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Because of this conclusion, Jiang Leyu was in a semi-excited state all night, and did not sleep in the next day. When he got up, Yu Zhihuai was still making breakfast.

Turning around with the dinner plate, Yu Zhihuai saw Jiang Leyu who was standing at the door of the kitchen staring at him, startled, and asked softly, "What's the matter?"

Jiang Leyu smiled, "It's okay, is your wound okay?"

"Well, that's it."

Jiang Leyu leaned close to him and took a look, and the wound on the corner of his mouth had indeed faded a lot.

Yu Zhihuai asked as he put the food on the table, "Why do you get up so early today?"

He used to knock on the door to tell her for a long time to make breakfast before she would reluctantly get up to eat breakfast. Yu Zhihuai would never be angry because of her attitude, as long as he was there he would wake her up for breakfast every day, even if he only had two or three bites.

Jiang Leyu rolled his eyes and smiled and said, "You slept well last night."

Yu Zhihuai's lips twitched and put the milk in front of her, "Then eat more breakfast."

When he spoke, Jiang Leyu looked at his eyes subconsciously, but was shocked by the gentleness in his eyes. Since when, those narrow and indifferent peach eyes were filled with such a strong gentle light?

The heartbeat seemed to miss another beat, Jiang Leyu hurriedly did not open his eyes, and responded vaguely. When I was having breakfast, I suddenly found that Yu Zhihuai's breakfast was also very rich. She loves to sleep late during holidays. Yu Zhihuai stays here with her and everything is fine, that is, she stubbornly has to pull her up for breakfast in the morning, so almost every day, she half-wake and eat a few bites and go back to sleep. Now that I think about it, he seems to have a rich breakfast every morning, more than he did during high school.

But she didn't eat much every day, why did he prepare every meal so hard? The chewing movement has slowed down a bit. Think about it in another way. If the breakfast you cook every day is not good for the other party, you will definitely feel very disappointed.

A trace of annoyance flashed in her eyes, she was really outrageous, originally because she wanted to treat Yu Zhihuai better because of her guilt, but after looking back carefully, Yu Zhihuai still took more care of her.

Although from the perspective of the task, this is a good sign, especially since Yu Zhihuai has begun to blacken, then his blackening fire must not burn her, but after all, she has been together for so many years. Zhihuai still has feelings.

Another reason Jiang Leyu skips breakfast or eats less is that her appetite in the morning is usually not very good, and she is easily full. I ate a lot this morning, and my stomach is a little braced, but there seems to be a lot left, so lets have another toast.

As soon as he stretched his hand to the plate, Yu Zhihuai gently stopped him, "Don't eat if you're full, you won't be able to digest it."

Jiang Leyu was startled, and withdrawn his hand in a jealousy, and coughed softly, "It's fine to make breakfast anyway. You can't finish it anyway. I don't think you can eat too much. You have to prepare such a table. It's too much trouble. Tired?"

"Not tired." Yu Zhihuai said lightly.

He just wanted to do everything he could to give Jiang Leyu the best.

Jiang Leyu looked at him so relaxed, it seemed that he was really not tired. And she found that Yu Zhihuai seemed to enjoy cooking, but there was no description in the book about how he could cook.

However, speaking of later...

Alas, she didn't have much chance to eat Yu Zhihuai's meal. Before long, she should be able to go home.

What I planned to do for so many years is finally about to succeed. At this moment, I suddenly lost the excitement of yesterday.

I raised my eyes to look at Yu Zhihuai, and suddenly thought that I would never have a chance to see this person again in the future. This time apart, it would not be a year or two, and there would be no chance of encountering again. It was really impossible to see this person again. .

The heart suddenly throbbed, Jiang Leyu subconsciously covered his heart, trying to soothe his inexplicable tingling sensation.

"not comfortable?"

Yu Zhihuai can always find anything wrong with her at the first time.

With a sour nose, Jiang Leyuqiang pressed his complex emotions, put down his hand and said briskly: "No, I will help you put the table together."

"No, you can go to sleep for a while."

Jiang Leyu did not insist either. Yu Zhihuai's degree of dedication to housework, Jiang Leyu felt that his love for housework was really his hidden attribute.

Going back to the room to lie down for a while, I can't sleep anymore. Back to the living room, while watching TV while swiping the phone.

I saw a picture of Qi Boxi and a middle-aged man when I was scanning the circle of friends, and my eyes stayed on that picture for a while.

Speaking of it, I have lived for so many years before and after, and I have gone through the college entrance examination twice, but I haven't even talked about love once! Moreover, after the mission was over and returned to the original world, she was no longer a rich second-generation female partner. She wanted to restore her status as a small town citizen, and she had to continue her job hunting.

I didnt find a boyfriend during college, and its definitely harder to find a boyfriend after work!

A weird idea popped up in my heart. If I could have a relationship with Qi Boxi, it would be considered a disguised relationship with her original male god, right? After all, the two people really look alike!

Amused by her own thoughts, Jiang Leyu curled her lips, zoomed in and looked at the photo, and sighed, "It's really alike!"

"What does it look like?" Yu Zhihuai suddenly sat down beside her.

Jiang Leyu squinted his head and showed him the photo, "Is Qi Boxi handsome? I want to have a relationship with him."

The air was quiet for a few seconds. Seeing that Yu Zhihuai didn't speak, Jiang Leyu thought he was not interested in it. Just put down the phone, but saw Yu Zhihuai suddenly smiled, his voice clear and gentle: "Really? How about letting him disappear? "

The air was quiet for a few seconds again. Jiang Leyu thought he had heard it wrong, and his mind was stuck for a long time. He slowly vomited a question: "Huh?"

Yu Zhihuai's expression remained unchanged, his tone unchanged, "Like him?"

like? Not really, I just feel that it's a pity not to have a relationship. Going back to my real world, I can't see so many handsome men like here. There are very few high-quality men, and even fewer high-quality men can see her. It's like the male **** of her world. It can be regarded as a flower of Gaoling in the whole school or even the school in the city, but in fact it is still inferior to Yu Zhihuai and Ji Yanxi.

It can be concluded that in fact, Qi Boxi is inferior to Yu Zhihuai and Ji Yanxi, but! If you really fall in love with Qi Boxi, he will most likely be the most handsome boyfriend she has ever talked about in her entire life!

It's a pity that she took a third-rate female partner script, and the male lead and male partner have their own hearts, otherwise it would be nice to be able to take this opportunity to enjoy a romantic relationship with Mary Su.

During the silence while she lowered her eyes slightly, she didn't see Yu Zhihuai's face getting colder and colder, and her eyes darker and darker. When she suddenly felt that the air pressure around her seemed a little low, she raised her eyes later and was startled by Yu Zhihuai's appearance: "What's wrong with you?"

"Is it too loose for you?" Yu Zhihuai said in a deep voice.

Jiang Leyu stunned: "Huh?"

"I was too restrained."

Jiang Leyu continued to be stunned: "What?"

"I have always cared that you are still young, thinking that I am not strong enough. No matter how much you wait, wait until the right time is the right time to have you completely. I confidently think that you have no other friends besides me, no matter what. I will always be the person who takes up a lot of your life."

Jiang Leyu was a little silly, and Nana answered: "You, you are indeed..."

Yu Zhihuai twitched his lips coolly, "I thought this would be enough, but it's not enough. What I want is to be the only important person in your life, preferably the only person by your side. Before, we almost In this state, I dont know when you became interested in others. Ji Yanxi, Jiang Qianyue, and now Qi Boxi, these people who have nothing to do with you, have repeatedly deprived you of your attention."

"Aren't Jiang and Jiang Qianyue your classmates and friends?"

"Do you want to lie to me? Once I saw your book filled with the names of Ji Yanxi and Jiang Qianyue, so after hearing that girl named Jiang Qianyue, I paid more attention." Yu Zhihuai sneered." If it weren't for you, how could I have looked at her more. And I guessed it was right, your relationship with her developed so fast that it was not like the first time you met, so soon you became friends with her, but before you, it was only me. This friend."

Yu Zhihuai's appearance is very strange. Jiang Leyu felt inexplicably frustrated, and subconsciously explained: "No, you are of course more important than her. Moreover, we are all independent individuals, even if you don't like to make friends. , There will be people you like, and you will get married and have children in the future. The same is true for me. I understand the possessiveness between friends, but people cant always have only one friend.

Jiang Leyu spoke incoherently, and then realized that Yu Zhihuais words were a bit strange. He said Jiang Qianyues attitude was not like the attitude he should have towards people he likes. Could it be that she and Ji Yan liked it because of love? Hate and anger become anger?

Without waiting for her to think about it, Yu Zhihuai said in a deep voice, "Why is it impossible? I only need you."

"..." Jiang Leyu blinked slowly and questioned his soul, "Don't you like Jiang Qianyue?"

How can you say something so misleading to her? Although Jiang Leyu automatically understood it as meaning that she only needs one friend, it's still weird...

Yu Zhihuai frowned, seemingly impatient: "You have said several times that I like Jiang Qianyue. I never said that I like her, nor can I like her. The reason why I approached her was just to explore you and her. Relationship. Especially now, she and you go to class and eat together and do everything together. Do you know how much I hate her? That position is clearly mine."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

Is Yu Zhihuai crazy? What kind of crazy talk is this talking about? ! How could he not like Jiang Qianyue? ! How could he not like Jiang Qianyue? !

Jiang Leyu was anxious, and his voice raised: "Then you don't like Jiang Qianyue, who do you like?!"


"..." Jiang Leyu was stunned for two seconds, "What?"

Yu Zhihuai stared at her closely, repeating in a dumb voice: "You."

Jiang Leyu gave a short laugh, then raised his eyebrows: "Don't be kidding Yu Zhihuai, you are normal, you are so strange!"

Yu Zhihuai approached her, "Are you afraid of me?"

"No, I'm not afraid."

But the action of shrinking subconsciously still betrayed her.

Something in Yu Zhihuai's eyes collapsed completely, the tail of his eyes turned red, and suddenly he squeezed Jiang Leyu's arm and tilted his head to kiss her lips.

Unorganized nibbling and biting, like expressing and venting, in short, Jiang Leyu froze completely.

She didn't respond until there was a slight pain in her lips, and she pushed Yu Zhihuai abruptly, and asked incredulously, "Are you crazy? What are you doing?!"

Yu Zhihuai was easily pushed away, but his hands were still holding her arms, for fear that she would run away, his voice became more and more hoarse: "I'm crazy, I've been a lunatic for a long time, I want you crazy. , Forever to get you, for this I work hard, crazy forbearance. I am afraid of scaring you, I am afraid you are still young, I want to guard you as a friend first. But what? You are no longer young, you already know Be interested in other men. You already want to fall in love."

Yu Zhihuai paused, then suddenly raised a hand and gently stroked Jiang Leyus cheek, the crazy love in his eyes could no longer be hidden, and said softly: "If you want to fall in love, I can too. Talk to me ,Is it not good?"

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