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It took a long time for Jiang Mu to reply to Liang Yan's news. He didn't know if it was because he saw it, or because he was surprised by Liang Yan's proposal and couldn't respond for a while.

"Smoke, do you still have a headache now? Or I will accompany you to the hospital tomorrow. Let's go to the Department of Internal Medicine for a good examination."

"It's metaphysics in this circle. Listen to me, don't do stupid things."

"Fuck you." Liang Yan hated iron and shook his head. "You guys should switch to a housekeeping company as soon as possible. We will have to be a broker for a lifetime."

Liang Yan, who had just graduated from the film academy three years ago, met Jiang Mu, who was still working on the crew, in a tracing set. Liang Yan was trying to find an assistant for himself. The two hit it off and they sat together at the night market in Gudong City. In the stall, he set up his grand ambition to become popular among the small flowers in three years.

It is a pity that judging from the current status quo, the ambitious plan set up at the time has not yet taken off, and the car overturned early under Jiang Mu's unlicensed driving.

Liang Yan decided not to discuss the human setting with Jiang Mu. He was still more reliable in logistics, so he said again: "I moved out of that house and stayed in a hotel for these two days. Please help me to see if there is a suitable house. , I want to rent a house by myself."

Jiang Mu knew that Liang Yan and Lu Lincheng had quarreled, and replied, "Okay, I'll find it for you. Do you have any specific requirements?"

Liang Yan: "I want the kind of Feng Shui that is good for sitting in the north and facing the south. Don't worry, you can find it slowly. After you find it, you will invite a Feng Shui master to come and see if there is anything to change in the decoration pattern. Or peach wood sword or something, in short, it must be prosperous."

Jiang Mu felt a few black lines faintly across his forehead: "I... try my best."

Liang Yan: "Come on (), I am optimistic about you."

Jiang Mu looked at Liang Yan's request for the house with a single word, and felt that since this woman had lost her memory, her whole person has changed. She has become a Buddhist actress who was soaked in wolfberry and has no desire and desire. Now she is wondering how to get hot every day. Enthusiasts in the entertainment industry, I dont know if they are pressed into a hurry, and now they want to leave the womens settings, just like someone has lowered their heads.

Jiang Mu downloaded a software for renting a house. After spending a long time drawing a lot of information about renting a house, he withdrew from the software and opened Baidu.

Jiang Mu solemnly typed these words into the Baidu search bar:

"What should I do if the female star is lowered?"


Liang Yan locked herself in the hotel for two days before thinking about an abandoned woman's design. As a result, Jiang Mu didn't understand the customs. After two days of boredom, she was going to go out for a stroll and breathe, and by the way, she could find some food outside.

Liang Yanhua put on a light makeup and carried a small satchel and went straight out. As a result, she found someone quietly watching her in the hotel elevator.

"Look at the one over there, it looks pretty, doesn't it look like Liang Yan?"

"Who is Liang Yan?"

"It's Lu Lincheng's wife."

"Ah, it turned out to be her, it's really Liang Yanye. It seems that she and Lu Lincheng haven't divorced yet."

"That's it, why haven't I left yet, I go to their divorce to sign in every day, and I am almost anxious!"

Liang Yan: "..."

She walked down the elevator expressionlessly, then climbed the stairs back to her room, pulled out a pair of big sunglasses and put on it, covering almost half of her face.

This time I took the elevator again, and finally was not recognized by anyone.

Liang Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and realized with great pain that although he was miserable now, but because of Lu Lincheng's public popularity, he did not dare to wander around. The originally planned strolling itinerary was also temporarily changed. In order to have a meal, I went back to the hotel room.

Liang Yan is a southerner who is not spicy and unhappy. In the past few days, he ate either the crews boxed meals or the hotels meals. The gluttons in his stomach had been active for a long time, so he passed by a house with the aroma of red oil. The entrance of the hot pot restaurant was completely immobile.

It was not yet dinner, but the hot pot restaurant has gradually had guests coming in. Liang Yan stood at the door of the hot pot restaurant, took out his mobile phone, and opened the address book.

In her memory three years ago, she still had a few friends. Most of them were small transparent actors whom she met when filming in the Gudong crew. It is reported that a few have changed careers, and some are still in Gudong Film and Television. The base was filming, but it didn't catch on, and now there is not much contact.

Liang Yan flipped through it, and found sadly that his personal network in the past three years was terribly narrow, and Jiang Mu should be the only one who could be called out for dinner temporarily.

But Jiang Mu can't eat spicy food at all. Even instant noodles have been able to recognize the taste of stewed chicken with mushrooms in clear soup for decades.

Liang Yan put the phone back in his bag, pushed the bridge of his nose and put on the sunglasses, and then, alone, like a martial arts girl walking alone in the desert with a single sword, he finally bumped into the restaurant and stepped into the hot pot restaurant with his head high.

Liang Yan ordered a lot of dishes and ate them by himself. The hot pot restaurant waiter was afraid that she would be alone, so he hugged a half-person tall teddy bear and placed it opposite her.

"Miss, do you need to take off your sunglasses and I will wipe them for you?" the waiter asked with a smile.

Liang Yan also disliked the trouble of eating hot pot and wearing sunglasses, so he took off the sunglasses and handed them to the waiter.

Liang Yan finally returned to the hotel by holding on to the wall. The actresses generally have to strictly control their diet in order to maintain their figure. Liang Yan usually eats very little, but today because of the hot pot he encountered, and thinking that he has no scenes. Because of the body that cares about a fart, it is rare to take a brace, and when I get back to the room, I lie on the bed with my belly and don't want to move.

Liang Yan rested for a while, then kept doing it, and opened a can of "Fei Zhai Happy Water", which is the top "food that a female artist can't touch to death". He started to play with his mobile phone while drinking a drink.

Liang Yan opened Weibo and found that the self-portrait he had posted the day before yesterday hadn't broken hundreds of likes, and he had lost hundreds of followers.

So other people's Weibo is open to the fans' welfare, and she is sending Weibo to remind people that there is Liang Yan in the follow list. Did you forget to delete it...

Liang Yan was so depressed that he poured a small half can of Fat House Happy Water, and then quit the actor Liang Yan's large size and cut his own trumpet, and clicked on ## Super Talk Plaza, and watch today's discussion hotspots.

The first Weibo shocked her.

Weibo user Yilu Zhicheng: "Is this Liang Yan? I saw it at a hot pot restaurant this afternoon. I didn't dare to go up and say hello. She was eating hot pot alone. She was especially good at eating three plates of beef alone. "

The picture is a secret shot from an unknown angle. Liang Yan's hair is tied up, his lips are red, his expression is concentrated in the pot, and a doll is placed on the opposite seat.

Then there is an international loneliness rating table. One person eating hot pot is at the fifth level of the international loneliness rating.

Liang Yan looked at this Weibo and cursed his mother.

She is not afraid to take pictures of her, anyway, she is good-looking and can play, but she specially emphasized that she ate up three plates of beef by herself, and then attached an international loneliness rating table. Can you laugh at her and be lonely?

Lu Lincheng's fans are very angry.

So #Lu Lincheng got divorced today? #Tonights discussion hotspot has come again, all focused on Liang Yan running to eat hot pot alone.

The passerby fans and a group of small fans who come for daily sightseeing focus on Liang Yan's ability to eat and be lonely, but Lu Lincheng's big fans are more subtle about Liang Yan's eating hot pot alone today.

Big fan heads are the first among fans. They not only gather the power of many fans, but sometimes also take on the task of bridging between the agency and the fans. Some big fans even have the contact information of the artist's agency and even the artist himself. What tasks the agency or artist has for fans, such as playing rankings, controlling reviews, etc., will be communicated to the fans through the fans.

Fantou, as the closest fan to the artist, can often control the artist's state of action for the first time.

Ordinary fans only know that Lu Lincheng is currently making a movie directed by a ghost, but a few big fans know that the director of the ghost has recently been unable to find the status and gave the crew a temporary vacation.

Obviously they are a couple. They are both on vacation in City B, but they can be photographed by passers-by of Liang Yan eating hot pot alone.

Although it will be heartbroken to mention it, fans still have to ask a deep question: Liang Yan eats hot pot alone, then where is Lu Lincheng as his husband?

Doesn't this prove indirectly that Lu Lincheng is unwilling to stay with Liang Yan, the relationship between the two in private is even more general than on the table.

Fans have always been good at holding a magnifying glass to find clues and details. After summing up this conclusion, they were overjoyed, as if they saw the dawn of Lu Lincheng's divorce, and was so excited that a fan immediately sent Weibo to increase the number, announcing that Lu Lincheng would add 10,000 yuan to the prize draw after the divorce. cash.

Immediately below, a small fan asked why the prize was increased.

Fantou did not say bluntly that Lu Lincheng is now in city B on holiday, but replied: "Liang Yan can eat hot pot alone, so don't bother your brother, it's best."

So tonight's topic changed its direction again. The square was extremely lively. I don't know who started it. Everyone started Weibo.

A little milder:

"Then please ask Liang Yan to eat hot pot alone in the future."

The picture shows Liang Yan eating hot pot alone in front of the doll.

A little bit excited:

"If Liang Yan dares to let her brother eat hot pot with her, I will black her forever."

The picture also shows that Liang Yan is eating hot pot with the doll alone.

There are pointers:

"Liang Yan, this woman is still acquainted."

In the picture, Liang Yan is facing the doll and eating hot pot alone.

Liang Yan looked at the lively discussion square, and was so angry that all the cans in his hands were squashed.

She can tolerate the others, but I wish her to eat hot pot alone in the future, this is unbearable!

Liang Yan couldn't swallow this breath, remembering that he was a passerby now, so he caught a Weibo with the most likes and comments, and complained angrily: "Liang Yan doesn't need Lu Lincheng to eat hot pot with Lu Lincheng in his life, don't worry!"

Liang Yan knew that this reply would definitely be sprayed, so he didn't bother to look at the phone and went directly to the bathroom to take a shower.

When she finished washing and drying her hair and lay back on the bed, the phone kept humming.

The caller ID is Jiang Mu.

Liang Yan answered the phone: "Hello."

Jiang Mu went straight to the subject: "Ancestor, did you forget to cut the trumpet."

Liang Yan frowned slightly: "What trumpet?"

Jiang Mu: "Go by yourself and watch Weibo."

Liang Yan's heart trembled, and then re-opened the Weibo where he left the complaint. In the comment area, the red v user "actor Liang Yan" personally reposted it and replied: "Liang Yan will never have to eat with Lu Lincheng in his life. Hot pot, don't worry!"

After three seconds of silence.

Liang Yan was so scared that he was about to cry. Lu Lincheng's fans knew how tough the fans were in the fight. People in the circle knew how tough they were when they provoke them.

Posting a self-portrait of Liang Yan who did not like a hundred likes, this repost accused him of not eating hot pot with Lu Lincheng in his life and has already liked more than a thousand.

Liang Yan kept doing psychological construction for himself, telling himself not to let online violence affect his life, then shaking his hands, clicked on the comment area.

"Huh?" Liang Yan suddenly widened his eyes in disbelief.

The verbal abuse and ridicule that I had thought turned out to be uniform:

"Thank you Liang Yan, then please ask Liang Yan to do what he says."

"Thank you Liang Yan, then please ask Liang Yan to do what he says."

"Thank you Liang Yan, then please ask Liang Yan to do what he says."

Liang Yan still couldn't believe it, rubbed his eyes, glanced at the number of his fans, and then discovered an even more surprising fact.




It's becoming a fan.

Thank you Ha and Unvvv.? mine!

Thank you for the nutrient solution!

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