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Zhou Mai received the call from Liu Ci in the spring of the coming year.

Her life is still the same as before, running on set and doing all kinds of chores. When Liu Ci called, she had just finished her role. There were many small actors who did not have an agent on her own. Zhou Mai had been used to it for so many years. Even if her sister was not as radiant as before, Zhou Mai was still a firefly on the edge of the halo, struggling weakly.


Zhou Mai had planned to go to the dressing room to unload her outfit first, but when she saw that there was a little idol inside, she simply went out.

The costume was very thin, and the cold made her tremble. The voice of Liu Ci came over there, "Hello, is this Zhou Mai?"

"Yes, I am, may I ask you who?"

"I am Liu Ci, we have seen it before."

Zhou Mai said, she also knew about He Yu, and then took a plane to b city to get a stick of incense.

The site of He Yu's tomb is very high, and the row of hers is the most conspicuous, because no one has this pomp, one person occupies three positions, and a statue of a little girl holding flowers behind the tomb is particularly eye-catching.

Zhou Mai and Xie Yongyan also know each other, but they are not very familiar with each other, and they have never added them to WeChat.

But this does not prevent her from knowing that this is Xie Yongyan's handwriting, and some people in the WeChat group said it was a pity.

Everyone was shocked, how could this happen.

When Zhou Mai went there, she didn't contact Liu Ci. She went with a few classmates from the same department. In the porcelain statue, He Yu smiled brightly, just like the last one.

He Yu's wedding Zhou Mai didn't go because he was in the group. He returned a red envelope from WeChat. At that time, He Yu said that she was so polite and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"Oh, teacher Liu, hello."

Liu's words are straight to the point, "That's it. You said before that you wish I had a short story to keep. I have one here. Would you like to read it? If possible, I would like to meet you to hear your thoughts in person. "

The female voice over there was extremely calm, Zhou Mai said.

She didn't talk too much, added WeChat, she opened the script that came in the mailbox, went back to remove her makeup quickly, and hurried away.

In the same dressing room is a young man who turned an idol into an actor. It is not once or twice that he is called a vase. He looks pleasing to the eye, but his acting skills are very poor.

However, Zhou Mai had a good impression of her. This child has just grown up and has a good temper. Even a face often has no expression, or it may be born just like that.

"Sister Zhou, are you leaving now?"

The girl playing with the mobile phone raised her eyes and asked Zhou Mai.

"Well, see you at the closing banquet for the whole group."

This drama is a big production. Although Zhou Mai is not very young, the mother of the heroine who played the role of the heroine died early.

The beautiful girl said, "Goodbye then."

Zhou Mai waved his hand and walked two steps back and called Fu Yang, "There are still a few egg yolk crisps on the table. You can eat it if you don't mind."

Fu Yang said thank you, and didnt mean to get up to give it away. She was still wearing a snow-white costume and her wig had not been taken off. She looked immortal, but there was also a reason for that face, and there was a distance. .

Zhou Mai walked fast, and went back to watch the short story overnight.

She read it and knew who it was. He Yu told her when she was in college, "That alley in my house."

The prose of Liu's poems is supernatural, and it can make people immersed in the scene without repeating them. At dawn, Zhou Mai rubbed her eyes, and she sent a message to Liu Ci about the time and place of the meeting.


Liu Ci has been in the company for many years. This short story was conceived by her when He Yu met again. After He Yu left, she wanted to finish it even more.

The copyright is also completely in her hands, and everyone knows that this work is of great significance to her.

Zhou Mai wants to change for a long time, Liu Ci will look for her, and He Yu introduced Zhou Mai to her at the beginning, "She, a very hard person, there are too few opportunities."

Liu Ci had this opportunity, and it happened that He Yu wanted her to fulfill it.

This matter is a matter of course, funding is not a problem, but it is stuck in the casting.

Liu Ci doesnt know drama by herself, but she has high demands on actors. She used to measure these selected actors in the past, so that the process of casting has drawn a long battle line, almost dragging it into the late autumn of another year. Liu Ci hasn't been able to find the person she wants.

Zhou Mai has a good temper. The script has been changed very well. The difficulty of Liu's poems is well known from far and near, but because of her fame, it makes people look forward to the film.

Another day, Zhou Mai accompanied Liu Ci to continue choosing roles, halfway through Zhou Mai answered the phone and went out, Liu Ci simply went outside to breathe.

Liu Yu called her and asked her if she was busy. Liu Ci was busy with this matter for a long time, and occasionally she didn't answer the phone, which made Liu Yu very worried, and even wanted to come and have a look.

After a business trip for more than half a year, the house was deserted.

The cat was fostered at Liu Yu's family, and the rabbit was raised by Liu Hao.

It didn't take long, but it seemed like a long time.

I became familiar with the strange city after a few months. Liu Ci went downstairs. Without letting her assistant follow, she went to buy a cup of coffee by herself. While waiting, the latest variety show was shown on the screen.

They were all unfamiliar faces, and He Yu would introduce her to her before.

This person, keep up with the latest information and have to taste everything.

Variety shows are replays. Now the contestants of the talent show are getting smaller and smaller, and there are a lot of underage ones. Liu Ci casually glanced at it, and it happened to be a solo named Yu Xiaohe.

The little girl's hair was cut short, and she looked like a man at first glance, but her eyes were very clear when the camera zoomed in.

Liu Ci felt that the name was a bit familiar, and it was so natural in a pile of stage names that it seemed fresh and refined.

The temperature of the coffee was just right, and Liu Ci took a sip and sat by the window.

It took a while for her to react. She had indeed heard the name. He Yu fought because of the girl two years ago.

It's not because of it, but there was something involved, and I didn't expect to see it on TV.

The weather was not so good these two days. The heavy rain came in from the south. Liu Ci only sat for a few minutes, and the rain came again, and the coming was fierce. The tall buildings in the distance seemed to be struck by this kind of lightning and thunder.

In the afternoon, the sky darkened instantly, and Liu Ci was very irritable under the rain. She took two sips of coffee and got up and went back.

She put her umbrella on the storage cabinet outside the door. When she turned around, someone pushed the door and rushed in. A wet figure rushed in. Liu Ci's figure became thinner and thinner in the past two years, and finally the meat that was raised back was gone. .

This sense of solitude made her look more lonely, like a cloud with nowhere to float, the smell of wandering.

The people who came were very motivated, Liu Ci didn't pay attention, and even the person with the umbrella tilted to one side, the person who rushed back turned his head, ah, stretched out his hand to help Liu Ci.

"I'm sorry."

Wearing a peaked cap, the studs on his ears are shiny, the mask only covers his mouth, and the clothes on his body are all wet.

Liu Ci glanced at it and felt familiar.

The other party also looked at it and seemed to recognize who she was, but couldn't call it out for a long time, and finally turned into a elder sister crookedly.

Liu Ci looked at her, and Yu Xiaohe also looked at Liu Ci.

"Why are you here?"

Liu Ci asked her.

Yu Xiaohe has grown up a lot in the past two years, and is half a head taller than Liu Ci. She took off her hat and scratched her head. "I'm here for an interview."

"There is a crew interview that seems to be here. I am not well-known anyway, and the company doesn't care about me."

She laughed a little silly, and Liu Ci asked again: "Which one will you interview?"

She was talking about the one next to Liu Ci, who had a lot of auditions today.

When Liu Ci looked at her, he thought of the night when he had a conflict with He Yu. It was said to be like Liu Ci but actually more like Yu Xiaohe of He Yu.

Probably because Liu's words were read for too long, Yu Xiaohe looked away, "I'm sorry, I was reckless."

Liu Ci shook his head, "Why don't you..."

Before she finished speaking, Zhou Mai called and asked her where she had been. An actor for an audition role was not coming.

Liu Ci glanced at Yu Xiaohe, "I will bring one myself."

She hung up the phone and looked at Yu Xiaohe, "Are you interested in coming to my audition?"

She is wearing a plaid skirt, the weather is a bit cold in winter, and the woolen clothes are pretty good-looking. In fact, Liu Ci at first glance looks like a student who has not yet entered the society, and his face is not old, but if you look into her eyes, you will always fall into it involuntarily.

Older people, or experience overwhelming charm.

Yu Xiaohe said, "I'm asking about the scriptures..."

Liu Ci interrupted her, "Just leave it alone."

She was just pulled away.

Yu Xiaohe was also very cautious in the elevator, and didn't know where to put his hands. She knew Liu Ci at the beginning because it was just a matter of fate, not as impressive as He Yulai.

Later I learned that it was because there was a fan of Liu Ci who participated in the show and liked selling Amway very much.

She hadn't graduated from high school. She was asked casually when she was working in a cake shop on the weekend, and she really went to sign up, so she rushed to run for the election.

In fact, it's not much better.

After all, she looks average and looks like a man. Let's have long hair. Some people say that she looks like a lady's boss.

How could it be like that, she didn't think she looked ugly.

A small group smashed through the center of the earth, rushing to make up for school homework in the notice, and the mother who sold seafood shouted on the phone that she was not good at studying.

The alcoholic father would only ask for money on the phone, completely forgetting that she was still underage.

But Yu Xiaohe felt that this was better than being pulled back on the way to school with his schoolbag on his back.

She had a rebellious heart for a long time, but she was trapped in the narrow wooden bed behind the seafood market, and the smell of fish had penetrated her life, and she even lived as a hairtail.

No one likes her, and there is no freedom.

The only good thing is that she has a good memory.

She would also think of He Yu when she stayed up late to record shows.

The good man who made her want to read.

I'm sorry, she can't do it, she wants to be free.

But freedom is not so simple, one step in advance to enter the society, learning has to follow closely.

Occasionally, Yu Xiaohe would think of the phrase run fast with a dumb voice. Run quickly.

Where do you go? No matter how you can't get rid of the family, it's like a shadow.

She is optimistic, but it is difficult to change.

But they lived day by day, hoping to have the opportunity to change.

Liu Ci stood by her side, and Yu Xiaohe aimed at her.

Her impression of Liu Ci is still the sister next to He Yu. He Yu's magnanimous girlfriend left a deep impression on her, but she didn't pay much attention to the parties.

Looking at it now, people with good temperaments look like a cold moon.

A bit lonely and hard to speak.

The elevator door opened, and Liu Ci saw Zhou Mai talking to a big wave woman at a glance. The woman was very impatient with a cigarette in her mouth and a script in her mouth.

When Zhou Mai saw Liu's words, his eyes fell on the child following and asked, "Who is this?"

Liu Ci pushed Yu Xiaohe forward, "My favorite actor, please give her the script, the protagonist when he was young."

Zhou Mai glanced at Yu Xiaohe in surprise. Yu Xiaohe was very uncomfortable and wanted to run away.

Zhou Mai stopped her and led her inside.

Standing in place, Liu Ci glanced at the smoking woman. The other party was very revealing. It was obviously a very vulgar outfit, but it didn't make people feel dusty.

When he turned his head, Chong Liu nodded and said hello.

"My name is Qi Xu, Zhou Mai's sister, come and help me."

Liu Ci said, she only cared about the protagonist.

When Yu Xiaohe read the lines in a mess during the audition, he passed unanimously.

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