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Lu Lincheng looked at Liang Yan's appearance at this time, and said with a smile: "If you act like this on the spot, you will be scolded by the director."

Liang Yan blushed, humming and still returning the script to him, sitting cross-legged with his back to him: "No acting, no acting." It's true that he was kind enough to accompany him to such a high demand for a play.

Lu Lincheng sat up and smiled at Liang Yan with a ball on the back of his head full and cute: "What's the matter? Isn't it?"

Liang Yan was poked at the G-spot of self-esteem and became even more angry.

"I won't do anything. The actresses who will act with you will definitely be good at it." She said sourly.

Lu Lincheng couldn't help but want to tell her that this is the main theme movie that promotes positive energy. It is very important on it, so I will not use this kind of scene as a gimmick. It will be a matter of one or two shots deliberately. Of course, a large-scale scene. , He won't pick it up either.

From later on, Lu Lincheng took Liang Yan into his arms, smelled the faint sweet fragrance of her body, and put it in her ear with a low smile and said, "It's still young, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter."

Liang Yan's ears suddenly burst red after hearing this, and the sour gas from just now disappeared without a trace, only knowing that he lowered his head and pulled the corners of his clothes desperately.

She was still young, he said she was still young.

Lu Lincheng, do you want to be so flirtatious?

Liang Yans heart was beating violently. Just as he didnt know how to get back to him, Lu Linchengs hand began to get into her pajamas restlessly, and added another sentence in her ear: Its just that you will start to slowly start later. learned."

Liang Yan, who has already broken his leg: "..."

It turns out that the ultimate goal is still this.

Men really have nothing good.


The next day, as soon as Jiang Mu got up, he received a WeChat message from Liang Yan.

[Mu Mu, it's where you are, there is that, is that that? Shy.jpg]

Jiang Mu got goose bumps as soon as he saw the word "Mu Mu".

[speak politely!]

Liang Yan: [okay]

Liang Yan: [That's where you are, are there any blockbuster movies, can you share my two movies?]

Jiang Mu made a few superhero movies to Liang Yan: [Enough? ]

Liang Yan: [...The blockbuster I'm talking about is not this blockbuster, it's the kind, you know, adults watched. ]

Jiang Mu just drank a sip of water spouted out: [? ? ? ]

Liang Yan: [I think you should have it. ]

Jiang Mu expressed his fear: [What do you want this to do? ! ]

Liang Yan: [I'm a little curious, want to see. ]

Jiang Mu: [Lu Lincheng can't do that? ]

Liang Yan: []

[I dont allow you to slander my boyfriend like this! hurry up! Hand over the resources you have! Let's borrow one to talk! ]

Jiang Mu refused to give: [No. ]

Liang Yan: [How could it not be, Jiang Mu, you, you, you are not willing to give it to me, is it because your network disk is full of calcium tablets! ]

[When I came out of the closet, dont tell me, Im still not a friend, Jiang Mu, youre so interesting! ]

Jiang Mu wanted to cry without tears: [ ancestors]

In order to preserve his reputation as a straight man, Jiang Mu had to choose two coded versions from the hard drive and sent them to Liang Yan.

Liang Yan sent a squint.jpg after receiving it.

Both have names, one is called Teacher Bodo and the other is called Teacher Cang.

Lu Lincheng was outside, and Liang Yan sneaked into the room by himself, closed the door, closed the curtains, looked around vigilantly, and then stretched out his sinful hand to open "Ms. Cang".

She looked at this kind of thing for the first time, nervously, staring at the screen of the phone with all her heart, she hadn't been so serious in school before.

ten minutes later.

Liang Yan fast-forwarded a teacher Cang, with red cheeks and a very strange expression on his face.

She told herself that this might be just a case, calmed down a bit, and then opened another Bodo teacher.

This time Liang Yan didn't hold on for ten minutes.

She involuntarily recalled those scenes in the film.

It's terrible! How can you eat that thing! How can it be eaten! How can it be like this, how can it be like that!

The hair on Liang Yan's arm stood up immediately, and he got up hurriedly, ran out of the room and ran to the balcony, and saw Lu Lincheng who was leisurely watering the flowers with a watering can.

The man wears home clothes, is tall and slender, looks attentive when watering the flowers, and has a smooth and charming profile.

This fairy can even water a flower into a beautiful painting.

Liang Yan was immediately moved by this scene, rushed over to hold his arms, raised his head, and looked at him bitterly: "I don't want to learn anymore."

Lu Lincheng stopped watering the flowers in his hand, wondering: "What to learn?"

Liang Yan recalled the scene where the two beautiful and lovely teachers were serving the greasy-bellied man with enjoyment in the adult movie. There was a chill, and he stood on tiptoe and said something in Lu Lincheng's ear.

Lu Lincheng: ""

He just said that, she actually went to the teacher to find the textbook to learn.

So should he be moved or relieved?

Lu Lincheng twisted his eyebrows and held the phone far away from his eyes. He looked very much like the emoji of the old subway grandfather looking at the phone. He glanced at the adult film in Liang Yan's phone.

Lu Lincheng deleted the resources in Liang Yan's phone, and his tone was like the dean of the middle school: "You are not allowed to look at these things in the future."

Liang Yan watched him delete the two teachers she had finally asked Jiang Mu to come to, muttering: "You didn't let me learn it."

Lu Lincheng looked at her playfully: "So now you see it, have you learned it? Would you like to try it?"

"Don't don't don't." Liang Yan recalled those scenes involuntarily. She didn't want that. She shook the goose bumps on her arm, and then grabbed the watering can in his hand and poured the flowers.

Lu Lincheng smiled, picked up the scissors and started repairing flowers and plants. He planted a lot of green plants. When he was away from home, he would invite people to take care of them. These flowers and plants were served well.

Liang Yan thinks that watering flowers together can be regarded as one of the content of a couple's date, and he keeps laughing.

But it didn't take long for Lu Lincheng's cell phone to ring untimely.

He glanced at the caller ID and answered the call. He didn't know what the person on the other side was talking about. Liang Yan didn't seem to look very good when he saw Lu Lincheng's expression.

A few minutes later, Lu Lincheng hung up.

Liang Yan asked cautiously: "What's wrong? Is something wrong?"

"This." Lu Lincheng opened WeChat, Liang Yan saw that someone had sent him some photos.

Liang Yan took a closer look and was horrified to find that the people in the photo turned out to be her and Lu Lincheng.

The two were not photographed in the park for the elderly, but they were photographed on the way out of the community. The two had been walking one after another to avoid suspicion, but Liang Yan's shoelaces were removed on the way, and she tied them and left. The two steps broke apart again. Lu Lincheng walked behind and couldn't see it. He squatted down and tied her shoelaces with a beautiful and firm bow.

In the photo, it happened that Lu Lincheng crouched down to tie her shoelaces.

Liang Yan was so frightened that he tremblingly asked, "What, what should I do?"

Lu Lincheng looked at the two photos: "It's okay, Zhuo Yang has already bought the photos."

Although Liang Yan is a superhero, as an insider, he knows that you don't have to spend too much money to buy this kind of photos, not to mention that the protagonist is Lu Lincheng, which is even more expensive.

Liang Yan didn't even dare to ask about the number, lowered his head, crying and said sorry.

She was always obsessed with wanting to go out on a date with him, and she was photographed to cause trouble.

Now its good to make flowers and plants at home together, why do you have to let him go out on a date with her.

Liang Yan knew that he couldn't afford to buy the photos, even if he sold them.

Lu Lincheng thought about what Zhuo Yang said on the phone just now, let him either hide it strictly, or break up, this kind of thing can't happen again, these two photos cost half of his upper movie's pay.

Do you want to hide?

Lu Lincheng stretched out his hand and took the shoulder of Liang Yan who had done something wrong.

He actually didn't want to hide.

He doesn't break the law while falling in love, so why should he hide.

Lu Lincheng sighed softly.

Liang Yan thought that Lu Lincheng would definitely blame her, but he didn't say anything. Liang Yan stretched out his hand to pull at the corner of his clothes, and said lowly, "We don't want to go out together again. I'm sorry, it's my fault." ."

"Does your agent dislike me." Liang Yan vaguely heard her name during his call just now, and she was a little disappointed, "Did she let me break up with you?"

Liang Yan felt that even if Lu Lincheng broke up with her now, she would recognize it, and if this continues, she might be discovered one day.

"Come here." Lu Lincheng took Liang Yan into the bedroom and let Liang Yan sit on the bed.

Liang Yan was a little dumbfounded, but he didn't feel very good when he got into bed. He thought he wanted it. It cost him so much money to take pictures secretly. Is it because he wanted to get something back from her?

Liang Yan closed his eyes tightly, clutching the sheets with his little hands.

If you ask for it, please ask for it, and pay for the sins you have made yourself.

Even if he asked her to really try the one in the adult movie, she recognized it. Liang Yan thought as if he was dead.

But in the next second, Liang Yan's eyes suddenly went dark, and a quilt was covered on his head.

"Hmm!" Liang Yan was inexplicably wrapped up in a quilt. The feeling of being wrapped in a shell scared her, and she waved her arms inside to get out.

Lu Lincheng hugged the restless quilt who wanted to get out: "Don't move."

The little creature inside heard his voice and immediately fell silent.

Liang Yan was a little depressed inside, and his eyes were dark. He didn't know what he was going to do. He asked aggrievedly, and his voice came from under the quilt, "What is this?"

Lu Lincheng kept thinking that what Zhuo Yang said would either break up or hide the person strictly.

He kissed the raised quilt: "I will hide you."

There are probably two or three chapters left to end. The new article will open on the 18th, I have not decided which one to write, all kinds of strange brains are flooding me [Lighting a cigarette

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