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As soon as he entered the house, he smelled the scent of food. Jiang Leyu had a bad appetite and only ate half of the bento at noon. At this time, he smelled the meaty stomach and groaned twice.

A woman with a beautiful face and gentle temperament came up with a smile on her lips, and while taking off Jiang Leyus small schoolbag, she said to Dad Jiang in an anguish: "You, you are so tired at work, you have to pick up Leyu from school and let The driver will pick it up."

Jiang Muhai kissed his wife's forehead: "I spend less time with you, and it's rare to do things that ordinary fathers would do. It's not too tiring to pick up a child. By the way, Le Yu often rides in the old Yu's car?"

"Yeah, she has a good time with Keyin. The two little sisters are inseparable. Anyway, the two are in the same class. If you want to be together, let's go together."

Jiang Muhai smiled and lived: "Le Yu didn't recognize my car today, so he went straight to the car of Lao Yu's family."

"Really?" Du Yanqing lowered her head and touched Jiang Leyu's face, "You really don't know Dad's car?"

Jiang Leyu was a little uncomfortable being touched so affectionately, hiding his awkward emotions and letting out a spoiled tone: "I just didn't see it for a while."

"Okay, okay, wash your hands and eat."

The nanny had already set the food on the table, and Jiang Leyu went to the bathroom to wash his hands by himself, thinking to himself that the family atmosphere of the Jiang family was quite good. Its weird. It stands to reason that the more harmonious the familys education, the brighter the childs mind, the healthier it is. Yu Keyin is because the parents are partial to her and her younger brother is too relaxed in her discipline. She is the only child in the family. Seeing that her parents are also very fond of her, Jiang's mother looks like such a gentle woman. Why does Jiang Leyu look crooked? Could it be that you are too close to Yu Keyin, and it is black if you are close to Mo?

However, Jiang Leyu's personal design in the book is like that, so he doesn't want to study his personality. He pulled his fleshless cheeks in the mirror, and Jiang Leyu curled his lips. This Jiang's father and Jiang's mother are all good-looking, so why does she look like this...? Is this sure that you can grow into a beauty in the future? Looking at his face, Jiang Leyu was very suspicious.

"Le Yu, are you okay?" Du Yanqing called out.

Jiang Leyu responded and hurried out of the bathroom.

When he walked to the dining table, Jiang Leyu was about to climb up the chair, Jiang Muhai took her up and sat down first, neither of them noticed that Du Yanqing's face was stiff.

Jiang Leyu didn't think much about it. On the first day of being a villain, she was quite used to being mentioned and sneaking away. At this moment, I was attracted by the rich food on the table, and I just wanted to start immediately.

"Le Yu is too skinny. I think the old Yu family's child is white, fat, plump and slender, so cute, how is it like Le Yu, I don't know, I thought the family didn't give her a good meal." Jiang Muhai said coldly. .

Du Yanqing was taken aback for a moment, and sighed helplessly: "The food at home is plentiful every day. This childs eating habits have been bad, and I cant do anything about her. I dont like meat, eggs, and vegetables. After eating those two or three, the milk powder had to be coaxed again and again before she was willing to drink it. Take her to see a doctor, and it was found that there was nothing wrong with it, so she only said to guide her to eat properly."

At this point, Du Yanqing lowered her eyes sadly: "I am also a mother for the first time. Where do I know so much, babysitters have some experience, but she doesn't listen to babysitters. You are often away from home, I..."

Speaking of choking at the end, Jiang Leyu was stunned. He didn't move while holding his chopsticks. It wasn't just the children who didn't eat well. Why was it so sad? ?

Jiang Muhai was also stunned. Obviously he did not expect his wife to be so sensitive. He softened his tone and said softly: "Don't think about it, I didn't blame you, I just said that Le Yu should have more meat and look better, and She is so thin, looking at malnutrition, it is not good for her body. Since she is not eating well, she can teach it slowly. I will invite a nutritionist back next day. You say you, although I am busy, I still feel Remember you, you can tell me everything about the family."

"I don't know how stressful you are at work. You are in your own hands. If I don't even care about the house and bother you with any trivial matters, let alone my aunt will be angry, and I'll feel bad about it myself." Du Yan said softly.

Jiang Leyu listened to the two of you and me, from the source of her having a bad meal to the current relationship between the husband and the wife, she was anxious and impatient before taking a bite of a table of food, can you? After finishing the meal, go to the room and close the door to talk. Hey!

"Le Yu is my child, how can her affairs be considered trivial." Jiang Muhai said, turning his head to look at Jiang Leyu, his face slightly serious, "Is what mom said is true? You don't even have a good meal? Drink? Do you have to coax milk powder again and again?"

Jiang Leyu: "..."

She is a person who has been weaned for many years, who has eaten meat and eaten a lot since she was a child, and now she has to carry someone elses pot to accept this kind of trial. This feeling is really...

While she was silent, Du Yanqing got up and took out the bento box from her schoolbag and walked over, "Look, the bento I prepare for her every day is also very nutritious with meat and vegetables, and I haven't finished it today. But today is better than before. Its a bit more."

Du Yanqing took another look at the remaining lunch, and looked at Jiang Leyu with a little surprise: "I ate a lot of meat today!"

When Jiang Leyu heard this tone, he thought he wanted to praise her. In the next moment, Du Yanqing said: "It must be for classmates."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

Fortunately, Jiang Muhai finally said at this time: "Okay, let's eat first."

Jiang Leyu breathed a sigh of relief, pinched the chopsticks again, and was about to clamp the plate of braised pork ribs that she had coveted for a long time. Jiang Muhai said: "Don't be picky eaters, eat meat, you know?"

Jiang Leyu nodded obediently, then took a piece of spare ribs and put it into his mouth in threes or twos and gnawed a clean one, put the bones in the small plate, glanced at Jiang Muhai again, and got a look of comfort and admiration from him, "That's good, come, Try this beef too."

Jiang Leyu didn't talk much, immersed herself in eating, and inadvertently caught a glimpse of Du Yanqing's face that was not pretty. She was a little puzzled. Why did she not look happy after she ate too much Du Yanqing?

After eating, Jiang Leyu jumped out of the chair before Jiang Muhai was about to come and hug himself off the table, "I'm done, I'm going to do my homework first."

"Go. Zhang Ma, pour Le Yu a glass of juice and take her back to the room."

"Good wife."

Jiang Leyu followed Zhang's mother and heard Jiang Muhai and Du Yanqing say with sharp ears: "I watched her eat well tonight. She ate a lot and was not picky about eating. It seemed that she was listening."

Du Yanqing's tone was slightly sour: "That might just be listening to you. Why, do you think I'm slandering her? Deliberately saying her is not good?"

This sounded weird, obviously not only Jiang Leyu felt weird.

Jiang Muhai laughed and said, "What are you talking about, you, how is it like a child? Le Yu is our child. I know that you take care of her hard at home, so why would you deliberately say her is not good? I mean , Le Yu listened to what we just said, and behaved very well during dinner at night, aren't you happy?"

"Happy and happy, okay, let's eat quickly, I've been just picking up food for Le Yu, looking at you, I didn't eat a few bites."

I don't know if it was Jiang Leyu's illusion. She never realized that Du Yanqing was happy because she ate dinner obediently at night, but it seemed that she was jealous because Jiang Muhai paid too much attention to her? ? ?

Mother Zhang went to the kitchen to pour a glass of juice, and then led Jiang Leyu up to the second floor. When she arrived in her room, she put the juice and schoolbag away for her, and then sighed and said to her: "Miss Leyu makes his wife unhappy again. NS."

Jiang Leyu was at a loss, what happened to her?

"My wife doesn't like that you are too close to your husband. As a result, today you are closer to your husband than ever before. Your wife must be angry."

Jiang Leyu is even more dazed. She is not very close to Jiang Muhai, right? ? She didn't say a few words, compared with her own pattern of getting along with her father when she was a child, this is already quite plain! And why don't you like her being close to Jiang Muhai? Isnt it good for father and daughter to get closer? Especially in such a wealthy family, the children are often the bond that maintains the relationship between the husband and wife. If the husband cares for the children enough, wouldn't it be a good thing?

Isn't she actually Jiang Muhai's birth? !

Confused, Jiang Leyu had no expression on his face. Listening to Zhang Ma's tone, this shouldn't be the first time Du Yanqing has become angry for this reason. If she appears puzzled, it will be strange instead.

When you don't know what to say, silence is always the best way.

However, "Jiang Leyu" may not talk a lot at home, so she's like this, but she misunderstood and collided with her.

Zhang Ma sighed again with complicated eyes, and said softly to Jiang Leyu: "A little while, I will admit my mistake with my wife. If my husband is at home today, my wife may be in a good mood and she won't punish you."

Jiang Leyu nodded slowly. After Zhang's mother went out, Jiang Leyu relaxed.

Admit wrong? How to admit mistakes? Sorry mom, should I be more distant from my dad?

Jiang Leyu rubbed his chin for a while, shook his head, too lazy to think about the brain circuits of these rich men, stood up and looked at her bedroom with interest.

This is the princess room she dreamed of when she was young! It is pink and tender, with doll lace edges everywhere, and the whole holiday exudes a sweet and lovely atmosphere, sweet enough to be incompatible with the temperament of "Jiang Leyu".

I fumbled around the room boredly for a while, trying to find some useful information, but after searching around, I didn't find anything special.

Jiang Leyu completed the homework from the schoolbag and the primary school students' homework problems. Jiang Leyu did not need to think twice. He was about to lie down and rest for a while. When the bedroom door was knocked twice, Zhang Ma came in: "Leyu, Miss Ke Yin I'm here to play with you."

Jiang Leyu was startled, she thought that today's dealings with Yu Keyin had ended.

Thinking of what Yu Keyin said in the morning, Jiang Leyu frowned, and Yu Keyin came to play with her, mostly to play with Yu Zhihuai.

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