Home Is the Neighbor Going Dark TodayChapter 10

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Just after speaking, Yu Zhihuai came in. Jiang Leyu turned her back to the door of the classroom. It was Yu Keyin who grabbed her arm and blinked at her. She turned her head and saw Yu Zhihuai.

After a certain distance, the eyes of the two actually collided, and Yu Zhihuai first looked away blankly.

Jiang Leyu's eyelashes trembled and he was a little guilty, wondering if he heard them talking.

However, even if he heard it, he should be able to understand that she was not sincere, right?

Yu Keyin took Jiang Leyu to twitter and talked about the call again, and then put her back in her seat when the teacher came in.

Jiang Leyu quietly looked at Yu Zhihuai's expression, and perhaps after seeing it for a long time, Yu Zhihuai actually turned his head and asked her: "Yes, what's the matter?"

"Um, did you hear me talking to Keyin just now?"

Yu Zhihuai paused and shook his head.

Jiang Leyu breathed a sigh of relief, grinned at him subconsciously, but closed his mouth immediately.

Turning back to his little head and lying on the table to take a nap, secretly slandering when his teeth will grow out.

Yu Zhihuai also lay down. He used to face Jiang Leyu with his back. Today, the ghost and goddess is facing her.

Looking at the back of Jiang Leyu's head with his eyes open, his eyes were a bit complicated.

He really didn't hear what Jiang Leyu said to Yu Keyin, and there was seldom a trace of curiosity in his heart, so what did he say? Seeing her just now, as if afraid he would hear it, is it bad? But even if it's bad, she shouldn't be afraid that he will hear it.

Could it be that they have a new way to rectify him and don't want to disclose it in advance?

Thinking about it, this is still more likely, but Jiang Leyu's abnormal performance in the past two days has given him inexplicable hope. Maybe Jiang Leyu will not bully him anymore.

Jiang Leyu had fallen asleep a long time ago, and she didn't realize that Yu Zhihuai had been looking at the back of her head like this during her nap.

After school in the afternoon, Jiang Leyu still excuses that his father is back and wants to behave better, and refuses the "daily actions" with Yu Keyin.

Although Yu Keyin is dissatisfied, Jiang Leyu is her best sister and the one who has the most appetite for her. Many times she bullies Yu Zhihuai more ruthlessly, so she will give up "action". That should be a real trip. NS.

"When will your father leave?" Yu Keyin asked.

Jiang Leyu shook his head and said that he didn't know. She had hoped that Jiang Muhai would hurry up to take care of his work, lest she suffer so much when she gets along with him, and offend Du Yanqing if she gets close, and she won't be happy if she doesn't get close to Jiang Muhai, and will be very entangled.

But now because Jiang Muhai is here, she can use this excuse to avoid the "same flow" with Yu Keyin every day after school. When Jiang Muhai is gone, she may not have any other good excuses to fool Yu Keyin.

"Are you afraid that your father will find you bullying other children?" Yu Keyin asked again.

Jiang Leyu thought for a while and nodded.

"Then we can go a little farther away!"

"..." Jiang Leyu was puzzled, "Will Yu Zhihuai be willing to follow to go far away for us to bully?"

Yu Keyin smiled proudly: "What qualifications does he have that he doesn't want? I don't allow him to close the bedroom door and he has to be obedient."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

Why don't you allow others to close the bedroom door? ! What kind of perverted behavior? ! She really couldn't imagine what kind of life Yu Zhihuai was living in the Yu family.

"Stop it anymore," Jiang Leyu tactfully refused. "My father will definitely not agree when we go to a place far away. We should wait until my father is gone and we will be playing, okay?"

Upon hearing this, Yu Keyin curled her lips in disappointment: "Okay."

Jiang Leyu breathed a sigh of relief when she was moved. Hold this little demon first, and then let her think carefully about what she wants to do.

When they got home, Du Yanqing and Jiang Muhai were not there. Only Zhang Ma was at home.

"The husband and wife are out, and they will not have dinner at home tonight." Madam Zhang took the initiative to answer Jiang Leyu's confusion.

Yu Keyin nodded. They were not there, so she would be more comfortable eating.

Waiting for Zhang's mother to put the food on the table, Jiang Leyu asked in surprise: "Are we the only two of us to eat?"

Mother Zhang smiled, "It's all made for you."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

Does the rich people cook food regardless of their appetite, just extravagance and waste? !

She is a child, how can she finish such a table of dishes!

Luxury, too extravagant!

Jiang Leyu sighed while climbing up the chair, but looking at these dishes, he still had a lot of appetite. Jiang Leyu picked up the chopsticks and started, Zhang Ma saw that she was eating well today, her eyes became more kind.

"You eat slowly first, I'll wash your lunch box."

Jiang Leyu's mouth was full of food, and he answered vaguely, "Um, good."

After a while, I heard Zhang's surprised voice: "Le Yu, who washed your lunch box? Have you finished all the lunch boxes at noon?"

Jiang Leyu paused, swallowed the food in his mouth, and said loudly: "I'm finished. I was at the same table and helped me wash the lunch box."

Mom Zhang strode over and asked incredulously: "Did you finish it?? Did you finish it yourself?"

Jiang Leyu nodded: "Yes."

Mother Zhang's expression became a little complicated. After looking at her for a long time, she sighed and said in a low voice: "You, don't tell your wife that you finished the meal by yourself, just say it was for your classmates, or It's down, you know?"

Jiang Leyu wondered, isn't it a good thing that she has finished eating? After thinking about Du Yanqing's "abnormal", she seemed to understand something, and nodded solemnly, "I see."

Zhang Ma looked loose and touched her head. Jiang Leyu didn't respond. She herself became stiff, and she quickly retracted her hand and was a little cramped: "Look at me, I didn't pay attention for a while, and forgot that you don't like being touched by others."

Jiang Leyu blinked and said milkyly: "It's okay, I don't hate Madam Zhang."

Zhang Ma was startled, and then she was moved a little bit in her eyes.

She just said, after all is such a small child, no matter how weird temperament is, it is also caused by nature. How bad can a child's mind be. No, when the wife is away, the little girl's innocence and cuteness are revealed.

Jiang Leyu noticed that Zhang Mas face was not right. She looked like she was about to cry. She thought she had said something wrong. She was a little uneasy and wanted to comfort her. But Zhang Ma smiled again: "You eat first, Ill clean up the kitchen. ,eat more."

Jiang Leyu nodded obediently.

After Zhang's mother walked away, she immersed herself in hard work. She has to try her best to eat a little bit more so she can waste less.

In Zhang's eyes, it was like a child who hadn't eaten a good meal for a long time, starving.

Hey, he is obviously his own child, so why does his wife have the heart to be so harsh on her? I give enough food every day, and my children are not allowed to eat. If there are no conditions, then forget it. Obviously there are such good conditions, but the children are not allowed to eat well.

Jiang Leyu went back to her room after dinner, and told Madam Zhang before closing the door: "If Keyin comes to see me, I'll say I'm asleep."

"Why? Don't you want to play with Miss Keyin anymore?"

"No, no, I really want to sleep, I'm tired of going to school."

Madam Zhang didn't think too much. She went to bed early yesterday and ate a lot in the past two days. Maybe she was really tired.

"Well, if you want to sleep after doing your homework, call me and I will take you to wash."


At about ten o'clock in the evening, Jiang Leyu was already asleep, and Du Yanqing and Jiang Muhai went home.

Mother Zhang kept the light in the living room and was still preparing the ingredients for the next day in the kitchen. She greeted her immediately when she heard the sound and helped her host take clothes and bags.

"Where is Le Yu? Are you asleep?" Jiang Muhai asked casually while holding Du Yanqing, who was a little drunk.

"I went to bed, and I went to bed very early today." Zhang Ma said.

Of course its a good habit to go to bed early and get up early. Jiang Muhais lips bend, "Did she have a good meal today?"

Zhang Ma subconsciously glanced at Du Yanqing, she leaned against Jiang Muhai's arms, her cheeks flushed, her eyes closed as if she was asleep.

After considering it, he smiled and replied: "Yes, I ate very well today."

"Really? Have you eaten meat?"

"Ate two yuan."

After Zhang Ma said, she lowered her eyes and turned to put on her clothes. In fact, Jiang Leyu had eaten more than half of the plate of ribs made today, and other meats had also moved his chopsticks.

Jiang Muhai's expression became more stretched after hearing this, and he joked to his wife in his arms: "It seems that Le Yu is still obedient. If you can always be so self-conscious, you don't need to hire a nutritionist."

Du Yanqing's eyelashes trembled, she slowly opened her eyes, put her arms around his neck and said coquettishly: "I'm so tired, I want to take a bath."

"Okay, I'll hold you up. You, you can't drink like this when I'm away."

"Well, I know~"

Early the next morning, Jiang Leyu didn't need anyone to shout, so he got up refreshed.

The living room was empty. Mother Zhang was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. When Jiang Leyu came down, she quickly wiped her hands: "Wake up so early today? Come, I will take you to wash your face and brush your teeth."

"No need, Madam Zhang, I have already washed it."


Jiang Leyu grinned and bared her teeth: "Look, isn't it very clean?"

Zhang Ma leaned close to her and looked at her. Her face was clean. It seemed that she had washed it. "Did you wash it yourself?"

"Well, I have grown up, and the teacher said that you have to learn to do your own things."

Mom Zhang couldn't help but laugh, "You're only six and a half years old, not too old, don't rush to learn."

Jiang Leyu blinked, it turned out that she was six and a half years old.

She didn't refute Zhang Ma. She was not used to eating, sleeping, washing her face and brushing her teeth anyway.

"Where are Mom and Dad?"

"Mr. and Mrs. have not got up yet. I came back late last night and drank wine. Maybe I would have to sleep longer. You can sit down for a while, and breakfast will be ready soon."


Jiang Leyu went to the table and sat down obediently waiting for the meal, and when Zhang's mother came over with her breakfast, she ate every bite.

Zhang Ma seemed to be very worried. She stood in front of her and looked back at the stairs from time to time, moving quickly to remove Jiang Leyu's empty plate.

After breakfast, she arranged her clothes and school bags to send her out, Zhang Ma whispered to her: "Le Yu don't eat so much in front of his wife, you know?"

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