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In a short while, Liang Yan saw that there were more than 2,000 more accounts in her fan list, which instantly made up for the shortfall of losing followers after taking selfies.

Liang Yan looked at her newly added fans and felt like a dream, so tonight this is not considered to be... a misunderstanding of the "abandoned women design" she just thought of doing the first wave of business, and to see the results , The business result is very successful?

Others show affection to fans. She shows affection to find scolding for herself. Others put knives and glass **** to fans and cries, and she licks herself like Lu Linchengs glass **** fans as candy, and after licking it Even the attitude towards her was a lot more polite, and some of them directly paid attention by the way.

Liang Yan became motivated after his fanfare. In order to motivate himself, he printed out his empty schedule for the next three months and pasted it on the head of the bed, and then gave himself a cheering gesture to the air.

Although I don't know what kind of plane I was running in the past three years, Liang Yan is no longer the Liang Yan before. In order to improve the audience's popularity and to have filming, I must operate well every day in the future and work hard towards the goal of the front line.

Liang Yan had just made up his mind to do business well, and then he thought that he had eaten three plates of fat beef in the afternoon by himself, and when he came back in the evening he drank two cans of Fat House Happy Water.

Liang Yan forced herself to close her eyes to sleep, forgetting how much she ate in the afternoon, but every time she was sleepy, she would uncontrollably imagine the beef and mutton pork belly that she ate in the afternoon, and the carbonic acid she drank at night. All the drinks were waiting for her to turn into free fat after she fell asleep, hoarding them on her body with a grinning smile, and then turning into bye-bye sleeves, small belly, big thick legs...

"No!" Liang Yan suddenly sat up from the bed, squeezing the quilt and gasping for breath, and was startled in a cold sweat.

In the middle of the night, Liang Yan got up from the bed crying and jumped up the fat-burning exercise that he hadn't danced for many years.


Early in the morning of the next day, Liang Yan weighed in fear, and then lowered his head to see the 45.1kg on the scale, and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Jiang Mu came here early in the morning and sat on the sofa while eating apples while reading Liang Yan's call.

"How much?" He leaned over to look at the numbers on the scale.

Liang Yan braced his chest and proudly descended from the scale, revealing the numbers for Jiang Mu to see clearly.

Jiang Mu nodded, and sat back on the sofa again, took out a small notebook from his body like a juggling, opened his throat, cleared his throat, and reported to Liang Yan the main purpose of his coming this time.

"Tomorrow will be the official recording of the first issue of "Challenge of the Brave". I have communicated with the program team in advance. The theme of the first issue is "Workplace Situation". During this period, everyone can interfere with each other's task progress, and then the professional task can be completed within the specified time even if the challenge is successful."

Three years ago, there was no big fire in outdoor variety shows, Liang Yan was not very familiar with the style of these outdoor variety shows, and "Challenge of the Brave" was her only job in these three months, so Liang Yan tightened the strings and became nervous. Get up, pinch Jiang Mu's thigh and ask: "Did the people in the show team only tell you this? What about the specific content? What games do you experience? What occupations do you experience? Didn't you say anything?"

Jiang Mu closed his notebook, glanced at Liang Yan, who had lost his memory for three years and had been out of touch with the variety show market, and shook his head slightly and said deeply, "Of course I didn't say, what is the current reality show variety show? 'Understood, if you tell the guests everything in advance, the guests will be prepared and it will be boring when it comes to recording."

"That's it." Liang Yan frowned, and she was so nervous that she drummed her heart. She remembered that when she was searching for treatment, several of the most popular online actresses were all set on reality show variety shows, and she was confused about what foodie. The audience also eats things like female boys, and the abandoned woman design that I finally finalized, if I can sell it on the talk show, but in this kind of reality show variety show, it seems that I really cant find it. Opportunity to sell.

Liang Yan dulled his head and thought for a while, and said, "Or I won't abandon the women's design, first try to make a foodie design."

This foodie seems to like most female celebrities like to sell, she is a big deal with the crowd.

When Jiang Mu heard the words "Abandoned Woman Set", his temple jumped suddenly, and then heard Liang Yan wanting to leave the foodie set, he immediately stopped him and said, "Don't don't don't, don't don't!"

Liang Yan puzzled: "Why?"

Jiang Mu rolls his eyes when he mentions the foodies sold by actresses from all walks of life. As a straight man, every time he sees those thin women with bones in a variety show saying that he is a foodie, he cant help thinking. Rolling her eyes, the female star who eats vegetables in the filming base has to be rinsed with water and the oil turned around and said in the variety show that she is a foodie, and she likes to eat the most and never lose weight, thus coaxing a large number of girls into thinking that she can also be like in the lens. Female celebrities can eat as hard as they can without getting fat. In the end, they are still beautiful alone under the camera, while the weight of ordinary girls is rising.

Jiang Mu put the weight of Liang Yan he had been recording before Liang Yan's eyes, with an indifferent face: "Is it really not ashamed to say that he is a foodie with this kind of weight?"

Liang Yan blushed, and then he laughed twice: "It's also a clam."

Jiang Mu comforted: "Don't be nervous. Several MCs on this show are said to be very kind in the circle. Don't think too much, just play normally tomorrow."

"All right then." Liang Yan nodded.


The shooting time of the "Challenge of the Brave" variety show was set at 9 o'clock in the morning, and the location of the first link was set in the lobby of a five-star hotel. Liang Yan didn't live in early because she was in city b. She woke up early that day and put on a mask before starting makeup.

In variety shows, the styles of male artists are basically the makeup artist of the show group, and most of the female artists will use their own special makeup artist to do their styling because of their high image requirements, and some even bring their own makeup artist throughout the process. Follow the scene, and make up the makeup immediately during the recording of the show. Liang Yan got up early, and he was more confident about his foundation and makeup skills, so he got himself a ball head with light makeup, and then drove to the recording venue with Jiang Mu.

When Liang Yan appeared on the recording scene, the Fruit Channel had already been used to seeing various big-name and small-name celebrities in the entertainment industry, and the staff couldn't help but look in her direction.

After all, the biggest reason Liang Yan can come to the show is that she is Lu Linchengs wife, and Liang Yan rarely appeared on shows before doing variety shows, so people in the industry are almost curious about the difference between a woman who can marry Lu Lincheng, even The outside world again said that the two were apparently married, but they also went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a legal relationship.

Liang Yan greeted the staff of the program group, and then went to the dressing room. The guests who recorded the program today and mc sat in it. "Brave Challenge" has five resident male mcs, the oldest being the captain of mc It's Liu Hongliang, the veteran actor, and the youngest is Yanzhun, a popular traffic idol recently with a youth campus drama. Today, with Liang Yan as the female guest of the show, it is the online Xiaohua Qin Yueshi. Qin Yueshi has just become popular, but the momentum is very strong and the resources are amazing. It is said that the backstage is very hard, and there are several production teams that are very good. The female lead drama is to be broadcast.

It may be the same female guest. Liang Yan was greeted by the staff and sat next to Qin Yueshi. Qin Yueshi was holding her mobile phone and didnt know who she was chatting with WeChat. Makeup details.

The makeup artist from the show team came over and saw that Liang Yan brought her own makeup, so she politely asked if she needed to do it again.

"No, thank you." Liang Yan scratched his hair in the mirror to make the ball's head look more fluffy. He felt that his image was pretty good today, so he smiled and refused.

The recording of the show soon began. The five main MCs first came to the stage, and under the leadership of Liu Hongliang, they gaggle for a while, and then announced the official admission of the female guests of today's show.

Qin Yueshi played first, and smiled to the camera amidst mc's exaggerated praise: "Hello everyone, I am Qin Yueshi."

"Wow, Yueshi is so beautiful today."

"Let me just say it, real people look better."

"Eh eh eh Lao Li, you are calm, calm, can you be a little more normal in front of Ren Yueshi, you scare others."

Although it is the first time for several MCs to cooperate, they are all used to variety shows. They have a good sense of variety. They know what the show group wants most. They get enthusiasm at the beginning and make Qin Yueshi laugh while covering her mouth. Non-stop.

The second one was Liang Yan. She looked back and saw Jiang Mu standing behind the program director cheering for her, so she took a deep breath and trot into the arena.

"Wow, welcome Liang Yan!"

"Thank you, thank you." Liang Yan shook hands with several male MCs. MC didn't make any stalks when she entered the arena. One was that she was not familiar with Liang Yan and didn't know what to say. If she was beautiful, there was already a Qin Yue poem in front of her. The second is to know that even if the stalk is created, the focus of the program group's later editing will only be on Liang Yan and Lu Lincheng's wife.

The first game started soon. The director announced that the professions that the guests will experience today are urban white-collar workers, elementary school teachers, contractors, construction site workers, cleaners, fitness coaches, and domineering presidents, who is the first to complete their professional tasks, and finally To get the mysterious gift.

When the director said that there is a "dominant president" in career choices, several male MCs all beamed together: "Don't grab anyone with me!"

"This overbearing president is not tailor-made for me."

"Fuck you, is there any overbearing president like you?"

Yan Zhun is the youngest, and is at a loss for being mixed in a few old variety show dough sticks.

The way to choose the profession you want to experience is to listen to music and guess the song. Whoever guesses the name of the song first will get the priority.

There are two options for punishment. One is to sit on a bouncing chair and be launched into the swimming pool, and the other is to call the opposite **** in the address book with the closest relationship in the program and ask him to speak the line designated by the program group.

The first song is directly mc guessed right. This mc is taking the route of the games black hole and stamina, so he hesitated exaggeratedly. At the last minute, the hand that extended to the "dominant president" brand fell to the "fitness coach". ", attach the sentence "I have confidence in my figure".

The least stamina is going to be a fitness instructor, Liang Yan probably understands that this is for variety effects.

The second time Qin Yueshi guessed wrong, she chose the bombed swimming pool among the two punishments. She was bombed when she screamed, and then swam back like a mermaid. After she got out of the water, she was like a lotus. , But what Liang Yan was concerned about was that Qin Yueshi's makeup didn't move even when she came out of the water.

Compared to Liang Yan who came to the recording site to find a big swimming pool next to it, this is obviously a water-proof cosmetics specially chosen for preparation!

Liang Yan turned his gaze to Jiang Mu, who told her yesterday that "in order to ensure the authenticity of the recording, the content of the game will not be disclosed in advance."

Jiang Mu was standing behind the monitor cheerfully, but for a moment he met Liang Yan's murderous gaze and touched his nose.

At this time, the music melody of the next song sounded, the tune was very fresh, it was a song that Liang Yan had never heard before.

And when the song sounded, I didnt know why. I looked at mcs expression, but I knew the name, but I didnt want to grab it, so I didnt want to grab it as if it was done. Then a few people gathered around to form a road. , One end is Liang Yan, and the other end is a microphone for guessing songs.

Several MCs even compared the gesture of "please" together, booing Liang Yan to go up and say the title of the song.

Liang Yan was confused at first, but when the lyrics sounded after the prelude, he immediately understood why.

The voice of this singer is Lu Lincheng!

This must be Lu Lincheng's song during her three years of amnesia!

"Liang Yan! Liang Yan! Liang Yan!" Seeing Liang Yan's motionlessness, several MCs started booing again, clapping their hands while urging Liang Yan to go up and say the title of the song.

Liang Yan had no choice but to bite the bullet and stand in front of the microphone, his eyes flickering from left to right.

People with amnesia know what the name of this song is...

With the music playing, Liang Yan held the microphone in one hand and clenched his fist in his sleeve with the other hand. Then, with a heartbeat, he casually said a lyric from the song just now as the title of the song.

When she finished speaking, several guests who clapped and booed at the same time stunned, each with a shocked face.

Even Qin Yueshi, who has been managing her expressions alone and beautifully, has become difficult to express in a word.

Liang Yan guessed the wrong name of his husbands two years of popularity across the country, one of the top ten golden songs of the year...

After the embarrassment, the host mc Liu Hongliang rounded the court with an awkward smile and asked Liang Yan which of the two punishments to choose.

Liang Yan glanced at the rippling swimming pool next to him and shivered.

Not to mention that her makeup today is not waterproof, it will change into panda eyes in the water, the key is that she can't swim.

So Liang Yan could only choose the task of calling.

"Oh~" mc grinned, knowing that this call would definitely call Lu Lincheng.

When recording the program, the guests mobile phones were kept in the program group. The off-site director opened Liang Yans mobile phone address book and searched for the word "husband" but couldn't find it. Finally, he found the contact person "Lu Lincheng" at the bottom of the address book, and then called. .

Liang Yan kept wishing that Lu Lincheng would not pick up, don't pick up, don't pick up, never pick up.

There was a beep on the other end of the phone, as if being connected.

Liang Yan closed his eyes and cursed his mother quietly.

Then, in the silence of the audience, Liang Yan turned on his hands-free and turned to the phone receiver of the program group's loudspeaker microphone. Under the extremely expectant expectation of all the people present, the neck was stretched, and a sweet female voice came out.

"Sorry, the user you dialed is an empty number. sorry, thenumber..."

Five mc: "..."

Column director: "..."

Eat melon staff: "..."

Only Liang Yan let out a long sigh of relief.

yeah! !


In the afternoon, someone posted a post on a well-known domestic anonymous entertainment gossip forum.

"Break the news, the husband's number in the phone of a two-character actress is empty."

Thank you Wood Skulls Mine3!

Thank you Polaris for the mine!

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