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Compared with the outside, the auditorium is much more spacious and quiet.

Ren Jia finally got in with the help of others.

Youth film director Wang Meng is now auditioning.

When he saw Ren Jia, he suspended the audition.

Then he walked to the other person and asked a little unexpectedly: "Ren Jia, why are you free?"

"Director Wang, it's not like I heard that you auditioned for actors at our Haichuan University. I came here to cheer you up."

Ren Jia smiled and said mischievously.

"Come on, I asked you to cooperate with me to promote our movie "Youth" a few days ago. You are not free. Anyway, you are also the singer of the theme song of our movie, and you know to lie to me all day long."

Wang Meng also knew that the other party was making fun of him, so he smiled and exposed the other party's lies.

"That's not busy, I'm not free."

"Okay, okay, no kidding, did you come today for the welcome party the day after tomorrow"?

"Oh, Director Wang is so smart"!

Ren Jia clapped her hands and applauded vigorously.


Wang Meng shook his head, there was really nothing he could do with the other party.

Here, the atmosphere has also become cheerful because of the friendly interaction between the two people.

At the entrance of the auditorium.

Li Hu finally squeezed into the school hall with the help of his colleagues.

He had just stayed at the door to maintain order, and he didn't need to enter the auditorium.

But, he just agreed to Fang Bei's request for help, so he had to suspend his own work first.

glanced at the paper that he had just taken out of his pocket, and then at Ren Jia who was chatting and happily not looking far away.

Li Hu hesitated slightly, then walked towards the other party.

If it were not for the misunderstanding that happened today, he would definitely not help Fang Bei.

"Hello, Li Hu from the Security Department of our school".

When he was two meters away from Ren Jia, Li Hu stopped and said slightly nervously.

"Is there a problem"?

The person who asked the question was Wang Meng, and the others looked at Li Hu with a puzzled expression.

"That's it, someone asked me to bring a piece of paper to Miss Ren Jia just now, so...".

After Li Hu looked at Ren Jia, he raised the piece of paper in his hand.

Hmm, you are looking for me?

Ren Jia heard that the other party was looking for her, frowned slightly, her little face filled with doubts.

"Excuse me, Ren Jia doesn't just accept things from strangers, please return the things to that person."

At this time, Ren Jia's manager Wan Jie stood up and sternly rejected the other party.

In his opinion, it must be another rich fan who has spent money to find someone to hand over notes or love letters.

Thinking of this, the agent Wan Jie's face showed a trace of disgust.

"Uh, this, I...".

Li Hu was very embarrassed at this time, how did he know this would be the result.

was not only rejected by the other party, but also the look in his eyes was weird.

made him look like a little security guard who took other people's money and then came over to do things.

"Brother Li Hu, I'm sorry, our company has regulations, you can't accept other people's things casually".

Ren Jia realized that the atmosphere at the scene was embarrassing, and stood up in time to clear the road.

After all, there are students from Haichuan University in this, she can't just sit back and watch.

Otherwise, there might be bad news about her the next day.

"Actually, I also understand that the main opponent is also from the film crew, so I can't squeeze in, so I helped."

Ren Jia's relief relieved Li Hu's embarrassment a bit.

But, if he didn't explain this matter clearly, he might have an impact on his own.

So, he had to bite the bullet and continue talking.

Of course, he regrets it in his heart, so he can do nothing to help!

There is a misunderstanding, what's wrong, he is also working for work.

"The film crew"?

Wang Meng, who was standing on the side, couldn't help but speak when he heard this.

"Yes, it was the crew who auditioned at the northwest corner of the Auditorium Plaza".

When someone spoke up, Li Hu quickly continued to explain.

"What crew?"

What did Wang Meng think, he didn't expect any other film crew to audition at Haichuan University today.

"The film crew of those years".

"In those years, has any director made this movie recently? Why haven't I heard of it, have you heard of it?"

Wang Meng thought about it in his mind, but he couldn't find any information about the movies of those years.

So, he turned his head and asked the other people aside.

Everyone also looked confused, because they had never heard of this movie.

"Show me your piece of paper".

Out of curiosity about the movie in those years, Wang Meng was going to see what was written on that piece of paper.


Li Hu didn't give it to Wang Meng right away, but turned his gaze to Ren Jia's side.

"If Director Wang is curious, show it to Director Wang."

Ren Jia spoke at this time, because she was also very curious about what was written on this piece of paper.

Manager Wan Jie just wanted to stop, but she swallowed before the words reached her lips.

Except that Wang Meng is not in her control, there is no need to cause any unhappiness because of this trivial matter.

Wang Meng took the piece of paper from Li Hu and looked at it.


Is this a confession book?

When Wang Meng saw the words on this piece of paper, his first reaction was that it was a confession book.

But, as he continued to look down, he found something wrong.

This seems to be lyrics?

is not a professional singer after all, Wang Meng is a little uncertain.

Whether this is a lyrics or a love letter, he hesitated and said: "Ren Jia, this seems to be a lyrics. I'm not sure, just look at it."


Ren Jia whispered, obviously he didn't expect this to happen again.


After agreed softly, Ren Jia took the piece of paper from Wang Meng's hand.

Unlike Li Hu, Wang Meng is the director of youth films and has a good relationship with him. There is no need to think too much about taking things from him.

took the piece of paper, and Ren Jia looked at it with a trace of confusion.

Over time, the expression on Ren Jia's face also changed. UU Reading www.uukananshu.cOM

The confusion from the beginning gradually became serious.

"Why is there no more?"

Just when Ren Jia was engrossed in examining it, she read all the text on that piece of paper.

According to Ren Jia's judgment, the lyrics are written on this paper, and the lyrics are incomplete.

So, Ren Jia said the sentence just now.

"What's wrong, Jia Jia"?

Ren Jias manager, Wan Jie, also noticed something was wrong, so she approached her and asked.

"Sister Wan, take a look for yourself."


Despite some doubts, the agent Wan Jie took the paper and looked at it.

"Finally made this decision

What other people say I dont care

As long as you are the same sure

I'm willing, I will let you go to the ends of the world

I know, its not easy

My heart, I have been studying and convincing myself

I'm most afraid of you suddenly saying that you want to give up

Love really needs courage to face the rumors."

Manager Wan Jie, when she saw this piece of paper, she judged that the lyrics were written on it.

So, she read it out quietly while watching.

But, halfway through this, the lyrics are gone.

Which guy came up with this bad idea!

Manager Wan Jie is so angry, this is too unhuman!

No wonder, Ren Jia just behaved like that.

If it weren't for the crowds, she would have cursed someone.

is really not something!

After reading, the agent Wan Jie adjusted her emotions.

After looking at each other with Ren Jia, she tried to calmly face Li Hu and asked, "Where is the person who wrote this piece of paper?"

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