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After Jiang Leyu and Yu Keyin handed the lunch box to the teacher, they followed her back to the classroom door to find Gao Ziyi.

Gao Ziyi was a little fat boy, about the same size as them, with a paper bag in his hand and a lollipop in his mouth. Seeing them coming, he immediately greeted Yu Keyin graciously, took out a lollipop from her bag and gave her vaguely: "Keyin, give you candy."

Yu Keyin glanced at the lollipop in disgust, with a proud face: "Mom said that eating sugar will break her teeth, so I don't want it."

After talking about what I thought, I grabbed the lollipop and handed it to Jiang Leyu: "Leyu, you eat it."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

With this operation, she couldn't understand whether Yu Keyin was good intentions or bad intentions.

But she did not refuse, pursing her lips and smiling, took the candy and put it into her pocket: "Thank you."

The goddess did not accept his candy, but gave it to Jiang Leyu. Gao Ziyi was a little depressed. After crushing the candy in his mouth, he removed the paper stick and threw it on the ground.

I looked around, sneakily took out a square box from the paper bag, and handed it to Yu Keyin as if offering a treasure, "I brought things!"

Yu Keyin took Jiang Leyu back half a step, and said to Gao Ziyi: "You, you open it to us first."

Jiang Leyu became more and more curious, what on earth is so mysterious?

Gao Ziyi opened the box to a slit. Yu Keyin took Jiang Leyu and took a closer look. Then he screamed and took a few steps back. After patting his chest, he said fearfully: "Take it farther away, dont bring things close to me. ."

Jiang Leyu was also taken aback, but was startled by Yu Keyin's sudden scream.

She looked at the box again, and it turned out that there was a white mouse inside.

Jiang Leyu is slightly more courageous than ordinary girls. He is not afraid of snakes, insects, rats and ants to the point of exaggeration, but he still feels uncomfortable when he sees it.

Are they just going to use this little thing as a metaphor? It's strange, how did this kid bring things into school?

Jiang Leyu waited silently for them to discuss the next plan.

"Le Yu, put that thing on Yu Zhihuai's table in a while, he will be shocked!" Yu Keyin said to Jiang Leyu, with excitement in his eyes.

Jiang Leyu: "But I don't think that little white mouse is scary. Will he be scared?"

"Hmph, it will definitely happen. Last time I saw him crying when he was scared by a mouse!"

Jiang Leyu: "..."

Scared to cry? Rat? Yu Zhihuai didn't cry even after being beaten or scolded, could he be scared to cry by a mouse?

Regardless, Jiang Leyu himself definitely didn't want to prank the kid. Among other things, she is also an 18-year-old soul anyway, so it's a matter of bullying a child.

But it is impossible to persuade the other two children to give up the metaphor. Moreover, every time Yu Zhihuai was insulted, it was a stone that drove him to blacken.

After thinking about it, Jiang Leyu evasively said: "But I am also afraid of this thing, I dare not let it go."

Hearing that, Yu Keyin frowned and thought about it, then suddenly turned around and ran to the back door of the classroom to look inside, and then ran back and said, "Yu Zhihuai is not in the classroom anymore, Gao Ziyi, you go! Hurry up! !"

Gao Ziyi readily agreed: "Okay!"

Gao Ziyi's chubby body ran fast. After a while, he put things away and ran out to appeal to Yu Keyin: "I put it away, Keyin, am I very good?"

Yu Keyin responded perfunctorily: "Well, let's go first, Le Yu and I are going to eat."

Gao Ziyi still wanted to play with them again, to be precise, he wanted to play with Yu Keyin again, but he had always followed Yu Keyin's words, and he reluctantly went back to his classroom after hearing that.

Jiang Leyu and Yu Keyin got the heated lunch and went back to the classroom. Yu Zhihuai hadn't returned yet, and Yu Keyin said to her, "Why don't you sit next to me first, so that you won't be frightened for a while."

Jiang Leyu tactfully refused: "I don't want it anymore. If you come back from the same table for a while, there will be no place to sit."

Yu Keyin disagrees: "Don't care about him, let him find a place to sit by himself."

It seems that Yu Keyin, the domineering little princess, is really more polite to Jiang Leyu than others. At least for most of the day, Jiang Leyu has not seen her be kind to any other children.

Although she would give her the candy that she had eaten bad teeth, she would throw the pot to her when she was late, and she always wanted to queue up with her when going to the toilet. Compared with the children, she is much better to Jiang Leyu.

Jiang Leyu also didn't know if he should be thankful that he was not the opposite of this little demon.

Withdrawing his thoughts, Jiang Leyu still rejected Yu Keyin's proposal and returned to his place with the bento.

She just glanced at it, and the box containing the white mouse was indeed placed in Yu Zhihuai's desk. Huai squeezed a sweat secretly as a metaphor, and didn't know if he would really be scared to cry.

She wanted to secretly take out the box and throw it away, but she knew that Yu Keyin had been paying attention to the movement here, so she had no choice but to give up.

The other children returned to their seats for dinner one after another, holding their lunch boxes, but Yu Zhihuai has not yet returned.

Ah, by the way, his lunch box was knocked over in the morning. Even though he saw him picking it up, would he really want to eat the food he picked up? I don't know if Yu Keyin's mother gave him ten dollars. If she had ten dollars, it would be better to buy some bread and milk than to eat the rice picked up on the ground.

Jiang Leyu ate absently, and after about ten minutes, Yu Zhihuai came back with a clean empty lunch box in his hand.

Jiang Leyu took the initiative to ask him: "Have you had lunch?"

Yu Zhihuai paused and nodded lightly.

"What are you eating?"

Yu Zhihuai glanced at her, pursed his lips and said nothing, as if thinking she was asking knowingly.

But Jiang Leyu also knew that this was really the box of bento that was knocked over in the morning.

You dont have to look back to feel Yu Keyins scorching eyes. Jiang Leyu thought about how to quietly remind Yu Zhihuai that there are indescribable little animals under his table. He didnt even think of it, so he watched Yu Zhihuai stuff the lunch box in. desk.


The white mouse gave a sharp cry, and Yu Zhihuai's face instantly stiffened. The next moment, he stood up abruptly, and the white mouse had broken away from the box and clung to his hand firmly.

All eyes were focused on this place for a while, and a cowardly classmate saw the mouse from a distance and was so scared to cry.

Jiang Leyu also became nervous. She looked back at Yu Keyin. Yu Keyin looked at Yu Zhihuai with a gloating look of misfortune, her eyes full of joy of success in mischief.

When she looked at it like this, Jiang Leyu couldn't help Yu Zhihuai blatantly. Looking back, Jiang Leyu was taken aback for a moment at Yu Zhi's Huaiyin's fierce eyes, and after a closer look, he had lowered his eyes, his face was pale, and he looked so pitiful and helpless.

Jiang Leyu felt weak in her heart. She was an 18-year-old adult, but she was helpless with these children. After waiting for a while, I didn't wait for any more courageous kid to help Yu Zhihuai. Jiang Leyu couldn't sit still anymore, ignoring that Yu Keyin was going to stand up and help Yu Zhihuai get rid of the thing.

As soon as he moved, Yu Zhihuai suddenly stretched out his other hand to pinch the tail of the mouse, letting the mouse squeak and squeak, leaned over and took out the box from the desk with a pale face. Put the mouse in, and then quickly close the lid.

The whole action was done in one go. If it weren't for being close, Jiang Leyu would really think he wasn't afraid if he could see his bloodless face and the fine beads of sweat on his forehead.

Jiang Leyu thought he was going to take the mouse out and throw it away, or hand it to the teacher, but he didn't think that after he calmed down his emotions, he sat down calmly, put the box back on the desk, and pressed the book on it. above.

Jiang Leyu didn't understand. Since he is afraid, shouldn't it be kept away from him?

Just wondering, Yu Zhihuai suddenly turned his head and glanced at Jiang Leyu. His pupils were dark and his eyes were cold.

Before Jiang Leyu could react, he withdrew his gaze again.

It seemed that he had made up his mind and thought that Jiang Leyu did this. Jiang Leyu was a little helpless, but after another thought, although she was not the one who put it in directly, she also watched the whole process without stopping, and even did not kindly remind him before Yu Zhihuai discovered it. This is no different from the culprit.

Jiang Leyu feels that his conscience, which has been stable for eighteen years, has been repeatedly spurred today.

The head teacher came in and prepared to organize the children to take a nap.

"Have everyone eaten their food?"

"I've eaten!"

Jiang Leyu put away more than half of his lunchbox, and suddenly heard a boy say aloud: "Teacher, Yu Zhihuai brought a little mouse to the classroom, and the female classmates were scared to cry!"

The head teacher looked around, and she saw a few girls with tears on their faces, and they were still sobbing. Constricting his eyebrows, he shouted, "Yu Zhihuai! Did you do it?"

Yu Zhihuai slowly stood up and shook his head.

The head teacher looked at the boy who complained, "Wang Yubo, are you lying?"

"I didn't! It was him! Everyone saw it!"

"Well, it's Yu Zhihuai's little mouse, I have seen it too!" Other children echoed.

"I saw it too!"

"Teacher, it was Yu Zhihuai, he put it in the desk!"

Jiang Leyu squeezed his fingers secretly and glanced at Yu Zhihuai worriedly. He looked calm and didn't intend to refute them.

The head teacher walked to Yu Zhihuai's side, bent over to look for it at his desk, and took out the box. A child immediately said, "That's it! The little mouse is there!"

The teacher in charge is a female, obviously she is a little afraid of things like mice, but as a teacher, she has to bite the bullet and check. Slightly opened the edge of a corner of the box, saw what was inside, and immediately closed it again. He scolded Yu Zhihuai sternly, "Come out with me!"

After Yu Zhihuai left with the head teacher, the other children in the classroom immediately started chattering. Jiang Leyu was fidgeting, and finally couldn't help but get up and walk outside the classroom.

Yu Keyin saw it and stopped her and asked curiously: "Le Yu, where are you going?"

"I'm going to the toilet."

Jiang Leyu found the head teachers office, and at the door, he heard the head teacher reprimand Yu Zhihuai: "You are older than the other children in the class. It stands to reason that you should be a little bit more sensible than them. You are the one who does bad things. If it werent for your good grades or Yu Keyins brother, I really want you to transfer to another school. They are all children of the family, so why are you so behaved? Why are you so messed up?! Do you know how dangerous it is to bring this kind of thing to school? What if you hurt a classmate?"

Yu Zhihuai's back was straight, and he remained silent.

The head teacher was so angry that he slapped the table and shouted: "Speak! Haven't you realized your mistake?"

"It's not me." Yu Zhihuai spit out these words in a dumb voice.

"Not you? The whole class has seen it, you mean everyone is lying?!"

"It was there when I came back from washing the lunch box," Yu Zhihuai said.

The head teacher frowned: "You mean other kids framed you?"

Yu Zhihuai was silent again, obviously tacitly.

"Why is your child thinking so unhealthy?! You are the biggest in the whole class! Some children even use the toilet for help from the teacher. How can they figure out how to frame this mentality? I think the worst mentality is you Now, I still dont admit my mistakes, and I want to plant them on other classmates. Your nature is too bad. You must call your parents!"

Yu Zhihuai's face turned pale, Jiang Leyu saw his little hand behind his back clenched a fist, it seemed that he didn't want to call a parent, or he was afraid to call a parent.

Jiang Leyu couldn't stand it anymore, and rushed into the office and said to the head teacher, "Teacher, it is indeed not brought by him, I can testify."

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