-out were contacted by phone. In addition to teaching children homework during summer vacation, Liu Wensheng helped the family at home.

However, his health is not good, and the family dare not let him run far, so he will send it to Yan Xing Cage Alley.

"Oh, Brother Wensheng is really working hard."

He Yu babbled casually, and walking further on was Liu's electrical repair shop. She stopped the car, put the drooling twins into the arms of the woman who was approaching, and called auntie.

Liu Ci's mother was a horribly thin woman with a sallow complexion and she didn't look very energetic. She opened a tailor shop next to the electrical appliance shop and couldn't leave it all day long.

"He Yu is here, do you want to come in and play?"

He Yu shook his head, "Liu Ci and I will go to Sister Sijun to read a book."

Liu Ci also nodded.

The sister Sijun whom He Yu said was the female owner of the shop at the front of the shop.

She doesn't sell some common clothes on the market, most of them are cheongsam, and some handmade bags. Sometimes she chats with Liu Ci's mother and asks something.

If you ask these children who is the most beautiful woman in Yan Xing Cang Alley, they will reply with a thoughtful gentleman.

Shen Sijun is a pretty gorgeous woman, like many fiery red roses among a group of middle-aged women and children. He Yu remembered that Shen Sijun settled down in Yanxinglong Alley when she was in elementary school.

Selling cheongsam is a very new thing. Shen Sijun herself is as mysterious as her cheongsam shop. The customers who come and go seem to be out of place in this alley, and some of her cheongsam can be sold for tens of thousands.

Tens of thousands is too much for a child, but usually not much interest.

For example, He Yu prefers to look at the beautiful big sister and the pile of picture albums in the attic upstairs of the beautiful big sister's shop. What Liu Ci likes are those books by Mr. Shen Si, which are profound and obscure, and they are beautiful and varied, making her linger.

On the side of Shen Sijun, their opinions are highly unified.

"Well, then don't stay too late."

Shen Sijun's shop was open late, or it might be because she herself lived in the attic. The previous few times, He Yu and Liu Ci had looked a little too far, forgot the time, and was scolded by their parents.

"Know that."

He Yu answered quickly, then pulled up the bicycle and walked over there.

Shen Sijuns cheongsam shop is called Sifan. The wooden door is the same wooden door. After pushing it open, it becomes another world. The air-conditioning air-conditioning, the cashmere carpet, the hanging cheongsam, and the atmosphere created by the lights have made many congratulations. Yu will still look at it.

Then he was poked by Liu Ci, completely returning to his senses.

Pensive Jun is nestled on the sofa, and there is a phonograph on the small coffee table next to it, which is working and the tone is very long.

"Are you here?"

Only then did He Yu notice that there was a person sitting opposite her, with his back to them, a little familiar.

Instead, Liu Ci stepped forward and shouted: "Brother Wensheng."

Liu Wensheng turned his head and smiled at the two younger sisters, "Are you coming to Sister Sijun again to read a book?"

He Yu mumbled: "Aren't you?"

Shen Sijun smiled. She laughed too nicely. He Yu thought she was like a female monster in a TV series. "I heard the sound and came to meet me. I haven't eaten for a day, and I feel a little dizzy."

Liu Wensheng smiled, "Yes."

He looked like a sick and weak person, giving people a feeling of being easily destroyed. He had a pair of peach eyes. When he looked at people, he seemed to have a deep friendship, which made the sickness suddenly ignored. NS.

Of course, He Yu couldn't understand this kind of temperament. Instead, Liu Ci, who was standing next to He Yu, noticed Liu Wensheng's slightly swollen lips.

"I'm leaving."

Liu Wensheng stood up. Although he was thin, he was tall and his hair was a bit long, but he looked limp, his pale blue shirt was a little big, tied in his pants, and his waist was so thin that he might be blown off.


Shen Sijun waved her hand, she lay lazily, a few strands of hair stuck to her face, her face became more and more magnificent under the dim light.

He Yu said, "Sister Sijun, you are so good-looking."

Shen Sijun said, "Xiaohe can really talk, know what you want to see, go upstairs by yourself."

He Yu likes to read comics. The bookstore in Yanxinglong Lane is not what she wants. Shen Sijun also likes to read it. She will tell He Yu if she buys it.

And Liu Ci followed He Yu and said thank you sister.

She was at the same age as He Yu, one by one, one by one calm, but there was a strange harmony when standing together.

Liu Cis eyes fell on Shen Sijuns slightly swollen lips. She was still young. Although she was ignorant, she could still distinguish the difference between women. Shen Sijun was like a blooming rose, attracting the attention of others all the time. The same **** is no exception, but most girls are worshiping, longing, and wanting to be such a yearning.

Liu Ci respected Mr. Shen Si very much. Her eyes were so clear that she could hardly see the smell of a child of this age.

Shen Sijun smiled and waved his hand, "I bought what you want to see, let's take a look, there is lemonade on the table above, so that He Yu will not fall on my carpet again."

He Yu heard it, poked his head out, and yelled, "I won't!"

The attic is two-story, and Shen Sijun lives on the roof by herself. This shop was renovated by her at a large price and turned into a unique style, and it will also entertain some guests.

The little guest is the child in the alley, who was told by his parents and came over happily.

The big guests are Shen Sijun's customers. Some of the wide ladies who like cheongsam occasionally chat together, put down the exquisite tea cups, and the crisp sound accompanied by the tone of the gramophone, blends with the laughter of women, and forms with other shops. Bright style.

No one knows where Shen Sijun comes from, only that she has been here for many years.

I also know that she is not short of money. There are a lot of rumors caused by beautiful women. Many housewives speak ill of her secretly, and they are gentle on the face. When Shen Sijun came to buy things, she said that Boss Shen is really beautiful.

When Shen Sijun turned around, he grabbed her husband's ears and exhorted him.

And the child doesn't matter. He Yu sits on the carpet, looking at the cartoons bought by the trustees of Shen Sijun under the light, and some albums bought abroad. He Yu takes it seriously, and so does Liu Ci.

There are few books in her family, and she is born to love stories made up of square characters. Parents of this era still have a sense of awe for books, and they think it is a noble thing, and they dont object, but the books are very expensive. Liu Ci has a library card. Go over and watch often.

When He Yu learned to paint, she went to the library to read and wait for her, and went home together.

Some books are not in the library, but Mr. Shen Si has them here. She is fascinated by it, as if she wants to indulge in the virtual world constructed in words.

He Yu pulled away from the painting and glanced at Liu Ci next to him.

Liu Cis hair is short and her bangs are a bit thick. Her chin is pointed and her face is freckled. The black-rimmed glasses look cumbersome, but they cant hide her focused eyes. The mole on the tip of her nose is under the light. clear and distinct.

He Yu always felt that Liu Ci was very comfortable.

When I was in school, everyone always liked to select school flowers. The beautiful and the ugly, Liu Ci, the unspeakable ones, can be smashed into the ugly. Some people find faults. She is angry, but Liu Ci has no response, "You are so excited. What are you doing?"

He Yu was unhappy, "You are so ugly, you are so beautiful."

Liu Ci felt that He Yu was entertaining her and ignored her.

After another two minutes, Liu Ci turned his head, seemingly unbearable, "When will you still stare at me, just say it if you want to see me."

She is actually a very temperamental person, but classmates all said Liu Ci has a good temper.

He Yu would slander on one side, thinking you know what a fart.

Liu Ci's angry look is the best, and the two-way turbulent eyes seem to be quenched, as if they are completely looking into the eyes.

He Yu touched his nose, "I don't look at it."

"Then what do you think of me!"

"You look good!"

"He Yu"

"Okay, okay, I won't quarrel with you."

"Who the **** is making trouble?"

Shen Sijun listened to the girl above and smiled. The wind chime rang at the door, and a girl in a floral skirt walked in with half a watermelon in her hand.

"Hello sister!"

Lian Xiaoli smiled brightly, "I'm at the 21st shop, and my mother asked me to send you a watermelon to my sister. From now on, it will be a neighborhood."

Shen Sijun stood up, her figure was very good, and she was wearing incense when she walked over. Lian Xiaoli had seen this kind of battle from her place and took a step back.

Shen Sijun laughed and took the half of the watermelon, "Thank you."

She blinked, just as He Yu and Liu Ci came down from above. He Yu seemed to have snatched Liu Ci's glasses and put them on her face. He was dizzy, pinched by Liu Ci several times, and almost didn't roll off the stairs. Come down.

"What are you two doing, the stairs are going to collapse."

"Sister Sijun! He Yu bullied me!"

Liu Ci complained.

Shen Sijun let out a sigh, and He Yu put his glasses back in front of Liu Ci's eyes and stroked the other party's hair easily.

She turned her head and saw Lian Xiaoli who was looking here curiously, He Yu let out a whistle


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