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The head teacher frowned and looked at Jiang Leyu who suddenly appeared, and a little softened: "Le Yu, why did you run over? What did you just say?"

Jiang Leyu came closer, stood side by side with Yu Zhihuai, and said again with a solemn face: "The white mouse was not brought by Yu Zhihuai."

Yu Zhihuai stiffened imperceptibly, and quickly glanced at Jiang Leyu, with a puzzled expression.

After hearing this, the head teacher still didn't believe it: "The other classmates said that he brought them, and they found things from his desk. Are the other children in the class lying?"

"The classmates only saw the little white mouse appearing at Yu Zhihuai's place at noon, but I sat next to Yu Zhihuai all morning, and I could see that he didn't bring that thing at all. It just finished the lunch at noon. It was there when he came back to the table, and Yu Zhihuai was also shocked by the mouse at the time. If he hadn't bravely grabbed the mouse into the box and closed it, the mouse would definitely run to other children. "Jiang Leyu's voice was immature, but his mouth was clear.

After listening patiently to her, the head teacher was a little surprised. She knew that Jiang Leyu didn't like Yu Zhihuai, and she also knew that she would often bully Yu Zhihuai with small actions. Before Yu Zhihuai came to her to ask for a seat change. She was thinking about changing him, but Jiang Leyu was a little girl. Knowing this, she came over and "threatened" her not to change. She knows the family background of the children in the class. Although she is a teacher, she really can't be the master of some children. I had to dismiss Yu Zhihuai's request, and when the contradiction between the two was the squabbles between children, I closed my eyes.

At this moment, Jiang Leyu took the initiative to help Yu Zhihuai testify, and regardless of whether Yu Zhihuai was really wronged or falsely wronged, Jiang Leyu's behavior was strange.

However, from this point of view, Yu Zhihuai might have been wronged. After all, according to her understanding of the two children, if Yu Zhihuai did it, Jiang Leyu would not be able to help him cover it.

"You mean, someone put him in his desk while he was out?"

Jiang Leyu nodded solemnly: "It must be so."

"Then do you see who put it?"


The head teacher thought for a while and sighed helplessly. The parents of the students have disputes about the security monitoring in the classroom, so that the monitoring of the first and second grades has not been implemented yet. Some parents feel that their children are still young and there is no need to monitor them. In particular, some children are still not able to take care of themselves, and they may be peeing on their pants. They know that monitoring will hurt their self-esteem and other concerns. The other part agrees with the security surveillance, and they are mainly afraid of what happened to the children at school, so they will feel relieved if there is surveillance.

In fact, children nowadays are too precocious and will do things that adults can't think of. For example, she just vowed to believe that Yu Zhihuai was arguing, and that the classmates in the class were still young, and there was no such thing as a bad idea of framing classmates. At this moment, Jiang Leyu said that it was really possible.

However, without monitoring and evidence, it is difficult to find out who did it.

The head teacher eased his face, and first said to Yu Zhihuai: "Since Le Yu has testified for you, I temporarily believe that this was not yours."

Then waved to them: "Go back to the classroom, there is a lot of time delay, take a lunch break."

Jiang Leyu went out of the office with Yu Zhihuai. Yu Zhihuai walked in front of him silently. Jiang Leyu trot to follow him, and smiled and said, "I testified for you, don't you say thank you to me?"

Yu Zhihuai stagnated, and glanced at her sideways, a little startled, Jiang Leyu seemed to have never seen him with such a gentle expression.

If it is not usually contempt, if it is not arrogant and indifferent, if it is not malicious, compared to Yu Keyin, he will use his cheek to pretend to be well-behaved, and Jiang Leyu is more blatantly "bad".

He would never look at him with his eyebrows bent and impeccable expressions like this moment.

He didn't think Jiang Leyu would kindly help him talk. The white mouse was obviously put by her and Yu Keyin. When get out of class was over at noon, he heard them say what they were going to get, and he guessed that it was not a good thing at the time, as expected.

However, their goal should have been achieved, why would Jiang Leyu speak for him? Is there another idea to fix him?

Seeing Yu Zhihuai in a trance, Jiang Leyu raised his hand and waved in front of his eyes: "Hey, are you okay?"

Yu Zhihuai returned to his senses and glanced at her again, then quickly retracted his gaze and lowered his eyes, squeezing out two words in a low voice: "Thank you."

When she said reluctantly, Jiang Leyu was a little bit silly. She just teased him and wanted him to relax. How could she really want him to thank him. She couldn't bear his thank you either. She was guilty of this matter.

"Well, you go back to the classroom first, I'm going to the bathroom."

Hearing this, Yu Zhihuai didn't answer, and strode forward. Look at that posture, as if it would be unbearable to get closer to her for a second. Jiang Leyu was funny and distressed. It was really miserable that this child was bullied like this by a girl younger than him.

Yu Zhihuai returned to the classroom, greeted the classmates' gaze, and returned to his seat blankly. He quickly glanced at Yu Keyin halfway through. She was gloating with misfortune. Don't doubt, she must have done it.

As for Jiang Leyu, she must also be involved.

Just why on earth are you going to help him testify? Isn't this superfluous?

Yu Zhihuai thought for a while but couldn't figure it out, until Jiang Leyu came back, he subconsciously moved the chair to the side, put aside his thoughts and stopped thinking.

The afternoon at school was spent very peacefully. Jiang Leyu spent most of the afternoon sleeping on the table. For Yu Zhihuai, this was a rare peaceful and stable time.

He glanced at Jiang Leyu's sleepy little face, if only she could sleep like this every day.

After school, Yu Keyin and Jiang Leyu walked arm in arm. Yu Zhihuai walked faster than them. Yu Keyin looked at Yu Zhihuais back from a distance and chuckled: "Look at him, hiding like a tortoise. We are really stupid, we will still see when we go back."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

This day, this kid doesnt have any other entertainment activities. He always wants to stare at Yu Zhihuai and bully. Isnt it tired?

When Jiang Leyu and Yu Keyin walked to the school gate, she recognized the car that Uncle Zhang drove in the morning. When Yu Keyin was about to get on the bus, Yu Keyin asked suspiciously, "But your car is here to pick you up today. You, do you still want to sit with me?"

Jiang Leyu: "..."

Looking at the car behind Yu Keyin with a calm expression, a man with a calm temperament walked down from the car. When he was not smiling, his face was a little sharp, but when he laughed sharply, he would fade a little. He beckoned to Jiang Leyu, and said with a smile: "Leyu, come here and run around Uncle Yu's car all day long, don't you recognize Dad's car?"

So, this man is her father? Actually came to pick her up in person?

How should she react now? Innocently and happily rushed up to hug him and acted sweetly? Or do you respectfully walk over to say hello?

When thinking in a mess, Jiang Leyu reacted first. While waving goodbye to Yu Keyin, he walked towards the car behind and called the man properly: "Dad."

The man naturally reached out and touched her head, opened the back seat door, carried her up and sat down, and then returned to the driver's seat to start the car. He didn't say anything to Jiang Leyu along the way.

It seems that, like his face, this man's habit of getting along with children is not much intimacy.

Jiang Leyu breathed a sigh of relief, this was okay, it was really difficult for her to act sweetly and so sweetly to a strange man as her father.

Looking sideways out of the window, Jiang Leyu saw a familiar figure when he passed a bus station.

Yu Zhihuai stood with a bunch of people waiting for the bus, a little out of place. Maybe it was because he was too beautiful and delicate, maybe his temperament seemed too quiet and lonely in the crowd. There are also other children around waiting for the bus. Some are playing with their partners, some are holding the hands of their parents, and some are chatting. He is the only child who is alone, and he has a quiet temperament that is very inconsistent with his age.

Jiang Leyu couldn't help but sigh. In fact, since Yu Zhihuai is the adopted son of the Yu family, his treatment would not be too bad. After all, the Yu family is also a wealthy family. What should be the conditions in such a family? Better than ordinary families.

It stands to reason that he and Yu Keyin are in the same class at the same school, and they can take the family car back to school together. However, the little demon Yu Keyin didn't let him take the car. After the Yu family knew about it, they didn't stop her from doing bad things.

Pretending to be ignorant of this matter, the couple are also thinking about it. Yu Zhihuai is now comparable to an oil bottle to them. It is not very useful. If it is abandoned, it is easy to lose ground. Simply thinking about taking this opportunity, if he lost himself, it would be considered as one less trouble.

Who knows that this child Yu Zhihuai is clever and has strong survivability. At a young age, he can find the bus to go home for the first time. Moreover, the bus stop is still some distance away from home, so he can really remember the way back.

Jiang Leyu curled his lips. Since he knew that he would not be lost, why bother to ignore him and let him take the bus to toss. But on second thoughts, for Yu Zhihuai, it might be even more difficult for Yu Zhihuai to ride in the same car with Yu Keyin.

A novel is a novel. If it is changed to her, I would rather go back to the orphanage than be humiliated by others.

When he arrived at the door, Dad Jiang got out of the car and went around to open the door behind him. He hugged Jiang Leyu and said with a slight frown, "Why is he still so thin? Look at how good Keyin Bai is fat, you, listen. Are you always picky eaters?"

Jiang Leyu tilted his head and blinked innocently.

Dad Jiang was startled, as if it was rare to see his daughter so "cute", he smiled, took her hand and walked home and said gently: "Dad is not always at home, so you have to be obedient. Eat well, girls need to be white and fat to be cute, you know?"

Jiang Leyu nodded obediently. This is not unreasonable. When he was a child, he was really cute.

Jiang Leyu felt a little nervous when he entered this "home" for the first time.

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