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He Yu went back to take a shower, lay on the bed and listened to the party song and then sat up to paint.

Her windows were wide open for Liu Ci to come in, but in summer it was easy for mosquitoes to get in when the lights were turned on without closing the screen windows, so she simply turned off the lights.

Just lie on the bed like this.

There was moonlight outside the window, and Liu Ci jumped into He Yu's window under the moonlight. As soon as he stepped on the newspaper he had prepared beforehand, he heard a wow.

She was taken aback and almost fell to the ground. He Yu rushed over and picked her up. He wailed for several times, "Are you scared!"

Liu Ci stepped on the corner of He Yu.

The screen window was closed, the desk lamp was turned on, and the dim light turned on the room. Liu Ci saw He Yu was pulling the mosquito net.

He Yu's hair was not completely dry yet, and it looked like strands. Liu Ci walked over and touched it, but He Yu stopped him. The man pinched his throat and said, "What are you doing, it's indecent, it's really abnormal."

Willow's words: "..."

She was wearing an old summer dress, the style looked very loose, He Yu put on her old man's vest again, and she didn't wear a bra. When she was sideways, her **** were all visible. Liu Ci pulled up the small blanket next to the bed. , Cover He Yu.

He Yu was hooking up the mosquito net, unexpectedly being pulled, groaned, but did not hook it, the hook dangling around the bedside, she stretched out her leg and kicked Liu Ci and sighed, "What are you doing."

Liu Ci didn't speak, she went to pull the mosquito net.

He Yu was lying on the edge of the bed, half of her hair falling out of the window. Mosquitoes were likely to come up through that gap. She tossed over and over again, remembering something, and rolled over to Liu Ci, "You didn't mean to do it." Exam papers?"

Liu Ci took off her glasses and closed her eyes. She put a hand on her eyes. She had a small skeleton and could not occupy much space on the bed. Her wrists were thin, and He Yu's palm could be encircled and there was still a little space left.

"Is this done for you?" Liu Ci's voice came out from the squeezing of his hands and lips, with a vague sleepiness, "I'll finish writing first after taking a shower."

"What are you doing so hard? The college entrance examination is still far away."

He Yu murmured. In the room, he could hear the bugs from outside the window, and he didn't know where it came from. It was so noisy. He Yu once went to the carpet to search angrily, but couldn't find a single leg.


Liu Ci turned over. There was only a small blanket on He Yu's bed. It was not hot at night and she did not turn on the air conditioner.

The old electric fan made a loud noise, blew hula hula, and occasionally the fan blades rubbed the fan cover and made a clang.

He Yu sighed, "I'll talk about things later."

She was always like this and didn't think about the future at all. Liu Ci turned his back to He Yu and suddenly asked her: "Will you study literature or science in the future?"

He Yu kicked, "Reason, it's so hard to memorize liberal arts, it's exhausting."

With a cry of Liu Ci, He Yu moved over, "How about you, must you learn Chinese with this little wine bottle?"

She is different from Liu Ci. Liu Ci's performance is good and average. You can't see any ups and downs. He Yu has always been lazy. Before the test before the high school entrance examination, the teacher was stunned by the teacher because he was too lazy to write big social questions.


He Yu said, "Then we can continue to be in the same class."

Liu Ci snorted softly.

"Not always."

After speaking, she closed her eyes and thought in her heart: I'll work hard.

He Yu rolled over Liu Ci again, and with the heat, Liu Ci was uncomfortable, and the more he shrank toward the bed, he almost fell off.

"What are you doing?"

Liu Ci turned his head, his forehead almost hit He Yu's head, and he met a pair of sparkling eyes.

"Do you really want to be in the same class with me?"

Liu Ci: "We were originally a class."

He Yu: "It's coming later."

Liu Ci turned his face away, "No."

He Yu's leg was placed on her body, Liu Ci twisted and let her put it down.

"Oh, then I want to be in the same class as the small bottle. We have been together since we were young, so why can't we be separated?"

Liu Ci said, "Go to bed, I have to get up early tomorrow to cook porridge."

He Yu reached out and turned off the light.

The mosquito nets were swung by the electric fan, and Liu Ci opened his eyes in the dark, looking at the old furnishings in the room, but his heart was blocked.

How could it not be separated?

Liberal arts and sciences is just the first step. Even if the subjects are the same, there are so many classes. In the future, universities will be different.


The more she thought about it, the more panicked she became, but He Yu on one side turned off the light and fell asleep, breathing heavily, without any burden at all.

The next day He Yu woke up and Liu Ci was no longer there. He Yu sat up, opened the window and knocked on the opposite window with a bamboo pole.

Liu Yu poked his head out of the inside and called out the crisp sister Yu.

"Where is your sister?"

He Yu rubbed his hair and yawned. Yu Guang looked at the time, it was only six o'clock.

"Sister went to buy fried dough sticks."

He Yu said, "Did she go on foot?"

There are several Youtiao shops in Yanxing Cang Alley. The Liu familys favorite food is not the nearest, and they still need to go around the street.


He Yu: "How long have you been walking?"

"I think about it!"

Liu Yu glanced at the frog watch on his wrist, "Six...seven minutes!"

He Yu: "Thank you for Xiaoyu."

Liu Yu watched He Yu close the window, thinking that sister Yu was going to find her sister again.

He Yu quickly washed his face, went downstairs and drove the lock and rode towards the Youtiao shop. She always likes to run up on her bike and then rush up. It looks dangerous, but she thinks it is cool.

There are the most elderly people in the small alley at this point. He Yu rang the car bell and dinged through half the street. He saw Liu Ci walking forward alone, and stretched out his hand to pat her shoulder.

Liu Ci turned his head, and He Yu had stopped.

"Come on, I'll take you there."

Liu Ci got in the car and heard He Yu say, "Isn't it about making porridge? Why did you buy fried dough sticks again."

"Xiaoyu said I want to eat."

"She's not young anymore, let her go out and buy it herself, she's used to it, alas."

He Yu pedaled the bicycle, she casually put a T-shirt on her body, and the morning breeze poured in through the collar, and she yawned.

There were a lot of people in the Youtiao shop. He Yu saw Lian Xiaoli at a glance. She stopped the car and let out a hi.

Liu Ci glanced at it, and went in to pay. The woman who was fried dough sticks was a twenty-five and sixty-six. She smiled when she saw Liu Ci, "Come with Xiaohe again?"

He Yu was talking to Lian Xiaoli. Lian Xiaoli wore a blue skirt today, made of cotton and linen. It looked very refreshing. I didnt know what He Yu said. She laughed, and the two of them looked at it and chatted. Have fun.

Liu Ci retracted his gaze and gave a hmm.

"Give me a small wine bottle too!"

He Yu shouted.

"Small wine bottle?"

Lian Xiaoli asked again, somewhat curious.

Lian Xiaoli's hair is very long, her bangs are very thin, airy, and her facial features look particularly delicate. He Yu looked at Liu Ci who was talking to the fried dough stick's sister, and said with a smile: "Because her glasses and wine bottles It's like the bottom."

Lian Xiaoli glanced at Liu Ci, only to feel that the other person looked inaccessible, oh.

He Yu: "You seem to be in the same class with us."

Lian Xiaoli was a little surprised, "Really?"

He Yu nodded, "I went to see Liu Ci yesterday. Your last name is a bit special. It's the first time I heard this last name."

Lian Xiaoli smiled. When she smiled, she showed her tiger teeth, tilted her head and said, "Maybe you still know me like this in the future?"

He Yu stretched out his hand and patted her shoulder, he said, "That's you, we are in Class 7."

"What's your name? You want to end me?" He Yu smiled, "Isn't your father named Lian?"

Lian Xiaoli shook her head. Her eyelashes were very long. When she turned her face to speak, the morning light shone, and the shadows under her blinked and fluttered, "Yes, my mother's last name."

He Yu wowed.

Liu Ci looked at the deep-fried dough sticks in the frying pan, his ears seemed to be filtered, and he heard He Yu's laughter and Lian Xiaoli's voice.

Lian Xiaoli had transferred from another city. Her parents had always liked to go north and south, but somehow they opened the store here and sent their daughter to study here.

"It's okay, just report that we three will go together."

When Liu Ci crossed the threshold with his hot fried dough sticks, he heard He Yu's words.

"You buy a bicycle, or a second-hand one, so you can go to school faster, and you can be lazy and sleep a few more minutes."

He Yu was born to talk ridiculously, and he could chat for a long time when he caught a person. Moreover, her tone was brisk and her expression was very relaxed, always letting the people with her feel relaxed, as if all the unhappiness was wiped out.

Lian Xiaoli shook his head, "I don't know how to ride a bicycle."

He Yu scratched his head, "Why are you like Liu Ci, is the bicycle so difficult, or I am too good... I think about it, take the bus to the street, every ten minutes, 15 minutes is almost the same, it feels very troublesome Eh"

She muttered: "Shen Pang seems to be in the same school with us. I turned around and asked..."

Lian Xiaoli smiled, "It's okay, I can get up early to take the bus or walk there."

He Yu: "Shen Pang is also in this alley. It's okay. I'll introduce it to you... Hey Liu Ci, you come out. You tiao is so fragrant. Wait a minute. I'll buy a cup of soy milk."

She said and ran in again.

Leave Liu Ci standing outside with Lian Xiaoli.

Lian Xiaoli also held fried dough sticks and buns soy milk in his hand, and the atmosphere between them was not as brisk as when He Yu was there.

"Are you... Are you called Liu Ci?"

Lian Xiaoli spoke first.

Liu Ci nodded. Her hair is not like He Yu's type that can be used for cooking without washing in a day. It is a bit dry, so the bangs are all fluffy, and the shadows on the ground seem to be fluffy.

"You and He Yu have a very good relationship."

Lian Xiaoli spoke very sincerely. Liu Ci raised his eyes to look at her. Lian Xiaoli stood against the light. The morning sun gave her a ray of light. She looked nothing like a kid in this alley. There was a sweet and greasy feeling of happiness. Although Liu Ci didn't think she was unhappy, it was always different.

From the outside, she was clean and soft. She was a girl, which made Liu Ci feel hot.

She has always been afraid of the liveliness of being released. He Yu is already the most free of people she knows. The arrival of Lian Xiaoli gave her an inexplicable sense of crisis.

"She and I are good friends."

He Yu brought soy milk out, just in time to see Liu Ci raising his eyes to look at Lian Xiaoli.

The sunshine is just right, Liu Ci is not tall, and Lian Xiaoli is not too tall. People standing together and talking make her feel like two small animals.

She jumped over, "What are you talking about?"

Liu Ci backed away, "I didn't say anything."

Lian Xiaoli smiled and looked at He Yu: "I'm going back first, my parents are still waiting for dinner."

He Yu said, she put the cup of soy milk in the basket, and asked Liu Ci what to talk about on the way back.

Liu Ci said she was very noisy.

"Hey, I think Lian Xiaoli looks like a doll."

When He Yu said this, she had always been accustomed to talking to herself, thinking that Liu Ci would not pay attention to her this time.

Unexpectedly, Liu Ci gave a hum.

He Yu wowed, "Is it right?"

She didn't know where the sense of crisis had arisen, "But even in this way, you can only be with me!"

Liu Ci felt that He Yu was like a child, always talking nonsense, "Who is good to you!"

He Yu reached out and hugged Liu Ci's arm, "You!"

Willow's words: "Get out!"

Lian Xiaoli still didn't buy a bicycle. On the first day of school, her father drove her there. His father had a car.

Most of the students in the new class, He Yu, have actually met him. They were mostly familiar with each other in the previous junior high school, and they were divided into districts, unless they had good exams.

She is naturally familiar with her, and she has become familiar with people when she publishes books.

In the afternoon, the teacher gave a row of seats, and He Yu was stunned for a long time, because she and Liu Ci had been at the same table before, and according to the scores, it almost killed her.

"For the time being, we will arrange the results according to the results, and we will give you a chance to choose when the first monthly exam is over."

For more than a month, He Yu almost cried.

She sits at the last table, Liu Ci is at the penultimate table at the other end. There are 35 people in a class. Originally, He Yu should be the lone seedling of No. 35. Thanks to Lian Xiaoli's blessing, with the same table, the two sit together. In the last row.

Lian Xiaoli cupped her face, looked at her new tablemate with a burning butt, and asked amusedly: "How much can you do without Liu Ci?"

He Yu sighed, "This is the first time Liu Ci and I have separated the Milky Way."

Lian Xiaoli laughed, "You are not the Cowherd and Weaver Girl."

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