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He Yu soon got along with the new classmates, and Liu Ci was mentally prepared for all this.

It's just that they still eat together, the money from the meal card is charged together, and occasionally order fried rice outside of school. He Yu is eager to try before get out of class is over, wishing to rush out directly through the back door.

When the bell rang after class, He Yu was gone. Liu Ci slowly closed the book and walked out. Lian Xiaoli glanced at He Yu's empty desk, and said, "She is really energetic. "

She also ate with He Yuliu Ci, only occasionally.

Lian Xiaoli knew that He Yu had a good relationship with Liu Ci, and did not want to mix it up at first, and she always felt that Liu Ci had some seemingly hostile hostility to her, even if it was small, but it was still sensitive to her by nature. It's like a needle stick.

She didn't know why or how to ask, so she just stayed away.

Today He Yu said that he would have dinner with her. When I came to school together in the morning, he said that Lian Xiaoli was picked up by Shen You on a bike. On the way, he discussed what to eat at noon. He Yu said to eat together. Today, Tuesday, there will be fish steaks. what.

Shen You made it right, and then went to the commissary to order fried rice cakes urgently, and everyone had a good meal together. Lian Xiaoli had no reason to refuse, so naturally they went with it.

She eats by herself is a type that is not good for the Buddha, and she will either go later or go to the canteen to eat. She only dared to marvel at He Yu's enthusiasm.

Liu Ci: "She has been like this since she was a child."

Sitting at the same table with others is also very unaccustomed to Liu Ci.

They have been at the same table for many years, thinking this is considered a gift from heaven. They are all in the same class. In the morning, Liu Ci will fetch water for He Yu, and He Yu will wash the fruit for Liu Ci. An apple was brutally broken in half by her, or directly Give Liu Ci, just a bite for yourself.

In the child's nature to protect food, He Yu seems to have eliminated Liu's words, and excessively naturally included the other party in his protection.

So rushing into the cafeteria is full of pride, as if to feed Liu Ci.

The cafeteria was hot and crowded. The pony-tailed man in the long queue was particularly conspicuous. Liu Ci sat in the old position and had a meal, watching He Yu's head popping out of the crowd.

The new environment, the same people, the same atmosphere, it seems that nothing has changed.

Liu Ci rested his chin and thought nonchalantly about He Yu, who was thinking about how to be alienated. She is not too old now, but has a lot of thoughtfulness in some aspects. Excessive protection mechanisms are automatically activated when the curtain of high school career begins. . She always had a hunch that she would lose He Yu.

Instead of waiting for the unexpected pain, it is better to let it go.

A bottle of ice water suddenly stuck to the back of his neck, Liu Ci hissed from the cold, and turned his head to see that it was Shen Yougan, and Fatty Bai giggled at her.

"How about my Xiaohe and Brother He? I haven't finished shopping yet. Hey, it's too slow."

Shen Yougan sat down with Liu Ci handed over the bottle of canned Coke.

He was carrying a bowl of fried noodles, and they sold it at a small stove at the canteen, but the price was more expensive than the cafeteria.

"It's not hot, run here specifically?"

Liu Ci is also familiar with Shen You, except that He Yu is not there and she doesn't know what to say.

"Then, there is no seat over there," Shen Yougan opened the can, and Lian Xiaoli over there pushed the Fanta that Shen You had bought, "For He, He Yu."

Liu Ci glanced at it, "Would you like to give it to her later?"

The girl's voice is a bit flat, Lian Xiaoli always feels that Liu Ci is different from ordinary girls. The book says that the girl's mental age is older, and he feels that Liu Ci is at least twenty-seven or eighty-eight.

Of course she dare not say this.

"Oh, Shen Pang, you are so fast!"

When He Yu came, the dinner plate slammed down, and he sat down and took Fanta away easily. Pushing the dinner plate in front of Liu Ci, he could open the can with one hand.

Shen You said dryly, "Sure."

He Yu stretched out his hand and patted Shen Yougan on the shoulder, "No, don't you call me Brother Xiaohe?"

Her pony tail flickered, and Liu Ci reached out and tied another one to the other party.

He Yu drank Fanta and honestly let Liu Ci toss.

"No, how come Liu and Liu Ci are like He Yu's mother and mother."

Shen Youqian grew up with He Yu and Liu Ci. He Yu jumped up and down like a monkey. Liu Ci didn't let go of his farts. It would be a surprise to hold a sentence a day.

He Yu climbed a tree to steal the pomegranate, Liu Ci sent a watch, and Shen Youqian was in charge of picking it up. It was discovered that it was Shen Youqian who was caught every time.

I haven't upgraded to a flexible fat man, and running is always unpleasant.

But Liu Ci is small and thin, and his instant explosive power is good, but half of it is He Yula's effect.

This kind of pomegranate stealing is an accomplice. In other respects, Liu Ciguan He Yu is really a little bit too much.

Shen You was elbowed by He Yu as soon as he finished speaking. He almost sprayed a mouthful of food into Lian Xiaoli's bowl. After a long time coughing, he took a sip of Wanglaoji to relieve himself.

"What are you doing, sneak attack!"

He Yu touched his braid, "You deserve it, you are jealous that Liu Ci is good to me."

Shen You suffocated a sentence of "Fuck" for a long time.

He pointed to Liu Ci, "You call me, I am jealous? Although Liu Ci is only good for you, but..."

Fatty Bai sighed, "I said He Yu, if you, if you are a man, Liu Ci is your little wife."

Now Lian Xiaoli choked, she took a sip of the herbal tea, but still hadn't digested the way these people get along.

"What's wrong, why do I have to be a man?"

He Yu asked with a smile on his face, not forgetting to put a piece of braised pork with Liu Ci during the meal, "I asked the aunt to beat me more!"

Quite a bit of praise.

Liu Ci stared at the braised pork, still immersed in what He Yu said just now.

But that bit of imagination has not had time to deepen, only to hear He Yu said: "Anyway, even if Liu Ci falls in love in the future, I am also her best friend."

Shen You let out a dry cry and was stepped on by He Yu, "What are you doing!"

"You, can you stop being so violent, just, just like you, don't think, in the future, Liu Ci and children will run all over the floor. You haven't, you haven't had a target."

The damage value of this sentence is a bit big, and He Yu snorted, "If you want to take care of it, you are not bad. Look at Brother Ren Wensheng, who is handsome, and you don't have to worry about the object at a glance."

Shen Yougan: "You, you, you, you are too much!"

He Yu's remarks bluntly affirmed Liu Wensheng's appearance, but it sounds a bit like a neighbor's aunt commenting on the child next door.

"Really, if I can't find a match for me, it's okay for you. It's not me who is the most worried about finding a match for us."

Shen Yougan stared at He Yu for fear of being affirmed.

"It's not you either."

Liu Ci was also a little curious about who He Yu was talking about.

"It's Liu Yuansheng that fool!"

Shen Youqian: "..."

He was so shocked that he raised his head and took a sip of Wang Laoji, "He is long and handsome."

He Yu sighed, "That stinky boy is far behind Wensheng."

Yanxinglong Alley is about the same size as He Yu. Shen Youqian plays with He Yu anyway. He Yu has nothing to do with her.

Except for Liu Yuansheng, she even had a fight with that guy in elementary school, and the fight was bloody, because the reason was for a piece of rubber.

Some people are inherently uncomfortable, such as He Yu and Liu Yuansheng.

Lian Xiaoli was a little curious, "Who is that."

He Yu: "Brother Wensheng, the son of the uncle of Lao Liu Noodle Shop."

After she finished speaking, she turned her head and said to Liu Ci: "You won't be allowed to ignore him when you see him in the future!"

Liu Ci nodded while eating. He Yu raised his face, "You look at me and nod."

Liu Ci: "Are you crazy?"

He Yu shook his head, "I'm serious, that idiot has liked to bully you since I was a child!"

This is true. Shen Yougan over there also nodded and introduced to Lian Xiaoli, "That kid, kid, hey really stabs and stabs the head. In our junior high school, he has already started messing up and messing around. Object, clubbing, jumping, and so on, making Aunt Liu anxious."

Liu Yuansheng's bullying of Liu Ci is also the thing He Yu can't let go of the most.

When Liu Ci was a child, he was a little younger than other children, and he was a type that could be picked up on the road. His hair was braided and looked more obedient. Liu Yuansheng liked to pull her braids and bully her.

He Yu bought something once, and when she came back, she saw Liu Yuansheng bullying Liu Ci. Liu Ci's hair was pulled up, but she didn't cry, so she frowned.

That day, He Yu had a fight with Liu Yuansheng and bit each other. Since then, he has met each other with a dog.

The kind of Gou Yuan and Gou Yu lasted until graduation from junior high school.

Liu Ci was held up by He Yu, a little embarrassed in the crowd, and he gave a perfunctory hum.

He Yu refused to let her escape, and said very seriously: "Be serious. If you meet him again, you will call the police. Anyway, Shen Pang and I will protect you! Lian Xiaoli will also call the police!"

Lian Xiaoli, who was suddenly drawn into the small group, was a little helpless, but Shen You was not surprised at all. He sighed, "Don't pay attention to He Yu, she will be crazy about Liu Ci, Liu Ci needs no protection."

Lian Xiaoli agrees with this, and Liu Ci exudes an inaccessible temperament, and most people rarely talk to her.

But one thing goes to the same thing. The relationship between He Yu and Liu Ci is really good. There is nothing to say. Although Liu Ci sometimes resists, the intimacy with He Yu can be found at a glance.

He Yu, who is Liu Yuansheng, has actually not seen him for a long time.

It started raining after class in the evening, He Yu did not bring an umbrella, Liu Ci brought it, and Lian Xiaoli brought the raincoat and her mother came to pick it up personally, so she gave the raincoat to Shen You and went back first, leaving only He Yu. And Liu Ci.

It's almost a month since the school started, and Liu Ci hasn't gone back with He Yu for a long time.

He Yu talked a lot along the way, this and that many things, cold jokes are not funny, I will laugh for a long time, she is the umbrella holder, and she is the one who pulls the cart. Liu Ci is standing next to her, and he is chanted from time to time. "Come here, dont get caught in the rain. Well, I knew I brought a raincoat to spare. The girl Lian Xiaoli didnt even remind me of this. But my raincoat is so ugly, I will buy a double one next time. "

She always has endless words, and Liu Ci sometimes doesn't mind if she doesn't reply.

Even on a rainy night, there were no people. The bicycle wheels rolled over the bridge and passed through the alleys. When passing a corner, Liu Ci suddenly hit a person. That person was holding an umbrella. Liu Ci stretched out his hand when he was about to fall down.

When the palm of the opposite **** touched the wrist, Liu Ci took a step back uncomfortably, and then heard a familiar voice, a little frivolous voice, and said, "Isn't this our little word?"

Liu Ci didn't explode, it was He Yu who exploded.

"The dog is far away!"

Liu Yuansheng and Liu Wensheng are different.

The two half-fathers, Liu Yuansheng looked stronger. At the same age of seventeen, he looked more aggressive than Liu Wensheng.

He Yu pulled the car, held the umbrella, and looked at Liu Yuansheng. He found that he hadn't seen him for a few months, and his temperament was even more crooked.

Liu Yuansheng grinned, "Why are you still so attached to Liu Ci? What's the relationship between you two?"

He looked at Liu Ci and squinted, "Do you remember what I said to you that day?"

Liu Ci stood on the spot, He Yu was holding an umbrella, and the two were close together. He Yu's shoulders were half wet, but hers didn't get much rain, as if she had been protected by He Yu all these years.


"Then have you considered it?"

"I rejected you long ago."

Their conversation sounded endless, and He Yu was upset.

"What consideration, what refusal?"

Liu Yuansheng gave a cry and looked at He Yu, "I didn't tell you that Xiaoci, am I chasing her?"

This sentence was quite provocative, and instantly rushed up He Yu's irritability that was hard to suppress. The umbrella was stuffed into Liu Ci's hand, whose umbrella fell on it, and the bicycle fell slammed. On the ground, Liu Ci was at a loss for the first time in the sound of the rain, she yelled

"Don't fight!"

But to no avail.

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