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He Yu is very good at whistling and doesn't know where he learned it. In Liu Ci's impression, He Yu likes to whistle, and occasionally her mother is here, and she would criticize her, saying that it is not good for girls to whistle.

He Yu was a bit rebellious by nature. He was twisted his ears and refused to admit defeat. He yelled, "How come it's not good, so why can you blow by a man?"

Hong Lanwen's hands pressed harder, "Do you understand the hooligan whistle? You are a girl."

He Yu broke away from her mother and ran to the side of Liu Ci. Liu Cina would come to He Yu just in time. He would inevitably be a little embarrassed when encountering this kind of scene, so he called Auntie.

"Liu Ci, do you think I'm whistling a rogue? I'm pure, I just like it."

Liu Ci didn't know what to say for a long time, so he could only hum.

In Hong Lanwen's eyes, it turned into He Yu's bullying Liu Ci.

Its no wonder that adults think so. There are not many children at Yanxinglong Lane. He Yu is the one who jumps the most. He doesnt have to study hard. After school, he ran to the street corner store to watch TV and took a group of children to play slingshot on weekends. I went straight to catch it during the summer vacation... The boys were more dignified than her. There were a few times when they climbed trees and the child fell. Hong Lanwen thought He Yu was stupid, but he didn't expect to rush over.

Liu Ci is the first witness in this kind of scene where he flies and jumps.

Her personality is opposite to that of He Yu. The adults never thought that Liu Ci could play with He Yu. She occasionally stole a peach, and it was Liu Ci to watch.

Liu Ci has the face of a sensible child. Although he doesn't like to laugh, he is very polite and makes people believe it involuntarily.

He Yu had a silly smiling face.

He Yu has many tricks to whistle and whistle. He can also play a popular song when he goes out to play with Liu Ci on his bike.

But at this time, Liu Ci finally understood what a rogue whistle was.

Lian Xiaoli was dumbfounded, and when she turned her head, she saw a ponytailed girl winking at her, and a short-haired sister staring at her with a blank expression on her face.

Mr. Pensive, who was on the side, laughed instead, "He Yu, what the **** are you doing, don't scare Xinjiafang."

He Yu jumped down the stairs, "I know, the one next to my house."

She stood in front of Lian Xiaoli and looked at Lian Xiaoli several times, "Hey, my name is He Yu, on the 14th."

After Lian Xiaoli was embarrassed by He Yus smile, her hand was holding her braid hanging on her chest, "Hello, my name is Lian Xiaoli, Im a new one, my mother is driving in this street. clothes store."

He Yu exclaimed, "I know I know," he reached out and grabbed the willow poem behind him.

Lian Xiaoli smiled. She looks a little sweet, and when she laughs, she feels more affectionate, "Hello."

Shen Sijun coughed on the side, "If you want to leave, hurry up, I will have guests later."

He Yu said, "It's so late?"

Shen Sijun reached out and touched He Yu's hair, "Playing mahjong."

He Yu grabbed Shen Sijun by the sleeve, "Sister..."

He was pushed backhand by Jun Si, "Don't even think about it."

Out of Sifan's door, He Yu still had a bitter face. Lian Xiaoli left first. Liu Ci looked at He Yu dragging her bicycle, feeling that she suddenly became liquid, just lying on her stomach.

"Do you still want to play mahjong?"

He Yu turned his head, "You don't want to?"

There are not a few people who play mahjong in Yanxinglong Lane, ranging from 70-year-olds to young adults.

He Yu has been in these crowds since she was young, and she can buy hot strips for half an hour at the canteen, because she squatted and watched people playing mahjong. Unfortunately, she was too young and everyone in the alley knew him. She went to the table.

"Xiaohe, you still come back when you grow up, otherwise your mother will come and scold us again."

He Yu sighed, she looked at Liu Ci, "I really want to grow up quickly."

Liu Ci: "I want to too."

The evening breeze in summer is hot. He Yu suddenly reached out and rubbed Liu Cis hair. After her quite deliberate attack, she pushed the car and ran forward quickly. Liu Ci was slapped and his glasses almost fell to the ground, angry. He yelled to the ground, and then chased after him.

There are many people in the alley at night. He Yu ran while laughing. Of course Liu Ci couldnt run her. People who can run for five minutes at 800 meters were panting. He Yu stood in front and waited for her while leaning on the car. , "Liu Ci, do you have sweet rice noodles?"

Liu Ci got into He Yu's car and said, "I don't eat, I'm full at night."

He Yu sighed, "Then I will eat it myself."

The sweet wine stuffed with immortal grass was stalled downhill, and He Yu drove his bicycle through the alley. There were voices on both sides of the street, and the old man played chess on the side of the road, mixed with dialect jokes.

More than fifty meters downhill, He Yu likes dazzling skills the most. He let go and deliberately let the car sway, waiting for Liu Ci to hug her waist.

Liu Ci began to scold her again.

He Yu's long hair was blown by the wind, a few strands of it did not plunge into the ponytail, and it blew on Liu Ci's face, almost sticking to it.

Liu Ci pushed aside and gave a feed, "Why don't you cut your hair yet?"

Liu Ci's own hair is very short, with bangs and black eye frames. Just by looking at his face, you can see the stereotypes of the good students in most people's hearts. He Yu has very long hair. He insisted on washing his hair in the morning since junior high school. Sometimes it was too late. After Liu's urging, he went to the school without having his hair dry, and went to the school gate to deal with Wenming Post and plunged in casually.

Liu Ci felt that she was just looking for trouble, so she cut it short.

"If I cut it short, nothing will happen to the handsome guy."

He Yu stopped the car and said hello to the grandmother, "I want sweet rice noodles, a small portion."

There was a low table on the side of the road, and the plastic stool was blue. He Yu pulled a sheet to Liu and said, "I cut it short so I don't cut it like you, like mushrooms."

Liu Ci ignored her.

She even sits differently from a stall like He Yu. She always sits on a stool only halfway, and it looks like she's being dangled by something.

"Give you to the stinky one."

He Yu blinked at her.

The sweet fermented rice was served quickly, and Liu Ci looked at He Yu, watched her take a bite and scooped a spoonful of it and handed it over.

"I will not eat."

Liu Ci turned his head, and He Yuhey hey, "Come on, don't pretend on my side. Just eat what you like. I still have private money, enough for the two of us."

She is very clear about Liu Ci's preferences, and it can be said that many of their parents do not know their preferences, and they all know each other's preferences.

Liu Ci likes to eat sweets, but there are too many children in her family, and the sweets should be divided equally, and the older ones also have the sensible aura bestowed by their elders. They always have to be more generous and pretend that they don't like it.

He Yu felt that hypocrisy was dead, like the sentence "I know that my mother actually doesn't like to eat fat, just let me eat" sentence in the elementary school composition.

In fact, the fatty meat is also delicious, and He Yu will chuckle when he reads this kind of sample essay.

Liu Ci is not an adult, she is a child just like me.

Although she wanted to become an adult, He Yu still positioned herself as a child. If she is a monkey, Liu Ci is a kitten, which is difficult to grow, but she will overturn the wall in the middle of the night and rub your finger with your tail.

Liu Ci looked at He Yu and did not speak.

He Yu handed it over impatiently, with an ah.

Liu Ci opened his mouth and accepted the thoughtfulness of Fa Xiao.

He Yu grinned, as if he had won five million, and turned around and said to the grandma: "I want another bowl of jelly."

Liu Ci: "Why do you know how to eat like this."

He Yu pushed the sweet distilled rice over, "Because you like sweet, I'm okay. Actually, I like salty."

"Next time you invite me to eat salted egg yolk dumplings."

She was not polite, and Liu Ci gave a hum.

The fermented **** are round and round, and the soup is sweet. While talking, He Yu added mint to the jelly that was just served. Liu Ci saw that she added it again and again, and couldn't help saying: "You are not afraid of death from the cold."

He Yu shook her head, "It's cool," she said, and asked Liu Ci: "Why do I think the name Lian Xiaoli is so familiar."

Liu Ci said, "My classmate, my name is just behind you."

He Yu said, "It's such a coincidence, it seems that our neighbourhoods really have magical magnetic fields gathered together."

She was quite happy. When the spoon touched the porcelain bowl and scooped the fairy grass, she said, "We can also go to school together in the future. Self-study in high school is until ten o'clock in the evening, and there will be no streetlights over there. Many people are brave."

Liu Ci was actually a little unhappy. She thought about the scene and felt uncomfortable. She had been inseparable from He Yu since she was a child. One more person seemed to be squeezed out, like sand in her shoes.

"Why don't I know you are so courageous."

She said so, her tone a little cold.

He Yu didn't notice it at all. Instead, he slapped a ball out of the bowl of Liu Ci with a spoon. "It's not because someone is afraid of the dark."

Liu Ci stopped talking.

She is very demanding of herself. She is the first child of the Liu family. Because one child after another is so small, the pet is divided into parts. Many things need to be paid attention to, when to add clothes, when to change seasons, and He Yu is different. Liu Ci can cook a table of dishes by herself. If He Yu says Hong Lanwen will come back to cook, unless something happens, she will not do it herself.

It was the first time for the two of them to cook. He Yu still poured water in the oil, crackling and almost didn't blow up the kitchen.

Therefore, He Yu stays away from the kitchen, even if she likes to eat hot pepper fried pork.

Hong Lanwen said she was lazy, and she didn't do it herself and waited for someone to do it. He Yu touched the rice bowl and said casually: "Wait for Liu Ci to do it, I will go shopping, and she will cook."

She was beaten by her mother, "You can't be together forever."

He Yu didn't care, "After that, we moved out and lived in the opposite door, so we could visit frequently."

"Then Liu Ci is married and has a husband and children. Who wants to cook for you, don't be so lazy."

He Yu was choked and let out a surprise.

At that time, the feeling of wanting to grow up was temporarily suppressed, and only occasionally such thoughts came up.

In her heart, Liu Ci couldn't do without her. Liu Ci was short-sighted at a very young age, and his degree was very high. He looked like a blind man with his glasses off. She was afraid of the dark and looked around at the road without lights, and she was too honest, and she was often bullied and didn't know. She was arranged to take out the trash when she was on duty. With her small arms and thin legs, she was struggling to take out the trash.

Moreover, Liu Ci doesn't know how to ride a bicycle. He Yu needs to take her when he goes out to borrow a book or apply for a bus pass.

How could there be no such Liu Ci?

It doesn't take long to drink a bowl of immortal grass and eat a piece of sweet fermented rice. He Yu paid the money and took Liu Ci for a few laps.

The day is over, I will report to school in two days, and the days of going to school together as before will start again.

He Yu stopped the car and said to Liu Ci standing aside waiting for her to lock the car: "Are you sleeping with me today?"

Liu Ci glanced at his home, lowered his head and kicked the steps with his shoes, "I think about it."

He Yu: "If you have any consideration, come here if you want."

Liu Ci gave a hum.

He Yu scratched his head, "What do you mean."

Liu Ci: "Let me bring the test paper, I still have a question I haven't finished."

He Yu took a step back in fright, "Don't come over"

But Liu Ci came over, "Write together, eight reading comprehension, and have to be tested at the beginning of school. Don't go to the end of the car again."

He Yu covered his face and waved in pain: "You go quickly."

Liu Ci patted her shoulder, "I will open the window a little bit later."

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