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After the final photo was taken, it was the finale banquet. After everything was over, it was already ten o'clock in the evening. Liang Yan sat in the nanny car and returned to the hotel, letting Jiang Mu report her next itinerary in the car.

Jiang Mu opened the artist's schedule on the iPad: "There will be a recording of the variety show "Challenge of the Brave" in city B in a week. It will take two days to record."

"Oh." Liang Yan nodded, this variety show name did not exist in her previous memory, she wanted to come to the new show in the past three years.

Liang Yan was in a good mood. She didn't even record variety shows during the 18th line, and now she can also appear in variety shows, but as an actor, acting is her job, so she asked Jiang Mu again: "Then What? After recording the variety show, when will you enter the next crew?"

Jiang Mu closed the schedule awkwardly: "Uh...then...then there is no more..."

Liang Yan was confused: "No, then? What do you mean?"

Jiang Mu sincerely looked at his amnesia for three years. In the past few days, he has been happy to be promoted from the eighteenth to the third. Although he couldn't bear it, he decided to tell her this cruel reality: "Nothing then means UmThe variety show "Our Challenge" is your only itinerary for the next three months."

Liang Yan laughed when he heard it, and went to Jiang Mu to look at his schedule: "Don't be kidding, when will the next play enter the group? Show it to me."

Jiang Mu could only give the iPad to Liang Yan, who took it over and flipped through it, and found that in the schedule for the next three months, there was really only the variety show a week later.

"Damn it." Liang Yan frowned, looking at his empty schedule in disbelief, "Jiang Mu, did you lie to me?"

Jiang Mu looked at Liang Yan distressedly: "I didn't lie to you."

"It's not as good as I did three years ago!" Liang Yan threw the ipad to Jiang Mu. "Even though I played soy sauce three years ago, at least there has been a filming. How come I can't even film it now?"

Liang Yan grabbed Jiang Mu's collar excitedly and asked, "Jiang Mu, tell me honestly, have I been blocked by someone in the past two years?"

"No, no." Jiang Mu carefully took the collar out of Liang Yan's hand, looked at her, and whispered, "It's just that everyone is not willing to find you..."

"Why? Why is no one looking for me? Isn't it already a third line?" Liang Yan's excitement faded, and she shrank on the nanny's car seat, surrounded by a thick layer of loss and sorrow.

Jiang Mu looked at Liang Yan who had lost his memory for three years and was at a loss for the status quo, and pursed his lips: "Then I said, don't be sad."

"Yeah." Liang Yan lowered his head.

Liang Yan was promoted from the eighteenth line to the third line, not because he acted in any popular film and television works. It was purely because one day two years ago, Lu Lincheng, who had never posted much on Weibo, suddenly posted his wedding news on Weibo. , And @ himself, the little-known 18-line actor Liang Yan in the circle.

This was undoubtedly a heavyweight bomb for the entertainment industry at the time. Who would have thought that not long after he first emerged in the film and television industry, he was unanimously optimistic in the industry. Lu Lincheng, who was in the prime of his career, went to get married, and the other party had never heard of a name. Eighteen lines across. The high degree of news discussion once caused Weibo to be paralyzed, forcing the programmer to work overtime overnight, and then immediately brought Liang Yan into the public eye. The visibility of the eighteenth line was greatly increased, and the threshold was entered into the third line.

With the bonus of Lu Linchengs wife status, it stands to reason that as long as Liang Yan does business well, it is not difficult to mix first-tier and second-tier in the circle. As for why he stays in the third-tier and does not make progress, it is because Lu Lincheng has nothing to do with the announcement of the marriage news. Since then, Weibo has no intersection with Liang Yan, there is no Weibo interaction, no husband and wife activities, and even the usual interviews, the brokerage team will communicate with reporters in advance that Liang Yan cannot be mentioned in the interview.

Some fans even discovered that Liang Yan was not in Lu Lincheng's Weibo followers.

This marriage seems to be just like not being married.

So the whole entertainment circle began to wait for Lu Lincheng to get divorced, wishing everyone would forget the fact that Lu Lincheng was married, as if the marriage news Weibo was just that he was shaking his hands for a while, and he wanted to downplay the impression that Lu Lincheng was married in the eyes of the public. Liang Yan of his wife is naturally the best not to appear in everyone's eyes.

Liang Yan took the two main actresses after the announcement of their marriage with Lu Lincheng. The producers were hoping to use Lu Linchengs wifes enthusiasm for a good publicity. As a result, the drama was boycotted by a large number of fans as soon as it came out. After the tide, there was no splash. Gradually, investors in the industry realized this. With Lu Lincheng's current popularity, who would like to see a woman who is like Lu Linchengs wife appearing on TV to add to the blockade, so Liang Yan There are fewer and fewer film appointments. Even the just-finished ancient costume fantasy web drama, the original heroine suddenly runs away, and the main creative cannot be all newcomers, so Liang Yan is temporarily recruited to make up the number.

As for the variety show a week later, because it is a new TV program that needs traffic, Liang Yan, who is the wife of Lin Cheng, was found to create a topic to attract traffic. Because he knew that he would be scolded, Liang Yan was only a guest of the first issue. Get enough attention and leave.

Liang Yan quietly listened to Jiang Mu's words, and a big tear fell down.

Jiang Mu hurriedly took out a tissue and wiped Liang Yan's tears: "Hey, you, don't cry."

Liang Yan took the tissue and wanted to hold back his tears, but the more he thought about it, the more sad he became, and the more he cried, the more fierce he became.

When she learned that the whole network was waiting for her to divorce Lu Lincheng, although she was embarrassed, she was not at all uncomfortable. After all, she used to be a fan of Lu Lincheng at best, and she didnt even think about marrying him. However, Liang Yan couldn't help crying when he learned that because of his marriage to Lu Lincheng, even though he became a third-liner, there was no play to film and no notice to run.

"What a broken marriage, it's better not to get married." Liang Yan burst into tears.

Jiang Mu didn't know how to comfort her, after all, from Liang Yan's point of view, this marriage... seemed really worse than not getting married.

Jiang Mu thought for a long time and comforted him: "Aren't you going to have another variety show next week? Come on and perform better. As for the drama, or I will ask if there is another starring in the crew running away?"

Liang Yan didn't sign the economic company, and all the work after his debut was taken care of by the assistant Jiang Mu.

Liang Yan cried enough, sulking, until the nanny car stopped at the door of the hotel.

The two returned to the hotel room. Jiang Mu had almost packed their luggage. The show was over, and it was time to return to City B tomorrow.

After Liang Yan took a shower, he put a mask on and lay on the bed, then turned on his phone.

She herself has no habit of posting to Moments and Weibo, so she can find very little information about what happened in the three years she has forgotten. Liang Yan searched for a while and found no useful information. I clicked on my Weibo homepage and saw that the number of fans was just one million unbiased.

The number is indeed still alive, much better than she was in the period when she was small and transparent, but each Weibo re-likes ratio, a better like can barely reach 100, and the rest of the comments and likes are only a few dozen.

Liang Yan officially confirmed that he has few active fans, sighed, and then received a WeChat from Jiang Mu, which contained the flight information to city B tomorrow, and then received another address with the note "You and Lu Lincheng's home ".

When Liang Yan saw the words "home of you and Lu Lincheng", his eyebrows jumped.

Fortunately, Jiang Mu sent a thoughtful text: "Don't worry, Lu Lincheng usually doesn't go back, so basically you live alone in this house."

Liang Yan breathed a sigh of relief and went to Lu Lincheng's Weibo Square to make sure that he had been filming on the crew these days and would definitely not run into her.

Liang Yan stuffed his mobile phone under the pillow and slept with his heart full of thoughts. The next day, he took the suitcase with Jiang Mu and boarded the plane to City B.

The plane was delayed for more than an hour, and it was already eight o'clock in the evening after Liang Yan returned to "home". She swiped her fingerprints and unlocked the door. Then she stood at the entrance of the entrance, looking blankly at the 200-square-meter apartment.

The apartment is modernly decorated, with gray as the main color. It is designed according to the taste of the male owner. It is very different from her previous beige-colored bachelor apartment.

The apartment is very clean, it should be cleaned regularly by an aunt. The food and fruit in the refrigerator are also full, and the shelf life is very fresh.

Jiang Mu said that Lu Lincheng generally does not come back. In addition, it is known that Lu Lincheng is filming on the crew, and actors who have already joined the crew cannot leave the crew without saying hello, so Liang Yan relaxed a lot, put his luggage, and took a can of yogurt from the refrigerator. Drinking, then flipping slippers, familiar with the layout of the entire apartment.

There is nothing missing, just as if everything is too neat, neat and rigid, just like the set in the crew, lacking the smoke and firework for people.

The floor heating was on in the apartment, and the temperature was high. Liang Yan sighed and picked a thin silk pajamas from the cloakroom.

After taking a shower, she lay on the bed in her pajamas, turned off the light, but couldn't sleep over and over again.

Liang Yan opened his eyes, looking at the deep shadow of the furniture in the bedroom in the dark, and then desperately thinking about the three years that she had forgotten, but he couldn't remember anything, and there was even a dull pain in the back of his head.

Go to sleep, saying that you can't remember it tomorrow, Liang Yan closed her eyes and kept giving herself psychological hints. Just when she was going to sleep in a daze, she suddenly felt the mattress next to her sink.

Liang Yan opened his eyes wide, jumped up from the bed, saw the dark shadow, and involuntarily "Ah".

The man heard Liang Yan's voice and knew that she was not asleep, so he slapped and turned on the small lamp beside the bed.

Sitting on the bed, Lu Lincheng saw Liang Yan jump up from the bed, the light was dim, Liang Yan's long curly hair like seaweed spread over her shoulders, and her black hair lined her skin as white as snow. She was wearing a silk pajamas attached to her body. Outline the exquisite curve of the body.

Lu Lincheng smiled.

When Liang Yan saw Lu Lincheng's face, his whole mind was dumbfounded. Before he could react, he already ran under the person.

Feeling a hand walking back and forth on his thigh, Liang Yan subconsciously wanted to kick and kick, but he was caught by the ankle with one hand.

Liang Yan trembled all over, looking at the handsome face of the man close at hand.

Lu Lincheng held her ankle and asked, "Don't you want to do it?"

But he didn't seem to want to wait for Liang Yan to answer, his long fingers lifted the shoulder straps of her pajamas, peeled them off easily, and slowly stuck her body, then pinched her soft side and played with her palms.

Liang Yan was dumbfounded all night. She lost her memory, so she had no relevant experience, and then fell all the way, soft and soft, like floating on a piece of driftwood in the waves, with ten round toes curled up and lotus joints. His calf kicked in the air, and then his little hand rubbed the sheets behind him desperately, his ears flushed as he listened to the tone overflowing from his mouth.

If you want to do it or dont want to do it, dont you still do it?

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