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The recent entertainment industry has been calm. The celebrities are quiet. They are not married, have no cheating, and have not come out. The girls in the meal circle cant find the fun of eating melons for a long time. The video was posted on the Internet, immediately attracted the attention of countless people, successfully boarded the hot search and climbed all the way to the top of the list.

"Fruit Channel's "Challenge of the Brave" recording scene, Yan Zhun Liang Yan, looking at Yan Zhun's pain "

In the ten-second blurry video from the audiences perspective, when the game was going fiercely, Liang Yan was dressed up as a peasant worker, his feet trembled, and the whole person rushed forward like an angry bird. The overbearing president dressed strictly watching the tragedy, and he staggered back two steps, but still couldn't resist the rapid offensive of the small rocket ignited by the opposite person. With the heads of the **** tied, the fans screamed at the most vulnerable and secretive part of the girl idol, and then the two fell to the ground at the same time, hurting both.

This Weibo was immediately reposted, and the following comments quickly broke 10,000.

[Fuck hahahahahahaha although it hurts to look at it, but I'm sorry I still want to laugh hahahahahahaha]

[Isn't this Lu Lincheng's wife Liang Yan? Too Nima is alive, no wonder Lu Lincheng doesn't want to mention her hahahahahahahaha]

[Today is strict. Capitalized and bold. Misery. Standard]

[Please don't emphasize that Lu Lincheng's wife, thank you, Lu Lincheng does not accept the bondage.

[Um, I asked weakly, did the boy really hurt where he was hit? It's alright to look at it.

[It doesnt hurt at all, just go to your boyfriend and try it (smirk)]

[A woman's head hit Yan Zhun's place, which is too embarrassing.

[Why hasn't Liang Yan left the circle? Annoyed when I saw her.

[This woman will only be ashamed when she comes out, what Lu Lincheng should think when she sees it...]

[Don't worry, Lu Lincheng won't think too much, maybe he even forgot what Liang Yan looked like.

[Only I think, Liang Yan and Yan Zhun stand together, do they look good...]

[Above, the eyes can be donated to those in need.

Regarding this video, most people laughed after watching it and silently felt sorry for Yan Zhun. At the same time, they disliked how Liang Yan came out to brush up his presence. However, there are still some people, mainly Yan Zhun fans, angry. It's not light.

The fitness ball under Liang Yan's feet suddenly leaked instead of exploding. The audience could hardly see much change except for her who stepped on it. What's more, in the vague video, Liang Yan not only heard it on the spot. There are even more discussions on the Internet for the "x your mother" of Yanzhun fans.

[Liang Yan can stand up when his waist is bent like that when he is backward.

[That is, make it clear that it was intentional, this woman just wants to get angry, really Nyima is disgusting.

[Lu Lincheng ignored her, and now she is holding Yanzhun to fire again, her character is too bad.

[According to the fans at the scene, Yan Zhun cant stand up even if he stands in pain, so he can bear it, ooh, Zhun has a very good temper.]

[Liang Yan dared to hit me and strictly allowed me to squeeze me!

[Liang Yan is in my hand now, please give me a thumbs up and step on jio]

Like +1

Like +10086

[Like + ID number]


At the end of the show's recording, in the newly rented apartment, Liang Yan looked at his first hot search after his amnesia with a twitching expression.

She didnt react too much to being trampled and scolded. Anyway, she had expected that no one would want to see her. Its just that any woman would be embarrassed when she hits a man. However, she was also filmed by fans and broadcasted by the people across the country. , Topped the top ten hilarious episodes of this year's variety show.

What a shame!

The key is that she doesnt even have the right to explain. The artist will sign a non-disclosure agreement with the program group before the show is recorded. Before the show is broadcast, she is not allowed to disclose the content of the show. Therefore, if Liang Yan comes out now to explain that the fitness ball is leaking, it will be equivalent to Spoiler alert for breach of contract. Moreover, this sudden hot search has brought a lot of heat to the show. Now it has attracted a large number of viewers waiting to watch it before it is broadcast. Just tell the truth of the matter, then a large number of viewers waiting to eat melon will definitely be lost.

Fortunately, the program director said that the post-editing must clearly explain the leak of the fitness ball. Liang Yan and other programs were waiting to be broadcast. After half a month, the first issue of "Challenge of the Brave" was officially launched on the fruit station.

Because Liang Yan had already hit Yan Zhuns deceased son and grandson in advance, so the "Challenge of the Brave" was overwhelmed when it was broadcast. Liang Yan has been scolded by Yan Zhun fans for more than half a month. Half an hour in advance, I moved a small bench and sat in front of the TV waiting.

First, a few guests chose a career together. Except for the section where Liang Yan couldn't get through Lu Lincheng's call, it was cut, and everything else was normal.

Liang Yan touched his nose, wondering why this section was cut.

Then came the professional experience. Compared with other guests, Liang Yan had fewer shots and a little bit of disgrace, and everything else was normal.

The last part is the decisive game. Liang Yan and Yan Zhuns Jue Sun Zhuang were edited by the program team to the end. All the people who eat melons and Liang Yans appetite in front of the TV were stunned. Only a fitness ball under Liang Yans feet was seen in the camera. "Puff" the floor leak close-up, and then the audience loves to see the scene of laughing and hitting the crotch again and again.

Liang Yan waited all night and cried bitterly when he watched the close-up of the leaking exercise ball.

She is finally innocent, she didn't mean it, she really wasn't that vigorous, this is the pot of the show's props, she doesn't carry it...

It was eleven o'clock in the evening after the show ended. Liang Yan saw that Yan Zhun fans who had been clamoring under her Weibo these days finally stopped, and went to bed contentedly.

The premiere ratings of "Challenge of the Brave" were all the rage. Liang Yan's focus was on the leaking of the fitness ball. At the same time, a screenshot of the show began to be circulated among fans.

In the screenshot, in the last off-court game session, a few guests stood for a shot, Liang Yan dressed up as a migrant worker in a vest and helmet, looking forward with hope, while the overbearing president next to her was dressed strictly, looking down at her.

The corners of the lips are smiling, and the eyes are gentle.

A handsome man and a beautiful girl, with a gray head and a glamorous face, who originally represented the two worlds, stood together but could not tell the harmony.

Soon fans added a filter to this screenshot and posted it online.

[What the **** is going on, Yan Zhun's eyes are too spoiled!

[What is Liang Yan looking at? Although I hate her, to be honest, I am convinced of her face.

[When will Liang Yan let Lu Lincheng let go? The moment she sees her is annoying.

[What to do, move brick girl overbearing president, instantly replenish an idol drama, think about it, its so sweet, I actually want to woo woo woo...]

[This is not good, Liang Yan is married...]

[Yes, Lu Lincheng will be angry.

[Wait, will Lu Lincheng be angry?

[Lu Lincheng was so angry that he and Liang Yan went to the awards ceremony last year. The whole event didnt even look at Liang Yan. Obviously, I wanted to get rid of her as a dog skin plaster. I went every day.#Today Lu Lincheng divorce Yet? # Sign in.

The Scissorhands girl acted overnight, editing Liang Yans scenes of moving bricks on the construction site and the exact domineering president in the show. With bgm, a three-and-a-half-minute video clip tells the romantic love between the construction site girl and the domineering president. The final scene Frozen, the construction site girl looked forward with hope, and the overbearing president looked at the construction site girl with a fondling expression, with the word: A glance at ten thousand years.

This video was originally cut out by a small group of fans secretly, but I didnt expect it to be reposted by an internet celebrity with hundreds of thousands of followers. After the exposure, the likes soared all the way. In fact, the heroine of the little white flower idol drama who relies solely on the male lead. For the first time I saw a heroine who had moved hundreds of bricks on the construction site in one breath. Even Liang Yan, who has always been unwelcome to see, seems to be pleasing to the eye a lot because of the hard work of moving bricks in the video.

Liang Yan was woken up by the phone the next day.

Jiang Mu on the other end of the phone obviously couldn't calm down: "Smoke, go watch that video, you, you are on the hot search again."

Liang Yanzheng was rubbing his eyes sleepily. He became energetic as soon as he heard the video. He thought it was the crotch collision video between her and Yan Zhun: "It was said in the program yesterday that the fitness ball leaked? I didn't mean it. !"

Jiang Mu: "It's not that. Oh, I don't know how to say it. Go and see now!"

Liang Yan hung up the phone, opened Weibo suspiciously, and scrolled from top to bottom on the hot search list. Where is her name?

Liang Yan had no expression on his face, thinking that Jiang Mu must have dreamed that she was on a hot search last night. He yawned and clicked on the first hot search, similar to the name of the idol drama: "Move his heart away."

The first one was transferred to more than 20,000 related popular Weibo: "The work of self-produced grain, the girl who moves bricks Domineering President: She moved not only bricks, but also... his heart."

In WiFi mode, the video is played automatically.

Liang Yan's expressionless face turned into a black question mark face, and then as the video was played, the black question mark face gradually became dumbfounding.

She looked at that "one-hundred-year-old" photo with envious face, and it was obviously a fan group on the opposite side.

As for Yan Zhun, this guy has peachy eyes and looks affectionate at everything, okay?

Liang Yan opened the comment area.

[Fuck, this cut is too good, right? sweet!

[Blogger nb!

[There are so many bricks, Liang Yan is really strong.

[Liang Yan, let Lu Lincheng go, you can return Lu Lincheng to us, you are more worthy of others, please.

[Yes, return Lu Lincheng to us.

[Return Lu Lincheng to us.

This comment seems to remind Liang Yan that there is Lu Lincheng behind Liang Yan. The majority of netizens cannot accept that the flower of Gaoling Lu Lincheng, who is in the altar, was picked by Liang Yan. A strict standard can exchange Lu Lincheng's freedom, and undoubtedly, most people are willing.

Liang Yan felt like a ball. In order to save Lu Lincheng, he was kicked to Yan Zhun relentlessly.

Liang Yan: I don't want to!

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