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Three days later, Gudong Airport.

Liang Yan pushed the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose, carrying the suitcase in one hand, and took a taxi to the hotel by himself.

She still ran over to audition with Jiang Mu on her back.

This kid was vague when he talked about the key points, which made Liang Yan feel unbearable, and the more he said he didnt want Liang Yan to audition, the more he wanted to do it.

In the end, he bought a plane ticket and ran to the film and television base alone.

Liang Yan didn't know what the "festival" was in Jiang Mu's mouth. She only knew that she really needed an opportunity now. If she missed this one, she would wait for the next one. She didn't know when she had to wait.

Liang Yan was sitting in the taxi, looking out through the car window, and Lin Chengs luxury watch advertisement was rolling on the big screen of the shopping mall. The silhouette of the man in the advertisement was Leng Yi, just like the cold body of a mechanical watch on his wrist. .

Liang Yan bends his lips downward, and he can't help but think of the inflatable doll experience in city b that night, and snorted.

The image in front of the public is quite different. The camera is always in suits and shoes. The temperament is full of abstinence, coldness and arrogance. However, when she arrives in bed, she is not a man with physical needs. She tossed her body and fell apart. The result was second. I'm not acquainted with you.

I am not familiar with you now, people with amnesia are not familiar with you at all! Liang Yanqi hummed at Lu Lincheng in the advertisement.


The audition time was set in the afternoon of the next day. Liang Yan went to the place agreed by the filming party early, but he did not expect that someone arrived earlier than her. Everyone has been well dressed.

Liang Yan smiled slightly at the other actors who auditioned, and then found a stool to sit down.

When several people saw Liang Yan coming, they stared at her face for a few seconds and were all startled, then they lowered their heads and whispered.

"Isn't this Liang Yan?"

"No way, why did she come to audition? It was the second female."

"Can I try the female one if I don't try female two? Lu Lincheng's resources are so good and she doesn't touch her. It's been a long time since she had a new show."

"Then what's the use of marrying Lu Lincheng? He even came to compete with us for roles, my God."

"Have you seen the "Challenge of the Brave" two days ago, she and Yan Zhun really laughed my head off hahaha."

Liang Yan faintly heard a few words and coughed lightly.

Several people immediately calmed down. At this moment, an assistant came out with the list and called in one by one to audition.

Liang Yan was the third to be called. It was obvious that she was taken aback by her name, and then when she saw that it was Liang Yan, she seemed surprised that she would appear here like this.

Liang Yan filled out the form and went in. The filmmaker Zhou Zhibo who was in charge of the audition today was in his 50s.

Zhou Zhibo was lowering his head and playing with his mobile phone. He didn't know what he was laughing at. The fat on his face was squeezed together, and the shelf was quite big. He didn't even look at Liang Yan who came in by pushing the door. Liang Yan was a little embarrassed standing in the middle of the room. So he grabbed his fingers and said, "The production is good."

Zhou Zhibo was suddenly disturbed with an impatient expression. He raised his head and glanced up and prepared to let this person go out without the audition. When he saw Liang Yan's face, his mung bean-like eyes suddenly widened: "Liang Yan?"

Liang Yan pinned the long hair that fell behind her ears, and laughed dryly: "Yes, I'm here to audition for your new drama female second."

Zhou Zhibo never expected that Liang Yan would come to try his play. He immediately put down his phone, rubbed his hands, and looked up from the bottom to the slender Liang Yan in simple black clothes.

Even if I have seen more actresses, Liang Yan is also the top group of actresses Zhou Zhibo has seen in China and abroad.

He touched his chin, and even if he was greedy, he still had to tell himself that this was Lu Lincheng's woman.

Zhou Zhibo stood up suddenly, pulled the chair beside him and said to Liang Yan: "Come and sit down, what else are you going to try? Just say hello."

Liang Yan was a little flattered and shook his head: "No, no, no, I'm here to audition for the production. Fair play." After she met Zhou Zhibo, she felt that this person was quite kind, and she didn't seem to be having a holiday with her. I don't know why Jiang Mu is so optimistic and refuses to let her come.

Zhou Zhibo said, "Where is it? I'm still waiting for you to set up a line for me next time. Can you please come to Lu Lincheng if there is a play next time."

When Liang Yan heard him mention Lu Lincheng, he was taken aback for a moment, and smiled reluctantly: "He is... busy."

Zhou Zhibo watched Liang Yan's awkward reaction when he mentioned Lu Lincheng, and his heart was full.

He sees too much of the little transparency that wants to reach the sky in one step, but the reality is always that even if it climbs to the top, transparency can't change the phoenix.

People in the circle have long been saying that Lu Lincheng will get rid of Liang Yan at any time to make her sober in a big dream.

The courtesy is superficial, Zhou Zhibo has been mixed up for half his life, knowing that even if the woman on the opposite side is the identity of Lin Cheng's wife, she still wants to play under him, and there is no background background at all.

To put it bluntly, if there is no one to support it, it will be bullied.

Liang Yan bit his lip: "Well, Zhou Producer, can I start the trial?"

Zhou Zhibo is still the courtesy, but a glimmer of light flashes in his eyes: "Don't worry, don't worry, what's the relationship between us, Liang Yan, I have a gathering of friends tonight, you go together."

"Let's discuss this scene together when the time comes." He spoke first, blocking Liang Yan's refusal.


Scarlet is the largest and most expensive bar in Gudong City. Since the countrys largest film and television base is in Gudong City, it is commonplace to see a star in Scarlet Bar. The bar attendant can easily tell which star. What kind of wine to love, usually even seeing a popular male star with a few girls in cool clothes can not blink, I don't know if it is because I have seen more or professionalism.

Liang Yan sat awkwardly on the sofa. Next to him were his "friends" Zhou Zhibo said, a few young girls who had met in the afternoon during the audition, and several associate directors of the crew.

Liang Yan fixedly looked at the open bottles of beer on the coffee table.

She didn't seem to have come, but if she didn't come, Zhou Zhibo could veto him with one vote, and could not offend him.

The consumption in Scarlet is even higher than those of the bars in City B. It is very easy to spend five figures in one night. She couldn't afford it at the 18th line three years ago. This is the first time she came here tonight.

Liang Yan stared at the wine and bit his lip, and suddenly felt like sitting on pins and needles.

Zhou Zhibo took a bottle first, and then stuffed a bottle into Liang Yan's hand. I didn't know whether he touched her finger intentionally or accidentally: "Come on, Xiaoyan, let's make a drink first."

Liang Yan hid behind, holding the bottle without drinking, hesitated to say, "Well, Zhou Producer, aren't we here to talk about the drama?"

Zhou Zhibo laughed and said, "What are you anxious about, talk about it after drinking it, come and do it!"

The several girls sitting next to Liang Yan all picked up the wine from the coffee table and drank, and they rolled into a ball on the sofa and their clothes were disheveled.

Liang Yan couldn't help but bit his scalp, raised his head and drank a bottle. Fortunately, in order to stimulate consumption, the capacity of each bottle of beer in the bar is very small.

Zhou Zhibo stared closely at Liang Yan's white neck when he raised his head to drink.

Perhaps it is the addition of the "Lu Lincheng Woman" identity, which looks more attractive than it was two years ago.

And it's more exciting.


On the other side, the scarlet bar VIP room.

"Lin Cheng, are you leaving now? Let's sit down for a while." Lu Dan got up from the sofa, and there was more than half of the birthday cake on the coffee table.

Lu Lincheng turned around to look at Lu Dan, and shook his head: "There will be a show tomorrow."

"Oh, all right." Lu Dan squeezed a smile from his face. "You are careful on the way. Don't be photographed."

"Yeah." Lu Lincheng nodded and left the private room.

Someone beside Lu Dan leaned in immediately: "Sister Dan, continue to cut the cake."

"Happy birthday to sister Dan! The new movie's annual ratings!"

Lu Lincheng left the private room and put on the hat of the sweater.

Lu Dan is an old friend in Lu Lincheng's circle. He is two years older than him. When Lu Lincheng first debuted, he worked with her in a play. Lu Dan has also developed well in the past few years. He has always followed an intellectual style and has not many fans, but he is very popular and there is no shortage of endorsement advertisements. Today is Lu Dans birthday. He has already been on the set during the day, and set a scene in Scarlet at night. Lu Lincheng also came to celebrate her birthday after finishing work in the afternoon.

Lu Lincheng walked through the bar lobby with his head buried in his head, avoiding a few drunk men and women, and glanced at the deck inside when he turned the corner.

Liang Yan was dizzy, and suddenly felt a whirlpool, and then he was picked up by the back collar.

Lu Lincheng looked at Liang Yan, who was flushed with drunkenness in the bar, and didn't get angry.

"The same stupid thing, do you want to do it a second time?"

The friend who said that Japan is not bald, come over and talk to you on my hairline.

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