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Jiang Leyu didn't smell any stinky smell on Yu Zhihuai's body, and she clearly heard the woman telling Yu Zhihuai in the morning that his clothes had only been changed today.

Thinking of this, Jiang Leyu also pretended to be innocent and asked inexplicably: "In the morning, didn't your mother say that his clothes were changed today?"

Yu Keyin smirked twice, covering his mouth, "His short sleeves are exactly the same. I secretly took some of his other pieces for Xiaodou as diapers. I thought he would wear old clothes. Who knew he would rather not change them. Dont wear old ones either."

"Adzuki bean?"

"Yeah, Xiaodou was kicked by his father when he was peeing in the living room last time. I was sad for many days. I wrapped it in a diaper, just like putting on a diaper for my brother, so that he would not urinate casually on the floor. La. Its just too much trouble for the dog to wear diapers, he always doesnt cooperate, and hes less obedient than his younger brother."

It turned out that Yu Zhihuai's clothes were used to make diapers for the dog.

Jiang Leyu frowned slightly, not understanding how there could be so many bad ideas pranks at a young age.

When it comes to the bathroom, there are many children, and they all wait in long lines to go to the bathroom.

Jiang Leyu and Yu Keyin were all lined up at the sink. After inadvertently glanced at the glasses, Jiang Leyu blinked, then looked at herself in the mirror carefully, her pupils dilated unbelievably, fucking! Why is she so-ugly? !

Her mind crackled and exploded into a ball, feelings that she had been obsessed with just now, confident that she must be cute enough to explode, is it all her own imagination? ! Didnt you say its a beauty? Why are you so uncute? ! Yu Keyin and her neighbor sisters described in the book are all beauties. Why is there such a big gap? !

Yu Keyin was white, fat, plump, tender and cute, and her cheeks were thin and there was no baby fat, and her eyes were almost half small because of swollen eyelids, and her face was expressionless. It looks a bit fierce, not as soft and cute as other kids of the same age.

Jiang Leyu twitched his cheeks, grinned into the mirror, but closed his mouth in two seconds.

No wonder Yu Zhihuai reacted like that just now. She, who lacked teeth and squinted, seemed a bit wretched when she laughed!

Where is the problem? She looks good without being laughed at by others, how can she get close to the beauty? !

"This bathroom is too small!" Yu Keyin seemed to be a little anxious, and said dissatisfiedly, "I want to tell my father, let him ask the principal to fix another big bathroom!"

Jiang Leyu: "..."

There was a little girl in the same class with them. He glanced back at what Yu Keyin said, and then said to Yu Keyin kindly: "Coyin, can't you hold it back? How about you come to my position? Come, there are two more people in front of me!"

Unexpectedly, Yu Keyin didn't accept other people's kindness at all. Instead, he scolded with some shame: "You can't hold it back anymore. I'm not a three-year-old child, and I can't even pee my pants!"

Jiang Leyu: "..."

The girl was obviously also dumbfounded. After a while, she narrowed her mouth aggrievedly and turned back to her team.

Jiang Leyu glanced at Yu Keyin secretly, and shook his head indescribably. It seemed that the child had been crooked since he was a child.

Also, after the Yu family gave birth to Yu Zhihang, most of their attention was given to Yu Zhihang after they removed their work. She also spoiled Yu Keyin, but it was only a material spoiling for her. More often, Yu Keyin was taken care of by a nanny.

I don't know if I was "ugly" by myself, the impact was too great, and Jiang Leyu suddenly lost the mood of going to the bathroom. Standing here, I can't help but look at the mirror. Looking at the mirror makes her mood less beautiful. After all, her personal settings are no longer pleasing, and she is also carrying a mission that may lose her life. Now she has no beauty. , I really don't feel happy anyhow.

"Kein, I don't want to go to the bathroom anymore, I'll go back to the classroom first." Jiang Leyu said to Yu Keyin.

Yu Keyin pouted and was a little unhappy when he heard the words, thinking of something, he leaned close to her ear and said mysteriously: "Are you going to the whole Yu Zhihuai now? But we haven't got our things yet, Gao Ziyi Said to give it to us when school is over at noon."

Jiang Leyu had a meal and said calmly: "I'll go back to the classroom to have a look. I seem to have forgotten something in the morning."

Yu Keyin still didn't want to let Jiang Leyu go back and leave her alone in the queue, reluctantly pouted, "Okay."

Jiang Leyu pretended not to see her reluctance, returned to the classroom and saw from behind Yu Zhihuai sitting upright in a position with his head down and writing something.

I adjusted my expression and tried to make myself look cute and friendly, although this face is really difficult.

As soon as he sat down, Jiang Leyu noticed that Yu Zhihuai's body was stiff. Although it was not obvious, Jiang Leyu was the brain of an adult after all, and it was easy to see the emotions of these children.

Jiang Leyu looked at his tight jaw and found it interesting. Is this kid so afraid of this neighbor now? It seems that he has been tortured for a long time. It is estimated that there is hatred in his heart at this time, and he is waiting for a certain day in the future to erupt.

But aside from the fact that he will turn over and become the villain's revenge in the future, but looking at the present Yu Zhihuai, it really makes people love it, how delicate this little face is! The appearance of being afraid and composing is really cute.

Jiang Leyu wanted to be kind to Yu Zhihuai first, but it wasn't because he was wearing a child's shell or something, he was teasing for a while.

She moved her chair closer to Yu Zhihuai, as if she couldn't notice his tightness, poked her head and asked curiously, "What are you writing?"

Yu Zhihuai: "..."


Yu Zhihuai leaned back and moved a little away from her, like words popping out of her teeth: "Mathematics problems."

Jiang Leyu finally heard Yu Zhihuai speaking. Well, it was a normal little boy's voice, but it might be the reason why he didn't speak very often. The voice was a little bit duller than other children.

Jiang Leyu took a closer look again. These questions are not something that the first and second grades can learn. Some questions she had to think about before they could figure it out, it looked a bit like the difficulty of fifth and sixth grade.

A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, and Jiang Leyu pretended to be ignorant and asked him: "Why can't I understand the math problem you are doing?"

Yu Zhihuai's body has been tight, and every time Jiang Leyu speaks to him, he tightens a little bit more, "Because you haven't learned yet."

"Then why are you?"

Yu Zhihuai: "..."

He taught himself by picking up senior books, but he didn't want to answer.

Knowing that I picked up books that others don't want, I should call him **** again.

Yu Zhihuai didnt know what Jiang Leyu wanted to do badly. The place she kicked in the morning was still a little bit painful. He heard Yu Keyin tell her that he would fix him after school. Now the first get out of class is over. Could she say it again? Do you want to start?

There was powerlessness and indignation in his heart. If he could choose, he would not want to sit at the same table with Jiang Leyu or Yu Keyin. During the time he was at the same table with Jiang Leyu, he suffered from her bullying many times. He knew that he was not qualified to resist, and if he resisted, he might not even have the chance to go to school in the future.

But he also tried to struggle. He secretly went to the head teacher to request a change of seats. The head teacher agreed to consider it. After two days, there was no movement. He thought the head teacher had forgotten, so he went to her again, but was rejected.

Back to the classroom in frustration, Jiang Leyu stared at him coldly, "Want to change seats?"

At that time, he understood that his own struggle was useless in front of these rich children.

At the same table, Yu Zhihuai was pierced with a small needle by her, her homework was torn by her, ink was poured on the chair, her clothes and arms were painted with a pen, etc.

After a long time, he actually got used to it.

After all, in school, there are teachers and classmates, they can't do too much, just these little tricks.

What's more tormented is outside the school, at that home.

Seeing Yu Zhihuai's face getting paler and paler, Jiang Leyu was taken aback, sat back and smiled and said, "Class is coming soon."

Immediately remembering how ugly he was laughing, Jiang Leyu immediately closed his mouth again and stretched out his little hand to help Yu Zhihuai decently tidy up the book he had just messed up with him.

When the class bell rang, the teacher walked in. Yu Zhihuai didn't see any movement from Jiang Leyu. He was a little puzzled, and then he was slightly relieved.

"What class is this?" Jiang Leyu asked Yu Zhihuai in a low voice.

Yu Zhihuai glanced at the teachers on the stage, and paused. The teachers were all in the classroom, how could they not know what class it was. He still replied stubbornly: "English class."

Jiang Leyu found an English book from his schoolbag, "Which page?"

Yu Zhihuai: "...18."

After that, he never heard Jiang Leyu talk to him again, and kept a "safe" distance with him. After half a class, Yu Zhihuai couldn't help but glanced at her sideways, Jiang Leyu stared at the textbook earnestly with his face braced, rarely attending the class seriously.

How could Jiang Leyu listen to the class seriously? No matter how bad she was, she would have passed the fourth grade. In this elementary school's English class, she could memorize these words without thinking. But it was so boring that I wandered around the world, thinking about it. For example, for Yu Zhihuai in the future, will she bully him like the original owner, or will she treat him kindly?

This is really a very tangled question.

After spending the whole morning in a daze, it was finally lunch time.

Jiang Leyu touched his hungry belly, and as soon as he took out the lunch box from his schoolbag, Yu Keyin came over. She approached Jiang Leyu's ear and whispered: "Gao Ziyi is waiting for us at the door of the classroom."

Jiang Leyu remembered that, Yu Keyin just said that he would bring something with Gao Ziyi after school at noon. Subconsciously glanced back at Yu Zhihuai, he felt as if they didn't exist, groping for something in his schoolbag.

Jiang Leyu subconsciously felt that the thing to take was not a good thing, at least for Yu Zhihuai, it was definitely not a good thing.

She was a little repulsive, facing Yu Keyin eagerly with her big eyes shining brightly, and said embarrassedly: "But I'm so hungry, should I eat first?"

"Oh, soon, let's heat up the lunch box for the teacher, and then go to Gao Ziyi."

It seemed that he couldn't be fooled. Jiang Leyu was also a little curious about what he was going to get, so he nodded, picked up the lunch box and followed Yu Keyin.

Yu Zhihuai slowly stopped groping for the schoolbag, looked back at the back of the two of them, lowered his eyes and pursed his lips, his small face was gloomy.

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