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Lian Xiaoli finds He Yu more and more funny. Although she has never seen Liu Ci and He Yu a few times, her mother has visited several times and learned the general situation of this lane. Five.

The son of the barbershop at the intersection is a fat man and should also be a school. There is also the youngest son of Lao Liu's noodle restaurant. It is said that he was in a higher vocational school.

The skinny one repairs electrical appliances, and the tall one is a pro-daddy who does not come back for ten and a half months. Mom works as a salesperson in a store.

There is almost no change in Yanxinglong Alley, and there is not much population movement, almost all of them are old residents for many years.

Children were born here and grew up here.

It is different from the community where Lian Xiaoli used to live. There is not so much contact between neighbors, and the iron gate is locked. Some neighbors rarely see each other a few times a year, and when they meet downstairs, they cannot be named.

After only a few words, she realized that He Yu could speak a lot better than Liu Ci.

Under He Yu's eyes frequently, Liu Ci opened the new textbook and looked seriously.

The new class and the new teacher on the stage are still talking, and Liu's words are open-minded, as if immersed in his own world.

She had never thought that she would have such a day with He Yu before. It was a sense of ease that she had been accustomed to spoiling for many years. The ease of interpersonal relationship made her seldom think that she would be separated from He Yu.

The fixed houses in Yanxingcang Lane, the fixed so-so and so-so, are not without new residents moving in, but without their peers, the arrival of Lian Xiaoli gave Liu Ci a sense of uneasiness, like she worked hard. The balance of many years will eventually be broken. If there is such a day, when that day comes, she might as well cut it herself.

It's not cut off.

Some feelings of incompetence could not be found at all, and it was like a premonition. The first time she saw Lian Xiaoli, she had a strange sense of crisis.

She thought in her heart, just to separate, not to be so close.

But at this time Liu Ci didn't take into account the difference between their three streets and the way home was a few steps, so when He posted a new book and left school, He was still complaining: "I'm so mad at me! How can you rank it by grades!" This is discrimination! It has caused a serious psychological shadow on the students, it is cold and violence!"

Lian Xiaoli, who was standing side by side, heard it, "I didn't expect it either."

He Yu sighed: "We are also very destined."

This sentence made Lian Xiaoli smile. The willow poems in her afterglow looked faint, looking at the roadside scenery with a look that I hadn't heard.

She kept her face away, feeling more and more that Liu Ci could not speak well.

He Yu and Liu Ci went back together.

When he went downhill, He Yu didn't even squeeze the brakes and deliberately twisted the lead of the car. Liu Ci grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and gave a feed.

The aggrieved voice of He Yu drifted along the wind. She said: "Liu Ci, you haven't said a few words to me today."

She looks happy all day long, and the shelf life of this kind of grievance will not exceed a few hours. Maybe she will be fine after a meal.

Liu Ci knew He Yu very well, and did not respond at this time.

And Lian Xiaoli, who was picked up by her family after school, answered perfunctorily when her mother knew about the new environment, thinking about new neighbors, new classmates, and new tablemates. He Yu was very new to her, she had never seen him before. The type of the past.

The school Lian Xiaoli went to before was not very good, and she was smoggy. She was always isolated, but she didn't talk to her parents.

She didn't have many friends since she was a child. She was a classmate who nodded and hid, or the kind of classmate who pointed to her.

She hasn't been so relaxed for a long time.

The three of them returned home with their own minds. The school will officially start tomorrow and the school uniforms will not be issued. It is still very hot at this time. He Yu disliked the ugly school uniforms, and wanted to go to the tailor's shop on weekends to change it.

Liu Ci didn't say anything along the way, and He Yu was also angry, thinking I would ignore you either.

Send people back and go up by myself.

Liu Ci stood downstairs, watching He Yusuo finish the car and ascend upstairs, standing for several minutes.

Liu Yu poked her head upstairs and shouted, sister, you are back.

Liu Ci went up.

He Yu rushed upstairs with a schoolbag on one shoulder, and the sound of closing the door at home was louder. Before he looked up, he heard a roar

"Why, you have such a bad temper, and the door is broken, you fix it yourself?!"

With a rough voice, He Yu could only smell the smoke in the house. A man in a vest sat at the table and smoked. He Yu glanced at He Fengjun in disgust, saw her mother's back in the kitchen, turned his head and walked towards the kitchen.

"When did he come back."

He Yu carried the schoolbag, walked to her mother who was cutting vegetables, and asked.

"I came back more than three o'clock."

"You got off work too early today."

"Change with people, go to night."

He Yu said, "He can't cook by himself?"

Hong Lanwen lowered her head. Her fingers were a bit thick and looked a little wrinkled, but cutting vegetables was very neat. He Yu watched her cut half a radish thinly and put it into the pot, but he couldn't help complaining. Sentence: "I'm so annoying."

Her mother tapped her forehead with the handle of the spatula, "The child knows what annoyance is?"

He Yu hung his schoolbag on his arms, pouting and said, "Who is not troubled, there are also rhubarb downstairs."

It's the yellow dog raised downstairs. It's seven or eight years old, and it's not closed, and it's walking around the alley all day long.

"Can people be the same as dogs?"

Hong Lanwen added salt to the pot and pointed to the rice cooker, "Is the rice ready?"

He Yu looked at it, turned her back to her mother and said over and over again: "If he beats you again, he will get a divorce."

I haven't heard her mother's voice for a long time. He Yu turned her head and saw that her mother was cutting green onions again, and her mother's voice seemed to be an answer.

Helpless torment.

He Yu slammed the lid of the rice cooker and walked into his house holding the shoulder strap of his schoolbag.

When passing by his dad, she heard the man's rough voice

"The wings are hard? Dad doesn't scream?"

He Yu bit his lip and did not compromise. He walked into his house, threw his schoolbag away, and fell on the bed with his head buried in the pillow. He wanted to cry but couldn't cry.

Since childhood, her fathers absence is always the happiest. You dont have to come back carefully, you dont have to look at your face when you eat, and even the air is fresh and there is no annoying smell of smoke.

Most importantly, I won't hear her mother crying bitterly.

That kind of forbearing sound that couldn't help being made because of the pain was like crying but not crying, torturing her little by little in the night.

Start with notes.

Sometimes it's a little bit fierce, scuffles, something falls on the floor, is it an alarm clock on the bedside table, or a photo frame with a wedding photo?

The glass of the photo frame was broken long ago, leaving only an obscure piece of transparent plastic paper, which her mother installed.

He Yu didn't understand. She thought about this problem since she was a child, and even began to fear his dad's return. She was as frightened as her, but she still had to endure the violence of this man.

The sky outside the window gradually dimmed, and Hong Lanwen knocked on the door, "He Yu, I have dinner."

He Yu gave a cry.

She sat up and rubbed her hair irritably. She couldn't help but glanced out of the window. The window opposite was not closed, but the light was not turned on. Liu Ci should have gone to dinner too.

She suddenly wanted to talk to Liu Ci.

But a few minutes ago she vowed never to talk to Liu Ci again. He Yu took a deep breath and opened the door to go out. The man just opened his beer at the dinner table and let out a cry.

He Yu pulled a stool and sat down, and the man stretched out his hand and touched her head, "How come you are so long, you don't look like a girl at all."

He Yu patted He Fengjun's hand off, and said irritably, "Don't touch my head."

"What's the matter, I still can't touch it? You are my kind, don't you let me touch it?"

He Fengjun has dark skin. He drives the train all the year round, as if he is driving a anger. His brows are frowning, and he is not a good stubble. His hair is flattened and his scalp is exposed.

He Yu felt the smell of sweat all over him, and felt that these words were very unsatisfactory, "Touch a fart, look in the mirror by yourself."

When she frowned, she could actually see He Fengjun's shadow. He Fengjun stared at her daughter who hadn't seen her for more than a month, took a sip from the beer bottle, and sighed, "If you are a good one."

He Yu: "Do you want to live by yourself? Why didn't you choke me to death."

This sentence was too aggressive, and Hong Lanwen finally had some reaction, "He Yu, don't make trouble."

He Yu had no appetite for a table of dishes, "Who is making trouble for you?"

She tossed the table and chopsticks, stood up and left.

With a bang, the door was closed, and the atmosphere of the couple inside the door was also very tense.

He Fengjun sandwiched a peanut, "This little girl has a personality like me."

Hong Lanwen didn't speak.

This marriage was in name only when it first started, and the relationship between the husband and wife broke down. It was only because of He Yu that the seemingly shaky peace was maintained.

It's not that Hong Lanwen has never been pregnant after He Yu was born. It's just that he is not in good health and can't keep it. He Fengjun wants a son. He has a deep-rooted idea of passing on from generation to generation, even if he has nothing to pass on. , Sometimes the anger comes up and becomes the perpetrator.

However, Hong Lanwen was honest in nature, and at first he thought about forbearance, but later, forbearance became an intensified repetitive action.

But when He Yu grew up, the importance of a family is self-evident. Moreover, He Yu loved painting since he was a child and needs more money. Hong Lanwen didn't think about divorce, but He Fengjun disagreed.

A stalemate lasted for several years.

He Yu is very clever. She has been aware of the atmosphere before her parents, but this kind of children's speech is always inconsequential and can't do anything, so it's quite naive to say it.

Divorce is a fashionable word, she has seen it on TV.

It's okay if the husband and wife separate.

She also thought about who she would talk to, without a doubt, of course she followed Hong Lanwen.

But she waited and waited until she was in high school, but she still did not leave.

She didn't understand, she rushed downstairs in a rage, unlocked the car, and ran out after riding the car.

It just happened to be getting late, and the distant sky and the old buildings intertwined into a very pleasing view, but she was used to seeing it and didn't want to appreciate it. The evening breeze blew on her face, and her body was trembling because of the heat. She stood up and rode. Quickly, the wind poured in from her collar and out of the clothes, as if to soothe her sadness.

With tears in her eyes, the wheels of the bicycle ran over the uneven stone road, through the narrow alleys with dense wires, and the twilight with the chirping sparrows, she was riding sweaty, soaking her bangs with sweat, until her legs trembled. , And finally got off the car and walked endlessly.

She occasionally feels like a person without a home.

Hong Lanwen is a good mother, but she is always cowardly.

She hates inequality, in terms of gender.

Liu's words agree with her on this point. They grew up in the voice of "Why aren't they boys?" and they didn't play with boys. They felt that boys were not as good as themselves. They could climb trees and catch them. Yu is not particularly powerful, but Liu Ci is powerful. They are always better than boys. Why do adults still say that?

But on the one hand, she thought again, if I were a man, it would be fine.

Will that unappetizing father not beat his mother?

Can all errors be corrected, as long as I change my gender.

As she walked, her rubber band was broken, the pony tail spread out, and the back of her head was sweaty.

He Yu was a little hungry, she had no money, so she had to go back.

Pulling her bicycle across the bridge, she passed Wenshengs noodle shop, saw Liu Wenshengs house eating, and saw her passing by, and said hello.

He Yu smiled at their family, not as brilliant as her mood at the moment.

She continued to walk forward, and in the evening breeze, under the dark blue sky, she saw Liu Ci coming out from the next door next to her house with a tray.

Lian Xiaoli's home.

She naturally saw He Yu too, they were more than ten steps apart, which was a bit far away.

"Liu Ci!"

He Yu opened his mouth and shouted.

Liu Ci shouted: "Where have you been?"

She walked towards He Yu, and He Yu came towards Liu Ci.

"I'm going to ride a bike."

"I heard about it."

They spoke together.

He Yu discovered that there were two pancakes in the willow poem plate, exuding the smell of green onion meat, and they were golden under the dim street lamp.

"Can I eat it?"

"It was originally for you."

He Yu put the car aside, sat on the steps and began to eat.

Liu Ci sat next to her, watching He Yu eating cakes with her hair draped.

She reached out and pinned the other person's hair behind her ears, and He Yu smirked at her.

"Liu Ci, you are so kind."

He Yu said wholeheartedly.

Liu Ci could see He Yu's sadness, "Don't be sad."

"I know," He Yu swallowed, "It's just hard to hold back."

She smiled, and almost didn't smile a snot bubble, "This cake is delicious, did you make it?"

Liu Ci gave a hum.

He Yu took another bite, "You are so good, if you can..."

She didn't finish her words, and swallowed with the pancake again.

Liu Ci knew what she wanted to say.

She said quietly in her heart, of course, always.

But I heard He Yu's voice

"Let's be friends for life."

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