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It was already bright, and mischievous sunlight leaked in through the gaps in the curtains. Liang Yan wrapped himself in a quilt like a silkworm. He rolled a few times on the bed and finally woke up with squinting eyes.

Her body was faintly aching, reminding the owner of her body what she had experienced last night.

When Liang Yan woke up, she huddled in the quilt, didn't play with the phone or went to bed, and opened her eyes blankly, thinking about the scenes that were unsuitable for children last night.

Didn't Jiang Mu say that Lu Lincheng usually doesn't come back? Arent fans waiting for Lu Lincheng to divorce her? Dont the people who eat melons know that Lu Lincheng and Liang Yan are apparently married?

Liang Yan lifted the quilt to check her body, and she found that there were red fingerprints on her chest, as well as the roots of her thighs, and her legs were sore and swollen, all of which confirmed what she had experienced last night.

Is this what a couple should do on the surface?

It's not too pity for Xiangxiyu at all.

Because of lack of experience, Liang Yan really couldnt figure out the actual relationship between her and Lu Lincheng from the memory of rolling the sheets last night. He blushed for a while under the covers, then quickly put on clothes and walked out of the bedroom to see Lu Lincheng. Sitting at the table and eating breakfast elegantly.

"Aren't you filming in the crew?" Liang Yan asked, standing far away.

Lu Lincheng raised his head and saw Liang Yan, whose hair was messy and ran out of a bird's nest after waking up: "The director is not in good shape, and the entire crew is on holiday."

The director that Lu Lincheng worked with this time is a famous talent in the circle with a strange temper. He took a few shots and said that he couldn't find inspiration, but he didn't shoot and said that he had to fix it for two days to find the state. So Lu Lincheng had a temporary vacation and flew back.


So, Liang Yan nodded, decided not to be humble or arrogant, and walked straight over, then pulled the chair away and sat down in front of Lu Lincheng, and cleared his throat seriously: "Well, I have one thing I want to tell you."

Lu Lincheng asked lazily while eating breakfast, "What's the matter? Let's talk about it."

Liang Yan: "You may not believe it, but I did have amnesia, but I didn't have all amnesia. I only forgot about the past three years."

Lu Lincheng: "..."

Liang Yan: "I lost my memory two days ago. I was smashed by the lamp of the lighting engineer, and then I couldn't remember anything."

Lu Lincheng slowly put down the cutlery in his hand, looked at the confident woman on the opposite side, and when she heard a long string of words from her, she pulled off her pretty good face, and his eyes revealed impatient meaning: "Liang Yan, don't do it anymore. Is this all messed up?"

Liang Yan knew that Lu Lincheng didn't believe her. He argued for reasons across the table, "What I told you is true, I really can't remember anything!"

"So?" Lu Lincheng held his hand and looked at Liang Yan, whose face was flushed with anxiety, "You have amnesia, and then do you want me to help you find the missing memory?"

He frowned: "It's been two years, Liang Yan, aren't you tired? I really have no feeling for you."

Liang Yan didnt respond to what Lu Lincheng said before, but his last words lit her up, no feeling, no feeling why she tossed her over and over last night, Liang Yans dignity as a woman was challenged and she rubbed her chair on the floor. Stand up: "I didn't feel it, I didn't feel what I did when you slept last night?!"

Lu Lincheng didn't expect Liang Yan to react like this, and looked at her incredulously, "Who taught you?"

"No one taught me." Liang Yan gasped, and Lu Lincheng suddenly had a tit-for-tat feeling of needle-point to wheat-growth. She put her hands on the dining table, her eyes sharply like a little wolf, "I'll tell you again. , I dont remember anything from the past, you believe it or not."

After she said that she turned to leave, but suddenly thought of something, she turned around and sneered: "I didn't feel it, I'm sorry, I didn't feel it at all last night."

After hearing this, Lu Lincheng's face turned black like the bottom of a pot, and it took a long time to squeeze a word from between his teeth.



Liang Yan finished quarreling with others and returned to the bedroom with enthusiasm. However, because he knew that he was a weak woman in essence, and feared that Lu Lincheng would be injured by the man's self-esteem, he would violently **** her, so he locked the door back, and he dared to breathe a sigh of relief.

The first thing Liang Yan did when he got into the bedroom was to find the cell phone under the pillow and send Jiang Mu to WeChat.

"Lu Lincheng came back yesterday. He doesn't believe me amnesia, so I should just fall out with him."

"I think he must want to hit me now."

"But to tell you the truth, it's really cool to contradict Lu Lincheng."

Jiang Mu hadn't returned the news yet. Liang Yan held the phone in a nervous state. Originally, she was upset when she learned that her marriage with Lu Lincheng had changed from an eighteenth line to a third line, but there was no play to film. She hadn't said anything yet, this man. He **** her the night before and said that he didn't feel anything to her the next morning, so what did he take her for? Cannon friend or inflatable doll?

Liang Yan thought about it and decided that she could no longer live in this apartment. From the perspective of economic conditions, her name would definitely not be written on the real estate certificate of this apartment. Since they have all fallen out with others, there is no reason to be scornful. Stay here, and if Lu Lincheng shows up again like last night, does she want to be a live-action inflatable doll again?

Fortunately, on the night of yesterdays return, she didnt have time to open the suitcase she pulled back from Gudong City. Inside, she had all the daily necessities and clothes. Liang Yan stayed in the bedroom for a while, guessing that Lu Lincheng must have left outside, and then tiptoed. He opened the door and found the suitcase he brought back last night.

Liang Yan booked a hotel with a good reputation on the software and planned to stay for a few days temporarily, and then received a belated reply from Jiang Mu when he went to the hotel for a taxi.




A series of ellipsis.

Liang Yan made a voice: "What does this mean?"

Jiang Mu: "It may be too late for you to apologize to him now and beg forgiveness. I'm serious."

Liang Yan replied with an expression of "disgust": "Jiang Mu, it's not that I said you, you can be a man without everything, but you can't be without spine."

Jiang Mu second replied: "I'm afraid you will regret it when you think of it someday."

Liang Yan: "I will regret if I can still treat him nicely now."

Liang Yan withdrew from the conversation with Jiang Mu, although she was reluctant to admit it, but judging from the reactions of Lu Lincheng and Jiang Mu, she seemed to be really different before she lost her memory.

At least he didn't dare to argue with Lu Lincheng.

What's so great, Liang Yan shrugged her nose, she is now officially not even his passerby fan, completely turned black.

And the most important thing now is when will I receive the next filming?

Jiang Mu is a good guy, but he's really a little bit weak in terms of his brokerage ability, but it's hard for him to be an assistant and a broker.

Jiang Mu was not very reliable, and in the end he could only rely on himself. Liang Yan sat in the taxi and made a deep analysis of his current situation. The most important reason for his failure to film is the poor relationship between the audience and Lu Linchengs wife. The reason why people dont want to see her on TV, and those female artists who are popular and popular among audiences in the circle recently, why are they so lovable?

Liang Yan locked himself in the hotel for two days. After going through the posts on Weibo to various celebrity gossip forums, he found that in today's entertainment industry, female artists seem to have their own personal settings if they want to be popular.

In fact, someone did this three years ago, and the concept of "personal design" was specifically put forward during Liang Yan's three years of amnesia.

There are many female artists who can sell, such as "female man", "foodie", "internet addiction girl", "beautiful beauty", "no face goddess", "straightforward", "student tyrant", "stay student scum", etc. There are a lot of them, but if you put these characters together, you can basically find a corresponding actress for each of them. The same characters have been sold by others and you will sell them again. Its no longer appropriate. Liang Yan I was worried and saw that due to the popularity of several husband and wife variety shows, the most popular set of married actresses was "xx family daughter-in-law", including "confused daughter-in-law", "capable daughter-in-law", "buddy daughter-in-law" and so on.

Liang Yan deeply understands that although she is married, it is of course impossible for this daughter-in-law to leave. The couple is happy and sweet and received the blessings of fans. She came out with the identity of "Lu Lincheng's daughter-in-law" and would not be fans. It's strange to eat it alive.

Liang Yan had a headache, but before going to bed, he was still thinking about posting a Weibo for business, and he casually posted a selfie on Weibo. The number of likes and comments was still very few.

She opened the Weibo super chat of ##. The sign-in rate is still the first in the emotional category. Today's discussion is mainly about "When can a third-line actress return Lu Lincheng as a single".

[Whether Liang Yan knows anything about it, I have posted Lu Lin Cheng for two years. ]

[To be honest, I can really get her face, isn't it good to act well? Only knows that Lu Lincheng is stalking. ]

[Lu Lincheng is definitely too soft-hearted and can't bear to dump her directly. Alas, sad. ]

One day, the comments on Weibo were very lively.

[If Liang Yan can take the initiative to let Lu Lincheng go, I am willing to give her a list of data for three years. No matter how ugly the TV series is, I will contribute to the ratings. ]

[As long as Liang Yan can stay away from Lu Lin Cheng, you can let me fan her! ]

[Reconsideration. ]


[+ID number]

Liang Yan stayed in the square for a long time and finally withdrew. He seemed to have a breakthrough in the human setting problem he had been struggling with for a few days, and then sent Jiang Mu a WeChat.

"I think I'm going to abandon women's settings, it seems that there may be fire..."

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