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"Moving his heart" this hot search has risen by the daily limit on the list for a day.

In the end, Liang Yan herself watched the video many times over and over again. At first, she was ashamed, but after slowly introducing the character and plot, it changed, and even she herself...the more she watched it, the sweeter she felt. .

The combination of the brick-moving girl the overbearing president is fresh, coupled with the magical editing of the big fans, and the scene of Yan Zhun often standing with Liang Yan in the show. In the end, it was a star-chaser girl who was stunned. It's sunrise, a creature called cp powder.

In the cp category of Chaohua Plaza, Liang Yan found a picture of her and Yan Zhun in horror, and even the name of cp has a lot of meaning: "knowingly hit".

The number of fans of "Knowing Bump" has continued to rise, and there are 10,000 live fans that are like fake replacements. The square is very active, except for the "Moving His Heart" editing video, even Liang The various scenes of Yan and Yan Zhun on the show are all made into Jiugongge Giggle, and there are even fans who gave an ambiguous analysis of the small details of the two on the show. The comments below are all neatly "locked." ".

Liang Yan twitched his expression. After reading the prosperous "Knowing Hit" fan square, he went to the bottom of the cp area directory and found the name "Mountain Fire Couple". There were 500 fans and the square was active. Desolate and long grass, a cp super-chat that was just slaughtered by Lu Lincheng fans a week ago.

Jiang Mu said that the rice circle is so big that you can't think of her without her fans, so she and Lu Lincheng are also a couple with CP fans in the entertainment industry.

Its just that their CP fans have a miserable life...

I dont usually get beaten up by everyone in the fan circle. Now my fans cp is obviously an official match with a marriage certificate, but I have to watch the sweet clips of one party and the other become popular all over the Internet.

Liang Yan thought about it and couldnt figure out how someone would be so unwilling to be so willing to be an enemy fan of her and Lu Linchengs CP, so he drove the small "Magic Castle Carrying the Handle" and sneaked into the internal chat group of "Mountain Fire Couple" fans. Screen.

The review of the fan chat group is very strict. Liang Yan verified that it was passed a while after sending it. She had just joined the group and found that the group was very passionate.

There are about a hundred people in the fan chat group of the mountain fire couples, but they usually dont chat much more than Buddhism. However, todays "knowingly hit" fire on the other side severely wounded the few live fans. Sprinkled a pinch of salt, and a rare scene of enthusiasm appeared in the chat group.

[Liang Yan is obviously married to Lin Cheng! What is the mentality of those who "knowingly hit"!

[Yes, yes, be perverted.

[We only knocked out the official match, okay?

[I'm so angry that I want to fight.

[But there are so many people on their side that we cant beat...]

[Woo, woo, when will Lin Cheng be able to frame Yanyan at the same time, I can imagine how beautiful it is for the two of them to stand together.

[I have been waiting for the same frame since I fanned both of them two years ago.

[Same, I dont know if I can see it in this life.

[Oh, wait.

At this time, the national fan group leader "I love mountain fires" of "Mountain Fire Couples" suddenly appeared and sent a dejected emoticon. The group owners usually do not come out to chat and bubbling. Once they come out, there must be something wrong, so the members They all asked:

[Sister Huo, what's wrong?

I love wildfire: [Todays hot search, I just went to negotiate with the moderators of "Knowing One Strike", its their business to follow them, I just want them not to do so much in the show. Strict sugar, after all, Yanyan and Lin Cheng are married, this will not affect both parties badly. As a result, alas...]

[What happened?

I love wildfire: [I'm sorry everyone, I really, sometimes feel that I can't keep going.

I love mountain fires: [Everyone in the group is a fan of Liang Yan and Lu Lincheng, no matter how much we are slaughtered and bullied in the past two years, we have persisted, so that one day we can see them standing together and shining together. Shine, but now, Lin Cheng has never mentioned Yanyan. Liang Yan tied CP with others in the show and saw so many people who "knowingly hit". Now I really can't find it. We two What's the meaning of years of hard work.

I love mountain fires: [Or... Let's just leave it, and the super talk is also gone.

[Sister Huo don't!

[Sister Huo, have you forgotten? At the beginning, we said it was OK. As long as Yanyan and Lin Cheng don't divorce, we still have hope. We must persist.

[Yes, yeah, everyone has been here for two years together, how can we just leave it alone? We still have hope!

More than 20 people continued to bubble up to block the dispersal group, and then they counted the ups and downs that everyone experienced together in the past two years, how to endure the white eyes of the fan circle, how to be dismantled and reorganized by Lu Lincheng's fans again and again. A history of blood and tears in the powder circle.

I love wildfires: [I'm moved, I'm sorry everyone, I'm too negative, Yanyan and Lin Cheng are still together, how can we just leave.

Everyone: [Yes, yes.

[Yanyan and Lin Cheng are still together, how can we just leave.

I love wild fires: [Dont be discouraged, I believe, as long as you keep quiet, you will always wait until the day when Lin Cheng and Yanyan give us sugar!

[Yes, yeah, as long as we keep on fanning silently, we will always wait until the day when Lin Cheng and Yanyan send us sugar!

[Wait for Lin Cheng and Yanyan to get sugar!

[Wait for Lin Cheng and Yanyan to get sugar!

[Wait for Lin Cheng and Yanyan to get sugar!

Liang Yan peered into the screen and bit the knuckle of his index finger, not admitting that he was moved to cry by a group of fans.

Despite the indifference, discrimination and even bullying of other fans in the fan circle, and even though there are people who come to slaughter the page every three to five, but such a group of fans, in such a difficult situation, still maintains a unity of original intentions, waiting for the cp smashing sugar to them. .

Liang Yan was so touched that she smoked in her heart. If she didn't have Lu Lincheng's phone number, she almost wanted to send sugar to this group of fans.

She looked at the empty number of Lu Lincheng in the phone address book, and smiled as if she laughed at herself.

Abandoned wife is not a person for her.


The first issue of "Challenge of the Brave" was a big hit. Liang Yan and Yan Zhuns collision was even more out of the circle, and "Knowing Ones Crash" has always been in the forefront of the chaotic cp sector, even the girl who moved bricks domineering The president's fanart comics are available, but sometimes there is nothing left after the heat is over. This is reflected in Liang Yan's still empty schedule in Jiang Mu's hands.

Jiang Mu put the only two jobs he received after the first phase of the shows big fire before Liang Yans eyes: Its not a completely empty time. Look at this, the Yaya live broadcast platforms anniversary, I would like to invite you to go. Do a live broadcast."

Liang Yan was slumping on the sofa, shrugging his nose in confusion: "Live broadcast?"

Is it that she has fallen into the eyes of people in the circle to be an online female anchor?

Speaking of the live broadcast, Liang Yan instantly thought of himself wearing a low-cut short skirt in the future, sitting in front of the computer to please the otaku, and acting like a coquettish mouthful of "Thank you for the gift of brother", and then his entire scalp began to tingle, and his hair seemed to stand up. stand up.

"I won't go." Liang Yan sat up straight, shaking with goose bumps all over his body.

"It's not what you think." Jiang Mu knew that she wanted to be crooked when she saw Liang Yan's reaction, and hurriedly explained, "It's a game live broadcast platform, which plays games live, no, uh, the kind of live broadcast you want. "

"Game live broadcast?" Liang Yan, who has lost his memory for three years, still feels more or less strange to some things in this world. He narrowed his mouth and asked dejectedly, "Is there no drama?"

Jiang Mu seemed to hesitate for a while, and then opened the second document: "...and this one."

When Liang Yan heard that there was a play, he craned his neck and leaned forward: "What play?"

Jiang Mu: "Tiansheng has launched a new costume drama over there. Female one has already been set. Recently, I am looking for an actress to try on female two."

Liang Yan was overjoyed immediately: "Then why didn't you say it earlier?" She squeezed to Jiang Mu and found that there were even the location of the show and the phone number of the contact person in the file.

Jiang Mu was obviously not as happy as Liang Yan. After thinking about it, he covered his lips and coughed slightly: "This drama actually has a good team, but..."

He glanced at Liang Yan, who was rushing to flip through the information. One finger tightened and curled up into a fist. He suddenly regretted telling her about this drama: "Forget it, don't worry, I will look for a relationship. There will definitely be filming next."

Liang Yan finally got a chance to try out the show. He was baffled by what he said halfway: "What's the matter? Why forget it?" She snatched the crew information from Jiang Mu and found that the production company's team was called in the circle. For those who deserve a name, the heroes and heroines are all online Xiaosheng Xiaohua, and they seem to be star dramas, and being able to play the second female role in it is the best resource she can currently use.

Liang Yan: "This is obviously pretty good."

Jiang Mu looked at Liang Yan's eyes after losing his memory. They were pure and clear three years ago, with a vaguely aggressive spirit of reluctance, so he was silent.

Jiang Mu tightened his fists and closed his eyes slightly, as if he was back that night. He went back to his hometown and suddenly received a call. There was noisy voice on the other side of the phone. She cried and said that she was drunk and could not drink anymore. Want to go home.

The two places are separated, and there is a deep sense of powerlessness.

Jiang Mu organized language for a long time before explaining: "You used to have some holidays with the film crew of this show."

Liang Yan was startled. The most taboo thing in this circle is to offend people. He hurriedly asked: "What holiday? Have I offended them before? You can make it clear."

But later, no matter how Liang Yan asked Jiang Mu, he was reluctant to talk more, closed the document, and only said that she must find another film for her.

I'm going to prepare for the daily update...

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