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This Saturday, Liu Hao and Liu Yuan also went to the second sister's house.

Speaking of making a dumpling, rolling out the dough from the afternoon, a dinner is prepared for a long time.

Liu Yu's family is quite large, with a four-bedroom house. During this time Xiao Yang was on a business trip, she simply took Liu Ci over.

Today, Liu Yuan and Liu Hao both live here, and they are as lively as they were when they were young.

When Shen Yougan and Jin Jia opened the door and came in, Liu Hao was wrapping up a cage. He saw Shen Yougan who was carrying a drink and called to brother.

Liu Ci is also sitting at the dining table making dumplings, and the latest hit drama is shown on TV. Shen Yougan's eldest daughter and Liu Yu's daughter are playing on a tablet.

Liu Yuan stared at the dumpling wrapper solemnly.


Liu Yu, who was wearing an apron, came out, her hair tied behind her head, with a face, which looked a bit similar to Liu Yu's words.

Shen Yougan put the drink on the table and said to Liu Ci: "Look at the row I bought."

Six cans of Fanta.

Liu Ci glanced at it, "I'm interested, is she okay?"

She asked Lian Xiaoli that Liu Ci still had a hard time letting go of this person for so many years. He was mindful, jealous, helpless, hated... In the end, it was just a deceased person.

"I have been transferred, and I have looked for several places."

Shen You dry-cleaned his hand and came back, pulled a chair and sat beside Liu Ci, "It feels like Xiaoli's dad and dad are getting rich again."

Liu Ci said, she is very skillful in making dumplings, spoon one spoonful, and the dumpling skin is folds and folds after being folded in half, which is very beautiful.

Liu Hao's bag is pretty good, but compared to Liu Ci Pianfei's speed, Liu Yuan is not good at all, so he has made a bun.

"She still can't remember anything?"

Liu Ci said that her voice was very soft and her whole person was thin. The air conditioner was turned on in the room, and the hot air made the atmosphere warm, but her sweater seemed more empty, and the butterfly bones could be poked out by bending a little.

"Yes," Shen Yougan sighed, "looking at me is the same as looking at strangers."

Thinking of Lian Xiaoli, Shen Youqian still feels sorry, such an excellent person ended up in this way.

It should have been shining brightly, but for the rest of his life he knew nothing in the ward.

"Her dad will take care of her."

Liu Ci lowered his head and stirred the stuffing in the pot. There are several kinds of stuffing. This winter solstice is very grand.

"No, uncle and uncle also found two and two caregivers for her."

Shen Yougan was also making dumplings, his hands and feet were neat, and the dumplings were round and round and not broken, making Liu Yuan on one side his eyes widened.

"That's very good."

Liu Ci's voice sounded neither salty nor weak. She was originally thin, and her vitality during this period of time looked even more sickly.

No one dared to speak up in front of her, nor dared to go too far, for fear that she could not think about it.

A while ago Liu Yu went to Liu Ci to live there for a while, taking care of her very thoughtful, so thoughtful that Liu Ci had to say that it was okay for her sister.

"I don't think about it."

It was an afternoon. Liu Yutiao took a few days off. In the afternoon, he was going to pick up his daughter from school.

After He Yu left, Liu Ci moved to the set he bought. It was cold and cold. Later, he bought a lot of furniture, but it was inevitably deserted.

He Yu's rabbit and cat are both raised by Liu Ci. The cat has long been bigger than the rabbit and is lazy. He likes to sit on the sofa every day.

"Sister, I'm still simmering that Sydney soup. Look at it, don't let it go, and the clothes in the washing machine haven't dried yet..."

Liu Yu babbled a lot, carrying a bag and still flipping through things for fear that he would go to the bank to do something and then forget it. When he passed by Liu Ci, he was held back.

"Don't you guys be so strained all day."

Liu Ci sat at the desk and looked at the computer. Her work was as usual. After she woke up in a coma, she was held under observation in the hospital for a period of time and then went home. She lost a lot of weight and looked like a paper man.

There was no delay at work, and others didn't even know what happened to her.

Liu Ci raised his eyes and looked at Liu Yu. Her sweater was so big that her hands were all tucked in her sleeves, her fingers protruding out, and she took Liu Yu's hand, chilling again.

Liu Yu let out a cry, and said helplessly: "Sister, you know that you are not in charge of this matter."

We cannot lose you.

The Liu family was almost carried by Liu Ci with one hand. After so many years of suffering, no one wanted Liu Ci to think about it.

"I know, but I want you to believe me."

Liu Ci's desk was very clean, and she started to suffer from insomnia all night and all night again, and the tiredness returned, as if she had been back to the days when she hadn't reunited with He Yu.

Sometimes at night she often thinks, it's better not to meet again, maybe there is not so much.

But things have happened, and I can't look back.

Tomorrow or accident, no one knows which one will come first, and it is not that everything can come first.

Say it again.

There is nowhere to talk.

There are no traces of He Yu in this house, she has no sense of security, and there are traces of He Yu everywhere in that house, and she has no sense of security.

Huge anxiety is always haunting her, pervasive, and tortured her to the bone.

But even Liu Ci felt surprised that she actually wanted to live well.

If she was the one she used to be, she might have already lost a hundred.


Liu Yu replied, and repeated what he said just now, and when he changed his shoes and went out, he had to add a sentence, don't forget to turn off the fire.

Liu Ci smiled and nodded and said okay, watching the door close.

She is the only one left in the room.

It was a little frighteningly deserted, and the wall clock was still working conscientiously. Liu Ci glanced at the calendar. This was the 83rd day when He Yu was away.

After finishing the days work, I turned off the computer, and the snow pear soup had dried out and cooled a bit. Liu Ci took a sip, turned on the phone, and clicked on the photo album.

A special file containing a scanned copy was put in the safe when she and He Yu were going to do the notarization of the will.

Only the death certificate can be exchanged for the key.

He Yu didn't care about the property in the safe, but the most precious thing was the envelope attached to the will.

The two handwritten characters on a4 paper were notarized by each of them that day, so they didnt know what to put in each other.

He Yu's handwriting is not very good-looking. She couldn't write well since she was a child, and it was so elegant that the teacher wanted to beat her.

There are also typos, and it is inevitable that I have not handwritten a long story for a long time.

She wrote this sentence herself.

Dear Liu Ci, I dont know if you got this letter first or none of us can see it. When it expires, it will be destroyed automatically. Anyway, Ill write it here now.

I hope you never see.

If you see it, it must have happened to me that cannot be undone. Hey, how can I say such a movie, it shouldn't be.

Ever since I saw you again, I have been thinking about whether there is any fate between me and you. My mother always mentions the word fate, and it is also mentioned in those costume movies. There is always a traction between people and people. You walked so fast at the beginning and came back off guard. I was taken aback.

Being with you to getting married is something I have never thought of.

Because I arranged you for the rest of my life early, even though I was a regular friend at that time.

The one that is better than the best is better.

I just want to be nice to you.

Its so numb (marks from the signature pen), you like me a lot. I know, I know you love me, but I dont dare to love you too much. .

But that would be safer.

I always feel that I can't get better. This feeling of having to treat the injuries caused by childhood is too painful. It is not just taking medicine and can be healed by dredging.

That kind of disease has grown up with me, I die and I die, I live and I live.

You have a lot of expectations for me, and I also have a lot of expectations for the future, but this is a time bomb. I don't know exactly who I am. When will I come out and hurt you that others are afraid of.

During this period of time, I thought about this over and over again, and I also thought about it at work. Everyone said let the flow go, so let it go.

I like you, I am married to you, this kind of trouble, just let me take it on my own.

Your mind is too heavy, I hope you walk briskly.

If I leave earlier than you one day, don't be sad for too long, of course, also be sad, at least I am your important person.

Don't overdo it, the future is still very long, help me to survive. Of course, this is not kidnapping you, I always respect you, ah... even if I have tried to think about you for the rest of my life, this guy is a little more optimistic.

Weird, we are actually half a cat.

Just sell my house. I'm not here. You live here, and you will feel sad thinking about it.

If my mother is still there at this time, or if I die earlier, my mother will ask you to take care of it. Alas, I certainly hope that I will take care of her personally. This old lady is not easy.

Dont hang yourself on my tree. To be with you is my first opportunity. But in this life, no one has to do it. You are always walking in the alleys, at least look around.

People who love you will always appear, who love you more than me.

If I can only accompany you here on this road, I'm really embarrassed, it's my negligence.

Just as if I... went to study early, and gave birth to my next life without saying anything, at least in this life, I lived well.

I also hope you never see this sloppy thing. I always like to think about it. At that time, you mentioned it and I thought it was good, but now I am a little confused.

The deposit money is also a bit expensive.

I'm sorry to tell you face to face, I'm glad to meet you, and I'm glad that we are together for these years, and I'm glad that you can like me.

Flattered, I love you too.

When Liu Ci got it for the first time, she didn't open it on the spot. She calmly finished the formalities, stuffed things into her bag, and hurried out.

When I took a taxi back, I felt very anxious, and finally got off the car on the side of the road and walked on the side of the street by myself.

Later, I got into a cafe, ordered a cup of American style, opened the bag, and looked at it.

I can see that my eyes are sore, I can hold my breath, I don't know when the coffee is coming.

There was dead silence all around.

I miss He Yu so much, I miss He Yu so much.

Tears fell, and she knew that she was outside again. She pressed the tissue on her eyelids and removed it after getting wet, and continued to look.

over and over again.

In fact, their letter was written in the same way, and she had arranged the following things early.

This kind of pre-sorrow is not exclusive to Liu Ci, nor is He Yu. It's just that she only manifested in certain aspects, cautious and confused, optimistic and negative, antonyms formed a shackle on her body, but she was treated as a scarf and accepted happily.

But in winter, scarves will only make people heavy and hot.

He Yu hadn't passed the hurdle at all, but she had given Liu Ci a promise to the fullest to face the future. She jumped up, but failed to jump into the small window opposite as she did when she was a teenager. She fell off.

After all, it is difficult for people to contend with the sky. Fires, coke, lakes, and drowning are all cause and effect.

If Shen Sijun was not with Liu Wensheng, if Lian Xiaoli had not moved to Yanxinglong Lane, if Yang Chuo had not been trafficked, if Hong Lanwen had not married He Fengjun.

If Aunt Liu didn't splash gasoline, if Lian Xiaoli was not burned, if Liu Ci didn't leave, if He Yu was a boy.

If you didn't get married that day, if Liu Ci accompanied He Yu to the bathroom that day, if those children were not by the lake.

There are many ifs, but there are no ifs.

Shen Sijun and Liu Wensheng had a vague affection. Lian Xiaoli came to a new cage to avoid the rumors. Yang Chuo still helped the trafficker who pretended to be a husband and wife. Hong Lanwen still marrying He Fengjun, who thinks he is worthy of entrustment.

Aunt Liu lit a fire, Lian Xiaoli was burned, Liu Ci was gone, and He Yu was still a girl.

They got married on the first day of October. Liu Ci did not accompany the tired He Yu to the bathroom. He Yu didnt have the energy but rushed down to save the child. Maybe because he was too tired, maybe because of cramps, maybe because of other things, he sank. At the bottom of the lake.

She herself never thought it would be like this.

The fact is that people are always driven by fate, good and bad, there is no room for repentance, and can only be passively accepted.

The Sydney pear soup tasted just right, Liu Ci read it again and put down the phone. Those words had already been engraved in her mind, but she couldn't help but think about it.

I wrote so many stories, but I didn't write about you.

The person I love the most in this life, God is not willing to treat you kindly. In that fictional world, the fictional you, I want to rewrite.

The author has something to say: There are also two chapters from [tomorrow], which will be updated on Thursday

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