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"Ha ha!"

Ao Zun sneered and said, "Then let me see how many dragons you have learned from hiding on the edge of the universe for so many years."

He had lost his interest in attacking Ao Tian in words, and the strength that belonged to the pinnacle of the Eternal True God burst out.

The terrifying aura made the ninety-nine creation gods standing behind Ao Zun hurriedly retreat.

The nearby planets are constantly annihilated under this terrifying aura.

Just as Ao Zun was about to start his hand, he suddenly felt a strong heart palpitations.

"This is..." He cried out in horror, looking at Ao Tian incredulously.

"Master of Chaos." Ao Tian said lightly.

Just after he finished speaking, Ao Zun's body burned automatically.

An irresistible force descended on Ao Zun's body, making him unable to move.

"No, how could you already be the Lord of Chaos? This is impossible!" Ao Zun roared.

However, no matter how angry or resisting he was, he could not extinguish the flames on his body.

His feet had disappeared, and his body slowly turned into nothingness from bottom to top.

"Brother, my good brother, please let go of your eldest brother, we are brothers." Ao Zun began to beg for mercy, crying bitterly.

The ninety-nine creation gods were all stunned.

The supreme Lord of the Dragon Realm was crying bitterly to others for mercy at this time, which was unbelievable.

However, this is what really happened.

While these creation gods were shocked, they also felt tremendous fear.

That man turned out to be the master of chaos.

They want to kill a Chaos Lord, which is crazy...

Facing Ao Zuns begging for mercy, Ao Tian was unmoved, and said indifferently: "I already understand the truth of the matter. You don't have to beg for mercy. There is only one end for you, and that is-death!"

The flames burning on Ao Zun's body were more violent, and his body was disappearing quickly.

"Do not--"

Ao Zun let out an unwilling roar, completely disappeared into the universe, his body and spirit disappeared.

One of the masters of the big world died, and the other masters of the big world felt it instantly, and they were all shocked.

The top ten lord of the dragon world in the universe has fallen!

At this moment, all the Lords of the Great World felt a terrifying pressure coming.

Ao Tian's majestic and domineering voice sounded: "I am the lord of the Heavenly Dragon Realm, the Chaos Heavenly Dragon!"

At this moment, the universe vibrated.

"Four brother, you finally appeared."

"Congratulations brother."

"Fourth brother, when you are free, come over and talk to your three older brothers."

The sound of three kind voices in succession made all the strong in the universe be stunned.

The three big brothers in the legend appeared at the same time, calling this Chaos Heavenly Dragon the fourth younger brother.

The dragon race is about to rise.

At this moment, the happiest ones are the high-levels in the dragon world. Those high-levels still don't know that their masters are dead, and they were killed by the newly-appearing Chaos Heavenly Dragon.

They are still complacent about the imminent rise of the dragon clan.

"Thank you for the kindness of the three elder brothers. I will definitely come to visit after I finish my work." Ao Tian replied.

Immediately afterwards, he said: "Ao Zun, the lord of the Dragon Realm, has been beheaded by me, and the Dragon Realm belongs to him, so come to plead immediately."

Hearing what Ao Tian said, his body instantly became cold, and his heart was filled with huge fear.

Ao Zun actually died.

These high-level officials naturally knew what Ao Zun was doing, chasing and killing the younger brother who had fled for many years.

Now, the Chaos Tianlong was born and Ao Zun died, which shows that the Chaos Tianlong is the younger brother chased and killed by Ao Zun.

They couldn't help thinking of the turmoil in the Dragon Realm. Ao Zun killed the old realm master for a prophecy, became the new realm master, and pursued and killed his own brother.

Now that Ao Zun is dead, these senior leaders in the dragon world feel deep fear.

Chaos Tianlong ordered them to plead guilty. Is this planning to liquidate them?

In the dragon world, some of the dragons who were suppressed because of disobedience to Ao Zun shouted excitedly, and immediately set off for the heavenly dragon world to prepare to meet the new king.

In front of Ao Tian, the ninety-nine powerful creation gods knelt down in terror.

"Tianlong, please forgive me!"

Ao Tian glanced at these guys faintly, and said, "You guys just kneel here, waiting for the high level of your dragon world to arrive."

After speaking, Ao Tian returned to Bibi Dong and said, "Let's go back."

Several girls looked at Ao Tian with admiration.

Ao Tian smiled slightly and took them back to the Heavenly Dragon Realm.

The ninety-nine creation gods are still kneeling in the starry sky, afraid to get up...


Five years later.

Ao Tian and the girls lay on a big bed of white clouds, floating in the sky above the Heavenly Dragon Realm, overlooking the entire Heavenly Dragon Realm.

The current Heavenly Dragon Realm has already annexed the Dragon Realm.

The two big worlds merged together, making the Heavenly Dragon Realm the strongest big world.

At this time, Douluo was on the mainland.

Next to a small village, a boy who looked five or six years old stood on the top of the mountain, shouting in an immature voice: "I must become a strong man like Long Zu in the future."

Behind him, a little girl pretended to worship: "Brother Chen, you are amazing. I will marry you when I grow up."

The little boy happily said, "Sister Xiaoxi, then we're all set, you can only be my wife in the future."


In Shrek Academy, Flender and Liu Erlong looked at the little girl running happily in the yard with bliss.

Liu Erlong leaned on Flander's shoulders and said, "Brother De, I am very satisfied with this kind of life."

Flander said: "Yes, I am also very satisfied. Xiaogang was wrong at the beginning. The world is getting better and better. Even our college has several titled Douluos. Maybe after a few years, it can still There is a god."

Liu Erlong sighed: "If he could see the world now, he would probably regret what he did in the first place."


Ning Fengzhi, Chenxin, and Gu Rong are drinking tea in the castle of Qibao Liulizong.

Now Chen Xin and Gu Rong have become god-level powerhouses, and Ning Fengzhi has become a first-level **** with the help of Ning Rongrong.

Ning Fengzhi sighed: "Uncle Jian, Uncle Bone, when Rongrong left with the Lord, I still felt that she was ignorant, and I really wanted to lock her up. Now think about it, fortunately I didn't do that."

Chen Xin laughed and said, "The wisest decision you have made in your life is not to prevent Rongrong from being with the master."

Gu Rong said: "That's right, hahaha..."


Clear Sky School, Tang Xiao sighed weakly: "Order it, don't inculcate the thought of revenge in the descendants of Clear Sky School in the future, let's forget our hatred."


In the pigpen, a pig is riding on another pig.

Tang San yelled in horror: "Ma Hongjun, get out of here, I can't spare you."

Unfortunately, Tang San could only shout in shame, but couldn't control his body.

Ma Hongjun said helplessly: "Brother, you can't put the blame on me, I can't control this guy, huh~ Actually... this feeling is still good. We have been sealed five times, three Brother, you have given birth to several litters too, can't you adapt now?"

Next to them, Dai Mubai and Oscar's body were lying on the ground, their stomachs bulging.

Dai Mubai's and Oscar's souls were numb, as if their souls had become walking corpses.

Ma Hongjun continued: "Brother San, since you can't resist, why not just enjoy it."

Tang San was angry and said, "Go away, get away from behind me quickly, you disgusting fellow, if there is a chance to escape, I must kill you myself!"

Dai Mubai said: "Fatty, the three of us have been tortured, but you are fine, and you start to enjoy it. I really hope that Ao Tian can turn you into a mother and let you experience our pain."

Ma Hongjun panicked instantly and hurriedly said, "Boss Dai, don't talk nonsense, I will be miserable when Ao Tian hears it."

Dai Mubai said, "I'm going to say, I can't understand you a long time ago, Ao Tian...Ao Tian...Have you heard? Make Ma Hongjun a mother too."

Ao Tian's voice suddenly sounded and said, "I heard it. Next time, I will let you try a new experience."

Ma Hongjun shuddered all over, and said in a panic: "No, no, I don't want to be..."

Tang San was extremely desperate.

"Ao Tian, let me die in smoke, I don't want to do something like that to a beast." Tang San's tone was full of pleading.

What made them desperate was that Ao Tian stopped replying to them.


Five years later, the tortured Tang Sans and the Four finally left the pigpen that was like hell.

Their souls were imprisoned in the void cage, and together with the master, they endured the torment of **** fire, and they screamed bitterly and painfully all the time.

They have already regretted it in their hearts, but there is no regret medicine in this world.

Ao Tian began to take his wives to play in the universe, enjoying the bliss of the world.

A hundred thousand years later, Ao Tian and Gu Yuena returned to the Heavenly Dragon Realm.

The stomachs of the eight girls including Gu Yuena were all bulging.

Xiao Wu said: "Brother Tian, I have been pregnant for 10,000 years, this little guy just won't come out."

Gu Yuena smiled and said: "What anxious? Didn't you say that Brother Tian? Although these little guys have not been born yet, their origins are getting stronger and stronger. After they are born, they might be able to directly become eternal true gods."

Xiao Wu Qiao blushed and said, "Well, it's just that I haven't had one with Brother Tian for 10,000 years."

When Xiao Wu mentioned this matter, Gu Yuena and the others all blushed and their bodies felt a little uncomfortable.

They are the same, since they became pregnant, they have not been in love with Ao Tian for a long time.

Ao Tian pointed Xiao Wu's head and said with a smile: "Don't always think about that. After you give birth, I can be crazy with you for ten thousand years."

The family settled down on Tianlong Mountain.

A year later, Ao Tian stood on Tianlong Mountain, looking at a direction outside the Tianlong realm.

"It's time to save Uncle, now the Heavenly Dragon Realm is free of worries, I can go without worry."

Ao Tian's uncle was called Ao Yan, he was a fire dragon, and he disappeared after he threw Ao Tian on Douluo Star.

After Ao Tian became the Chaos Dragon, he had already calculated the location of Ao Yan, but Ao Yan was not in this universe ~www.wuxiaworld~ Moreover, Ao Yan's state was a bit special.

This is also the reason why Ao Tianming knows his uncle's location, but has not left.

Going to another universe, I don't know what will happen.

Now that the Heavenly Dragon Realm is strong enough, he can also go with confidence.

Scenes flashed in Ao Tian's deep eyes.

In these pictures, a huge flame dragon roared weakly, and an imperfect world appeared. The flame dragon's body collapsed, turning into countless flames and falling into that world.

Hundreds of millions of years have passed, that world has gradually grown into a complete world, and many races have been born, as well as cultivation civilizations.

The flames caused by the fall of the dragon became the treasures the monks dreamed of.

These flames are called-different fires!

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