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He Yu found that Liu Ci stopped talking.

She ate the cake, as if the anger had subsided, and reached out to pull Liu Ci's hand, but was waved away.

"It's too oily."

He Yu narrowed his mouth: "You despise me again."

This word was simply made out of nothing. Liu Ci was shocked by He Yu's shamelessness again, and finally stood up and took away the plate from He Yu's hand: "I went back to wash the dishes."

He Yu watched Liu Ci go upstairs. He looked upstairs for himself. He still didn't want to go back. He was hesitating when a fat man passed by with a plastic bag of peaches and he let out a hey.

"Pang Shen, why did you go here."

Saying hello, the fat man is about the same height as He Yu, but the whole person is widened, and it is so long that it is not dark, otherwise it looks a little oily.

The fat man named Shen Yougan, and his parents love for money can be glimpsed from his name. Unfortunately, the barber shop has been open for more than ten years. Live.

"Isn't this taking a walk after dinner? My mother said I'm getting fat again."

Shen Fat was white and fat, and looked very bully, and he stammered a little in his speech.

"...It's a bit," He Yu looked at him several times again, "Let's relax and eat less."

Shen Yougan held a peach in his hand, squinted, and asked: "Why are you sitting or sitting downstairs in your house? Is it noisy or noisy?"


He Yu died with a hard duck mouth and refused to admit it, "I'm coming down to blow the hair."

Shen Pang said, took out a peach and handed it to He Yu: "Eat it."

He Yu said thank you, remembering that this person was in the same school as her, "Which class are you?"

"Class six."

"The class next door."

He Yu chatted again. She stood on the steps and talked to You Shen. The unpleasantness at home slowly disappeared, and she looked brilliant in the eyes of others.

Lian Xiaoli came back carrying a bowl of packed noodles and saw He Yu talking to a fat man in black clothes.

When she walked this way, she could naturally see Liu Ci on the second floor by the window, holding a book. The two of them looked at each other strangely for a few seconds after being separated a little bit.

Lian Xiaoli suddenly felt terrified.

Liu Ci and He Yu are not the same type of girl at all. He Yu is sunshine, and Liu Ci is snow, but these two are so good that they are visible to the naked eye, which is incredible.

He Yu and Shen You are talking about the new school and the new class. She talks a lot, and few people can cut off her words unless she ends it herself.

At this moment, I was exchanging school gossip with the fat man. Obviously, he had heard a lot of gossip before school officially started.

"Your class teacher is terrible. I told you that she, she used to..."

He Yu felt that it was so hard for her to talk to a small stutter like this, she was almost dying of anxiety, and the gossip talker was not in a hurry.

After listening to the teachers gossip, You Shen hasnt finished doing it. Its said that we have a very beautiful and beautiful girl in your class this year?

He Yu took a piece of paper from his trouser pocket and wiped his hand, "Why, do you like it?"

Shen Fat: "You, don't talk nonsense!"

He Yu said perfunctorily, "What's your name?"

"What about Lian, Lian?"

He Yu yawned, just in time to see Lian Xiaoli walking here, "Is it her."

The fat man turned his head to look over and nodded.

"I said Shen Xiaoqian, forget it, don't digest it internally if it's all in the neighbourhood, besides, pretty girls must chase a lot of her, you first fulfill the vow you made during the Chinese New Year."

Shen Yougan has been chubby since he was a child. Fortunately, it is not annoying. Like a fat girl who longs for Bai Fumei, Shen Yougan also longs for himself to become a handsome guy one day.

The alley grass Liu Wensheng in Yanxinglong Alley was a nightmare of his adolescence.

Except for the body, everything else is perfect, so perfect that his dad has used him for nothing.

"Look at the eldest son of the old Liu family, at least he is handsome."

No matter what my father is, my mother is still in line to make Shen Yougan feel angry, and stumbles on the bar: "You are handsome and I am handsome."

Then he was beaten to run two roads, He Yu lay on the windowsill watching the excitement, laughing quickly.

The dream of losing weight and becoming a handsome guy has never been realized for years and years. Thinking of this, Shen Youqian suddenly felt a little sad and bowed his head in surprise.

He Yu Hey, he patted the other person on the shoulder, "What's the matter, maybe after 20 years, you are a sportsman, and Brother Wensheng will become a Mediterranean beer belly."

He Yu said and smiled at Lian Xiaoli, who was curious, "I'll introduce you to our lane. It's the son of Uncle Shen at the barbershop, Yougan."

Lian Xiaoli: "Have money?"

He Yu said, "That's right."

Shen Yougan waved his hand hurriedly, "Friends, fraternity friends, unparalleled, dry."

He Yu: "It's very rich."

Her urgency was really annoying, and Lian Xiaoli also felt the embarrassment of this person. She smiled at the other party and said hello.

Shen Yougan lowered his head in embarrassment, feeling that he and the pretty girl were on the edge of the earth. He has a round face and a light hair color. In fact, he is quite cute, but compared with his muscular male father, he is really not a style. He has been accustomed to him since he was a child.

He Yu patted Shen Yous dry shoulder, We have new friends, and we can go to school together in the future. He Yu started arranging the same as the head, Little money is in class six, in fact, you can let him drive you to school in the future and help him. It's okay to lose weight."

Her thoughtfulness made the fearful Shen Yougan even more frightened.

Classmate Shen Yougan hates handsome guys, and yearns for jealousy and low self-esteem, but he did not expect to be the same in front of beautiful girls. He Yu has known each other for many years and has been in a state of ignoring appearance and gender, but Lian Xiaoli is different. The family is well taught and beautiful, so he can only lower his head.

Lian Xiaoli looked at the other party and refused to raise her eyes, and felt that the only peers in Yanxinglong Alley were He Yu who didn't hate her.

The three of them stood on the side of the road and chatted a few words. Liu Ci sat upstairs and watched. She was holding a new textbook in her hand. She didnt read a word of the necessary ancient poems on it. She found that she seemed to hate He. Yu it.

I hate that she recovers quickly anyway.

I hate the familiarity she didn't come to, and hate her breath that always makes people close.

She is the opposite of He Yu, He Yu is fire, and she is water.

They were destined to be incompatible, but they ran into each other because of this erratic alley and entangled because of the dilapidated handshake building.

After so many years, fire is still fire, water is still water, and there is a clear distinction.

Finally, Shen Yougan turned around and went home. He Yu waved his hand, but Lian Xiaoli couldn't help but glance up when he turned around.

Liu Ci's figure disappeared.

She felt that the people of the same age in this alley were very strange except for He Yu, thinking of Liu Ci's thick spectacle lenses and the eyes hidden behind the spectacles, which were foggy and not as big as the same.

I hope the new environment can be better, she thought.

But He Yu's pain has just begun.

A new school, a new school uniform, a new classmate, a new teacher. He Yu is very fresh about everything. In class, he looks like someone is getting a needle in his butt, and he can't sit still. The teacher talks on the top, and she talks on the bottom.

The deviation of the male to female ratio in the class is not high. He Yus front desk is a slightly fat girl with fishbone braids, a pierced ear, and a plastic tube. He Yu is a little curious, and the other party picks it up. Come down and show her.

The new head teacher is a thin and tall woman who teaches English and has a little accent in class. From the day of the report, she feels strong.

I got my nickname in just a few days.

He Xiangu.

He Xiangu does not have the surname He, but Guo, whose surname is Guo Xiancai.

The specific nickname came from who could not be tested, but in just one week, He Yu basically got acquainted with the whole class. Every day when he walked into the classroom, he talked familiarly and talked about what he had eaten in the morning. Liu Ci got up in the morning and got up on He Yu's bicycle. The two walked into the classroom together, but no one greeted Liu Ci. They separated at the podium and walked to their respective positions.

And Lian Xiaoli will follow them, and He Yu will follow them obediently when He Yu calls her.

There are always many things worth discussing in the new environment. Which class has more beautiful women, which class has more handsome boys, exchange favorite stars, favorite TV series, He Yus news comes from all over the world, it is probably that she had a high profile with Liu Ci as soon as school started. The appearance is inseparable, so someone asked her about Liu Ci, what her hobbies are, and whether she is in love.

She said how could it be possible, Liu Ci had a very high-sighted vision.

That's how she said, she used to think that Liu Ci was very familiar, what Liu Ci likes to eat, what Liu Ci does not like, and what Liu Ci is afraid of...

But who Liu Ci likes, she has never asked about it.

They will discuss which celebrity is good-looking and which celebrity is cool, but on this occasion, Liu Ci glanced at it lightly, seemingly disinterested.

He Yu felt that the other party just wanted to agree with him.

What kind of boy would Liu Ci like? He Yu lost his mind during class.

She remembered what Hong Lanwen said, Liu Ci would marry in the future, and if he had a husband and children, he could not be with her.

A family of three, a family portrait, no matter what she thinks, she can't figure out what the two vacant people in the photo look like.

Her distractions are too obvious. The math teacher is a 50-year-old aunt who likes to wear short floral skirts, which caused a great visual impact on the boys on the side of the first row of podiums, especially those with big fans. when.

"He Yu!"

He Yu didn't hear it.

Everyone looked at her, Lian Xiaoli reached out and poked He Yu's arm, and He Yu turned his head blankly.

"What is the answer to this question?"

He Yu stood up in a panic and looked down at the new class and the sample questions in the book. Lian Xiaoli drew a circle on his book.

He Yu: "Choose A!"

The mathematics teacher snorted, "How about the problem-solving idea?"

He Yu glanced quickly, combined with Lian Xiaoli's reminder, and said a few words, but he still did not escape punishment, and went to the penalty station behind. She was not even ashamed of being punished to stand, and she was still smiling and swaggering along with the book, causing her classmates to laugh.

The math teacher had a stinking face, and obviously there was nothing he could do with her.

But Liu Ci didn't turn his head after the first glance, and listened to the class seriously.

During class, He Yu was pulled by Shao Qian at the front table to play gomoku. When he raised his eyes, he just saw Liu Ci picking up the water and shouted

"Liu Ci, give me something."

Liu Ci turned his head, "You won't fall on your own?"

He Yu touched his nose and said grimly: "Why are you so fierce?"

She was still chattering, Liu Ci shook her cup, slapped her hand, and He Yu drank it in three mouthfuls.

He Yu let out a cry, lowered his head again, and Liu Ci walked back to his seat.

The classmates who played backgammon together asked her: "I heard that you and Liu Ci are neighbors?"

He Yu nodded: "We are a little girl."

Shao Qian glanced at Liu Ci, who hadn't interacted with others at all while sitting in the position, "She doesn't care about people, and I haven't even seen who she talks to."

The snacker next to him took the sentence: "I heard that Liu Ci has an out-of-school boyfriend?"

He Yu was still painting his own son, and when he heard this sentence, his hand slipped, and a long black line slipped out.


Shao Qian: "Why is it impossible? I don't think this is just groundless. I went to get the takeaway at noon the other day and saw Liu Ci talking to someone over the railing."

He Yu: "Why did Ren Liuci take takeaways to get them back?"

There are a lot of people with mobile phones, neither He Yu nor Liu Ci. Occasionally, the fried noodles outside the school are arranged together to make up the number. Last time, Liu Ci took it.

Shao Qian: "Fart, that person is wearing the uniform of the school opposite, you think I'm blind, and he reached in to pull Liu Ci."

He Yu: "Don't spread rumors!"

Shao Qian was choked for a long time and couldn't speak. He took a piece of candy from the theater next door, looked at He Yu up and down for a long time, staring at He Yu until the goose bumps came out before she said

"You're so scary."

He Yu was unclear, so, "What's wrong with me?"

"You look so much like the wife I watched on TV cheating, and her husband has a hard duck mouth."

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