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There was a two-month interval between Lu Lincheng's two plays. Liang Yan also stayed in city b for two months. His next anti-drug theme movie was shot in Southern Province. Liang Yan is a somewhat ideal 18th line. Xiao transparent, rejected Lu Lincheng's proposal to let her go to Southern Province to join the group, and she wanted to return to Gudong City to film.

Jiang Mu was moved when he knew that Liang Yan was finally coming back to film. It turned out that this ancestor didn't just remember his ideal of being a little flower in love, so he immediately arranged auditions everywhere.

Liang Yan's new play is a palace lady who plays the main character in a palace fight drama. There is no line, but occasionally, she can follow the protagonist and show her face.

Liang Yan asked the actress who played the little palace lady in the group to take a picture of her wearing a palace lady's dress than a scissor hand in the crew, adding a filter, and sending it to Lu Lincheng.

Liang Yan: [The tenth day, seven hours, sixteen minutes and thirty-two seconds of Lu Linchengs absence, miss him, miss him, miss him...]

The consequence of being greasy and crooked for more than two months is that I started to think about it not long after we were separated now.

Lu Lincheng got out of the play, turned on the phone, smiled when he saw Liang Yan's photo, and then saved it to the phone.

Reply: [Hmm]

Liang Yan didn't expect that he would wait for a word after waiting for a long time, and he didn't even have a punctuation mark. He pouted: [Lu Lincheng, you are so cold.

Lu Lincheng smiled at the screen of the phone again, and continued to reply: [Hmm]

Liang Yan: "..."

She was very angry and decided to treat her with her own way, deleted a large section that had already been typed, and replied [oh].

Lu Lincheng seemed to be arguing with her, and replied [um].

Liang's smoke was too choking, and he returned [oh] shortly afterwards.

So the two people's chat interface was occupied by a series of "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Liang Yan looked at these monophonic words, and finally reacted suddenly, sending out a question from the depths of her soul. Finally, she did not reply "oh" again, but:

[Lu Lincheng, do you think it is connected like this, it seems to be called a bed...]

Lu Lincheng: "..."

Sure enough, it was a woman who had already watched adult movies, and the thoughts in her mind were gone forever like wild horses.

Liang Yan immediately regretted this sentence. What should I do? Her image of a pure and lovely child in Lu Lincheng's heart is finished.


Yanyan quickly withdrew his words, and prayed that Lu Lincheng hadn't seen it yet.

At this moment, the little palace lady who had just taken her photo came over suddenly: "Liang Yan, who are you talking to?"

"No, no one." Liang Yan was so scared that he hurriedly hid the phone screen with his clothes. The note she gave to Lu Lincheng on the phone was his name. What if someone saw him! Isn't the romance going to be exposed!

It's a pity that the little palace lady stretched out her hand and patted Liang Yan on the shoulder: "It's okay, isn't it just Lu Lincheng? What are you hiding?"

Liang Yan suddenly looked at her in horror, "You..."

Little Palace Lady: "The remarks I gave to my boyfriend are also Lu Lincheng. Every time I chat with him, it feels like I am chatting with Lu Lincheng. I understand."

Liang Yan: "..."

"Okay." She breathed a sigh of relief.

Now it was about to eat, and the boxed lunch had come. When the small horn for the meal sounded, the two hurriedly ran over.

For some reason, Liang Yan looked at the greasy fish-flavored shredded pork rice in front of him, and suddenly lost his appetite.

Liang Yan put down the box lunch. Recently, I don't know what's wrong. It may be because of the hot weather. Her appetite is not very good. Sometimes she is still soft and has little strength, and her temper is sometimes good and bad.

Liang Yan casually took two bites of rice, took out the phone, and told Lu Lincheng that she was feeling sick recently and couldn't eat, as if she was sick.

As soon as Lu Lincheng saw that she was sick, he got serious, and sent a bunch of messages asking what was wrong with her, and did she go to see a doctor.

Just now I just used an "um" to perfuse her, why is it so long-winded now, Liang Yan went back with his cheeks: [Lovesickness.

Lu Lincheng: [Dont joke about sickness!

[Is it really uncomfortable or lie to me?

Liang Yan knew that Lu Lincheng was in a hurry, so he quickly replied: [Really, really.

[But I will go to the doctor by myself, so you don't need to worry about my tweeting when you take a good shot.

[However, if I can now have an instant selfie of Mr. Lu Lincheng, the lovesickness is temporarily relieved, and I believe I can eat even the unpalatable meal.

Lu Lincheng didn't return for a long time.

Liang Yan knew that Lu Lincheng didn't like selfies, and she often lamented that this person's so beautiful face didn't like selfies. It was a violent thing.

Liang Yan shook his head. He wanted to eat two more bites before dumping the meal, but Lu Lincheng suddenly sent a picture.

Liang Yan stomped his feet with excitement looking at the photo, taking a selfie!

Obviously it was just taken, the photo is still a bit blurry, and the angle is also very poor. It must be done by clicking on the front camera and taking a casual photo.

Liang Yan was moved to tears with his mobile phone, Lu Linchengs exclusive selfie, how can someone in Liang's life, He De, hum hum hum

It's just that after Lu Lincheng sent the photos, he sent another message: [I have finished eating.

Liang Yan nodded fiercely: [Uhhhhhhhh!

She landed Lin Cheng's self-portrait, ate a box lunch that didn't taste very good, and finally sent a photo of her CD-ROM to Lu Lincheng for praise.

The days when Liang Yan had no appetite lasted for a few days. She didnt think it was a serious illness. In addition, there was no time to take time off for the show every day, so she didnt go to see it until one afternoon, another little actor who played the little palace girl was holding her arms. Stomach ran over and asked her if she had an aunt's towel on her.

Liang Yan rummaged through all the bags on her body: "I'm sorry there is no such thing."

The little palace lady had to go to someone else to ask for it.

Liang Yan put the bag back, adjusted her costume again, and saw the back of the little palace lady rushing to the bathroom with her aunt's towel just now.

But Liang Yan looked at it and suddenly felt something wrong.

Liang Yan seemed to have thought of something, and the smile on his face instantly solidified.

Depend on! It's been a long time since she came to that one!

Liang Yan immediately turned on the phone calendar, and shook his fingers to calculate when was the last time he came to his aunt.

Last time was two months ago...

Liang Yan was stiff.

She involuntarily came to her lower abdomen with her hands, remembering the sticky and greasy cohabitation for more than two months.

Lu Lincheng basically takes measures every time, but sometimes he has to be anxious, and he will use it later, and it seems...

Liang Yan swallowed.

I don't know where to look at it, and it's not 100% safe to say that.

What, what to do?

The rest of Liang Yan's half-day filming was unsuccessful. Although most of the time she only needed to be a background board, the background board was still scolded by the executive director.

Liang Yan got off the scene, put on a mask and a hat, covered himself tightly, and ran to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test stick.

She used it according to the instructions, and it showed two lightly colored bars on it.

Liang Yan couldn't stop her hands holding the pregnancy test stick and began to tremble. She lay on the bed stiffly and didn't sleep well all night.


In Southern Province, Lu Lincheng leaned on the bedside to read the script, only to see if his eyes would fall on the phone that kept the screen off.

Liang Yan would send him WeChat every night to sell cute, but today was unexpectedly quiet.

Lu Lincheng remembered what Liang Yan told him during the day when she was uncomfortable, and her pitiful lovesickness.

He took a sigh of relief, put down the script in his hand, and checked the latest schedule and ticket.

He took the initiative to send Liang Yan a [good night].


Liang Yan saw the [Goodnight] sent by Lu Lincheng, and buried his head in the pillow depressed.

Since those two bars passed, she hadn't stayed away for a few days, and didn't want to contact Lu Lincheng, just checked the local hospital in Gudong City on her mobile phone.

Lu Lincheng sent me good morning and good night, and sent me a cold and warm message. This time it was replaced by Liang Yan perfunctory.

On the set, Liang Yan clutched his stomach and squatted in the corner.

Liang Yan's mind is very confused.

She and Lu Lincheng are boy and girl friends. She thinks that Lu Lincheng should like her very much, but she doesn't know if he will like this child. With Lu Lincheng's current situation, he is in the prime of his career. If you succeed, if you suddenly have a child...

Liang Yan imagined that after Lin Cheng knew the various possibilities, would he break up with her, or let her take the child away.

She knows how ruthless the actor in the circle is. She clearly talks sweetly to you with her front feet. As soon as she gets picked up by the fans, she will kick you off immediately. Liang Yan's mood fell to the extreme.

The deputy director came over and saw Liang Yan squatting in the corner again.

Liang Yan is in very poor condition these days. I don't know how many times I have been scolded. If it hadn't been for the previous scenes, her role as a court lady in the background would have been changed.

Deputy Director: "What's wrong? I'm not feeling well?"

When Liang Yan heard the assistant director's figure, he recovered, and stood up from the ground while leaning on the wall: "Vice, assistant director."

The deputy director looked at her and shook his head.

This time, she can be chosen as the lady of the palace who often shows her face behind the protagonist. The very important reason is that this girl is beautiful.

So the deputy director decided to save his personality: "Forget it, I made people top your scene in the afternoon. I think you are not feeling well these days, so you can take a long vacation and go to the doctor."

"Thank you! Thank you, deputy director!" Liang Yan left thankfully.

Regarding her identity, she went to a small local private hospital, performed an examination as required, and finally got her examination results.

Liang Yan carried the test sheet and returned home in a muddled manner.

She ordered a takeaway, sat at the small table in her own room, and cried as she ate.

She couldn't help putting her little hand on her belly.

It turned out to be there.

What should I do.

She was sad lying on the table, not even paying attention to someone knocking on the door.

Liang Yan received another call on his mobile phone, which was from Lu Lincheng.

She cleared up the tears and nose on her face, and answered the phone: "Hey."

Lu Lincheng: "Open the door."

Liang Yan: "Open... what door?"

Lu Lincheng: "Open your door."

Liang Yan held the phone, stood up slowly, walked to the door, held the doorknob, and unscrewed it nervously.

She opened the door and saw Lu Lincheng wearing a peaked cap, holding his mobile phone, standing outside her house.

Seeing Liang Yanhong's red eyes and nose, Lu Lincheng frowned, "Why are you crying?"

Liang Yan heard the words he cared about, his defenses collapsed, and he rushed to hug him tightly, and shed tears in his arms.

"Why are you here, aren't you filming?" Liang Yan asked cryingly.

"What's the matter with you these past few days?" Lu Lincheng naturally noticed Liang Yan's strangeness. He hugged her with one hand and closed the door with the other. "Where is it uncomfortable? Did you go to the hospital?"

Liang Yan listened to his words and held the man who flew by from Nan Province to see her.

She thought, if he asked her to remove the child now, she would have recognized it.

Liang Yan wiped his tears with the back of his hand: "I'm not sick."

Lu Lincheng: "Who is bullying you then?"

Liang Yan still shook his head.

She pulled Lu Lincheng to sit down, mustered her courage, and said, "Lu Lincheng, I seem to be pregnant."

Liang Yan finished speaking and waited nervously for his response.

Lu Lincheng was slightly startled when she heard what she said.

Liang Yan lowered his head and was extremely uneasy.

She held her hands in front of her lower abdomen, and his words could determine how long the child could stay in her belly.

After a while, Lu Lincheng finally spoke.

He stared at the lower abdomen that Liang Yan had been protecting, and asked, "Do you want it?"

"Huh?" Liang Yan didn't expect this to be the answer, and looked up at him puzzled.

Lu Lincheng took Liang Yan's hand, put it on his lips and kissed him, then he sighed and looked at her and said, "If you decide to want it, let's get married."

Tomorrow should be the last chapter. Lets not write about the bad things in the unknown story. Lets write something else. Ill think about what to write.

In addition, lying down is the younger sister, lying down and lying down are the settings of sweet brother and cool girl.

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