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But now Lu Lincheng, who is a head taller than her, and Liangyan are not capable of pinching to death. On the contrary, she was taken advantage of by people as soon as she returned to City B, and in the end she had no place to cry.

Liang Yan was very angry when he thought of becoming a real inflatable doll. Lu Lincheng's attitude the next day was that her presence was only to solve his physical needs.

Liang Yan finished moving the bricks ahead of time, and the program team didn't arrange a new task for her, so she sat bored on the small steps of the construction site, thinking that she wanted to chop off Lu Lincheng's crimes against her.

Take that kind of knife for slicing bananas and click on him, hahahahahahaha.

On the set, Lu Lincheng, who was removing his wig in the dressing room after work, sneezed inexplicably.

The agent Zhuo Yang pushed in with a serious face, and the high-heeled shoes made a crisp sound on the ground. The makeup artist was a little bit stunned. Lu Lincheng, the agent nicknamed "Zhuo Tiemian", nodded and said hello, and continued to carefully pick it up for Lu Lincheng. Wig sets.

Lu Lincheng looked at Zhuo Yang's stinky face in his glasses and asked, "What's wrong?"

Zhuo Yang pulled the makeup chair aside and sat down, gracefully tilted Erlang's legs, then folded his arms around his chest, and hummed angrily: "This Liang Yan, what are you doing recently?"

Lu Lincheng rarely heard Liang Yan's name from his agent, and asked, "What's wrong with her?"

Zhuo Yang handed his mobile phone to Lu Lincheng: "Look at it."

It is full of Liang Yan's "monsters" these days, including the one who was photographed after eating hot pot and opened a large-size statement in Super Talk to declare that he would never go to hot pot with Lu Lincheng in his life, as well as the heated discussions in the forum this morning. The actress who looks like Liang Yan doesn't know her husband's phone number in the variety show.

As soon as Zhuo Yang saw this post, he called someone from the "Challenge of the Brave" program group, but they said that this person is really Liang Yan.

Lu Lincheng looked at it, his brows curled into a "Chuan" character.

Lu Linchengs WeChat account is very personal, so he didnt add Liang Yan. He left a phone number for the convenience of contacting her. Although the last two never made a phone call, the phone number he gave Liang Yan was real.

How can it be an empty number?

Zhuo Yang: "Does she want to follow your hype? Have you met her in b city a few days ago?"

Lu Lincheng returned the phone to Zhuo Yang and squeezed the inner canthus of his eyes: "I have seen it." And she was stupefied by her somehow.

Zhuo Yang: "I have deleted this post. The program group said that it was probably a new intern who ran to break the news." She took out her mobile phone, "I will call Liang Yan and ask what she is doing. ."

When Lu Lincheng heard that Zhuo Yang was going to call Liang Yan, he thought that Liang Yan had seen Zhuo Yang just like a mouse and a cat before, so he stopped and said, "No, you leave her alone."

Lu Lincheng was tired after a day of filming, and closed his eyes to rest his mind: "She has no schedule except for this variety show, so let's forget about it."

Zhuo Yang put down the phone and glanced at Lu Lincheng's side face. The fledgling boy at the beginning of the year had completely turned into a man, and there was a bit of Leng Yi in his side face.

Zhuo Yang swallowed the words "It's been two years, when will you divorce Liang Yan" that has come to his lips.

Two years ago, when Lu Lincheng announced the marriage news, not only the public was taken aback, but even the brokerage company was kept in the dark. Zhuo Yang learned that Lu Lincheng had even gotten married on Weibo, which was on the brink of paralysis, and was so angry that he was mad. NS.

There are two types of relationships between artists and agents. One is the subordinate relationship. The agent is assigned by the agency to hold all the power of life and death of the artist. As long as the artist is not obedient and annoys the agency, there is a risk of being hidden. Desperately to please the agent, hoping to get more jobs. This relationship is common between some Korean or Chinese Hong Kong and Taiwan stars and their agents. There are also in our country, but very few. The artist and the agent are mostly employment relationships. , Especially those with card positions like Lu Lincheng, hire agents to take care of their work. In a sense, the artist is the boss and the agent is the employee, so the artist is the least restricted.

Zhuo Yang couldn't say anything to Lu Lincheng, so he started to see Liang Yan with eighteen lines, and she was frightened in return, but fortunately Liang Yan had behaved quietly in the past two years. He had never been a demon with Lu Lincheng. That's why Zhuo Yang looked at her a little favorably.

And Liang Yan's recent two incidents obviously caused Zhuo Yang to come to complain with Lu Lincheng angrily.

The makeup artist took off all Lu Linchengs wigs. The ancient beautiful man with closed eyes in the mirror returned to modernity. Lu Lincheng grabbed his hair, suddenly somehow thought of Liang Yans long hair that night, and then thought of her again. The next day he challenged his man's dignity and said "No feeling at all".

Lu Lincheng's face turned dark: "In the future, I don't need to worry about Liang Yan's affairs."

He didn't believe it. With Liang Yan's small transparent physique, what kind of splash could be made by himself without him.


The next day, the "Challenge of the Brave" was recorded at the scene. Yesterdays professional experience was a separate action. Today, a few guests were gathered together to record the game. Each person has a different advantage in the game because of his different professions. The one who "survived" in the end is the winner.

Today's game venue is outdoors, so a lot of spectators gathered outside the railings of the venue. Some people passed by here to stay and watch the excitement, and some fans came here specially.

Yanzhun had the most fans at the scene, and they also held a support light sign in their hands. Several of the station sisters were carrying long guns and short cannons, and they kept patting in the direction of Yanzhun.

Liang Yan was very envious.

Yan Zhun was already used to this kind of fan battle, and smiled when he saw Liang Yan's envious small eyes next to him.

When recording a variety show, everyones position is particular. Liu Hongliang, as the main mc and the captain, must stand in the middle. Liang Yan and Qin Yueshi are female guests, so they stand on both sides of Liu Hongliang. Because Yan Zhun is the most popular, the show The group arranged for him to stand next to the female guest.

The program group originally wanted to arrange to be strictly on Qin Yueshis side, because there must be more shots than Liang Yans side. The pink bubble, the topic is hot.

However, Yan Zhun and the management team refused. Knowing that the show crew would definitely want to take the opportunity to scramble Yan Zhun and the female guest's cp, this is simply a fan for Yan Zhun, an idol group that relies on fans for food, so they decided to arrange Yan Zhun resolutely. Standing next to Liang Yan.

Liang Yan has no fans and is married. Yan Zhun does not need to be consumed CP when standing with her. The thief has a sense of security.

In the last two-to-two battle, Yan Zhun chose Liang Yan between Liang Yan and Qin Yueshi.

The game is very simple. Liang Yan and Yan Zhun stand on the fitness ball.

Fans screamed when Yan Zhun and Liang Yan stood on the exercise ball at the same time, and they all took out their mobile phones to take pictures and videos.

At the beginning of the whistle, Liang Yan attacked first, and Yan Zhun dexterously avoided it. The fitness **** under the feet of the two shook violently. This game has no physical limitations for men and women. In addition, Liang Yan's body is dexterous, and the balance is excellent. , You come and I dont give way to each other during the game.

The screams of fans off the court were wave after wave.

Both of them were aroused a little bit of desire to win and defeat. The battle situation was once white-hot, and Yan Zhun suddenly made a fierce attack. Liang Yan bent to nearly ninety degrees, seeing that he was about to fall, and miraculously relied on his good flexibility. Stood up.

The fans' screams reached their maximum when Liang Yan miraculously stood up.

Liang Yan stood up and immediately began to attack, leaning forward, pushing a palm on the palm of his hand.

Yan Zun suddenly lost control and leaned back.

Seeing that he was about to win, Liang Yan was about to straighten up proudly, when suddenly, there was a "poof" under his feet.

The exercise ball is leaking.

Then, Liang Yan's originally very elastic fitness ball suddenly lost its elasticity, and Liang Yan's body balance was suddenly disrupted. After waving his arms in the air and struggling twice, the whole person still fell forward uncontrollably.

Liang Yan finally thumped on the plastic foam cushion on the ground. The person was not injured, but he felt that his head seemed to hit something when he fell. There was temperature and it seemed to be elastic.

And the screams outside the field suddenly disappeared, and the atmosphere of the recording is now a little weirdly quiet.

Liang Yan touched his head and raised his head cautiously. What caught his eyes were the two long legs with wide spread, as well as the expressions of horror and consternation on his face.

Liang Yan took a glance, and in their current posture, the angle she had just rushed over, what she had hit her head should be...

Liang Yan glanced around Yan Zhun's body, and finally landed on his bulging pants.


Liang Yan's face suddenly couldn't hold back.

This, how will it end?

Go up and care about the injury?

Or pretend that nothing happened?

In the end, the show crew broke the embarrassment, and Liu Hongliang immediately took other MCs to Yan Zhun's side to care about the injury.

The screams of fans outside the field suddenly reached an unprecedented decibel, Liang Yan clearly heard two sentences "Liang Yan, I x your mother!"

Liang Yan stood up from the ground in a daze, and turned around stiffly, not daring to face the direction of the fans outside the field.

The recording of the show was temporarily suspended. Liang Yan wanted to go up and apologize, but Yan Zhun saw her coming over and ran away, clutching her crotch. She was obviously hit by Liang Yan's psychological shadow.

Then Liang Yan went on after amnesia, and it was also the first hot search since she and Lu Lincheng announced their marriage.

"Liang Yanyan will cut off his children and grandchildren"

Liang Yan: I was beaten when I said that my physique was transparent and could not be searched hotly.

Thank you Shuer, Unvvv.?, dont eat fish tonight, Ni Dabaos mine!

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