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In anonymous forums, there are countless people wearing vests claiming to be insiders to break the news, but without exception, even if there are many boring people who write materials, as long as they are related to the news, netizens would rather eat a thousand by mistake. A fake melon can't let go of the principle of a real melon, the posts will be very prosperous.

First floor: [The small bench has been moved, wait for me. ]

Ninth floor: [Two-character actress, married, there are so many married two-character actresses in the circle, who is the host talking about? ]

17th floor: [Two-character actress, is that xx? I always feel that she and her husband are in a weird state, and the love shows on Weibo are usually unnatural, and maybe they have already left. ]

21st floor: [The range is too big, who can guess it. ]

30th floor: [The host has all gone, I think everyone is gone, I can make a hundred of this kind of material a day. ]

Thirty-second floor: [Where is the host? Come out, the original poster! ]

Due to the sudden disappearance of the post owner, this post sank after brushing more than 30 floors. I thought it was a fake melon again. However, half an hour later, the running poster suddenly returned.

Owner: [Believe it or not, anyway, the material is struck by lightning. ]

Owner: [What I can only reveal is that the husband of the two-character actress is particularly famous, which is more famous than most of you present. ]

Because there was another restriction in the material, the downstairs became lively again.

There was a lively discussion, and I guessed almost all the two-character actresses who have a good husbands career online, and then one person finally replied:

[Husband is very big, fucking, how come I feel a bit like Liang Yan...]

[Liang Yan? Did Lu Lincheng's wife just call Liang Yan? ]

[Two-character actress, her husband is a big name, she looks really alike. ]

[No way, is Liang Yan so miserable? Lu Lincheng even gave her the wrong phone number? ]

[Oh, this kind of woman who entangles Lu Lin Cheng, no matter how miserable she deserves it. ]

[I heard that Liang Yan was photographed eating hot pot alone two days ago. She even opened a large size. Replying to fans, she never went to hot pot with Lu Lincheng in her life. Arent they all quiet as chicken before? ? ]

[When will these two leave? I'm almost waiting for moldy. Can you please have a good time? ]

[Dont do this, Im still their cp fan (Erhagoutou Lian)]

[Hey, people like Lu Lincheng who have beauty and acting skills should be alone. I feel heartache when I think of other women's names in his household register. ]

[By the way, what Liang Yan is doing now, hasn't she been on the show for a long time. ]

[It seems that I have only filmed one online drama for the whole year, and now I guess Im at home. ]

At the same time, on the other side, in a corner of a busy city, a construction site full of cement bricks and steel bars, the two-character actress Liang Citou wears a yellow hard hat and wears the words "Safety is better than everything, life is more important." The pony jacket with the slogan "Yu Taishan", with a pair of white gloves on his hands, stood in front of a pile of gravel, looking up at the dust on the construction site.

Not far away, MC Liu Hongliang, the master of the "contractor" profession, wears a black suit and red autumn clothes, a hard hat, a briefcase under his arm, a cigarette in his ears, and crocodile shoes on his feet. , Is walking on the construction site with his head up and chest up in the posture of a big brother.

I followed several followpd and program directors by my side.

Liu Hongliang passed by Liang Yan and saw her standing in the same place with a fragile appearance, and patted her shoulder: "Liang Yan, work hard, I will definitely not owe you any money."

In the morning career selection game, due to Liang Yan's epic embarrassment, the game failed all the way in the end, and only the "construction worker" occupation that was picked by everyone was selected. The task of the game is also very simple: move bricks.

Liu Hongliangs job as a contractor was to collect the wages paid to his workers. Xiang Yu's overbearing presidential career was eventually taken away by the youngest idol, Strictly Zhun, and Qin Yueshi chose the gentle and quiet elementary school teacher who best fits her image.

After Liu Hongliang greeted Liang Yan, he continued to pay the workers. Liang Yan looked at the small red brick building in front of him, and stood in a daze until the NPC worker Xiao Zhuang arranged by the program team went online.

Liang Yan was moved to his sturdy worker: "Zhuang, are you here to help me move the bricks? Thank you..."

"No, I'm not." Xiao Zhuang shook his head, while transforming from behind him a wheelbarrow that is the most common on the construction site. "This is for you, no thanks, I can only help you get here."

Liang Yan: "..."

The construction site was dusty, and there was constant sharp noise irritating peoples eardrums. Liang Yan wore a helmet that was a circle larger than her head. With thin arms, he put all the bricks in the trolley, and then twisted and twisted. Push the cart and yard the bricks to the designated location on the construction site.

Although Liang Yan's face was a little sad at first, it was precisely when he was at work that he immediately entered the state. After a while, he mastered the skills of using the wheelbarrow and began to push the car as fast as possible.

Seeing Liang Yanli's swift action, the director of the show felt nervous, so he reminded Liang Yan not to just work but to say something.

So Liang Yan put the bricks in the trolley, and gasped and said about his work feelings: "I think it is really not easy for the construction workers. They, work, are really too hard."

"Every worker, alas, is an indispensable screw for urban construction. It is precisely because of their hard work that our current life can be so beautiful." Liang Yan continued, putting a cart of bricks. The piles were dumped to the designated location.

Liang Yan worked too hard and didn't notice the dumbfounded expressions of several followpds and program directors around him.

There was a layer of sweat on Liang Yans forehead, which stuck to the broken hair that came out of her ball head. Because the helmet was too big, she had to stop and help while carrying the bricks. The skin is white and the facial features are beautiful. Even if it is a gray-headed face, the whole person feels like a Cinderella being abused by a stepmother.

Its just that the Cinderella who is in the fairy tale accepts the Cinderella waiting for the princes rescue, certainly not as capable as Liang Yan...

The program directors were so shocked that they forgot to write down the contents in their pocketbooks.

Is this really... Lu Lincheng's daughter-in-law?

This is really... a female star in the entertainment industry who can't stand up and can't mention it?

This is Cinderella, what kind of devil girl is this!

The choreographer was going crazy. They had written all the edited scripts after they were sure that Liang Yan was coming to move the bricks. Liang Yan, a weak woman, moved bricks on the dusty construction site. I was injured and started crying. Finally, I saw the workers on the construction site who worked hard to survive. They were moved by their hard work and kindness. Finally, with the help of the workers, they regained their confidence. In the afterglow of the setting sun, a thin and weak back figure worked hard. Then, gritted his teeth and finished moving today's bricks.

The bricks prepared by the program group are strictly estimated. Female stars like Liang Yan generally lose weight for many years. There is definitely no labor. Therefore, the number of bricks should be kept at no more and no less. Liang Yan can work hard to complete it. In the range of, but the devil girl in front of her does not follow her routine _(:)_

Liang Yan was a little tired from moving, stopped to find the thermos and drank his mouth, and then found that several staff members looked at her with weird expressions.

Liang Yan touched his face: "Is there anything on my face...?"

"No no no no." The staff shook their heads unanimously.

"Then why do I think you are weird?" Liang Yan muttered a few words, but didn't ask much, and continued to devote herself to her brick-moving business.

Everyone saw the pile of red bricks getting smaller and smaller, and it didn't take long before the pile of bricks officially disappeared from everyone's eyes.

The pile of bricks was finally moved, Liang Yan sat on the ground and rested for a while, then patted his **** again and stood up, looking around for something.

"Liang Yan, what are you looking for?" asked the filming director.

Liang Yan: "Where are the remaining bricks, are they all gone?"

The film director smoothly slid down a few black lines on the forehead, and smiled dryly: "No, you have all moved them..."

This is the task of the program group. I thought Liang Yan would be photographed and moved the bricks until dark, but it was only halfway through that time, and they had already completed the task.

"Is it all right?" Liang Yan looked disbelief.

"It's really gone." The director shook his head and looked at Liang Yan, who was completely naked, and exclaimed with a dry smile, "Liang Yan, you are really, so amazing."

"Hey thank you." Liang Yan held a water glass and sat on the small steps of the construction site to rest. Although these bricks were tiring to move, they did not reach the limit of her physical strength.

Liang Yan has been stronger than his peers since he was a child. When he was in elementary school, he went to the sports school to practice weightlifting. As a child, he did weightlifting exercises in the sports school for a long time, so there are few photos of Liang Yan when he was a child. Photographed during training, Liang Yan, who was a child, was round and plump, with soft short hair close to the scalp, and two plumes of red on his cheeks forever, standing beside his gymnastics classmates in a down-to-earth and simple manner.

Liang Yan practiced weightlifting until the third grade. He didn't expect that after puberty, he grew taller and heavier, but he was getting lighter and lighter. He changed from a dumb and down-to-earth one to a tall, thin and tall one, and he was no longer suitable for training. After lifting weights, the plateau red on her face has faded and her skin has become paler, and her facial features have also grown. Later, she transferred to the art class next door.

Many artists in the circle have shared their childhood photos with fans and the media. Even Lu Lincheng has a five-year-old small suit looking unsmiling at the camera, but Liang Yan did not have a childhood photo, which once made Lu Lincheng's fans. I wonder if she has had plastic surgery.

Liang Yan is actually embarrassed to share her own childhood photos, because other people's childhood photos are always in the amusement park. In front of her own color TV, children wearing new clothes and holding toys are smiling lively, but she does not. Sports school training is very hard. In the few childhood photos of her, she wore ugly sports school uniforms and smiled stupidly at the camera. The background is full of training equipment that has been polished off for years.

The first memory of Liang Yan's childhood is always a drunk father and a mahjong table mother. The cooking pot at home has long been rusty, and the few bowls are also broken one by one in the fierce quarrel.

If it wasn't for the two people who were always arguing and both disliked her after the divorce, the oil bottle was unwilling to ask her, in fact she would not be sent to a full-career sports school.

The competition in sports schools is very cruel. Everyone's training results are bitter to death, and their eyes are fixed on the few places when the provincial team is selected every year.

Just like the competition in the entertainment industry, the young and beautiful girls are like the crucian carp, everyone is staring at the limited resources in the circle with red eyes.

Liang Yan had seen the previous photo of Lu Linchengs childhood. The five-year-old kid had already learned to put on a stinky face, but the appearance of white, tender, white and tender, who would harm the country and the people in the future, still attracted a large number of fans wailing and screaming, "My husband was a kid." How can it be so cute".

Liang Yan snorted.

As for the look of the weak chicken in Lu Lincheng's photos, if you run into her at the same age, you can pinch them to death with one hand.

Well, let me tell you something,

Because the author stupidly calculated the list time wrong, so this book is estimated to be updated every other day in the past few days (wailing loudly)

It doesnt matter whether everyone is saving for fattening, or happily chasing after more, in short, in the wind and rain, Mo'an will always be waiting for you in Jinjiang.

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