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As Yu Keyin said, Uncle Zhang sent them to the door of the classroom, and after a few words with the teacher, the teacher smiled and let them in and sit down. He didn't mean to blame them for being late.

When Jiang Leyu entered the classroom, he raised his head and glanced at the house number, the first grade third class.

Feelings: She is now a primary school student, only a first-year primary school student, so how young is it to stay here to let Yu Zhihuai's plot run through the whole book? !

There are still three empty seats in the classroom. Jiang Leyu walked to the side of the two empty seats and sat down. She thought she and Yu Keyin must be at the same table, but when Yu Keyin passed by her, Yu Keyin walked away. Another set of vacancies.

As a reader and a person who has never bullied others or even despise bullying behavior, Jiang Leyu naturally dislikes Yu Keyin. This little girl has a cute and harmless face, but she has done a lot of vicious things behind her back. In addition to bullying Yu Zhihuai, she has become more arrogant and domineering as she grows up outside of school, and she has also bullied many people.

However, the only person she was "familiar" with at the moment was Yu Keyin.

Moreover, her current identity is at odds with Yu Keyin. After all, the two have been good sisters for many years. If you don't have a temper, you can't be good sisters.

In the original book, what Yu Zhihuai's neighbor Jiang Leyu did to Yu Zhihuai is actually a bit more hateful than a metaphor for Keyin. Jiang Leyu was fascinated by Yu Zhihuai when she was a girl, and Yu Zhihuai became the first person she liked in the beginning of her love.

But it was hard for her to accept the fact that she liked Yu Zhihuai. Yu Zhihuai was bullied by her since childhood and looked down upon "rubbish". If she liked him, she seemed to have made herself inferior. What made her even more angry was that she had already lowered her dignity and wanted to give Yu Zhihuai a chance, but Yu Zhihuai didn't bother her at all.

Driven by the double anger, Jiang Leyu hated him even more, mixed with a twisted psychology that could not be desired, and did many more excessive things to Yu Zhihuai.

Too much, when Jiang Leyu saw this part of the plot in the book, his brows were not relaxed.

Now she has become a character she hates, and she feels like she is stuck with a stone, and she can't respond to the ground.

Although I haven't looked in the mirror to see exactly what I look like, according to the description in the book, he is also a perfect beauty. Hey, why is there a snake-hearted match under some beautiful skins? !

While thinking wildly, he took out the textbook.

After seeing these textbooks, she was unable to control the black lines again.

Although she has graduated from elementary school for many years, she is not so mentally retarded that she can't even know how to do things in the first grade. No, to be more precise, she is clearly the soul of an adult, and she has to follow a group of children to read aloud to the bed Ming Yueguang.

Holding the book to cover his face, and pretending to read aloud, Jiang Leyu didn't open his mouth, silently digesting his current identity in his heart.

"Yu Zhihuai, why are you late again?"

Yu Zhihuai?

Jiang Leyu slid the book down a bit and looked at the door of the classroom with his eyes open. The teacher was frowning and sternly criticizing Yu Zhihuai.

Strange, he clearly compared Yu Keyin to two or three years older, how could he only be in the first grade? This plot is not written in the novel.

Jiang Leyu stared straight at the door, to be precise, it was Yu Zhihuai staring straight at the door.

The clothes on his body seem to have become clean, and the stains are gone. Did he wipe it himself? Or did Yu Keyin's mother just saw it cleaned up for him?

The possibility of coming to the latter is unlikely.

Jiang Leyu was a little guilty. Not only did she fail to help him who was bullied by Yu Keyin, she also kicked him. Although it wasn't her consciousness, she was the one who was holding this body now.

She wanted Yu Zhihuai to explain to the teacher, and she could help prove that he was not late on purpose. As a result, Yu Zhihuai's expression was faint, as if he was used to it, and only faintly spit out: "I'm sorry."

The teacher obviously didn't want to get angry with his "old fritters", rolled his eyes and said coldly: "Go to your seat and stand until the end of this class."

Yu Zhihuai nodded and walked into the classroom.

Jiang Leyu followed him all the time, still wondering where his seat was, and watched him walk to a position next to him and stand still.

Jiang Leyu opened her mouth slightly and looked at him in surprise. Did she turn out to be Yu Zhihuai at the same table? !

The first reaction was such a close distance, that Yu Zhihuai must have been severely beaten by Jiang Leyu!

Yu Zhihuai took out the textbook blankly, stood there upright, holding up the book and looking at it seriously, no matter how long Jiang Leyu stared at him, he didn't give her a look.

Until his neck became a little sore, Jiang Leyu finally noticed Yu Zhihuai's indifference, and he retracted his gaze in a weird manner, and then he held up the textbook and read aloud with everyone in a low voice.

It's just that my mind has been on the little boy next to me. Do you want to apologize to him? After all, "she" kicked his clothes dirty and caused him to be scolded. And just now Yu Keyin said that she kicked him in pain.

I couldn't help but glanced sideways at him again. He was really exquisite, but his growth was not very good at the age of eight or nine. It can be seen from his hands that his skin is very fair, but his complexion is slightly faint as if he is malnourished, and his height is a little shorter than the average boy of the same age, so that he is normally in the third grade at his age. Its not a violation of peace to put it in the first grade.

In the novel, Yu Zhihuai was bullied almost in the past two years. The youngest son of Yu Jia was born the year before, so his adopted son was of little use. In order to achieve a good reputation for kindness, the Yu and his wife also thought they were "gathering virtue" for their youngest son, so they still kept him. The good name is that he is poor as an orphan, and it is considered to be doing it to save his food and clothing. Good deeds.

It's just that this good deed is really too perfunctory.

Mother Yu was still gentle to Yu Zhihuai when she was pregnant. Originally, if the couple had never had a son, Yu Zhihuai had to be trained as a son.

Yu's family business will always be supported by a man in the future, and the two have also thought about cultivating Yu Keyin to take over the family business, but Yu Keyin can tell from a young age, not that piece of material. The couple struggled a bit, and found a famous fortune teller to calculate the horoscope for Yu Keyin. It was indeed not that piece of material.

In this way, he can only give up and place his hope on Yu Zhihuai. In the past few years, Yu Zhihuai was really treated like a son, and he really took the roller coaster from an orphan to a wealthy young master. It's just that the roller coaster dropped sharply after the birth of Yu Zhihang, the youngest son of the Yu family, and hit the bottom. Because of the birth of Yu Zhihang, all the love of the couple was shared with their own children, especially Yu Zhihang, even Yu Keyin was not as favored as him. Let alone Yu Zhihuai, that is the luxury of even receiving a loving smile.

"Okay, let's end get out of class. Please pay attention to safety when playing between classes and wash your hands before class. Remember?"


The neat and loud voice said that Jiang Leyu pulled back his thoughts, put the textbook away, and glanced at Yu Zhihuai sideways. Seeing that he was still standing, he blurted out and reminded: "The get out of class is over, you don't need to be punished to stand."

Upon hearing this, Yu Zhihuai's expression paused slightly, and finally gave Jiang Leyu his first look in most of the season.

The pupils were swarthy, and they seemed to be defensive in them, and they seemed to be a bit unconcealed with disgust.

He should have wanted to hide, because he knew that if he was seen, it would surely cause these people to get angry and retaliate.

It's just that I'm still young now, and I've only been beaten for two years. Although I learn to restrain my emotions and learn to forbearance, I still can't keep a trace.

Jiang Leyu pretended not to see it, and smiled at him with a self-confidently kind smile, and asked with concern: "Do you still have pain in your body?"

Yu Zhihuai: "..."

The voice is so soft, the smile is so sweet, and the face is so well-behaved, a lively little angel, little angel! Jiang Leyu can know that he looks like this must be very pleasing without looking in the mirror.

But in Yu Zhihuai's view, it was a different story.

Jiang Leyu didn't tie his hair in the morning, so he only left a small hairpin. After being pulled by Yu Keyin for a run, his hair was messy, and it hasn't been sorted up yet. She grinned, five teeth were missing from two rows of teeth, her cheeks were not as fleshy as other little girls, they were a bit less cute, her nose was high, her eyes were small, and her eyelids were a little swollen. It's not pretty.

And what she said in Yu Zhihuai sounded like "Are you still in pain? If it doesn't hurt, I'll kick you a few more feet", or "If it's still painful, I'll make up a few more feet for you."

Jiang Leyu didn't know that her current image was like this, because her neighbor status in the novel was four girls and five girls at best, and she didn't have many scenes. "Jiang Leyu" is a beauty in only two strokes in the book. I didn't write much about how beautiful it was, let alone what it looked like when I was a child.

She waited for Yu Zhihuai's response with bright eyes, but after waiting for a while, he didn't say a word. With the corners of his lips and eyes down, she also saw his small hands holding the book so hard that his finger bones turned white, and he looked stubborn and humiliating.

Jiang Leyu: "???"

Did she say something wrong? What did this kid think of?

In fact, she hasn't figured out how to get along with Yu Zhihuai next, is to continue to maintain the original hypothesis to bully him and find a way to promote him to speed up the blackening, or to get close to him and get closer to him to ensure that he will not get black after the blackening. Own fate. But at this moment, she apologized for the boy's pure heartache.

He seemed to be unacceptable just because of his kindness.

"Le Yu, are you going to go to the bathroom?" Yu Keyin ran over and asked her.

Jiang Leyu turned around, "Okay."

Yu Keyin took her hand, glared at Yu Zhihuai in disgust, took Jiang Leyu towards the classroom, and said, "Dont be too close to him. My mother said he is just a cheeky. The little rubbish, he hasn't changed his clothes for many days, don't you think it stinks?"

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